Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community

by The River Fund
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Empower AIDS Widows - Save a Community
Families and children receiving food Jan.  2022
Families and children receiving food Jan. 2022



The report comprises four groups of women.





Total:   349


  • Care for elderly women
  • Education
  • Care for child headed families(OVC)
  • HIV/AIDS (Long term survival skills
  • Drama for community sensitization.
  • Agriculture
  • Treeplanting
  • Home visits /child headed.
  • Daycares



  • Challenges
  • Developments /benefits
  • Suggestions


Most of these old women are widows. They  have lost their sons and daughters and they take care of orphans.

We make sure their orphans feed well. We give them maize and beans and take care of them.

Life has been hard during the COVID period but we have tried to secure them wherever possible especially when we receive funds from our dear donors.


We make sure our children go to school. There has been a lot of disturbance during COVID period for two years and there has no smooth learning of children for allthat period. Some children have grown so big and girls have found it hard despitethe fact boys have also grown but are vulnerable. Most of them have reported to school.

We received funds through Riverfund in December; we have tried to provide scholastic materials, uniforms and food as required


We love this group. There is special attention for this group. The councilors visit and encourage them to take their drugs in time and attend clinics’ days regularly.

We have always trained them to live positively, avoid stigma, avoid stress and  get early treatment whenever sick, eat food in time to keep healthy and strong.


This is our tool for sensitization in our communities. Most people have over come stigma and stress. People have very keen interest in testing themselves to know more about how they live in connection with HIV/AIDS using the practice of long term survival skills of the great Linde who trained women in the skills.

T-shirts were provided for the drama group. We have made our drama group very smart on these shirts and it now part of (we serve people in need) the motto on theT-shirts.


It is our base in our groups. We bought seeds like beans, maize, ground nut, green vegetables for women in the second season 2021. The season was very poor no rains from August to November.

It was a very dry season and we lost all the seeds. Right now it is raining but we have no seeds to plant this first season of the year and we expect hunger in our people which has already started.


It is a practice in the members’ homes. It helps the members to get firewood, charcoal sell and get some little income.


We visit our elderly women we go and check on their well being and the children they live with (OVCS) and provide them with whenever necessary.


These difficult group children head their fellow children and it is not easy. This group needs greater attention; provide food, get drugs for them, the positives among them should drugs in time. Sometimes, they need money for transport and it is not easy.


During COVID, It was to take care and maintain daycares but we struggled on to give them food in our own ways fully as the struggle went on for 2 yrs of COVID.

We are trying to catch up and go through with them through this fair period now as we move on.


There has been a very long drought in the second season of three months and all  planted seeds dried up as rains were realize in late November.

There are no seeds for our women for planting.

We are expecting famine/hunger in the nearest future as a result of a long drought in our catchment areas of our members in our groups.

Our friend Rose, the leader of Tororo group is very sick since last November 2021 to date. It has been found out by the medical technicians that it is meningitis the deadly disease.


Our children are back in school.

We have been able to provide scholastic materials to our children.

We have been able to provide food to 242 families and 556 children including ourchild headed families.

We have dressed our drama group with T-shirts. We are grateful.


When funds are realized, I suggest that seeds be bought for our 4groups for planting.

If transport is got for the group it will be easy for drama group to move for sensitization to  the communities concerning HIV/AIDS.

God bless you.


Secretary for the 4 groups.

Families and children receiving food Jan.  2022
Families and children receiving food Jan. 2022
Families and children receiving food Jan.  2022
Families and children receiving food Jan. 2022
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RWEN 22/09/2021


The report comprises of our groups of women.

RWEN                  :              150

Tororo                 :              102

Bugiri                    :              75

Amon                   :              55

Total                     :              382

The number of women is larger due to Covid-19 and we had to include some other suffering families.

Our activities

Care for OVC

Care for child headed families

HIV/ Aids (Long term survival skills)

Care for elderly women

Drama group for (Communication and sensitization)


Local Poultry

Local goat rearing

Tree planting

Small saloons


Day care


Care for OVC

We take care of the above group making sure the school age going group go to school. This time we have a problem due to Covid-19. There is lockdown of schools and children don’t go to school. Taking care of them is hard they have grown, may not suit the levels where they belong. There is fear for some may not turn up.

Child headed families

Those sick especial those HIV/Aids positive, our counselors visit them and make sure they get drugs in time.

We give them food that is posho and beans and some other items like salt and soap

HIV / Aids Long term survival skills.

Each group leader is very well informed of the skills above. They always guide their members and counsel them where necessary the positive group is very safe due to these skills no more stress, stigma, this group is always self-aware and they keep health; take their drugs in time and keep their clinic days always known to them.

Elderly women

We have tried to keep them happy, by giving them food whenever it is available.

We try to keep them happy we have given them seeds like beans, maize, Sukuma because life has been so hard there has been a very long drought since May but we started receiving rain in this September but the funds received through River Fund have enabled us very much because no sooner we got funds this September than rain started.

Drama group

Drama is our tool for sensitization in our communities. HIV/Aids and members live positively to be self-ware of themselves and have engaged pre and post counseling be very good examples for our counselors.


It is the most practiced activity in all our groups as they stand. We are very happy because we have received funds this month and agriculture is going on. We are grateful seeds like beans, maize, Sukuma, Ground nuts are being given out in our groups, this is RWEN, Tororo, Bugiri and Amonikakinei.

Local poultry

We lost most of our birds during the drought

We have few birds but we shall keep on with whether we have if realize some funds we shall boast this project in our groups because it helps women a lot. They eat eggs and sell some at their small birds at a small scale; they also sell their birds for small income.

Local goat rearing

Women in their homes have tried to maintain goat rearing; when they produce they sell off some as an income also to buy what is needed in their families.

Tree planting

All four groups practice tree planting it is essential for constructing, selling, and fire wood and charcoal. It is a simple program.


The youth women had been referred PEFO and benefited, some own their small saloons and go to bigger saloons to work there and get a little income. (Hair care salons.)


In our groups people keep healthy.

Give advice to follow laws of covid-19.

They go for immunization, some complete the dose some not yet  but in tune with rules- keep distance, washing hands with soap and water, wear masks all the time, don’t make unnecessary visit, keep at home most of the time.

Day care

We try but we are not allowed yet to converge in groups. Children stay at their home and eat food we supply with their families.


It is our base in our, four groups.

We make sure that children go to school and supply the basic needs applicable

Scholastic materials, maize and beans, and uniforms also maintain standard of learning but now we don’t know, how we shall keep standards of education. Some children have taken 2 (two) years without going to school. We have kept with the needs of children using funds from our donors through River Fund but we are very disappointed because after giving scholastics and food, schools closed this time have to go up to January 2022. We are not certain that those items are there.





Fredrick of Amonikakinei is graduating from university on 20-09-2021.

It is a good achievement to us.

We have received rain this September and are using the funds we received this month to buy seeds for planting.

We are planting maize beans, sukuma and ground nuts.

Immunization of covid-19 is going to save life.


Children in Uganda don’t go to school as used to be in the past.

Lockdowns have affected children’s learning and standards may be very low because some children have taken 2 years not going to school especially P1-P.43, S.1-S.2.


We received 34,000,000 through Riverfund on 18-09-2021

Love, Teopy

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HIV/AIDS Education Drama Group
HIV/AIDS Education Drama Group

Women’s report of 30th May 2021.

The report comprises of four groups:

Rwen, Tororo, Bugiri, Amonikakinei

Rwen                       135

Bugiri                        65

Tororo                       102

Amonikakinei            52

Total                          354

Our activities:

Care for the OVC (Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children)

Child headed families

HIV /AIDS (Long term survival skills)

Care for the elderly women

Drama group for the sensitization (HIV/AIDS)

  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Local poultry
  • Local goat rearing
  • Tree planting
  • Saloons
  • Sex workers
  • Development
  • Challenges
  • Suggestions

Care for the OVC

We take care of the orphans and vulnerable

Children and make sure they go to school.

When we receive funds from our kind donors:

We provide scholastic materials, uniforms and buy them maize and beans to feed at school and at home.

This year it has been hard because children have not gone to school at the same time due to covid-19. It is in June when all children will be in school. P.1 to P.3 and also other secondary classes.

Child headed families.

These have to be provided with food all the time to feed at school and at home.

HIV/AIDS (Long term survival skills)

All our group leaders in the four groups are well informed of long term survival skills because they were trained. They keep counseling the positive living women and children.

Care for the elderly.

We love them and take care of them

We provide food (posho and beans) and see to their well being

Drama group

This is our tool for sensitization in HIV/AIDS, through drama, singing and miming. We are proud of them.


Our women live healthy and living on a balanced diet, get early treatment whenever sick especially those, HIV/AIDS positive livers they practice long term survival skills.

It is covid-19 scaring our people.


It’s the most practical for our women because every one of us depends on agriculture to live strong and healthy.

The members grow cassava, Irish potatoes, maize, beans, groundnuts, peas, onions green vegetables, sim sim (sesame), garlic, sweet potatoes.

They have also picked interest in growing matooke (bananas) which they can sell for little income and eat some.

Weather is not being favorable to the women because rain delayed to begin and the seeds given to them for growing, like beans, maize, ground nuts, sukuma, garlic may not do well because it stopped. In early May the crops are flowering without rain and the yield may not be good.

Local poultry.

Every member practices local poultry to eat and sell at a low scale.

Local goat rearing

This is done by most of our members but at a small scale. One can sell at a small scale in our groups.

Tree planting

Most women are now awake. They all plant trees at least not below 20 trees. This helps in firewood for cooking, charcoal and building.

Small saloons.

Some youth women we trained, they now own their small saloons due to covid-19 they are not doing well people are still scared. Hair salons.

Day care.

They are not doing but resuming slowly, you see some still fear of Covid-19. There are cases of Covid-19 in other places.

Sex workers

Their work is not on well they have been told to pay tax, money is scarce and it is hard for them to practice this activity as before since there is also fear covid-19. This group is very un-happy but we are with them, they need a lot of assistance because some fatherless children who need care like any other child.


We received funds through River Fund and managed to buy food for our children and elderly.

We have given seeds to women for planting maize, beans, gnuts, sukuma, garlic and onions and tomatoes.

We have provided food for the very needy families

We have been able to provide scholastic materials for our children who are about to begin learning

We are yet to take care of the group beginning on 27th June 2020 and we shall provide for their needs as we did to the others next week.


Now there is drought and the planted plants are not doing well. We are worried of having food problems.

There are still some cases of covid-19 realised and detected at the health centres. There is a big worry.


We did not buy uniforms for our children because of learning in beats. We suggest that since all children, all classes will be in school in August, that is when we shall buy uniforms for them when realise funds at that time through donations.

Compiled by


God bless you

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This report carries four groups of women.

Tororo       102

Bugiri         65

Rwen        135

Amoni        52

Total number of women 354

our activities:

  • Care for the child headed families (ovc)
  • HIV/AIDS ( long term survival skills)
  • Care for the elderly women
  • Drama groups for sensitization
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Local poultry
  • Local Goats rearing
  • Tree planting
  • Home visits
  • Day care
  • Small saloons
  • Sex workers
  • Developments
  • Challenges
  • Suggestions


There is a big problem with these children due to COVID 19. Some of them have to stay at home besides those in P.6, P.7; S.5, S.6 and finalists at higher levels. Those who are still at home are big problem.

Food should be taken to school and yet they need to share with those at home, we haven’t yet got food for them.


Each group leader is well informed in long term survival skills and always guide and counsel this children born with the virus, they are always lonely since most of them have no parents.

Members of each group more especially leaders take great care over these cases and have have to see to it that their clinic Days are observed, take their drugs in time, help these children overcome stigma and stress but encourage self-awareness. We care for widows together too with great number of children for example Harriet with her four Children; one is with HIV /AIDS. We have saved funds received from our dear donors through the River Fund under the help of Mama Jaya. We have bought her a small plot of land where she will be living in the nearest future. She was staying at lakeside with those children and we picked her, rent a house for her and put the children in school, the youngest is 6 years.


We have lost our dear Blandina; we are very sorry; Blandina has been a great old woman.  She has been a group leader of Bugiri group. We shall miss her forever. May Her Soul Rest in Eternal Peace. We still continue to care for the those still alive.


This group is capable  of sensitizing the communities on HIV/AIDS through songs, miming and drama,  as people hear , see, watch they admire them and also take interest in self-awareness, they also come to know that having HIV/AIDS, is not the end of life.  Some body remains useful in the community, drama group is our tool in sensitization in our communities.

We make sure our women keep healthy through long term survival skills practiced using balanced diet and wear masks to overcome and avoid COVID19, take early treatment wherever sick.


Agriculture is a basic activity in our communities. Most members grow crops like cassava, sweet potatoes , maize, ground nuts, green vegetables, sim sim, tomatoes, onions and garlic. The second season’s yield have been very poor, the rains started late after the crops had got spoilt by drying up and detoleriated in growth, and there is need to buy seeds, like maize, beans, groundnuts if funds are realized for them to resume their proper Agriculture in their homes.


Each member owns her own small scale poultry at home in every group.


Each ,member at least has two or three goats in her home, in all groups.


Tororo group has the greatest number of trees but all group members  for the four groups practice tree planting for firewood, charcoal and construction purposes.


We always visit people to be visited but stealthily because COVID 19 does not allow theses free visits, we have to keep at home.


They were closed for a long time and thus activities for our members of our groups are not doing it well. They have no capital and few people go to the saloons. The laws of COVID 19  man are scaring. There is no freedom in doing activities.


Food is now given to take at home and the funds received through the River Fund from donors are mostly spent on food and we have run short of food to feed and run the centers.


We monitor and take care of them, counsel them and help them to take care of fatherless children so they can take them to school.

We have been able to save some funds, we have bought a plot for Harriet who is HIV/AIDS positive, widow with her for children and one is HIV/AIDS positive. This woman was found living around Lake Victoria where her late husband left her, she was homeless and desperate, we picked her and we have been renting for her and feeding her under day care with her children. It has been a tough exercise, she has a place where she will be staying and there will be no more renting for her in the nearest future.


  • Our Blandina who has been a group leader of Bugiri has died. We are going to continue missing her. May Her Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.
  • We have lost the seeds for planting during this second season due to poor weather yet planting will begin in late February to April.


  • There is need to elect the leader for Bugiri on the 6th Feb 2021 as we go for prayers in the Late Blandina’s home.
  • Seeds like maize, beans ground nuts and Sukuma should be bought for the women to plant in case funds are realized.
  • There is need to buy food for the children and scholastic materials for those at school right now i.e P.6, .7, S.4, S.5 and finalists at higher levels.


Compiled by Teopy (Chairperson Rwen) and Secretary For The Four Groups

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Suzan's old house
Suzan's old house

WOMEN’S REPORT OF 4th October, 2020

The report comprises of four groups

Amon                                     52

Tororo                                  102

Rwen                                  135

Bugiri                                   75

Total                                   364


  • Care for the elderly women.
  • Care for child headed families (OVC)
  • HIV/AIDS (long term survival skills)
  • Drama for community sensitization
  • Agriculture (local poultry and local goat rearing)
  • Tree planting
  • Home visits
  • Day cares

Care for the Elderly Women:

Most of these women are widows some very old and some are sickly. Like Blandina we provide food for them and if treatment needed is provided. Blandina is our baby, she eats special types of food but we try, right now her feet are swollen.

Suzan is another sickly but we mind very much and monitor her.

Care for Child Headed Families OVC.

We make these children go to school this covid ­19 period. And try to provide some of the basic needs for example; Scholastic materials, uniforms and mid-day meals provided when at school.

Right now our children don’t go to school due to pandemic of covid-19.

We received funds. We provided food for these children even during the covid-19 period and this is worse than before.

HIV/AIDS (Long Term Survival Skills)

The leaders of these group are fully informed on HIV/AIDS (long term survival skills) and they help a lot to protect our sickly HIV/AIDS positive children, women and child headed families our women counsel them and make sure these go to clinics regular and the right days of clinics no stigma, no stress very well informed on skills, self-awareness, no more stress in our communities.


Our tool in sensitization on HIV/AIDS.

This is done through songs, miming and drama, we are proud of this group.


Agriculture is our basic activity in life. We group sweet potatoes, tomatoes, onions, groundnuts, egg plants, beans, maize; we eat part and sell some for little income to earn a living.

ü  Local poultry practiced by all members.

ü  Local goat rearing by all members at small scale.

ü  We have rains right now, people are busy weeding and planting.


All our members have known the use of planting trees because if you have thirty planted you use some for selling to get money, fire wood and charcoal.


We have always visited our OVC’S child headed families, our elderly, the HIV/AIDS member comfort them and give them courage but during this Covid -19 period it was not easy.


We now give these people food to take care by their counselors and care givers only while following the social distance, masks, washing with soap and water etc.


We steadily advise our people on Covid-19 and those without soap we provide.

The funds we received late August from our donors  ane TheRiver Fund. It has helped us a lot and we are very grateful for the assistance.

Covid-19 has become a big problem to our people because you have to stay where you live.

We are renting for a widow with her four children, she has nowhere to stay and we provide food for this family throughout; very hard life for that woman, she has no house.


Our women are busy planting and weeding, the yield seems to be good.


Suzan is now very happy having constructed a house for her. Now we have Harriet with her four children. In case funds are realized we should construct a simple house for her.

Complied by TEOPPY

God bless you.

New house under construction!
New house under construction!
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