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Puerto Rico and Caribbean Hurricane Relief:

What’s Happening and How to Help

With winds in excess of 160 mph, Hurricane Maria had a destructive path in the Caribbean just weeks after Hurricane Irma. Each of the projects below will support Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma relief efforts led by GlobalGiving’s vetted nonprofit partners in the region. You can donate directly to a specific project, or you can give to GlobalGiving’s Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund.

Donations to GlobalGiving’s Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund will be divided among our vetted nonprofit partners on this list relative to where the need is greatest. This list of responding organizations and their recovery projects will continue to grow as our partners in the affected areas have the capacity to post projects and updates.

We believe organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are often in the best position to provide long-term support for disaster victims. By funding the relief efforts of locally driven organizations, donations to GlobalGiving’s Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund have the potential to build stronger disaster-response capacity so that our nonprofit partners in the affected areas are better equipped to face future disasters. Read more about our approach to disaster relief here.

Hurricane Relief and Recovery Projects by GlobalGiving’s Vetted Partners

Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund
In 2017, Hurricane Maria's powerful winds and torrential rains caused massive damage across the Caribbean, destroying homes in Puerto Rico, Dominica, and the Virgin Islands just two weeks after Hurricane Irma passed through the region. Initially, this fund provided relief to survivors in the form of emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine, and is now supporting longer-term assistance to help residents recover and rebuild.
Rebuild a School for 120 Students in Puerto Rico
40% of high school students in Puerto Rico are out of school. NUESTRA ESCUELA successfully serves this population since the year 2000 with over 1500 graduates. Our primary function is to support socio-economically disadvantaged youth who for various reasons drop out of school. To continue providing these students an alternative model of education that grants them a high school diploma in a healthy and proper environment, we must rebuild our school premises in Caguas, Puerto Rico.
Nonprofit Consortium of St. Croix (USVI)
The Nonprofit Consortium actively convenes 40+ organizations in health & human services, environment & climate change, and education to collaborate in 1) programs; 2) fundraising efforts, and 3) organizational capacity building. This project will be critical in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, as it will convene both front-line service providers and secondary impact service organizations. This level of strategic coordination is vital to the re-building of the island after the storm.
Help Children in Puerto Rico
Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico. This fund will provide diapers at no cost to our partner agencies, who are recovering and rebuilding. When we think about disaster recovery, we tend to think about hunger, homelessness, and clean water. Diapers are an overlooked, yet crucial, basic need. All babies deserve to be clean, dry, and healthy.
Changing the Lives of At-Risk Youth in St. Croix
It's obvious to many at-risk youth in St. Croix that their future prospects are bleak. They're living in poverty, doing poorly in school, and lack positive role models and the tools to make good decisions. Add in the impact of Hurricane Maria one year later many children are still dealing with the trauma of losing their homes, possessions, schools, and, often, the family's source of income and things look even bleaker. It's no wonder so many of these youth give up and turn to risky behaviors.
Students in Need of Basic School Supplies.
Antigua and Barbuda Students Association-USA for the 2019-2020 School Year is collecting school supplies. When families face decisions, such as keeping their lights on or their children's bellies full, it means their children's backpacks remain empty.Every school year, these students bear the burden of knowing their families cannot provide the required classroom supplies. If preparation is the key to success, think of the difference it can make for these children to have the classroom tools.
Enable an encounter with a rare Pterocarpus Forest
The project greatly expands the open-air classroom role of an extremely rare 51-acre Pterocarpus Swamp Forest at Palmas in Humacao through the creation of an app that provides information to visitors about the Forest's functions, flora and fauna, and the slow process of recovery from Hurricane Maria, as they meander along the 3/4-mile, elevated boardwalk that winds its way through the Forest interior. The project also provides new interpretative signage within the Forest's facilities.
Boys & Girls Clubs of PR 20,000 Hot Meals Project
Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico (BGCPR) provides safe places for kids and youth living in poverty and marginalized communities. With 13 Club sites across the island, BGCPR impacts more than 15,000 participants and offers, before and after Hurricanes Maria and Irma, after-school programs to children and youth ages 6 to 18 with essential support including educational enrichment, snacks and food for a positive youth development. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 BGCPR participants live in poverty.
Help feed Hurricane Maria's 50,000 refugees in FL
Months after the disaster, more than 50,000 refugees have fled from hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico to Florida. Local emergency food providers have struggled to keep up with the expanded need for food. At the same time thousands of pounds of food are thrown out by nearby restaurants and farms. MEANS aims to strengthen our proven food recovery platform in Florida, and support these refugees.
St. Croix Foundation CARE Fund
The CARE Fund seeks to cultivate national philanthropic partnerships to support our hurricane recovery and resiliency strategy. As a community-centric nonprofit serving disproportionately poor, under-served American residents, St. Croix Foundation is leading our community through recovery, grounded by our commitment to social equity.
Rebuilding a Safe Haven for Future Crises
Intercambios has an opportunity to emerge from the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria stronger than ever. By transforming our headquarters into a safe space to offer lifesaving care and emergency relief, Intercambios will ensure that the most vulnerable people in Puerto Rico, including people who use drugs, people with HIV, and people who face other health disparities, can access urgent assistance now and never face another crisis alone.
Rebuilding St. Thomas, USVI
The St. Thomas Recovery Team (STRT) is the long-term recovery group of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. STRT is made up of non-profit organizations focused on rebuilding and repairing owner-occupied homes that were damaged or destroyed during Hurricanes Irma & Maria in 2017, as well as 2019 Hurricane Dorian. STRT works to ensure that the most vulnerable among Virgin Islanders can safely return to their homes as quickly as possible.
Puerto Rico emergency relief / long-term recovery
FORWARD/ADELANTE Puerto Rico, a fund created by the network of Puerto Rican foundations, collected and quickly distributed funds to vetted local grassroots organizations that provided direct assistance to communities affected by Hurricanes Maria and Irma. Now, longer term support will strengthen their response capacity, promote transparency in government, equitable distribution of disaster recovery funds, and generate data to promote access to housing, jobs, and resilient communities.
Hurricane Maria Relief in Puerto Rico & Dominica
by IsraAID
One year on from Hurricane Maria, this project will continue to help the affected communities in Puerto Rico and Dominica, recover, rebuild and rehabilitate. The program will meet both islands' urgent and ongoing needs, and provide access to safe water; psychosocial and mental health support; household roof reconstruction; livelihood opportunities for income generation; and Disaster Risk Reduction practices and solutions, for communities affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and Dominica.
Put Resilient Roofs on Damaged Puerto Rican Homes
This project will support AHAH's long-term recovery work in Puerto Rico. Public attention and funding has turned to other issues/disasters, but thousands of people still need help after Hurricane Maria. All Hands and Hearts is committed to staying and helping our fellow citizens through the second anniversary, focusing on putting hurricane resilient roofs over the heads of suffering families, making these homes safe and secure. $20,000 buys materials/tools to repair 10 flat cement roofs.
Caribbean Hurricane Relief
All Hands and Hearts arrived on the ground in the Caribbean shortly after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated many islands. Since then, we've run productive recovery programs in St. Thomas, St. John, Tortola, Dominica, and Puerto Rico to provide relief to the thousands still suffering. Currently, our teams are continuing to work in Puerto Rico - completing response and recovery work by rebuilding homes and infrastructure in communities that have not received critical assistance.
Hurricane Maria-From tarps to roofs in Puerto Rico
When Irma & Maria hit Puerto Rico, poor and vulnerable neighborhoods were among the most affected. In the 8 communities along the Caño Martín Peña, winners of the World Habitat Awards,~1,000 families lost the roofs to their homes and a safe place to sleep. Temporary tarps already have filtrations, leading to mold related diseases. Roofs for the Caño, a community-based project, will help ~12 families in dire conditions return to normalcy by transitioning from tarps to permanent, resilient roofs.
St. Croix Long-Term Recovery Group
The St. Croix Long-Term Recovery Group (LTRG) is a cooperative body that is made up of representatives from faith-based, non-profit, government, business and other organizations working within St. Croix to assist individuals and families as they recover from Hurricane Maria. The goal of the LTRG is to unite recovery resources with community needs in order to ensure that even the most vulnerable in the community recover from the disaster.
Rebuild 100 Homes at Punta Santiago, Humacao
We are rebuilding 100 homes that were totally or partially destroyed by Hurricane Maria. Owners of these houses either did not get government support or received insufficient funds to cover the damage. P.E.C.E.S. is channeling donations and grants to help with structural assessments for their houses, as well as windows, doors, paint, roof sealer, kitchen cabinetry and materials that might not be covered by FEMA or other aids. Work will be done by local builders to support the local economy.
Let's give 100 families in Puerto Rico a safe home
Puerto Rico Rises plans to help 300 families to re-build their home after the damages caused by Hurricane Maria. Almost 14 months after the disaster there are thousands of american citizens leaving in extreme conditions. Our program will supply the building material to families that do not qualify for financial help. We are also impacting the economy by helping citizens that lost their way of living because of the hurricanes by hiring them to perform some of the construction labor.
Help Bring Electricity to Puerto Rico
Helping Puerto Rico get electricity by sending solar. Project phase implementation team purchased solar charging stations from Now Solar who will use all funds to buy solar panels to send and set up in Puerto Rico to help bring electricity and light. Phase 2 implementation team will fund a solar electricity run medical clinic in a community without a hospital
Disaster Recovery- Elders, San Antonio Puerto Rico
Elders comprise over 32% of the population in our low-income community. We provide services to people over 60 years old, who live alone, who do not have someone to take care of them and/or who have chronic health problems. Lunch is distributed on weekends and holidays to the homes of 61 elders in the community and nearby areas. Follow-up on their medical conditions is made by a registered nurse, and transportation to their medical appointments is provided in some cases.
Creating a Just Recovery for Puerto Rico
We dream of a Puerto Rico recovery designed by Puerto Ricans and we have come together to catalyze that desired future for our island. Faced with the widespread devastation of hurricane Maria, our team at La Marana designed and is implementing a participatory community recovery model, titled Imaginacion Post-Maria. Combining participatory planning and design with the power of micro-granting we offer citizens direct power to imagine, plan and build the changes they desire in their communities.
Provide Disaster Health Kits for Dorian Survivors
As individuals throughout the Bahamas rebuild their lives from the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, MAP International is sending thousands of Disaster Health Kits (DHK) to help those who are without power and water. People exposed to floodwater are at risk for skin rashes, conjunctivitis, and ear and throat illnesses. DHKs include essential hygiene items to help prevent the spread of illness and disease. They include antiseptic wipes, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other vital health items.
St. John,USVI - Long Term Recovery: Home Construct
After hurricanes Irma & Maria, our team developed a rebuild program for St. John. The program facilitates construction solutions, focusing maximum impact on the under-served in our community. This includes the senior roofing initiative, adding required structural reinforcements, AND making homes habitable. We are already dedicated to reintroducing thirty displaced seniors safely back into their homes before the impending hurricane season. Our setback now is funding for materials & skilled labor.
Rebuilding Strong Communities in Puerto Rico
This project plans to rebuild homes and strengthen local economy in the town of Loiza, Puerto Rico, severely impacted by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Taller Salud, a Puerto Rican feminist grassroots organization focuses its work on helping 10 women leaders thrive to ensure Loiza's communities gain long term capacity and strength.
Building Organizational Resilience
After hurricanes Irma and Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, Jovenes de Puerto Rico en Riesgo, Inc. (Puerto Rico Youth at Risk, Inc.) has worked non-stop to reestablish the prevention programs that distinguish our organization. Our committed staff, volunteers and supporters enabled this recovery. Our focus now is to continue building our capacity to recover from financial and organizational devastation caused by the hurricane's impact and to respond effectively to future catastrophic events.
La Fondita de Jesus en la Comunidad
This project will help to stabilize communities in Puerto Rico, after powerful hurricane Maria passed through the island on September, 2017. At least 200 individuals will receive preventive and/or primary medical care; 500 individuals will improve their personal hygiene and will be able to prevent conditions by disinfecting water and surfaces in their homes and outdoor spaces; and at least four (4) communities in San Juan will be organize to achieve their self-sufficiency to look for resources.
Recovery News and Information for Puerto Rico
Following Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans need access to local, trusted information to aid in their recovery and build resilience during the current hurricane season. To meet this need, Internews launched the InfoAsAid news site, accessed by more than 1.3 million people and now a critical source of locally-driven recovery news and information across the island. Help us keep this service running to ensure communities are prepared for the next hurricane and to build a more resilient Puerto Rico.
Hurricane Maria: Empower Women in Puerto Rico
Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico. This fund will provide feminine hygiene items at no cost to our partner agencies, who are recovering and rebuilding. When we think about disaster recovery, we tend to think about hunger, homelessness, and clean water. Feminine hygiene items are an overlooked, yet crucial, basic need. All women deserve to be clean, dry, and healthy.
Resilience tool for children after Hurricane Maria
Children from coastal communities impacted by Hurricane Maria are still suffering the emotional effects of the disaster -- in addition to not having electrical power and other basic services at home and at school. We will use our existing programs at local elementary schools (i.e. 21st Century Community Learning Centers and others) to educate in resiliency tools through arts, recreation and other strategies so children can better recover from the experience.
Empower 100 nonprofits in the reconstruction of PR
This project want to train and assist 100 nonprofit in themes related to administration, accounting and compliance so they can keep reconstructing Puerto Rico providing services related to health, education, social services and food.
Water for Us
In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico faced the lack of drinkable water access. PRCF identified that there were approximately 247 community aqueducts that needed support to supply water to their communities. We focused on 4 areas of intervention: infrastructure support, community organizing, administrative capacity building and water compliance. Up to this day, and thanks to Water for Us Alliance -Oxfam, Hispanic Federation and PRCF-, we've been able to work with 30. Goal: 200.
Barbuda Resilience Fund
September 2017 Hurricane Irma ravaged the Caribbean island of Barbuda causing total devastation as the majority of homes and infrastructure were destroyed. ICF is working with local leadership to advance sustainable development efforts and grow local capacity. This next phase will support 12 community lead projects that continue to advance and strengthen the community of Barbuda. These projects include reparation of critical water sources, youth engagement, food security, small business support
Educational Community Relief Center for 600 people
This project will fix up an abandoned building to impact and provide free empowerment programs, educational services and disaster relief services to a community of 6,000+ families affected by Hurricane Maria.
Solar Responders in Morovis, Puerto Rico
Solar Responders will install 30 solar panels and 2 Tesla Powerwalls on the Morovis, Puerto Rico fire station so firefighters can save lives when the power grid fails.
Building Forward - Hurricane Recovery in USVI
The Community Foundation of the Virgin will serve as a catalyst for initiatives promoting environmental and marine recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, as well as resilience to future weather disasters.
Support Montessori Communities in Puerto Rico
Maintaining Montessori Guides' Assistant position is vital for the strengthening of educational services and the reconstruction of the social fabric of the communities we serve. We have 194 Assistants serving around 5,500 children. They contribute to the social transformation of their community through work with children, providing an optimal environment for learning and growth of the child and youth, through their training as assistant and their integration into work force of our communities.
Recovery of Puerto Rico through Youth Leadership
This project will help the recovery of Puerto Rico by establishing a "community leadership incubator" to prepare youth who were challenged to assume community leadership roles for which they had no training and/or experience, following the physical and social devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. This project's objective is to expand the social capital of a group of volunteer youth by designing and delivering a theory and practice "Community Leaders Training Module" through a one-year period.
CollaborativePR, education post-secondary success
This project will allow 150 low income students from Loiza, Puerto Rico complete and attain their post-secondary degree. These students have been working hard for the past years. Loiza is a town that already lived under the poverty level before Hurricane Maria, and it was one of the most damaged areas. The challenges they have been facing are extreme, but these students are committed to their studies and together with the help of the ColaborativoPR, other funders we can make sure they graduate.
Relief & Resilience for Artists in Puerto Rico
Since Hurricane Maria struck in 2017, CERF+ has helped more than 60 artists in Puerto Rico and provided over $300,000 in emergency financial relief assistance and donated equipment and materials. This project will provide much-needed additional emergency relief grants of $3,000 and Get Ready grants of $500 to help artists safeguard their studios, protect their careers, and prepare for emergencies.
Empowering Culebra
Culebra is a small island-municipality of Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico Community Foundation (PRCF) proposes to transform Culebra's energy system into a renewable system with a two-phase scalable approach.
Breaking the trauma in 400 children in Puerto Rico
ESCAPE will provide specialized services to 400 children and their families in two regions in Puerto Rico to address and prevent post-traumatic stress disorders resulting from Hurricane Maria and to minimize the occurrence of child abuse and family violence. Specialized professionals will provide psychosocial services, with an emphasis in skills building, crisis intervention, service coordination and short-term psychological services.
Water, Light and Shelter for Puerto Ricans in Need
CDRS has been distributing much needed emergency relief to needy American citizens in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria devastated the island in late September. Our team has provided high quality and very long-lasting water filters and solar lights to communities that have been cut off from these resources due to the overwhelming damage to essential infrastructure, as well as medical supplies, hygiene items, clothing and more. CDRS will continue distributions and rebuilding damaged communities.
Hurricane Irma Emergency Response Fund
CARE has established the Hurricane Irma Emergency Response Fund, with a $1 million initial goal to support our humanitarian response and work with partners to provide immediate relief and longer-term rehabilitation in the most affected areas. Your gift will help us address the needs of the most vulnerable families.
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