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Sep 18, 2018

Focus on the environment lessons

DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage works with local schools to educate children about the importance of protecting their environment. Each Monday, DAKTARI welcomes eight to ten new students to attend lessons and learn how to care of the wildlife and value their environment.

During this week, the kids learn about the environment with lesson about the impact of plastic on nature, anti-poaching, discovering the signs and tracks of the animals… At the end of the week, they make South Africa a better place lesson, in which they have to write down 6 promises that they are going to follow all their life. Those promises must be toward positive changes for themselves and the country, so they can proudly and directly be players of Making South Africa a better place.


During the lesson on the environment on every Tuesday, the volunteers make a little game with the children so they can understand better the impact of throwing rubbish on the ground for example. They have to guess how long it will take until rubbish like tin can or glass will break down to soil. The kids were very surprised to learn that certain things like plastics bottles are non-biodegradable and will never disappear. We know this lesson impacted them, because 7 of the 10 kids of the week chose to promise that they would never throw rubbish on the ground.


With your help we can continue to provide an education to these children so they learn about the impact of protecting and respecting the environment.

Sep 18, 2018

New enclosure enrichment

Welcome back in our Wildlife Orphanage newsletter!


Recently, we renovated the adult mongooses’ enclosure by adding more logs and plants. Volunteers and staff arranged the enclosure so it looks more like their natural habitat. Old tyres from the cars were also recycled to make tunnels and provide the mongooses something to climb on.

We are adding fresh branches in the enclosure every week so the enclosure looks green, and give the mongoose extra things to play with – hopefully they will find some bugs!


The DAKTARI team are currently renovating the meerkats’ enclosure. We are digging the mud out and replace it with river sand instead. It is safer and we will bury lots of tubes so they can explore! 

A bit of patience and Gasper and Tikki will soon have a fresh new playing field!

Sep 18, 2018

News from Martin

We are glad to report Martin is still in tip-top shape and doing well!


During the afternoon stabling the children can see how Martin is being fed by the staff. 

To make Martin work for his dinner every day we tie the meat to a rope in the feeding area. We then pull the meat up and down to make him jump and catch his food!


For extra enrichment we sometimes use a lure that runs across his enclosure.

As we pull the meat along the wire, Martin has to run and chase it to catch his dinner. This is really important for him as it mimics hunting prey in the wild and gives him a great opportunity to exercise!

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