Sep 4, 2018

Thanks to Global Giving for Everything !

Happy Independence Day !
Happy Independence Day !

Happy Independence Day !

Blossom Dayspringhome Children observed and celebrated the Independence Day on the 15th August 2018.

The Director Mrs. T. Mercy Annapoorani, explained the importance and the value of our Independence.

She also shared the history of our Leaders who fought for our Independence and how the future citizens have to remember and commemorate it meaningfully.

Smiling Vallarasu !!

Vallarasu, who is with us here in Dayspringhome from the age of 4. Now he is studying in First year B.Com. He is a hardworking person and very polite, well mannered and becoming a handsome guy !!!

This smile on his face is because of the Mobile Phone in his hand ( Thanks to Max, Italy - He gave his own phone to Valla !)

Volunteer Krystyna !!

Krystyna from Czech Republic spent 3 months at Dayspringhome, co ordinating everything. Hence Thanks for Everything Krystyna !!  We love you and we miss you !!

A small Farewell party for sharing our Affection !!




Love to Krystyna Volunteer !
Love to Krystyna Volunteer !
Children love Volunteers !
Children love Volunteers !


Jun 5, 2018

Dayspring Home adventures

Painting at Dayspring Home
Painting at Dayspring Home

Dear GlobalGiving friends,

Greetings from Dayspring Home!

The last months were full of activities and events for the children of Dayspring Home.

On February 24th, thanks to generous donations, we were able to organize a trip… to the beach with all the children! We left Virudhunagar at 7am on a small bus rented for the occasion. The children were so excited about the day and were all wearing their most beautiful and shining clothes. The journey, lasted for about three hours, the kids were over the moon with excitement.  While in the bus the kids were treated with a Tamil movie. After the movie they danced and sang along to their favorite Tamil songs, the mood was electric. They knew the lyrics of almost all the songs we heard that day.

We reached Thoothukudi around 11 am, after making a short breakfast break on the road, to enjoy a cup of delicious chai tea and some cookies. It was so hot at this time, so all of us were so happy to jump into the sea! It was a perfect day to enjoy together in the water, as the ocean was quiet and the waves were almost nonexistent.

After almost 2 hours of swimming and playing on the water, we left the beach to go to have lunch in a local restaurant. Menu of the day: fish!

We then headed back to Virudhunagar, taking the time to visit a famous temple on the road. In our way back, some of the children were still dancing and singing, but most of them were sleeping. It was a tiring lovely day indeed.

The months of March and April were dedicated to studying. The academic year in India runs from June to April, therefore the kids had two months to prepare and pass the exams.  Due to their dedication and focus all the kids of Day Spring Home passed with passed with flying colors. We are proud of them, and proud to share it with you, as it wouldn’t have been possible without your selfless help.

In May, some children took advantage of the school holidays to enjoy their time away with relatives and friends and some stayed at Dayspring Home.  During the holiday kids help with chores at the campus and enjoy afternoon naps. The school break is also an opportunity for the kids to spend more time with our wonderful volunteers from around the world and learn English as well take part in various games planned by volunteers. The kids also help volunteers with small work during the maintenance of the Home.

Between May 24th and July 2nd, our international volunteers, with the help of children, painted the entire building again, inside and outside. The kids enjoyed every bit of it and they were so helpful and enthusiastic to help their international brothers and sisters.

As they helped a lot, our volunteers could find some time to organize a giant treasure hunt! They were divided in 4 groups, each one supported by one international volunteer, to help them understand the clues that were all written in English… It was a funny and learning activity at the same time! The treasure hunt was composed by a boiled egg for each child, cookies and mangos. They all sat together to enjoy these snacks and take a rest at the end of this funny filled activity!

The volunteers also taught the children how to cook “crêpes”, a famous (delicious) French meal. It was a nice night, the children were curious to discover a new dish and how to cook it. The sweet crêpes, were served with honey, mango and banana, the kids loved it.

Once again, Blossom Dayspring Home wishes to thank you for your unwavering support. We are more thankful than we could ever express, and very delighted to be able to share these updates about our kids!

The children are back to school, as the new academic year started on June 1st. We will update you soon to share with you all the incredible adventures they are going to live thanks to your support! Do not hesitate to participate to it by making a generous donation.

On the way to the beach
On the way to the beach
Mar 7, 2018

Project Report

First and foremost let me just say, thank you! There are not enough words to express our appreciation for your kindness and support.

As you already know, the Dayspring home orphanage, located in a rural village in the south of India, is the home to 30 children between the ages of 3 and 18. The children here have all been affected by HIV/aids and or TB in some respect; orphaned by the disease, infected and then rejected by their families or can no longer be supported by infected parent(s). Blossom Trust founded the Dayspring Home in 2002, and is responsible for the day to day running of it, which includes medical expenses, educational needs, three meals a day, clothing and social support. This being said, we rely on private donations to cover annual operating expenses and the overall welfare of the children.  In India, a little money can go a long way.

 Over the past few months, the Dayspring Home has made wonderful improvements thanks to your contributions. In December, the children were given new clothing and celebrated Christmas with a very special dinner, new toys, chocolates, cakes, games and dancing. The evening of the 23rd, a pastor visited the home to perform a special ceremony.  

 But the celebrations didn’t end in 2017 as we brought in the new year celebrating Pongal. Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated all over Tamil Nadu where people give thanks to everyone and everything involved in the farming process. The children offered prayers to our farm animals, enjoyed sweet rice and placed the pongal pot in the sun to signify gratitude. Later that month, we built a new water tank and wall surrounding the Dayspring Home. During the summer, water storage is limited and the water bank and new pipes will help to mitigate against this. The wall around the home was built to make the children feel more secure and avoid trespassing onto the property.

 In February, we fixed the solar panels around the farm, meaning we no longer need electricity there. While preparing the meals, the kitchen used to fill with smoke due to our traditional way of cooking. Recognizing this as a safety hazard for both our children and staff, we installed a chimney and cap to create a healthier environment. Lastly, we have begun adding more protein to the children’s daily diet with eggs, lentils, curd and wheat.

 We sincerely thank you for your generosity and hope you recognize the incredible impact you are having on the children. It is only together that we can fight against poverty and discrimination.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the orphanage, funding or our organization. We will keep you informed of how your money is being used, and continue to send updates of the Dayspring Home.

With best wishes and our sincere gratitude,

 Mercy Annapoorani, the Blossom Trust Team & the children of Dayspring Home

Special meal
Special meal
Pongal celebrations
Pongal celebrations
Dayspring wall
Dayspring wall
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