Nov 11, 2020

Project Report 1 - First distributions

Dear Donors & Supporters

 Thank you all for the kindness, support and generosity that you have shown. We are always incredibly grateful for the support of our generous donors, especially during the pressing times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this report, we would like to update everyone on the current progress of the project.

With the received money (142 USD), we have distributed 21 rations that will last for at least a week, containing rice, dal, oil, sugar, salt, wheat powder, and spices in the Chengalpattu/Kanchipuram area. The majority of the beneficiaries are female-headed households and transgenders who are currently struggling to make ends meet. Together with the distribution of rations, we are raising more awareness on various topics in the local communities about COVID-19, for example, how to prevent the spread and protect yourself (and others) from infection. Moreover, we are actively working on reducing the stigma surrounding the infection. 

 To be transparent about how we are spending the outstanding money, we also want to share our funding plan for the full amount. We are planning to distribute an additional 45 rations, lasting for at least a week. The beneficiaries will also be Transgender, as well as female-headed households that live in the Kanchipuram district. We hope that we can achieve this plan as soon as feasible. 

We sincerely thank you for your generosity and hope you recognize the incredible impact that you are having on our beneficiaries. It is only together that we can mitigate COVID-19. Please contact us if you have any questions about the rations, funding or our organization. We will keep you informed of how your money is being used, and continue to send updates of the project. 

With best wishes and our sincere gratitude,

 Mercy Annapoorani & the Blossom Trust Team


Jul 24, 2020

Report April-June 2020

Dear Friends,


On behalf of all the children and the team of Dayspring Home, we would like to give you a very special thank you for helping us in these difficult times. As you all know, the world is facing a global crisis and the situation in India is very complicated. It is thanks to your continuous support that we have been able to keep on providing medical check-up, nutritious food, and social support to the children in our care. Even though our daily lives have been very affected by the coronavirus, we want to share with you what happened at Dayspring in the past months, with some COVID updates, but also with some more positive news.


The new sheds


In our last note, we talked about the rebuilding of the shed we lost during the fire. To ensure the well-being of the workers and our vulnerable children, we halted the construction from the end of March to mid-April. We are now happy to announce that we have been able to finish the sheds and move the chickens into their new home! This will protect them from predators and allow Dayspring Farm to securely expand its breeding and sales of country-bred chickens, increasing our gross agricultural output and revenue.   


Heavy rains


In May, faced an unprecedented week of rains during the searing Indian summer. This provided a much-needed respite from the heat, but further halted the construction works, and the deluge washed away part of our driveway and valuable silt and sand building materials.


Ayyar birthday


We have also celebrated the birthday of Ayyar. Despite the weather, a couple came from Virudhunagar to bring a cake and celebrate the young boy being a year older. Ayyar, we wish you a long and thriving life!


EduClowns with the children


You might already be familiar with EduClowns, a theater group connected to Blossom Trust, which offers an alternative method in educating the public about health-related issues. This time, wearing full clown costumes and makeup, it was the children of Dayspring Home who acted in a video clip to raise awareness of coronavirus and the good hygiene and distancing practices to avoid its spread.  


The new road


The road connecting Dayspring farm and the main road had become dilapidated, with minimal ground coverage and exposed rocks due to a high number of cars and cattle using it. The children were also playing along this road. To ensure the security of the children and the other people using the road, we decided to have it repaired. It was leveled and resurfaced with compacted sand. The children can now play cricket and ride bikes along the road safely, and likewise, cattle and vehicles can use the road efficiently.    




The impact of COVID19 is quite significant in our community and Dayspring Home. Our primary concern is on the health of our vulnerable children; as many already have existing health conditions, they are at risk of serious systemic complications of COVID-19. We are making sure to limit the interactions between people inside and outside Dayspring. Food security is also an issue, as prices are becoming higher and food availability is shrinking fast. Now that the planting season has started in India, we are growing spinach and moringa trees that are full of iron and vitamins for the children. 


Blossom Trust 

In the meantime, we have also launched a new project with GlobalGiving to help mitigate the crisis for vulnerable households in Chennai. We are working there, in collaboration with the government, to help identify affected households and decrease. community transmission. Moreover, we are distributing food rations and hygienic packs to people who are the most affected in need. You can learn more about it and support us by following this link: 


Thank you and stay safe!


Thank you again for your support - there are no words to express the gratitude we feel. You are helping us make Dayspring Home a safe and prosperous home for vulnerable children. Finally, we want to announce to you the arrival of new children to our designated home. Thank you for believing in us and making it possible to welcome other children in need. We hope you are all safe, and that the situation will improve soon. We will continue to keep you informed on how your money is being used and other ongoing activities of Dayspring. 


With best wishes and our sincere gratitude,


Mercy Annapoorani, the Blossom Trust Team & the children of Dayspring Home


Mar 24, 2020

January - April 2020 report

Dear Friends and supporters of the Dayspring Home, 

 Though we are facing uncertain times at this moment, we want to take a moment to thank you for all your kindness, support, and generosity. With your continuous support, we can provide our kids with education, medical check-ups, and nutritious food. We are excited to update our supporters with the progress we have made in the new year so far. However, we are also faced with realities of the current global pandemic, COVID19, which is also affecting our Dayspring Home. 

 New gates

After the new requirements from the government to build a wall around the Dayspring Home, we have finished this project by installing the gates to the Dayspring home. This will provide an additional level of safety for our children. The gates give the option to close Dayspring home during the night and other necessary times.  

International Women’s Day 

International Women’s Day was an amazing day for our kids at Dayspring, since the Department of Computer Science of the local V.H.N Senthikumara Nadar College organised a social function for the kids. The day was filled with fun activities and games for the kids, as well as a great amount of dancing. Moreover, Mercy spoke to the students of the school about the importance of gender equality and we celebrated all women on this day. Lastly, this day was finished with an amazing meal of Biryani for everyone, and gifts for each of the children from the department, after which all the children returned to Dayspring.  

Dayspring Farm

On the Dayspring Farm, we have continued to breed the chickens successfully resulting in many chicks that will be going for sale in the upcoming months. The adult hens are still providing eggs that are used for cooking at the Dayspring Home. As mentioned in our previous report, unfortunately, our cow has mastitis and will no longer be able to provide milk. We have been in the process of raising money for a new cow and we have the prospect of buying a new cow in the upcoming months. Moreover, we have installed an irrigation system in one of our fields which will help to greatly increase the yield of this field. The system follows the idea of harvesting the rainwater and re-use to supply to irrigate the field. 

Rebuilding of the sheds 

The fire of the sheds in 2019 destroyed one of our buildings and injured some of our staff members. However, we are excited to share that we have started with the rebuild of sheds at this moment. We started the work in February and initially hoped to finish the project around April/May 2020. However, due to the current global pandemic, COVID19, we had to stop the work until it is safe for everyone to start working again. 


These months are also exam season for some of our children. A few of the older boys already had some of their exams in March, but in the Virudhunagar District, all schools have been closed until further notice due to the global pandemic. 


This period is unfamiliar for everyone, also for our Dayspring children. The schools are no longer open and the children are at the Dayspring home until the situation changes. To ensure the safety of our children, there is limited interaction with people living outside the home and the people inside are asked to stay inside as much as possible. We hope by self-isolation, we can keep the children safe from COVID19 and prevent the infection with the virus. 

Thank you and stay safe!  

We want to thank you once more for your kindness and generosity. Through these reports, we like to engage with our supporters and funders. We hope everyone stays safe during these times of global uncertainty. We are sending our thoughts to everyone who is struggling at the moment and hope that the situation will improve soon. We will continue to keep you informed on how your money is being used and other ongoing activities of Dayspring. 

With best wishes and our sincere gratitude,

Mercy Annapoorani, the Blossom Trust Team & the children of Dayspring Home

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