Dec 5, 2016

Final Project Report

Leaders to be the MC of their fundraising event
Leaders to be the MC of their fundraising event

The Project,  lasted for 3 years, has come to its final stage in October 2016. A consultant was hired to conduct a comprehensive evaluation on the project by collecting feedback from the participants, the in-house trainers through individual interviews and focus group method. According to the below 3 objectives of the project, we have achieved encouraging results.

Objectives :

  1. To strengthen the organizational capacities of self-help marginalized women's groups
  2. To empower the fundraising capacity of the self-help marginalized women's groups
  3. To increase society's awareness and support to the vulnerable/marginalized groups in Hong Kong

One organization, due to emergency happened to the chairperson, has suspended their work and thus failed to continue their participation in this project. The remaining two organizations , a sex workers' self help organization and a new immigrant women's organization have achieved amazing change in their organization. From their learning in the core trainings, both had successfully designed their fundraising event and raised over the required amount of USD 1300. We matched the amount with USD 5000, and the sex workers organization used the raised fund to organize a community education program, while the new immigrant women's group to organize a learning exchange for their members to Taiwan new immigrant women's services.

Grassroots leaders of the two organizations have immense growth in their confidence, awareness, knowledge and skills on organizational management, below are quotes from the participants said, "   

at the beginning, I am afraid to express my opinions, now I am more proactive, eager to join in groups and ask questions”

after the training, there is obvious improvement of my skills in facilitating discussion in exco meetings, encouraging their participation in discussion and leading the organization to move forward.”

There was significant positive in their team work within the executive committee, as one said,

“Now our exco can contribute themselves in different parts of the work in the organization. Every one has her specific role to play.”

“Most significant improvement is in dealing with organizational matters, there are more division of work, discussion and can solve problems together in less time.”

As their work became more organized and well managed, they also have improved their communication skills and increase support from the community. The participants said with excitement ,

More people are aware of the activities we organized, such as the fundraising event.”

“Have positive feedback from participants of our community activities.”

Grassroots women leaders are empowered to lead the organizations and are able to recruit new potential members into their executive committee, with their growth and raised in capacities, they are capable to support the development of the organizations and serving more women in the community who are in need of help and support. All these achievements are made possible because of your donations and encouragement ! Thank you so much !!

fundraising dinner organized by the women
fundraising dinner organized by the women
interesting tour fundraise for sex workers' rights
interesting tour fundraise for sex workers' rights
Sep 6, 2016

Seeing the change made, this is empowerment

The 3-year capacity building project was completed in June 2016. To have a thorough evaluation of project, our in-house trainer conducted a systematic evaluation by questionnaire and individual interview with the participants of the capacity building project.

The changes made are at all levels, including individual and organizational capacities, impacting change in the community/ raising community awareness and engagement, which allow them to mobilize more resources and be more sustainable to continue their future work.

The most and strategic achievements of the project is the strengthening of governance capacity of the 2 organizations. This allow the grassroots and marginalized leaders to know their roles and responsibility, to execute their decision-making ability and to adhere to their organization’s visions and missions. Their enthusiasm raised and with much eagerness to learn to perform their governing roles. They are now much aware of the importance of training and nurturing new leaders in the organization, and this help the organization to move forward in a sustainable way.

The participants felt the most important difference of this project than those they have had before, is the integration of learning into their actual work in the organization. They were able to see the improvements made and this provided an empowering experience to them. Morale and spirit in both organizations are high though this does not mean all problems are solved. The significance is, they are more resilience in face for challenges in the future.

Quotes from the women leaders :

at the beginning, I am afraid to express my opinions, now I am more proactive, eager to join in groups and ask questions”

“Now our exco can contribute themselves in different parts of the work in the organization. Every one has her specific rol“ Learn how to introduce myself and the work of our organization and solicit support, which lead us to raise more money

Thank you for your generous donations for making this wonderful change !  

I was with no hands and body, now I got them
I was with no hands and body, now I got them
the road was narrow, now it is widened !
the road was narrow, now it is widened !
Jun 7, 2016

Strengthened to Launch a New Phase

in-house trainer training for one group
in-house trainer training for one group

As the Capacity Building project moves to its final stage, women leaders from the 3 organizations are much confident to manage and to lead their organizations into a new phase. Four participants of the project are actively engaged in their organizations as organizers, they carry out their community outreaching work, services and support groups independently with systematic plans and effective work tasks. They also learn to mobilize outside resources, both financial and human resources to support their work.

One participant who became the Chairperson of the new immigrant women's group said," I am more outspoken now, I dare to express my ideas and opinions during our meetings and responded positively to others' comments ! " another participant who used to shy away from taking the lead said in our evaluation session," I now know how to organize an event for our members in a systematic way, I drafted a plan and designed an evaluation method to collect feedback from members so that we can improve our work for the future !"

Although one organization is now going through leadership transition, the other trained members of the group are much equipped with the knowledge and skills to take the lead and successing the leadership. It has shown that these 3 participating organizations are much strengthened through the capacity building process, and are ready to move to a new phase with greater sustainability.

Thank you for your generous donations in making this possible, allowing small grassroots and marginalized women's groups to develop and women leaders are empowered to manage the groups in a more sustainable way ! In the coming 3 months towards the end of the project, our in-house trainer will carry out an in-depth evaluation with all the participants of the project by individual interviews and focused group method. Their feedback and evaluation towards the project will be shared with you in our next report. Thank you again, your support does make a difference !

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