Jun 14, 2019

Safety and Security Education

Our dear donors,

Because of the safety and security education that MRF have championed, rural LGBTI community in western parts of Uganda have been able to live safely, which has reduced insecurities and threats.

The security management tool kit that Mbarara Rise Foundation developed is guiding the Community on theirdaily to-day activities and below, Joan explaining how best she has gained from the security trainings and the Kit.

“Applying the security management tool kit in my daily routines has guided me on how best I can take care of myself and friends. Before I acquired the training, I was arrested by the police and harassed by the society for acting like a transman. But since my security training completion, I have been able to hide my gender identity. Currently am Raising funds to help fight HIV/AIDS infections http://goto.gg/38404 Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Thank you

Mar 18, 2019

Reducing insecurities and threats faced by the LGBTQI

programs director during the training.
programs director during the training.

Dear our valued donors

Thanking you for your kind cooperation and financial support. Without your generous donations it is very difficult for us to '' Stop insecurities in rural Uganda!!''

When Bogere participated in the Mbarara Rise Foundation Safety and security trainings in December last year, he acquired better understanding of putting personal security first and he is teaching the same to fellow LGBTQI especially those who have faced security challenges before.

Because of the safety and security education you provided for bogere, he was able to work his way through giving voluntarily services to MRF. Today, Bogere is championing Safety and security dialogue meetings in western Uganda! He was so inspired by the trainings we have carried out that he has dedicated his life to offering other LGBTQI safety skills and measures to reduce insecurities, threats and other security challenges.


Mbarara Rise Foundation organized safety and security awareness/training workshops in a distant village of Rukungiri District for 20 LGBTQ participants, including 7 transgender men and 4 transgender women, 6 gay men and 3 lesbians and in kabale District with 20 participants which included 6 gay men, 4 Lesbians, 5 transgender men and 5 transgender women.

MRF Finance manager Mr. Flavour Kamugisha and Programs Director Janet Mutesi organized the trainings respectively, Team MRF met with MRF members in Rukungiri district on the 05th to 6th January 2019 and Kabale district on the 7th to 8th January 2019, most of the participants were victims of insecurities, and those who have been arrested before because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. We had an experience sharing session in each of the training per district and it showed more light on what needs to be done to overcome security incidences.

Dialogue meetings

During the dialogue meetings in Ibanda, Bushenyi, Ntugamo and Mbarara districts that were facilitated by MRF Administrator Mr. Osbert Mweji together with the cell coordinators in each of the two districts.

Members who had participated in the safety and security trainings have been able to come up with their security management tool kit to guide them on their daily to-day activities, the tool kit explains the four Ws that is who, when, what and where, this helps to plan for daily routens and activities in order to avoid threats and insecurities. The same security tool kit has helped Mbarara Rise Foundation to reduce insecurities, the 4Ws for example help to know when we want to carry out an activity, we use it to measure our security and threats that might occur, when is the best time to carry the planned activity, what type of activity do we intend to carry out and what are likely threats to occur, Where do we carry out the activity from and who are involved in the activity/participants.

The four Ws have helped us carry out activities successfully.

Next Steps

We assure you, our Safety and Security program is making a big Impact, last year in only December 2017 we documented 18 insecurity cases under the GBV project compared to December 2018 were we have only documented 4 insecurity cases, it your efforts that is making an impact in the rural grass root areas. We still have more dialogue meetings to carry out which we will be working on in the coming months.

Thank you

Our Executive Director during group work exercise
Our Executive Director during group work exercise
Mar 18, 2019

Supporting Rural LGBTQI programs

Dear our Valued donors

Thank you for helping us to provide support to the LGBTQI people from deprived communities. It is because of your support, we are able to organize monthly stipend, pay office rent and bills, and carry out monthly meetings to measure our progress.

Due to unavailability of basic health facilities, vast numbers of LGBTQI in western Uganda area either receive health care services or fail to acquire information to protect them from deadly diseases like STIs, HIV/AIDS etc. Since October Last year, through our office space, a total of 37 LGBTQ have accessed the MRF office space for our services, Out of this number, 6 were referred to The Anti AIDS Support Organization (TASO), an international HIV/AIDS care, Support and services referral center in Uganda with its branch in mbarara for ART services and regular checkups to monitor their basic health and progress, with your continued efforts and support towards our office space and programs, MRF will continually be able to accomplish its mission and vision. We couldn’t do this without your help.

Mike not his Real name, who didn’t know about his HIV status explains that had it not been his random visitation to MRF office, he could not have been motivated to test for HIV. He says he has been able to test because when he reached MRF offices where he read a couple number of HIV testing awareness messages, ICE materials, he talk to our adiministrator who refferred him to our partners for HIV testing and counselling, Today Mike is talking his ARVs medications well and he says there is an improvement since he started taking them despite a few challenges like lack of sleep, night mare scarly dreams, food to support his medication and some times evening fever. 

We need your Support to continue offering these life-saving services to the rural LGBTQ in western Uganda.

At MRF, every day is a celebration of the achievements we have made over the past years, especially the 349 LGBTQ people who have gone through our Cake baking, safety and security and HIV programs, and the potential of those who have started their own small scale cake baking businesses and have been seen as an example of improvement and effort. We celebrate family, friends, trainers, sponsors, volunteers and all the people who have been part of our projects during the last 2 years. We remain motivated to reach more beneficiaries in western Uganda and to continue making innovative and positive improvements in our processes and methodologies to increase opportunities for rural LGBTQ and communities.


We participated in a training organized by Human rights awareness and promotion forum (HRAPF) aiming at strengthening organization top management and organisations, since the training, MRF has been able to strenghten its systems.  

During our end February month meeting, we discussed challenges like lack of awareness about PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) a term typically refers to the use of antiviral drugs as a strategy for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, human rights violations, gender based violence etc. we were able to come up with solutions to the above challenges, MRF members agreed we carry out PrEP awareness workshops and dialogue meetings so as to increase PrEP uptake among the LGBTQ people in order to fight HIV/AIDS. In the comming months, We will launch a PrEP awareness fundraising and we will need your contiuned support and efforts to reach our target goal.

As per gender based violence (GBV) reports that publish on a monthly basis, there is a slight increase of gender based violations faced especially the transgender people because their sexaul orientation gender identities (SOGI), Rape, Physical assault were among the most noted violations. MRF is committed to continue responding to all forms of Violations. 

Thank you for the confidence that you have placed in us and the financial assistance provided, Mr. Raymond Twinamatsiko the Executive Director  says he is happy that MRF is offering quality sevices to the LGBTIQ+ people through its Office space which makes it easy for both him and staff to carry on, plan for the activites and offer services, he says that he is deeply grateful for all the help and support.

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