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Oct 19, 2018

Update from Trip to Visit Yazidis

These families have been victims of extreme and unspeakable violence, forced to live for years in harsh and impoverished conditions in tents, tarp homes, old abandoned factories, and the like. They have lost homes, farms, businesses, and beyond material things, they suffered the loss of family and friends who were taken or killed.

On a recent trip, we helped the Yazidi families by leaving the funds that many of you donated to carry on the aid work they desperately need and want. Their love and appreciation is profound. The joy so many have in the midst of a terrible situation is amazing. My heart is torn between the joy of being with them again and the continued hardship and sorrow they live in.


Working Toward TCD

We are working on hybrid Disaster Relief/Transformational Community Development (TCD) projects to help the Yazidis improve their lives despite being displaced. We held an all-day training to work out first steps to implement a project. It is extremely difficult to consider, much less execute, development projects when you own nothing, but we can do it.

In light of this, the Yazidi are hard workers and some are slashing their way out of the jungle of extreme poverty and hopelessness. One man started a soap business three years ago. He began with making ten bars that were worthless. After persevering, he now makes thousands a month, has hired six people, takes only what his family needs from the profits, and gives the rest to the poor in his community. What an amazing family! 

Finally, I met with my friend who is a Yazidi farmer. He is a good and hardworking man. Back in his homeland of Sinjar, he had a farm. I am hoping that he is able to get his own land to make a good living. I have brought him high quality, non-genetically modified seed that he will be able to grow and sell in the market.

Oct 8, 2018

Computer Literacy for Children

By having the computer center in our community, the villagers are very happy about it. Somnath* is a 6th grader and his parents are especially excited about it. He and his younger brother live in a combined family. His father is a rickshaw puller who works beside the railway slum. Somnath’s grandfather also pulls a rickshaw and also lives with their family. The father of the family was sharing with me that if we were not offering computer education to his children, then it would have been impossible for them to educate them with computer knowledge. The parents are very happy and grateful about it.

When Somnath came to our computer center, he knew nothing about computers. Now he knows all the names of the different parts of the computer and he can control the mouse with much better balance. He knows a little bit about MS Word and Paint. Somnath is developing as a student and he is very happy to be at our education center.

A girl named Abhati* also studies in the 6th grade. She comes from a very poor background. Her father is a day laborer and her mother is a housewife. Most of the time, Abhati’s mother suffers from illness. Her father struggles to support their family.

Abhati’s parents met with me and asked if we are teaching computer to many children. I answered, “Yes,” and they expressed their desire for their children to be educated in computer knowledge. I was very happy to let them know that GHNI is with them and ready to stand beside them. Now Abhati has been learning computer for one year. Now she knows the basics of computer, such as MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Paint. Her parents are very happy to see her development. They are grateful to GHNI and we are very grateful to you, our supporters.

Thank you!


*For purposes of safety and well-being, we have used pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.

Sep 10, 2018

Transformational Community Development Starts in Iraq

Moving into the 5th year in exile, the 100+ Yzidi families we serve are still unable to return home due to a complex environment of political uncertainty, religious persecution, destroyed homes and infrastructure, no work, uncleared mines, and lack of security.  

We continue to help these dear people by visiting tent to tent, and helping them with basic health needs. We are helping heal the trauma through personal relationships, visiting families in their tents and homes, listening to their stories, and helping them make sense of their new life.

We will also continue to build on our years of works of compassion by training them in Transformational Community Development (TCD training them to identify, prioritize, and resolve their problems with locally available resources) which helps them in exile as well as when the return home.  We plan to begin our first Transformational Community Development (TCD) project for the Yzidi people in Iraq this year.

These have been difficult times, but your support has brought joy and stability to their lives.

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