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Nov 20, 2018

Transformational Community Development in Iraq

After four years of exile, the Yazidi families we serve cannot return home. There are physical barriers, such as no running and clean water and limited electricity. Most of their homes are destroyed and they can’t earn enough money for their daily lives, much less to rebuild. Moreover, there are leftover mines and booby traps. Neighbors who joined with violent groups who seek to kill and enslave them still live there. There also remain various groups in power that do not have good intentions toward the Yazidi.

GHNI continues to assist them with food, hygiene items, toys, candy, soccer balls, and the like. We are also working on hybrid Transformational Community Development (TCD) projects to help them improve their lives. Living in exile and owning nothing, it is extremely difficult to consider, much less execute, development projects. But they can do it!

Nov 20, 2018

Update on Skills Classes for Refugees

English Class

Now that summer camp is over, Yohanna is teaching the English class where she has 14 students. Two of the students were coming to the class because their parents made them, not just because they wanted to. But Yohanna has a wonderful way of connecting with the children and making the lessons fun so those two boys began to enjoy the class and learned a lot. Yohanna began to see progress in the boys. First, they started to show up in the class because they wanted to and not just because their parents said so. They started sharing a lot in class, too, to the point that they wanted to answer every question.


Sewing Class

Manal is doing well teaching the ladies how to sew. She tries to be their friend and build a good friendship with them. Manal feels they are more like a family, not just a teacher and her students.

Five Syrian ladies attended the two-month class, which ended in August. The ladies learned the basic principles of sewing, including taking measurements, applying designs on canvas and repairing clothes. They also learned how to use, maintain, and repair the sewing machine. The ladies were so happy and thankful for the course, for the fact it’s free and they didn't have to pay anything, and for learning a new craft they can make to generate income and support their families.


Computer Class

Four students graduated the computer class in August. In September, we began a new class and we have very good students. They are so excited to use the computer and are eager to practice what they’ve learned as they go home and tell their parents about the class.


New Clinic

We treated five Syrian patients in August. They were all from Damascus and fled their city because of the war. They came to our clinic for the first time. The clinic does not just give diagnoses and therapy. It also encourages refugees to not give up or lose hope. One Syrian family we helped left Syria because of the unending and cruel war that rained bombs and rockets on their village. They came to Amman but it’s not easier here. It is safer, and they are thankful, but it is still very hard for them.


Nov 20, 2018

Improving Skills for Life

Sewing Center

The sewing center is providing the best skills training to women, enabling them to make a difference in the community as they help their families. We are on the track to empower the women to live better lives.

*Mariam belongs to a community of a certain religion. She was never allowed to go outside, and when she finished her religious education, she still never went out. Mariam’s family allowed her to be part of this sewing center, and now she is receiving training. Mariam shared, “First of all, I learned love and discipline from this center. Before, I never learned to love and respect others. Now that I am part of this center, I think of myself as an ambassador of mercy and love. I am encouraging other girls to join this stitching center. It has developed my life in skills and manner.”



Agriculture constitutes the largest sector of our economy. The majority of the population, directly or indirectly, is dependent on this sector. We are uplifting the community by helping to provide the farming project at OM Land. We are also planning to start fish farming at OM Land. This will also provide resources for many people.

After the drought, water is now available, and the farmer planted new crops. Last month, we invited the agriculture consultant for an awareness seminar about water and fertilizer. The seminar taught farmers how to conserve the fertilizer and water.


Computer Center

Through computer technology, we are equipping the youth for a better future. Many students have already completed the training course and we are still receiving more students.

*Asher was part of our computer academy. After completing his course, he applied for a job as a computer operator. He is currently doing this job and helping his family. Asher said, “It was like a dream for me to get a job in the computer technology sector. My hard work and skills that I learned from the computer academy helped me a lot to get this job.”


*Pseudonyms have been used for reasons of protection and security.


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