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Jan 2, 2018

Become Self-sustaining! One person at a time....

Sewing machines bring freedom from extreme poverty
Sewing machines bring freedom from extreme poverty

Sewing Class

On our track to empower women, the last sewing group has finished their training course after three months. After finishing the course, the women are able to cut and stitch clothes. They are excited to work hard as the trainer helped them to learn a lot of new verities of fashion. Most of the women add to their husband’s income by stitching clothes.

*Sana completed the three-month sewing training at our sewing center. She has lots of goals to support her family. Sana shared, “This training center gave me new direction to live. I not only learned how to stitch clothes, but also how to live and how to face challenges. I want to help my family by stitching clothes. As I am encouraged from here, I have already decided to send my younger sister here to learn.”

Computer Center

The three-month training of computer technology is complete. Our trainer helped the students gain much knowledge of the computer. Students also spent lot of time practicing and doing the assignments. Some students are already helping in the center and found jobs in different sectors. We are reaching toward our goal to equip the youth by providing them computer training and have already registered new students in the center for the next classes.

*Irum recently completed her computer training, and she is very excited to have received training on computer technology. She aims to be a software engineer. Irum shared, “I was way behind when I joined this academy. I found an atmosphere of progress and it inspired me to reach for higher studies in computer technology from a university. I really appreciate this opportunity at this academy, where I found myself becoming a role model for my community.”


Since agriculture constitutes the largest sector of our economy, the majority of the population, directly or indirectly, is dependent upon agriculture. We are uplifting the community by providing the farming project. We are also planning to start a fish farm, which will also provide resources for many villagers.

After a lot of hard work and struggles with cultivation, the land is ready to sow the crops. In coming weeks, the farmer will sow the fodder for animals. This will help to generate income. This will be the first crop after adding the natural fertilizer.

*For the purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Sana” and “Irum” are pseudonyms for the people being helped by this project.



Dec 20, 2017

Dreams of home

Yazidi families
Yazidi families

Some of the Yazidi IDPs are going home to their town of Shingal (Sinjar) to see the condition of their homes and town. Mostly, only the men go back because they are not willing to take their daughters and wives. The horrible things they experienced at the hands of invaders have discouraged them from going to their town until they know the invaders are gone.

Shingal City has not yet been built up. The roads are very bad, and the few families who have returned must use the well water, which is not suitable (healthy) to drink. Also, there is no electricity.

Political problems are also a big reason for them not to return yet. The Yazidi people received no protection from the government when the violent group overran their towns. They were not able to fight off those who destroyed their homes, killed many, and took their women and children as slaves. Thus, the Yazidis remain displaced.  

The most important needs of Yazidis remain basic items such as clean water, food, baby milk, and clothes. They are also very interested in small business start-ups so they can make a way for their families to be self-sufficient.  

Little help is going their way. The Kurdish government lacks the resources and limited help comes from the West. Please join us as we help the Yazidi people.

Thanks GHNI donors!
Thanks GHNI donors!


Dec 14, 2017

Making a way where there seemed no options

*Hallen is a Syrian who we’ve known since he first came to Jordan quite some time ago. A lot of good things have happened in his life and we are thankful that we have been able to be with him through different seasons. Recently when we met, Hallen expressed his frustrations with not being able to work, of being rejected, and being so limited because there aren’t many opportunities. He is frustrated with being a refugee and having to depend on others to help him and his family. He then shared an idea with us. He wanted to open a small booth where he would sell mobile accessories and other practical stuff. He needed us to loan him a small amount to get the booth/wood trolley and the items that he wanted to start selling.

Hallen’s life has now changed. Through his perseverance and willingness to challenge life as he knew it, he is now standing on his own two feet. He broke outside of the box he was living in and it has helped him be the man he wants to be. He is not earning a fortune, but it covers some daily expenses and helps him in more ways than anyone can express.

*Dua continues to cook meals for our GHNI friends, guests, volunteers, and teams. This has been such a great help to us. We have also asked a Syrian and an Iraqi family to cook meals for us. Our team visits with them over lunch and it gives us an opportunity to achieve our mission of bringing help in both social and physical areas. It also provides the families a source income.



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