Mar 11, 2021

Finding Sustainable Solutions during COVID-19

In 2020, millions of people around the world were pushed into extreme poverty due to COVID-19. Every single day, our teams are addressing and developing solutions to these issues. 

Through GlobalGiving and our COVID-19 campaign, Harvest of Hope, GHNI supporters were able to raise $230,948 to assist with Coronavirus related relief and efforts In other words, people across the world were able to receive short-term food packages and seeds to build their own gardens for long-term food production. Villagers were able to get access to clean water, allowing the villages to maintain good hygienic practices and slow down the spread of COVID-19. Through sustainable income generation, families have been able to start their own businesses and earn a stable income despite lockdowns. 

In DG Village, Nepal, there are many villagers affected by COVID-19. We are developing solutions to problems with financial stability, food, and health. Currently, members are learning skills for long-term sustainable food production. Through Transformational Community Development, villagers are starting kitchen gardens to produce food from their own land. This allows villagers to save money while eating fresh and healthy vegetables!  

It is important to still teach and encourage people how to be safe from COVID-19. Through visits, we are able to spread awareness and preventive tips like avoiding crowds, keeping distance, and using masks and sanitizer. People are happy with our teaching and apply it in their daily life as much as possible. 

Sunita, one of the TCD Workers, has been able to also teach the villagers how to keep their bodies healthy in order to protect themselves from COVID-19 and other diseases. Despite COVID-19, she is still able to safely make door-to-door visits to counsel and help families most affected by the pandemic! The women in the village are now very active and are able to manage their families. They know the importance of cleanliness, good hygiene, and they know when to go to the hospital to check up on their health. She also teaches the children in the village to always wash their hands during this coronavirus period. 

We are grateful to you, our partners  who make stories like this possible during these difficult times. Every day, you are changing lives and helping to end extreme poverty! Thank you!


Mar 8, 2021

Slavery Prevention in 2021

In 2021, we will continue advancing our anti-trafficking work by leveraging those who have the greatest power to end this atrocity, by strategically expanding our relationships with key ambassadors, diplomats, members of parliament and international organizations representing 193 nations at the United Nations. Including the following activities:

  • Training government leaders and civil society organizations how to eliminate legislation, policies and laws that hinder the ability of police/prosecutors/judges to prosecute and convict pedophiles/human traffickers and their accomplices, while freeing more victims - as effective laws and their uncompromising enforcement play an irreplaceable role in abolishing human trafficking.
  • Reforming national justice systems by recommending new legislation and/or eliminating existing legislation that strengthens the justice system to increase human trafficking convictions. Legal reform plays a vital role in abolishing human trafficking;
  • Training government lawmakers, law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and civil society organizations how to create local citizen-based initiatives that will help law enforcement and prosecutors convict more pedophiles/human traffickers and their accomplices.

We will also continue to spread awareness about slavery prevention in different villages. In January 2021, a Transformational Community Development (TCD) leader in DG Village, Kenya, was able to speak about the importance preventing human trafficking through awareness and education. There is an illiteracy problem in the community, which can cause a high risk of human trafficking. Now, women and men in the community are aware and able to see the warning signs of human trafficking.

We cannot do this alone. My hope is to build a committed team of 75 people willing to financially commit to partnering with us at the level of $1200 per year ($100 per month). This team will make it possible for us to advance our anti-trafficking work to the highest levels of influence to end human trafficking and victimization. As you may not know, our anti-trafficking advocacy work is 100% privately funded by generous partners like you.

Thank you for making it possible!


Mar 5, 2021

Stitching Together a Future

The Empowerment center has become a source of help and hope to many young women who have dropped out of school for reasons such as poverty and early pregnancy. Students are able to grow their skills in sewing, giving hope to many who feel they can actually make it in life and know how to support themselves.

When Lucia lost her only remaining parent in 2003, she was forced to drop out of school. She had to work as a house help in her village just to survive and keep her two younger brothers fed. Her parents died of HIV/AIDS as she was becoming a young woman. Some young men in the village started sleeping with her for money even though they knew she was already HIV positive. Ostracised from her community and jobless, Lucia was without the necessary resources to support and educate herself. As the first born of the family, she also had to take care of her two siblings, but whatever she got was not enough to sustain them.

After hearing about the Isiolo Empowerment Centre in Kenya, she finished her training in one year instead of two! She was given a sewing machine and was loaned 20,000 shillings to jump start her business in Lowagilla.

Lucia explains, “Before this sewing project, I couldn’t even afford a bar soap. Today, I am able to live a decent life, send my children and my siblings to school, well dressed, and with all the necessary supplies, and I can save for the future. My plan is to save enough to build a house”.

We are thankful for our supporters and donors who make stories like this a reality. She is just one of the many women who have been impacted by the empowerment center. 

Thank you!!


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