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Apr 17, 2019

Foster Uganda's Female Leaders of Tomorrow

Your compassion empowers Nyaka’s legacy of high achieving women! YOu are offering girls opportunities to avoid becoming statistics.


Before joining Nyaka, Primah had never stepped foot into a classroom. She watched other children in her village attend school, but her family couldn’t afford the school fees. Without school, Primah could end up like the majority of uneducated girls in rural Uganda: destined to be a young bride and a young mother.  


However, Primah’s life changed when she was given the opportunity to attend Nyaka for free. Her future would no longer be determined by poverty.  When you allowed her to attend Nyaka, you told her that her ideas were valuable.


Click the link below to watch a video about how your kindness allows Primah, as well as two other female students, to unlock their true potential. By allowing these girls to start their school year off with the tools and support needed to succeed academically, you ensure a lasting legacy of Uganda’s future female leaders.


Your gifts not only empower Primah, but can continue to impact the many girls yearning for an education in rural southwestern Uganda!


Apr 17, 2019

How you Change Students' Lives through Sciences

Meet Kashmire, whose life you help change!
Meet Kashmire, whose life you help change!

Across Africa, 28 million girls won’t finish school. Since 95% of jobs by 2020 will require a formal STEAM* education, girls are often kept from the workforce. With your support, Nyaka is determined to stop our female students from becoming a statistic.

Kashemire, a third year Vocational student, always loved science. Yet, until she discovered Nyaka’s Robotics Club, she wasn’t able to apply her scientific knowledge outside the classroom.

However, your gifts allowed Kashemire to turn her scientific interests into job-friendly skills! After joining the club, she learned skills such as electrical wiring and computer programing.

Because of your compassion, Kashemire can combine her critical thinking abilities with her technical skills to help her community! Kashemire recognized that the understaffed, overcrowded local hospitals couldn’t care for all patients. To combat preventable deaths, the students created a hospital bed that automatically distributes IV medications.

This invention you empowered her to create is clearly beneficial. Last year, Kashemire competed with the club in a national robotics competition. Nyaka WON against other secondary and university schools!

Her success with the robotics club has encouraged her to become a doctor. With the education in tech innovation that you have provided her, she’s confident she’ll be a great doctor!

By investing in Nyaka, you are empowering a generation of women in STEM! If you want to enable more girls like Kashemire to take on the workforce, donate here! 

*STEAM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math education


Apr 17, 2019

Empowering Self-Sufficient Stars!

Meet Shillah, the girl who
Meet Shillah, the girl who's life you help change!

You created a space at Nyaka Vocational Secondary School Shillah to transform her musical passions into a career!


By the time Shillah was three, she had lost both of her parents. Her grandmother welcomed Shillah and her seven older siblings into their home, but she couldn’t afford school fees. Without a formal education, Shillah was destined to be like many uneducated girls in her village: an early bride and a young mother.


However, thanks to your kindness, by the time she was school-aged, Shillah’s life changed! Her uncle had heard of how the nearby Nyaka Primary School offers a free education to orphans. Shillah’s family enrolled her immediately.


At Nyaka Vocational Secondary School, you gave Shillah another chance to use her love of music. She joined the drama club.

Your support offered Shillah the tools she needed to learn how to read and write. Before attending Nyaka, Shillah didn’t have books or pencils, but as a primary student, she could write her own stories and poetry. Shillah also loved to sing and dance. Your commitment to Nyaka allowed her to further her artistic interests through the school’s Anti-AIDS Club. The club uses song/dance to educate the community and other schools about AIDS. You have provided Shillah the platform to use her musical gifts to help others.


At Nyaka Vocational Secondary School, you presented Shillah another chance to foster her love of music. She joined the drama club. In the club, she worked every weekend with a teacher to write her own songs. Through the club, Shillah went from being a girl who liked to sing in a group, to a performer who performs solos of her own work. Thanks to your investment, Shillah was also able to compete in a national vocal competition, which she won!


Shillah graduates this December. Because you empowered her, she plans to record her own music. Since she studied tailoring, Shillah intends to make all of her performance outfits so they will be as unique and beautiful as she is.


You have helped Shillah become the strong, self-sufficient woman she was always meant to be! Thank you!


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