Aug 26, 2019

Have you HERD the good news about Evas?

Evas and her cow
Evas and her cow

60-year-old Evas lives with her two grandchildren Boaz (age 9) and Ritah (age 6). Evas’ two young grandchildren were orphaned when both her son and his wife died in a motorcycle accident.

Can you imagine being a child and not only losing one parent but both at the same time? Can you imagine losing your son and needing to provide for two beautiful beings in a blink of an eye?

After taking in her grandchildren, Evas needed more money to support herself and her grandchildren. Evas came up with an idea for a business. She pitched it to her Granny Group and was one of the lucky women chosen to benefit from the microfinance funds in her group.

Evas borrowed $162. She used the money to buy coffee from neighbors at a reduced cost, dried it and later sold it at an increased cost and received a profit of $54. Evas used the business training you provide for her to come up with a plan. Instead of using her profits right away, she began to save it.

Evas waited until she had saved over $200, which she used to buy a heifer. It later gave birth to a young bull. Soon, she plans to sell the young bull so she can buy another cow, which would allow her to sell twice as much milk and double the amount of manure for her crop gardens so she could grow more food. Evas was able to repay the loan on time with profits made from her banana plantation and coffee sales. And her herd is growling! she says her dream was to have many cows someday, reducing her burden of buying manure and fertilizers for her crop gardens.

Because of you, Evas is now a happy grandmother. Evas and her grandchildren are able to prosper in the face of a devastating, and life-changing situation.  


Jul 15, 2019

Great Things STEM from The Education YOU Provide

2018 was a year of exciting first for students in your schools! In December 2018, your Vocational Secondary School first class of senior four students participated in national exams. Your students did very well! Over half of participating seniors earned scores that would earn them admittance into a great high school. The remaining students will continue their education in vocational or certificate programs. Also in 2018, NVSS hosted its first Robotics camp. More than 100 students from NVSS and other schools in the community learned valuable technology skills like programming, robotics, and coding.

Thanks to your continued and unwavering support, you’ve successfully built most of your Nyaka Vocational Secondary School. In 2018, you completed construction of your Multipurpose and Dining Hall and Kitchen. Now your Vocational Secondary School is one building away from being completed!

The final building will be home to the school’s physics and chemistry labs. This will allow you to provide Nyaka students with high quality STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). This program will help your Nyaka students continue to earn high scores on their national exams so they can be accepted to great high schools and universities. This program will increase your student’s interests in working in STEM field.

It is so vital to make all of your schools centers for excellence in STEM fields, because over 80% of future jobs in Uganda—and across the world—will require some STEM knowledge.      

You are providing new hope to the most vulnerable children in Uganda. Every one of the students who attend your Nyaka Vocational Secondary School will be more likely to find employment. They will live longer, healthier lives. And their children will be more likely to attend school.

You are breaking the cycle of poverty in Uganda. Thank you!


Jun 3, 2019

You Create a Legacy of Female Leaders!

Meet Kirabo! Your support develops her to a leader
Meet Kirabo! Your support develops her to a leader

Starting a new school is a big change, but it’s even more shocking if you never thought you’d still be in school at 15.


Before joining Nyaka, Kirabo’s family couldn’t afford to feed their children, let alone send them to school. Even if they had the money, Kirabo was afraid that her family would send her brothers to school before her. In rural Uganda, paying for a son’s school fees is a more important investment than a daughter’s education. Before she turned five, Kirabo had given up on her dream to attend school. She thought she was destined to be a young wife and a young mother.


However, because you give Kirabo free education at Nyaka, her dreams have changed. You’ve given her the tools to reach her dream of becoming a lawyer. She is so excited to work towards her education goals this year!


Click the link below to watch a video about how your kindness allows Kirabo, as well as two other female students, to unlock their true potential. By enabling these girls to start their school year off with the tools and support need to succeed academically, you are helping them become Uganda’s future leaders.


Your gifts not only empower Kirabo, but can continue to impact the many girls yearning for an education in rural Southwest Uganda!


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