Jan 17, 2017

Final report

Happy reception
Happy reception

We were asked by the Tigray Regional Education Bureau to try to continue our assistance a little longer until the end of the harvest season, because the children in the area where we were helping would be in difficulty. So we decided to let the project on Global Giving run for a few more months. We were glad we did and we were able to sent another truckload with 160 cartons of high energy bisuits to the most affected school. We also made an extra donation of 186 notebooks, 320 pens and 84 markers.

The road to the school was inaccessible so, the students and teachers came out to the main road and carried the boxes back. They were all eager to help and they were so happy with the supplies.

Currently the harvest time is over and in most areas they have had a good harvest. We have decided to officially close the project as no further assistance is required at this time due to an excellent harvest. 

With your assistance a total of 13,607 school children have benefitted from the nutritional support which has consisted of: 2151 cartons of High Energy biscuits, 138 tubs of 1 kg peanut butter.

The children have benefitted by the provision of energy to sustain them to, through and from school.

The schools have benefitted tremendously by seeing an increased attendance rate and a higher performance rate due to the high energy bisuits and peanutbutter.

We want to say thank you to all our donors on Global Giving who have helped us in an amazing way. It has been such a blessing for Abraham's Oasis to reach out to this needy area and extend your contributions to these hungry school children.

If you are interested in supporting other projects implemented by Abraham's Oasis we recommend that you check out the other two (2) projects on Global Giving.



Carrying of the boxes to the school
Carrying of the boxes to the school
Ready to carry!
Ready to carry!
Distribution of extra school materials
Distribution of extra school materials
The face says it all!
The face says it all!
Dec 27, 2016

Re-unification of triplets

Foster care arrangement
Foster care arrangement

Over the past few months we took on another challenge, triplets who had come to our residential care facility the day they were born. The father had been advised to have them ‘sent away’ for adoption. Dialogue with the father had to be adjusted several time. First he would take them back at aged two, but the father remarried and his new wife was expecting a child. ‘Wait until after that’. Aged three… ‘We will take them aged four’. The local services was not well-informed about the new government guidelines about family re-unification and were not very supportive in our efforts, which didn't help to work with the father.

Aged four we again talked with the father and suggested a middle road which, consisted of moving them closer to the familiy in a temporary foster care arrangement, so that he and the rest of the family could visit and the triplets could meet their family. He agreed on condition that he could assign the foster mother. A strict contract was drafted for eight months after which he would take the children. THis was signed by social services the father and us.

A small house was found, an aunt was allocated the task of giving care and a cook was engaged and the children were moved. The first couple of weeks were not easy, four yea olds are very wise… but gradually and with close support from our Social Worker and telephone communication the children settled well. The mother’s family became frequent visitors, the local administrator said that the father had to come more often as part of the agreement. The father started more frequent visits and brought his new wife, who had recently lost her own child. A few weeks ago the father was finally ready to take his children and they were moved to his house. The change of house was not traumatic for the triplets as they knew the people who were present. They immidiatly started playing and have settled in very well. The father was very happy, he thanked our organization for our care but stated that he was the father and from now onwards he would take the responsibility for his children.

Some reunification is directly to their permanent home, others need to be done step by step and what we have found is that there is most often ways around constraints that require local government support and great patience with family.

We will continue to follow this family on a quarterly basis and provide financial support for three years. In the second year we will start working with the father to assist him to increase his income in order to make him self-sustained after three years.

We thank our donors very much for their involvement and interest in assisting us in this vital project.

Nov 7, 2016

Back to school and still hungry...

Oh yes, the rains came abundantly! Wonderful! So the farmers sowed the few saved seeds they had, the government supplied more seed and after arduous ploughing of fields with lean hungry oxen, the shoots starting coming up, the rain came, the shoots grew...

Sadlly this takes time. The maize came after six weeks, that helped, but the energy expended during the ploughing, sowing season is tough and the few spears of corn were soon consumed. Too soon September arrived, planning for return to school, payment of small school fees meant cash eked out from sale of maize in the market.

Now the trudge to school with little protein for growing bodies except what Abraham's Oasis has given to tide them over the rainy season. The harvest will be in January, but there is October through January to survive... Sitting through class, trying to learn, and thinking of that hollow feeling in your tummy makes it hard to concentrate.

Abraham's Oasis is continuing the supplementary nutritional support programme until we hear that these children have food at home, sufficient to carry them through the walk to and from school and to sustain them in the learning process throughout the days and weeks.

The answer to poverty is education but how can this happen when you are hungry.

Thank you for your help!

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