Sep 22, 2017

IGA for families of re-unified children

A rural retail shop
A rural retail shop

The eigtheen beneficiaries who have profitted from our first round of Income Generating Activities  are doing well with a few exceptions who need more follow-up. They have been working hard during this rainy season and quite a number of them will see the benefits and profits in a few weeks/months time.

Just to give you an idea of what kind of activities the beneficiaries are involved in:

* One lady bought 5 goats and currently the goats are pregnant so this will benefit her family greatly.

* One lady opened a small tea house, she is doing okay but needs more follow-up

* One father of two children expanded his shop and now he is doing very well. The government even helped him with the provision of free space for his shop. This is an HIV positive father and thanks to this assistance he is healthy and able to keep his children with him.

* One godfather has expanded his agricultural activities and is seeing an increase in his produce

* One father has bought goats and they are pregnant, this will greatly benefit his family.

* One grandfather has expanded his shop a little bit and added sheep as well.  He is making enough profit to enable him to look after his grand child.

* One mother has bought goats and they are doing well.

* One uncle bought improved seeds and fertilizer for his farm to increase his crop production and he is doing well, in a few weeks it will be harvest time.

* One aunt has started a retail shop and is doing well.

* One aunt has expanded a retail shop and is doing well.

* One grandfather bought extra sheep and is doing well.

All children have been visited, they are going to school and are happy and healthy, the caregivers take good care of them

We do intensive follow-up with the beneficiaries to make sure that they work hard and still provide for the re-unified children.

We are very pleased with the succes of this project, which is also highly appreciated by the government, and we want to thank all our donors for helping us to make this possible!

Sheep and goat, a good market for IGA
Sheep and goat, a good market for IGA
2 brothers
2 brothers
Jun 26, 2017

Progress on income generating activities

Regional recognition paper
Regional recognition paper

We have been able to make an incredible progress with the caregivers of our re-unified children. In the past few months we have initiated income generating activities for 18 caregivers of children who were re-unified with their families almost three years ago.

Our first step has been to remind the families about the fact that our three year follow-up & support agreement will come to an end, but at the same time we inform them about this special opportunity that we will offer to them. THe caregivers always are understanding that the agreement will come to an end but are very surprised with the additional support we offer them through income generating.

We give them a one day training in small business skills after which they let us know what kind of activity they want to do. The caregivers in the country side usually want to increase their sheep and goats, in the towns caregivers want to do small scale trading or open up a small teahouse. We leave the choice of business to the beneficiaries. If they are already doing some business we encourage them to expand that. We provide them with the seedmoney and we do close follow-up to make sure that they spent the money wisely on their income generating activities. Our next step will be checking if they are improving their income. We have had excellent feed-back about our project from all the government stakeholders. The way we have set it up and do follow-up is highly appreciated. We were already a model for our tracing and family re-unification activities and this has been added to us being a model.

Together with our social worker I have done several home visits last month, the children are well adjusted in their families and cared for in a good manner. The caregivers were very thankful for the support and for the social worker who is always available to them.

We really appreciate the donations towards this project so we can continue to help these families to become self-sustained.

Our first beneficiary,  Temesgen
Our first beneficiary, Temesgen
Rahel, re-unified and well adjusted with her aunt
Rahel, re-unified and well adjusted with her aunt
Mar 27, 2017

Income generation activities started

Temesgen and his family
Temesgen and his family

This month we sarted with the first income generation activities for the families of children who were re-unified three years ago and are doing well. One of the first families was the family of Temesgen.

Temesgen had come to our residential facility as a little baby after his mother had died and his father was in prison. About three years ago little three year old Temesgen was re-unified with his paternal grand parents who were poor but very willing to care for Temesgen. Temegen settled well, we visited him on a quarterly basis and the family received financial support on a monthly basis. There were other family members and some other children living with the grandparents as well. The family started a small shop already and decided that the additional finances they receive from Abraham's Oasis will be used to expand their shop. We have given them a short small business skills training and have given them their money. Over the coming months we will follow their progress, see if more training is needed and link them with the local microfinance institution. We advise them to save money as well.

The family was very pleased with the support that they have received from us and were eager to expand their shop so they would be able to care for Temesgen in a good manner.

We would like to thank our donors for their generous contributions, it helps us to assist families caring for orphans without making them dependend on hand-outs. It encourages them to find ways to increase their family income so they keep their dignity and can care for little Temesgen in a sustainable way.

In the next few months we will continue to help several families in the same manner.

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