May 16, 2018

15 beds for abandoned babies project fully supported

We are excited that we have been able to raise the needed funding for this small project in such a short time! Our next move is to order the beds. We have decided that we only want the metal frames and we will do the painting ourselves, in fun colours so it will brighten up the rooms where our beloved babies and toddlers sleep. I can't wait to see the end results and we definitely will keep you informed about the progress.

Just today we were informed that we may receive a new abandoned baby, a it is timely as we have baby beds for new born babies who will fit in them till they are around five to six months old but we don't have any more baby beds for the bigger babies/toddlers.

We can't thank you enough for your support towards this project. My hope is that the beds will NOT be filled quickly as I  don't want babies to be abandoned. But at least when they do fill up I hope that the babies will feel that the beds were a gift of love from people who cared for them.

Apr 19, 2018

Well integrated children....

How do you know that a  re-unified child is integrated well in the family and community?

Our car drives up to the house, our very tall social worker jumps out to meet one of the re-unified children who is in the final stages of our assistance. The purpose of the visit is to see the progress on the income generating activities and if the re-unified child is still being cared for in the right way after we have discontinued the monthly support.

The child runs away from the social worker and hides behind the caregiver. "Ehm you are not going to take me away...are you?"  Is the question asked from behind the safety of the caregiver.

That means that we are meeting a well adjusted child who trusts and feels save with the caregiver. It means that this child has adjusted well from the move of residential care to living with extended family. A child who is part of the family and also part of the surrounding community. A child who is going to a local school, who knows his identity, where he came from and what is expected from him/her. A child who truly has "come home". It is such a joy for us to see and hear the stories about these children. At first we were worried about them leaving the "safety of our residential care" but having see first hand the positive impact it has made on their lives, has been a huge encouragement and also given us the affirmation that children belong as much as possible in their birth families. This is where their identities are, where there culture is and where the family understands the way the child is behaving....

The families are happy with these well adjusted children and caring for them as their own. Most of them are also doing well in raising the additional income needed for the extra child in their care.

We can't thank you enough for your support, it has given us the opportunity to make the re-unification into a sustainable solution for the families.

Jan 19, 2018

Sustainability and dignity

She was found abandoned on the streets, only a few hours old, someone heard the cries and wondered if perhaps it was a kitten. But no a beautiful little baby girl. She was checked at the local hospital and brought to Grace Village, the residential prpject of Abraham's Oasis and was given to her care giver. The caregiver had been a victim of early marriage and obstetric fistula who found a haven at Grace Village and was given children to care for. Baby Rahel was one. 

A serious little baby that did not often cry, looked out with her gentle eyes wondering what was going on. The older children would cuddle her and her carer would carry her on her back when she went about her duties. When Abraham's Oasis started to try and trace and locate family for children based on the government initiative, Rahel was considered but we thought as an abdoned baby it would be too hard. It wasn't family her mother's sister was identified and she was willing to take this very clever little girl who was then seven years old. 

Our psychologist counselled her, her Grace Village siblings were told, they helped her pack her bag and though we were sad because we would miss her, we were also happy for her. She left. The social workers tell us she has settled in, she attends the local school, goes with her aunt to weddings and parties and has joined the community like she had never left. Her host family, her aunt has been given funds for income generation activities to stregthen the whole family and in turn Rahel. The social workers will follow her for schooling and social integration and safety but the dependency for income will cease in order for a more sustainable future that will in turn grant this family unit the dignity that they deserve.

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