Jun 8, 2021

Continued initiatives in Little Bassa


The world watched as Liberian children as young as ten years old were exploited as armed combatants. We have built a residential facility in Little Bassa, Liberia where we want to provide former child soldiers a three-month program to help them recover from their trauma and obtain the skills necessary for social reintegration, taking care of a family and employment.

COVID-19 awareness

As mentioned briefly in the last report, HR&S (Human Rights & Science) – Action10 supported the HR&S Coaches COVID-19 awareness campaign in Little Bassa, Liberia. HR&S senior expert health advisers supported with information and funding to be able to help the initiative. This campaign was highly appreciated by the participants.

Knowledge sharing seminar

To be able to pursue initiatives in Little Bassa, it is important to make sure that local mental health care providers and coaches are well-educated in areas covering mental health. As a part of this, Mr. Giacomo DENTONI, Action10 volunteer staff, held an online knowledge sharing seminar for partners and coaches in April 2021.


Jun 7, 2021

Scaling up to support more businesses

Products sold by the women
Products sold by the women


Together we can empower individuals in Africa who are interested in creating small businesses. We will provide small loans for business investments as well as training and coaching to entrepreneurs in the rural areas of the Maritime Region in Togo. In February 2021, we reached our initial funding goal of USD 10,000 for the 2020-2021 phase of the programme, and we have now increased the target to support more villagers to become self-sustaining.

Project update

During 2020, 117 women and 2 men were enrolled in our programme supporting business owners. They are today operating their own business in a more sustainable way and are better equipped to support their families with school and health-care fees. Below, you can find a mix of pictures on the variety of products sold by our partners in Togo. Our local support team is in weekly contact with the loan-takers to help them address challenges, understand their needs and ambitions and empower their businesses.  During 2021 we will scale up the loan to those who will benefit as well as support new business managers. 38 women have applied to become part of the programme and now the next step for Action10 is to raise funds and support the growing and new entrepreneurs.


Feb 10, 2021

Project Update

COVID-19 Awareness Campaign
COVID-19 Awareness Campaign


Since Liberia experienced the 15 years prolongs civil unrest, the chances of chaos, crimes, violence and addictiveness to elicit substance remain a huge challenge for former child soldiers (FCS), women associated with fighting forces (WAFF) and other war affected youths (WAY). Today, vast number of these young men and women are caught up with the use of illicit substance, violence and crime for living.


In order to contribute to the Initiative for the Development of Former Child Soldiers (IDEFOCS) and other vulnerable groups and enable them to have a better livelihood, the HR&S RISE SUPPORT CENTER in LIBERIA conducted a programme survey. The purpose of the survey was to better understand the current status of the Botanical Reintegration Village (BRV), customer segment for IDEFOCS proposed Desktop publishing Center and to identify potential entrepreneurs in Little Bassa to do business with.

As a result of the survey, the following action plan was agreed upon:

1. Empower HR&S RISE Support Centre Liberia to coach firmly.

- Funds will be managed by RISE Centre from January 2020 and on-wards.

- RISE makes quarterly surveys at the BRV.

- Equip the coaches with good cell-phones/computers and the Centre with satellite internet access.

2. Establish an HR&S Centre in the BRV building in Little Bassa

OR just outside Little Bassa, at a location that enables BRV surveiance as well as connect with customers of Internet centre and value-added farm products.

- Link the HR&S Centre in Little Bassa with the decision makers in the local community; the elders, the chief of the village and

  • Identify the leader structure in Little Bassa and approach them.
  • Managed by the PR coach.

- Connect the Centre to satellite internet and bring the six computers there.

  • Let the local community benefit.

- Staff the centre with three HR&S partners preferably from Little Bassa, who

  • Renovate the building and secure it.
  • Ensure profitable farming.
  • Welcomes a small group of well selected FCS and involve them in the work.

- Offer trauma counselling in the Centre.

- Write a collaboration agreement between the Centre and IDEFOCS.

- Develop a 2021 business plan and co-fundraise at the GlobalGiving platform and elsewhere.

COVID-19 Awareness Campaign

Action10 and HR&S also made a COVID-19 Awareness Campaign in the BRV Village which was successful and very appreciated. More details on this will come in the next report.


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