Community Health, Housing and Social Education (CHHASE)

COMMUNITY HEALTH, HOUSING AND SOCIAL EDUCATION (CHHASE), TAMIL NADU Background Community Health, Housing and Social Education (CHHASE), a registered organization, founded in 2001. Presently we are operating in Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu-India. CHHASE team has qualified, experienced and committed professionals. Training of staff at all levels is an ongoing process. CHHASE goal will be to make Tiruvallur district child labor free by the year 2015. The organization has high ethical stand.
Apr 6, 2016

Thank you for giving sewing machine

Respected Donor 

Warm greetings from CHHASE.

Thank you for your generous contributions for the poor rural women through esteemed organization GlobalGiving.

CHHASE is providing various skills trainings to poor women and youth in rural areas, where poor are suffering without income. As they don't have more opportunities to get trained in skills, CHHASE started sewing, embroidery, jewel making, beautician etc courses specially for rural poor. Thousands of poor got these skill trainings and are earning own or working in factories.

Your generous contribution helped us to provide sewing machines to poor women. Now they are earning while looking after their family. One of our beneficiary said " I am from a poor family.Due to my family condition, i studied upto 7th grade. After that at the age of 21, i got married.My husband also from poor family and he studied only 3rd grade.He is a agricutural labor. We have two male and one female children.For many years, we have suffered to feed our family.

Six months back, i came to know that CHHASE NGO is providing free sewing training. I joined and learned all technics about stiching blouses,petticoats, shirts etc. after completion, i have expressed my difficulty in buying sewing machine. but without any hesitation, CHHASE has provided me a machine with all accessories and told me start a business.But today,i am earning sufficiently to feed my family and to send my children to local school. From Mr. Vincent paul i came to know that this machine was provided to me by donors.I thank you and will continuously pray for your well being. Thank you.

Thank you for your kind continuing support for the economically deprived women

CHHASE thank you once again for your generosity. 

Apr 5, 2016

Thank you for providing food groceries

Respected Donor,

Warm Greetings from CHHASE.

Thank you for all your generous support for the food gorceries to poor old women through esteemed organization GlobalGiving.

Your support enabled us to provide food groceries to poor old women. While we distribute the food groceries, one of our benficiary said" I am now 74 years old. i have one son and one daughter. They are married. My daughter lives with her husband in far off village. My son got three children. he is a agricultural laborer. With his meagre income, he is not able to feed his children even. my daughter in law and my son feel that i am a burden to them. They are not allowing me in their home and not providing even one meal. I am homeless and careless old women, living in the streets and beg for food.But now every thing changed and i am given hope and support by CHHASE NGO. My all the needs are look after by them. I am thanking GOD and thank those who help for my well being."

Thanking you for your kind generous financial support. With out your generous donations it is very difficult for us to provide the requisite material to the needy poor old women. 

Thank you for supporting the noble cause.

Apr 4, 2016

Elder women thanking you for food groceries

Elder women receiving food groceries
Elder women receiving food groceries

Respected Donor,

Warm Greetings from CHHASE.

Thank you for your generous support for food groceries to neglected elder women through esteemed organization GlobalGiving.

We at CHHASE always visit our project areas often. During our visit, we come across many stories about how the elder people are neglected/ deceived by their own sons and daughters.we visit them and giving them hope and provide food groceries with your support.

One of our beneficiary women said" I am from this village ( Sattharai village). I have three children and all are married. Due to my family poor conditions, i was unable to educate them. Today all of them are earning. They are thinking that keeping me with them will cost more and it will be difficult for them to run their family. A small portion of land, which i was having also taken by them. In this old age i am unable to go for work. when ever some celebrations goes on, i go and eat. mostly i was begging for food. With GOD's grace, now i am under CHHASE NGO care and every month without fail i am getting food groceries. Now i am confident that i can pass my rest of my period without any difficulty. I am thanking those who are helping me without hunger".

Thanking you for your generous financial support. With out your generous donations it is very difficult for us to provide the requisite material to the needy neglected women. 

Thank you for supporting the noble cause.


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