Jul 5, 2016

Final Report on the Project

Thank you
Thank you

3 year old Saina’s mother Hosanara, was always aware that her daughter was a little underweight for her age but she never thought it could be anything to worry about overtly. It never even crossed her mind that her child’s life could be in danger….busy  managing 4 young children, including Saina and her bidi making work – she did not realize the severity of the child’s condition……

When a representative of CRY supported project MARFAT, came into contact with Saina, he realized intervention was required urgently! He educated Hosanara on Saina’s condition and immediately connected the child to a Nutrition Rehabilitation Center. Since mother and child needed to be at the center for at least a few weeks – the team also ensured that the youngest child could stay at the center with Hosanara. They also ensured that the other children were placed with relatives and were well looked after. They would also take the children to visit the mother at the center so that she did not worry and come back in a hurry.

Saina, slowly gained weight and as her condition improved, her mother also learnt how to look after the child once they came home and ensure she didn’t slip back again.

Today she is a bright, cheerful little girl, well on her way to celebrating her 5th birthday and a healthy life thereafter……


From birth to 5 years is a very crucial period in a child’s life and often sets the tone for the years to come. Access to proper services at this time and their rights being upheld, ensures that they have the proper start that they need, be it healthcare, nutrition or early childhood care. Proper care for the mother also plays a very important role before birth as well as during the months of breastfeeding. Therefore along with the child, it is also very important to ensure that pregnant and lactating mothers as well receive proper care.

However, the reality is that many children today do not get this right start to life. Lack of access to service, insufficient care for mothers, little awareness and sensitization – all leads to many children missing out on the crucial care and attention needed in this phase for life and the result is too frightening to comprehend.

CRY’s intervention:

CRY works across these communities to identify the root causes why young children between 0 – 5 years away from the very basic care that they require in this crucial phase of life. Looking at this through the lens of overall child rights for all children in these project areas, the on ground project teams work towards correcting the root causes and ensuring a lasting change – for these children and the communities as a whole.


Your partnership helped us reach out to 6,44,780 children across 3118 villages and slums across 23 states in India in the last one year alone. You ensured  33,274  infants received immunizations and now are well on their way to a healthy start in life. Anganwadi centers have been opened across the country – giving more and more children access to proper health and nutrition. You helped us go from strength to strength and we ended the year on a high note by ensuring 2,50,532 young children are going to celebrate their fifth birthday and build a solid foundation for their lives ahead.


May 19, 2016

Community Response to Relief Kits

A collage of Relief Kit distribution
A collage of Relief Kit distribution

The SCSTEDS team did a comprehensive analysis and identified the neediest families in the area. The focus was on families that have lost everything in the rains and not received any other relief. 

In the first phase, kits were distributed to 600 families on the 20th December, 2015.

The packing of 600 relief kits for the households / families and transporting to the STEDS office was completed by the midnight of the 19th December. The project team ensured that the material were stored with atmost security at the project office.

The response from the beneficiaries was a very positive one and there was a great deal of joy at the kind of materials received. They felt that it was a comprehensive kit which would certainly help them to restore the basic needs within their homes and help them get back to cooking safe food for children. All of them shared their heartfelt gratitude to CRY and STEDS for the much needed support.

The second phase of 400 families will be done in May, after the Tamil Nadu state elections, as distribution of these items was in violation of the election commission norms. A separate report on the same would be updated post distribution.

Dec 23, 2015

Updates on flood relief efforts


The CRY operational area, Vyasarpadi has been largely affected by the recent Chennai floods. The area was submerged in neck deep water for the first 5 days and it continued to see stagnant water for many days. Power supply was restored in Vyasarpadi only after 8 days on Dec 9th. Mobile networks were all down for 4 days thus cutting off all forms of communication and transportation. People have lost all their belongings including important documents like PDS cards, school certificates, etc. Childrens’ school books and other materials are also completely washed out. While 4 cases of death are known, the death toll is yet to be analyzed in the area. The current situation is a warning for epidemics of water-borne illnesses and disease outbreaks. Despite the deplorable situation of the families in those slums, very little help has reached them from the state authorities.


CRY has been involved in providing the following support to the families and children in those communities:

Household Kits : Household Relief Kits and Hygiene Kits were given to 600 families in those communities. The kit included clothes, food and utensils

Medical camp:  Sewage water has flooded homes in this area, and there is high risk of disease such as dermal fungal infections, acute coryza, Nasopharyngitis and viral fever. Medical camps were organized on Nov 22nd and Dec 12th . where in 198 children & 156 women(approx) received medical attention.

 CRY will continue to work towards providing relief to 1750 households in the area and restoring normalcy in the lives of  affected families and children.

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