Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.

by Udayan Care
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Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.
Mental Well Being
Mental Well Being


Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme of Udayan Care is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from weak socio-economic background aiming to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. It is unique because it goes beyond being a usual scholarship programme by not only supporting higher education but also providing regular mentoring and leadership development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility in them.


The beginning of the new financial year 2021-22 made us stare again at the vulnerable situation we faced last year. The 2nd wave of the pandemic was more devastating and catastrophic. The pandemic hit all of us hard, including Shalinis, their families and the USF team.Despite grave situation the USF team was at the forefront to help Shalinis and their families in these desolate times. The Emergency Response Fund 2.0 was initiated again and a survey was conducted to assess and prioritize the Shalinis according to their needs. The survey focused on 2 major aspects, one if any shalini or family member affected by Covid and secondly if there is any loss of livelihood of family member due to the pandemic.

The survey was conducted in last week of April with a sample size of 3993 Shalinis across 21 chapters and it reflected that 22% families were rendered jobless almost 890 families across chapters. 2797 Shalinis were supported under ERF either financially to help them buy basic essentials and sustain themselves or in some chapters through ration kits by generous donors.

 USF is also concerned about the continuity of education of our Shalinis as everything has switched to online mode in the current scenario. Similar to last year we are worried about the availability of a digital device to our Shalinis as in today’s world access to a digital device and internet is as important as Right to Education. A digital survey was initiated to assess the digital divide and access of a smartphone to shalinis. USF will ensure that Shalinis continue their education.Our workshops and sessions continued through the virtual mode, as it gives us the platform to expand our reach and connect Shalinis with experienced professionals who have vast knowledge and guide Shalinis in the right direction. We have also made great progress in mentoring, various corporates like EY, Tata Proengagers, IVP and Genpact India joined us to hold hands of Shalinis who needed guidance and mentoring at this crucial stage. These workshops and mentoring sessions have helped Shalinis to be focused and ensure their mental wellbeing

Spanning from May to July, our Shalinis had the privilege of attending sessions conducted by experts from diverse fields. We conducted Employability sessions on the topics Career awareness and guidance, IT- Skills – using internet for jobs, Foundation- Values, IT Skills-Email writing skills and various small workshops and sessions were also conducted on topics Environment Awareness, Stress Management, Financial Planning to keep our Shalinis motivated and positive. It has been a sheer blessing to have support from partners like Genpact India, Ernst & Young and ICICI who have helped us keep our Shalinis encouraged through regular mentoring andpositivity.

As an initiative to keep our Shalinis engaged we celebrated Environment Day and International Yoga Day to help our Shalinis become aware about our Environment and also stay positive and healthy. Various other activities were also conducted which included celebrating Mother’s Day, Nurses Day and Doctors Day to keep them away from the effects of the outside world.

 Key Highlights          

  • Employability Workshops on Career awareness & guidance, Using internet for jobs, Foundation- Values, Email writing skills andAssertiveness
  • Small Group Workshops on Environment Awareness, Stress Management, Financial Planning and Reproductive Health &Hygiene
  • 5 New Corporate Mentorsadded
  • World Environment DayCelebrated
  • International Yoga DayCelebrated
  • Take Charge of your money workshop byLXME
  • UNICEF Young Warrior Collaboration Programstarted
  • Emergency Response Fund Support to 169Shalinis
  • Survey Bridging DigitalGap
  • Technical Support to 5Shalinis 

MAY 2021          

Financial Literacy Workshop (ICICI Workshop) 1st May | All Batches | Jitender

 A session on Financial Literacy was organized for all batches of North Delhi on May 1st by Jitender.The session was really important because it opened a new perspective of employment to the shalinis. Jitender shared about various entrepreneurship projects like Dairy, Organic Farming and Wormy composed businesses.He also showed videos that helped shalinis to understand the importance and success of these businesses. He shared about various types loans like Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna, CIBI that one can take to start an entrepreneurship. He emphasized that before starting any business one should take proper training and guidance, for that he suggested some institutes. It was an informative session for girls.

Using Internet for Jobs | 2nd May Batch 17 | Subhalaxmi

A session on ‘Using internet for Jobs’ was organized for second year Shalinis of north Delhi on May 2nd by Subhalaxmi from TATA group. It was a really important session for second year girls as they are preparing to find some jobs and according to present scenario it could only possible by using internet. Subhalaxmi shared about negative aspects of internet, She shared that job scam happens, how there are many fake websites which fool’sstudents. She discussed how one can identify authentic websites, she also shared some very popular and authentic websites. She specially talked about Naukri.com and LinkedIn and taught our girls how to create profile over these websites. In the end she shared about other usage of internet like online courses, self-education, Fitness, Entertainment, Research etc. It was really interactive and informative session for our girls.

Email Writing |Rosy & Swetcha | 2nd May Batch 16

 A SessionEmail Writing was organised for Third Year Shalinis of North Delhi by Rosy and Swetcha.It was a really important session for these girls because they all are at the final year of their graduation and now they have to write emails to professionals and companies to get jobs and even after getting jobs they have to communicate by this medium. At the beginning of session, the facilitators discussed about the language that most of the youth population are using on their social medial handles. They shared that the world of Email is very different from that, then they shared how to write a profession email and how to greet different people in different kind of Emails. They shared the importance and use of CC, BCC, MOM, KRA, SOP, Font size and Font style. It was an interactive session our girls also shared their experiences and questions related to Email Writing.

Worrier to Warrior Session | 5th May | Sanjeev

A session on Worrier to Warrior was conducted by Sanjeev for all the staff Members of Udayan Shalini Fellowship program. It was a much needed session as the present scenario is going on. Cases of COVID 19 is increasing day by day and it’s led to the lockdown in many states of the country. That is leading to a negative and depressed condition of each and every one ofus. He shared 3 major things Firstly, Day by day the negativity in people is increasing. He shared the causes of these negativity and how to overcome from it. Secondly, People should believe that whatever they have is special and enough, we need to spread happiness all around. Thirdly, Grace and Gratitude – At this difficult time god is with us and for that we need to show our gratitude, also this is the time when we can become hope for others. He ended the session with a really good story. was an inspirational and motivational session for all and it was much needed session according to this pandemic situation.

Interactive Session | 15th May | Batch 19

An interactive session was organized with batch 19, the purpose was to introduce them with new coordinator and inform them few important things like Re Admission Form, Three Monthly Proforma, Attendance in workshops and some other basic details. The session was initiated with an ice breaker so that girls could engage and interact comfortably. The ice breaker opened up girls with us then there was another ice breaker that taught them that how the priorities in life changes, we need to always be aware and open minded for the opportunities we are getting. Then the facilitator guided girls how to fill re admission form and also importance of attendance and three monthly Proforma. It was a successful and interactive session. And the purpose wasfulfilled.

Stress Management | 16th May | Batch 18 | By Rajneesh

A session on stress management was organised for class 12th shalinis, it was an important session according to present scenario,as our shalinis of class 12th are in under stress for their exams dates due to this pandemic.The session was facilitated by Rajneesh, he explained girls very beautifully how to manage stress, and he shared an amazingstory of cockroach.He shared that we all have life with stress and there is no way  out to remove this stress because if we remove it there will be nothing left in our lives, so we should have to know ‘how to combat this stress’ he also shared techniques to do so. He said “we need to keep three things happy – Our Body, Our Mind and Our Soul”

Mentor Briefing | 17th May Corporate Mentors | By Garima

Mentoring is one of the important component of USF program and corporate mentoring is also playing a vital role in this. We got 4 new corporate mentors for North Delhi chapter inMay.We have allotted them on the basis of 1:3 ratios of shalinis. Three of them are based in Delhi, India and one is based in California, USA. There was a mentor briefing session for these new mentors. Garima (Senior Manager (Training, Development & Placement) conductedthis session. She shared about USF program briefly and goals of Mentorship to mentors. She also shared some Do’s and Don’ts while mentoring. She guided them for their first session and asked coordinator to take up for further. At the end there were Q & Asession.

Mentoring Training Session | 22nd May Mentor Didis | By Garima

In every quarter there is a training session for mentor didis who are engaged in mentoring sessions. This month mentoring training session was facilitated by Garima (Sr. Manager Training, Development & Placement). Garima shared about mentoring goals also she asked about experience of mentordidis.All of them have shared their experience and challenges they are facing while mentoring. She solved their queries also shared some ice breakers that they can use during their sessions. Also some of them have shared that they are doing proper training program with their mentees to make them confidence and ready for public speaking. Some of them are doing really good antiquates training. We advised them to share their Feedback on monthlybasis.

Inter Chapter Mentor Meet | 15th & 22nd May

The meeting started with Pooja welcoming and thanking all for attending the meet. Then agenda and the flow of the meeting was also shared by her, starting with Kiran who shared the Vision 2020-25, followed by Faheem who shared USF achievements of 2020 and the road ahead for 2021.Kiran shared the Vision and Mission of Udayan Care, our CIRCA Values and the history of Udayan Care, she focused upon Vision 2020-25 She shared that over 1,000 fellows were inducted this year through both online and offline Selection Process and We plan to expand USF programme in the coming year and plan to open 2 newchapters. Then Faheem presented USF achievements for the year 2020 and the road ahead for 2021. These achievements included Emergency Response Fund, Technological support, 2 Surveys to assess the loss of livelihood and access and availability of smartphones to Shalinis and the Selection Process conducted in both online and offline mode as per groundsituation. Then at the end there were Q & A session and many amazing ideas shared by different people to support shalinis during this pandemic and to expand USF programme. Also there were discussion how USF Alumnae can become brand ambassador to develop shalini programme and to reach out to many more resources.

JUNE 2021

Building Capacity of Young Evaluators in Gender and Equity: Lessons from the Global South 3rd June | GENSA

 It was about an hour (approx.) session with 50 participants, mainly hosted by Bijita with 4 other speakers from different places i.e. Shweta, Radika, Ifrah ,Neha . The main focus of the webinar was on the below mentioned points along with the introduction of GENSA (Gender and Equity Network South Asia).

Discussed points:

  • Challenges facing  the non-profit sector and corporate funding in India.
  • Challenges Faced  by  Young Evaluators  in Pakistan.
  • Challenges Faced by Young Evaluators inIndia.
  • Challenges Faced by Young Evaluators in Sri Lanka.
  • Introduction of  GENSA(Gender and Equity Network SouthAsia).
  • Gaps for young evaluator community: - Lack of mentors in the network, lack of collaborative approaches and publications, Lack of proper access to materials, good approaches and reaches, Good methodologies and brainstorming sessions etc. Also different countries have different gender evaluation policies is also a challenge for youngevaluators.

World Environment Day | 5th June 2021 | By Deloitte

 A session on World Environment Day was organised by Deloitte to raise awareness among our Shalinis regarding Environmental degradation and Conservation. The session started with few interesting questions like, Does Climate change real? What is it? What are the causes? Then there were some poll questions that were answered by our shalinis and then the facilitator discussed every poll question and its answers. Then Shalinis sent into different breakout rooms where they were introduced to share their way of bringing change to save the environment. Also our shalinis shared their pledge of activities that they will do to save the environment. It was really interesting and interactive session.

Take charge of your Money | 5th June Senior Shalinis & Alumnae | By Preeti

A session on Take charge of your money organized by LXME group for all the senior Shalinis and Alumna. Earning Money and fulfilling our needs and family needs is one of important part of Everyone’s life. Most of our shalinis are becoming independent and earning not only for themselves but also for society.

Only earning and spending is not enough, there is an important need of saving and investing money too. To help our shalinis to take charge of their money there was a session organised by LXME Group founder Preeti. The session was focused upon saving and investing money for their future. Preeti share the importance of taking charge of their money, also she shared different platforms where shalinis can invest and save their money. It was a wonderful session for all of our shalinis as they got to know about safe places of investing and savingmoney.

How not to Procrastinate and Stay self-Motivated | By Kumkum | 6th June

This COVID and a long lockdown made every one of us very lazy, Procrastinated and also it decreased our confidence, Shalinis were also facing these Problem. So there was a session to help shalinis become proactive and stay motivated. Session was started with a simple example that how we all the time delay our work and give excuses to ourselves, then the facilitator shared about her own experience and how she combats from it. She shared that every one of us should prepare a daily goal book where we write our goals and try to accomplish those on daily basis. Girls also share their experience and questions, where some of them have shared about their own initiative, that they have created a group where they set their daily goals, accomplish it and help and motivate others to do so. Overall it was an interesting and interactivesession.

Financial Planning Workshop | 6th June | Batch 16 | By Pavan

 A session on Financial Planning was organised by Pavan with Batch 16 Shalinis, where the facilitator started the session by discussing financial planning, what is it? Why is it important? Where girls have shared their perspective, then facilitator shared about different types of schemes and policies where one can invest their money. He shared about Mutual Funds, Post Office Scheme, Gold Loans and other number of platform which provide easy way of investing Money. He also explained that how much money one can contribute in the initial time period. Shalinis also shared their queries regarding the safe way of investment, they asked about the good source of information from there they can learn about it more, also there were queries regarding cryptocurrency. It was interactive session.

College Admission and Fellowship | 11th June | By Neha | Batch 18

 As 12th class result is approaching and this is the crucial time for our shalinis to get better guidance and support, for that a session was organized for the same, it was a much needed session where shalinis got to about college admissions, facilitator made them aware about our Fellowship policy, which means it will continue when shalini takes admission in regular college.

They also got to know about Gap Year, if they want to prepare for any Entrance exams for further studies, USF gives them a gap year. They have also got to know about Diploma courses and how they can pursue that if they are planning to take admission from SOL.The session was really fruitful for all our shalinis; it was an interactive session where girls resolved their queries.

UNICEF Young Warrior Collaboration | 16th June | By Ananya

Due to COVID there is huge tension in the country and its a belief that our youth can become a big agent of change and if they get opportunity, for that YuWaah has started a campaign called young warriors, an orientation session was organised by the YuWaah team where all our coordinators and one shalini from each chapter have joined the session. The session started with What youth can do? They shared about their target and the platform that they are providing for Young Warriors. Then they shared about the step by step procedure to do registration and complete the task. They shared that it is available at every platform of social media and even if someone does not have an internet connection they can complete the task by giving a miss call on the provided number. The session was really informative.

International Yoga Day Celebration | 21st June |By Surendra

International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st of June 2021 and Genpact India had organised a session of Yoga conducted by Surendra from Yoga Expert. It was attended by 18 Shalinis of North Delhi Chapter. The session started at 8:30am, it was an hour-long session where the facilitator shared a little about Yoga day and he also showed many Yoga postures also shared their benefits.

He majorly focused upon breathing exercise and also shares different types of yoga poses for diabetic patients. The session was very good, it refreshed the body and mind of everyone present there.

Survey Bridging Digital Gap | June 2021

A survey was conducted in the month of June to assess the digital divide and accessibility of smartphones to Shalinis.As COVID has increased and the need for electronic gadgets like mobile phones and laptops due to online classes. The purpose of the survey was to understand how many shalinis do not have their personal mobile phones and how they are managing with their online classes and workshops. The finding of the survey was that out of 228 shalinis 56 have only one mobile phone in their family.

Emergency Response Fund | April - June 2021

As the 2nd wave of the pandemic caused destruction and led to the loss of livelihood of many parents of our shalinis, a survey was conducted and Emergency Response Fund 2.0 was initiated. On the basis of survey shalinis were divided into three Categories i.e. A, B, and C according to the urgency of their need.

In North Delhi Chapter total 169 shalinis were supported under the Emergency Response Fund from April to June 2021. The funds raised towards ERF was to help shalinis and their families purchase ration, study material and some even used it for medicalexpenses. They are very grateful to our Udayan Family and Donors for helping them during this Pandemic.


JULY 2021        

Non Verbal Communication | 4th July | By Rosy & Swetcha

Communication is one of the most important part of our lives and good communication skills are the need of the hour, not only verbal Communication but non- verbal communication is also very important, a small group session was conducted for third year shalinis as they are going to the job world, the session was started with what is communication and why it is important. then the facilitator about role models of shalinis and then they describe how your behavior is inspired from your role models. Some key points of the session are:

  • Habit formulation is an important part of Nonverbal communication
  • Focus on softskills
  • Ask for new responsibilities to learn newthings.
  • Be like asponge
  • Always be a learner.
  • It was an interactive session, shalinis learned newthings.

Assertiveness | 4th July | By Reet

 A session on Assertiveness conducted by Reet with Batch 18 shalinis. Session was started with defining assertiveness and for this facilitator did a role play with 2 shalinis and that helped everyone to understand it clearly. Then she described Aggressive behavior by using few examples and role play. Then she shared about Passive behavior with the same trick. Shalinis also shared their experiences and the way they behave. At the end of the session the facilitator helped shalinis to differentiate between all three kinds of personalities: Assertive, Aggressive and Passive. It was a really interesting and interactive.

Personal Productivity | 17th July | By Deepanshi & Geetali

Productivity is the word that reminds us about economy and commerce, but when we talk about personal productivity it is an important term of our day to day life. A session on personal productivity was organized by Deloitte for Batch 17 shalinis.  The session was started with what is Personal Productivity. The facilitator shared how it will help us to achieve our goals. For achieving productivity one can plan their day and create a time table. When you are aware about your day and tasks to do you can do it efficiently. Shalinis asked few questions to them that hope they can stick to their time table, how to make our day more productive. Facilitator provided a solution for their queries. It was an amazingsession.

Reproductive Health & Hygiene| 17th July |By Chhavi

Reproductive Health is a hush hush topic in our Indian society and sharing about reproductive issues is not very normal and common thing. Our shalinis can open up and share about their reproductive health freely, for that a session on Reproductive health organized by Chhavi a practitioner gynecologist with all our shalinis. The session covered many important points like Breast cancer, Contraceptives, PCOD, STDs, and especially Menstrual Health. The session was really informative. Initially shalinis were feeling a little shy but once the session continued, they started sharing their experience and questions. They have asked many questions related to their reproductive health. It was a wonderful session where girls opened up and shared alot.

TATA Proengage Mentoring | Orientation Session | 24th July | By Garima

TATA Proengage project (Mentoring) was started from August 2021, We have got 8 TATA mentors for our chapter. For all of them an orientation session was organised by Garima, Senior Manager (Training, Development & Placement). The orientation session started with a warm welcome of Volunteers. Then Himadri shared our Udayan Care profile and projects in brief, then it was continued by Neha, shared about workshops and Mentoring Goals and Structure. At the end Garima shared few key points that everyone keeps in mind while mentoring. The session ended after Q & A by volunteers.

Initiative & Enterprising | 24th July | By Rosy & Swetcha

An Employability session was organized for Batch 16 shalinis on Initiative and Enterprising. The session started with the importance of initiative in our lives, the facilitator shared how small initiatives can change our lives. The facilitators shared how everyone can take small initiatives and that can become a good opportunity. Shalinis shared their life experience of small initiative and how it benefited them. At the end of the session, the facilitator gave every Shalini a task to take an initiative and share when they complete it.

Mental Well Being & Suicide Prevention | 28th July | By Sanchi

A research was done by DUKE University on Mental well- being with our shalinis, on the basis of their outcomes there was a need for a mental well-being session. It was facilitated by Sanchi , she started the session with, what is Health? It’s types? Where shalinis shared about it. The facilitator asked about Mental Health, Different kinds of emotions. How these emotions are present in everyone's life, problem comes when Sadness and anxiety stays for so long. She also shared about suicidal thoughts and what are the symptoms for it. At the end she shared a trick on how to help themselves and others, when they are in need. She suggested the solution ACT, where A - Ask, C - Care and T - Treat. She also shared some helpline numbers where everyone can reach out for help. Girls asked their questions to the facilitator and got solutions. It was an interesting and interactive session.

Technological Support

Due to the lockdown and sudden conversion to online education mode, many of our Shalinis were lagging behind due to no access to a digital device or internet. Udayan Care believes that there should be no digital divide as it puts a student behind someone who has access to these technologies.Udayan Care and USF are trying to bridge this digital divide and smartphones were given to 5 Shalinis in the month of July


Success Story

Anukriti is our Shalini from Batch 14 inducted in 2015- 2016. She belongs to a middle class family. When she joined Udayan Shalini Fellowship her dream was to pursue engineering and become a software engineer. After lot of hardwork and dedication she secured admission in B.Tech and after completing it she found her perfect job. She got placed in Trangile Services with a starting package of 3.8lakh/per annum. She is very thankful for the guidance and support she received fromUSF.

“The guidance provided by my mentors and members of USF is valuable. I am looking forward towards my future growth through the opportunities.”

Personal Productivity
Personal Productivity
Reproductive Hygiene
Reproductive Hygiene
Using Internet for Jobs
Using Internet for Jobs
Technical Support
Technical Support
Stress Management
Stress Management
Success Story - Anukriti
Success Story - Anukriti
Emergency Response Fund
Emergency Response Fund
Environment Awareness
Environment Awareness
Financial Literacy Workshop
Financial Literacy Workshop
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Alumnae Meet
Alumnae Meet


Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme of Udayan Care is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from weak socio-economic background aiming to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. It is unique because it goes beyond being a usual scholarship programme by not only supporting higher education but also providing regular mentoring and leadership development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility in them.


We ushered in the New Year 2021 with dreams and aspirations for a healthy and safe future forall. We also celebrated the 27th birthday of Udayan Care in February, it has been a long journey where thousands of lives were touched. Various efforts were made by the USF team to support Shalinis at every step during the past one year. No stone was left unturned to ensure that Shalinis do not suffer because of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Technological Support also continued during this quarter tobridge the digital divide and Shalinis were given smartphones, tablets or laptops to help them continue their studies and attend online workshops and sessions.

USF teams also conducted the entire Selection Process despite the pandemic and the restrictions and the new batch of Shalinis were inducted either through virtual or physical ceremonies as per the ground situation. The entire USF family including our conveners, core committee members, alumnae, shalinis and volunteers have played an instrumental role in organizing and conducting the selection process impeccably. We are also fortunate to have such great donors who have supported us during this phase, enabling us to get onboard morethan1,000girlsacross21 chapters.

The virtual world gave us an opportunity and the platform to conduct workshops and sessions on diverse topics for multiple locations, thus enhancing our reach to many more Shalinis. We made great progress in mentoring as well, various corporates like EY, Tata Proengagers and IVP joined us to hold the hands of Shalinis who needed guidance and mentoring at this crucial stage. These workshops and mentoring sessions helped Shalinis to stay focused and also ensure their mental wellbeing.

Spanning from February to April, our Shalinis had the privilege of attending sessions conducted by experts from diverse fields. We conducted 4 Employability sessions on the topics Career Guidance&Awareness, Positive Language and Verbal Communication and various small workshops and sessions were also conducted on topics Suicide Prevention to keep our Shalinismotivated and positive. It has been a sheer blessing to have support from partners like GenpactIndia, Tata Proengage, Bhaskar and Sachi who have helped us keep ourShalinis encouraged through regular mentoring and positivity.

As an initiative to keep our Shalinis engaged we organized Celebrating Change – a two-day summit in March themed as“be AUTHENTIC, be YOU, a platform that brought various women leaders and our Shalinis together for a path-breaking interaction. Various other activities were also conducted which included celebrating International Women’s Day on 8th March to keep them away from the effects of the outside world.

We will also take this opportunity to thank all our donors and partners for extending their helping hand to Shalinis during this difficult phase. We also hope that they will continue to extend their support for the newShalinisto be inducted in 2021-22 as well.


4 Employability Workshops on Positive Language and Verbal Communication

  • TataProengage Mentoring and Volunteering
  • Technological Support to 2Shalinis
  • 10thAlumnaeMeet
  • CelebratingChange –A two DaySummit
  • Deloitte Session on International Women’s Day on 8thMarch, 2021
  • Neerja Session & Coding Bootcamp
  • Shalini Talks



Suicide Prevention Awareness & Role of First Responders | 9th February

A session on Suicide Prevention was organized for all batches of North Delhi on 9th February by Sachi, Training Manager, Sister’s Living Works. The session was very important according to the current scenario and helped Shalinis understand the seriousness of the issue. It was an interactive session where Shalinis were able to discuss difficult situations that people are facing nowadays i.e., suicide. Sachi helped shalinis to understand the condition of suicide and the long-lasting effect it has on the people who are left behind. Impulsive and pre-medicated suicide acts, some causes, myths, etc were also discussed during the session. It helped shalinis to learn how to identify a person with suicidal tendencies. Shalinis were also encouraged to take some steps like talking to such people, caring for them, being protective about them as a first respondent, so that they are not lonely and get discouraged if they have suicidal tendencies. Some shalinis shared their experiences as well and also asked questions that were happily answered by Sachi. 

Verbal Communication | 21st February | Batch 18 

A workshop on Verbal Communication was conducted by Anurag for Batch 18 on21st February,2021. The workshop aimed to explain Shalinis the importance of communication and the do’s and don’t’s related to it. Anurag explained that it is extremely important to use proper words while communicating and listening carefully and avoiding distraction are equally important aspects of communication.


  • Understanding the importance of English in Business World
  • Importance of Listening
  • Basics of Grammar
  • Correctpronunciationsofwords
  • Vocabulary

Anurag also shared some tips on how to improve your communication skills. It was a very beneficial session for the Shalinis which will always help them in the future for their career.

Positive Language | 21st February | Batch 19By Bhaskar 

A workshop for Batch 19 was conducted on 21stFebruary,2021on the topic Positive Language by Bhaskar. The workshop aimed to explain Shalinis that the use of Positive language helps you build a positive image of yourself and a better rapport with everyone. 

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To understand what communication is and what are its means
  • Understanding the need for effective communication
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Shalinis learnt that positive language is the art of using words and phrases to communicate a positive, supportive tone with anyone you are interacting with. It makes a huge impact on the way you are perceived as a person.
  • Shalinis learned that one should convert a mental trap into a power zone and work towards improvement. Various experiences were also shared with Shalinis which helped them understand the topic more nicely.

Alumnae Meet | 14th February

USF’s first chapter North Delhi conducted its10thAlumnae Meet on14thFebruary,2021. It was a fun-filled event, with various activities that enthralled everyone. The 27th birthday of Udayan Care was also celebrated by cutting the cake and wishing that Udayan Care grows its outreach to touch the lives of many more. The event was attended by almost 100 alumnae from various parts of the world and it was thrilling to connect back with everyone after such a long time.

MARCH 2021

Celebrating Change |2 Day Summit 6th & 7th March

CelebratingChange, a two-day Summit was organized on 6th&7thMarch themed as be AUTHENTIC, be YOU, a purposeful tribute to celebrating women for International Women’sDay. The 2-day event was beautifully moderated by our alumnae Smita and Nehaand our speakers included Aastha (Journalist, Author, Podcaster & Singer), Ameesha(CEO-TRRAIN), Amrita(Founder, Director, ICS Career GPS, Chairman & Managing Director –ICS Edu Ltd.), Gargi (Director of Engineering, Groupon), Jinal (Sr. Nutritionist, Global Spa, Diet &Exercise Consultant), Kalpana (Partner – Khaitan&Co.), Manu(ChiefHROfficer, Sony Pictures Network), Meera (IPS Officer), Aashna(Co-FounderTipsyfly)and Priti(Founder ofLXME&MD&Promoter AnandRathiGroup).

Day 1 saw Dia and Raga shared some valuably life lessons with our  Shalinis, after which they were divided into 10 groups with one of our guest speakers for another wonderful session. All our guest speakers are exceptional in their own true way, but listening to their journey made us respect them even more.

Day 2 comprised of a panel discussion with dynamic women panelists who were a treat to listen to. The panellists included Neerja (Cancer Counsellor, Author & Inspirational Speaker), Archana (CEO, Jai Vakeel Foundation & Research Center), Anuranjita (Founder & CEO, Wit-ACE), and Sudha (Author, Model, Actor, Writing Coach & Founder, and Writing with Women).

Deloitte International Women’s Day | 8th March

On this International Women’sDay, Deloitte organized a panel discussion for our Shalinis on the theme of Overcoming Discrimination. The topic was very relevant as per the current scenario and the panel consisted of senior leaders from Deloitte.20 Shalinis from North Delhi participated in the session. It was inspiring for our Shalinis to hear from some of those women who came from humble backgrounds and by their hard work and focushad climbed up the stairs. Few Mantras that came out from the discussion were:

  • Stay Focused: Magic Ingredients are Plan Well and Work Hard Don’t Seek Validation from others, Be confident.
  • Betruetoyourself
  • Stay Positive and Keep Learning

The session ended with great learnings and the concluding statement will be a lesson for life for all the Shalinis.

Giving Back to School

One of our Shalinis’ Anjali got appreciation from Deputy Commissioner of North Delhi (MCD)for making graffiti for International Women’s Day.Anjali is associated with Vrikshit Foundation and this activity was done with them.

APRIL 2021

Employability Workshop | By Anurag on Career Guidance & Awareness | 4th April

An employability workshop on Career Guidance and Awareness was conducted for the 12th class Shalinis by Anurag on 4th April, 2021. The workshop aimed at helping Shalinis identify their future career path, guide them where they are confused, make them aware of different courses and career options that can be opted. Anurag shared that they should choose a career in a field which they love as it will give more satisfaction and they will work with more dedication and commitment.

Employability Workshop | By Rosy on Values | 4th April

The employability workshop on Values was organized for the Shalinis of Batch17 and was conducted by Rosy. The session stressed on the importance of a role model in youth’s life. She shared Values are that which is good, desirable, or worthwhile. Values are the motive behind purposeful action. They are the ends to which we act and come in many forms and many examples of values were also shared with the Shalinis.

She also told the importance of values by conducting some activities like sharing about your role model in life. Many Shalinis shared about their role model, some looked up to their teachers, some to sports person and some to national leaders. The session was very beneficial for the Shalinis and they learnt alot.

SGW | By Sapna, Praveen, Neha, & Darshita | Environment Awareness Conscious Consumption

The session started with the concept of conscious consumption, then it followed with a really interesting quiz, where all of our shalinis were really participative and they answered all the questions. They also shared the concept of Rethink Redesign and Reuse with examples later our shalinis also shared their interesting ideas of 3R. Many Shalinis shared that they use their Kitchen waste as compost for plants, some shared that they reuse cartoons (Boxes) for keeping items, it saves space and gives a decorative look to the house. Another shalini shared that she used threads and broken bangles to decorate her house wall. It was a really interactive and interesting session.

Neerja’s Session | 3rd April

Neerja, a cancer conqueror has been counseling patients and their family members with unbridled passion and dedication for the past 22yrs. She prides herself on being available unconditionally to all who need her, 24×7. On 3rd April a session with the courageous lady was organized for our Shalinis, and it was an immensely motivating and inspirational session, full of positivity and optimism. She shared that we should always be positive, never lose hope, believe in love, have faith in God and miracles, and never lose a chance of laughing. The session concluded with a question-answer session, Neerja answered all the questions patiently and happily with an ever smiling face. Our shalinis had the opportunity to listen to an exceptional lady who defied all odds to live.

Coding Bootcamp | 3rd April

Nancy,a software engineer at Grofers and Pradipta,a college student had been conducting Coding Bootcamp for shalinis since December.Many Shalinis enjoyed coding and did some small projects as well. To boost their confidence and learning,a virtual event was conducted on 3rdApril to discuss their learning journey and present their projects.

The event was attended by Kiran as the Chief Guest, Faheem and the USF team. The Shalinis presented their projects will full confidence and everyone was amazed to see what all of them have achieved despite limited means.

Shalini Talks | 4th April

The 3rd session of Shalini Talks was scheduled on 4th April, and as expected we again witnessed 3 exceptional Shalinis sharing their journey with us. All of them amazed us with their incredible stories and inspired other Shalinis to follow in their footsteps. The 3 speakers this time were Neha, Archana, and Sapna. It was a session of courageous journeys, struggles, and success. They are truly role models for our shalinis and the session must have inspired many of our Shalinis to follow in their footsteps.

The session ended with Kiran praising and congratulating all the speakers on their wonderful journeys and for inspiring others.

ERF Support 2.0

The 2nd wave of the pandemic wreaked havoc in the lives of all. USF sprang into action as lockdowns were implemented in different parts of the country. Our efforts to combat the 2ndwave started in the form of a survey in mid-April to assess the situation of Shalinis at ground level and prioritize them for ERF Support. USF is again prepared to support Shalinis in the coming months and will ensure that they don’t suffer during these tough times.

Technological Support

Due to the lockdown and sudden conversion to online education mode, many of our Shalinis were lagging behind due to no access to a digital device or internet. Udayan Care believes that there should be no digital divide as it puts a student behind someone who has access to these technologies.

Udayan Care and USF team are trying to bridge this digital divide and smartphones have been distributed to many Shalinis on the basis of 2 Digital Surveys conducted by USF to assess the need and prioritize those Shalinis who had no access at all to a smartphone.

In the past three months from February – April, 2 Shalinis were given smartphones so that there are no hurdles in their studies. Their joy had no limits when they got the phone and were extremely thankful to Udayan Care and USF. 

Success Story of Anjali

Anjali wanted to be a journalist from the beginning, Journalism has always been her passion. She always imagined herself as a celebrated journalist. She was always fascinated by journalists on TV and knew from the beginning that this was her calling.

When she got associated with USF, she got the platform to attend the workshops on career guidance that helped ignite more ambition in her and she began to pursue her dreams into reality. She is currently pursuing Political Science from DU and has also interned in content writing and media to gain relevant experience.

Anjali says: “Today, I am doing my internship with The Economic Times - the company I always dreamed to work with. With the right ambition and guidance, I am now in the process of realizing my dream! And I want to thank, everyone who supported me and my dreams. Especially to USF, who pushed me to value my dreams and ambition to become the person I want to be”.

Celebrating Change
Celebrating Change
Session on Career Awareness and Guidance
Session on Career Awareness and Guidance
Session on Coding Bootcamp
Session on Coding Bootcamp
Environment Awareness Session
Environment Awareness Session
Session by Neerja
Session by Neerja
Positive Language
Positive Language
Technological Support
Technological Support
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Workshop on Emotional Intelligence
Workshop on Emotional Intelligence


Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme of Udayan Care is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from weak socio-economic background aiming to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. It is unique because it goes beyond being a usual scholarship programme by not only supporting higher education but also providing regular mentoring and leadership development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility in them.


The past few months have brought an unprecedented change in the lives of millions of people, the effects of COVID 19 were unforeseen, and the measures to combat it also had to be exceptional. Lives were affected overnight with the lockdown, livelihoods were lost, schools closed and everything converted into online mode, but USF strived hard to become the support group for all our Shalinis and their families, helping them to tide over this phase.

The last 3 months spanning from November to January, were the months of festivals bringing families closer and hopes and wishes for a healthy, safe and prosperous future for all. USF teams were again at the forefront supporting Shalinis in all their endeavors, we also continued with our practice of assessment of Shalinis according to their needs and they were supported either financially or were provided with basic essentials to sustain themselves.

USF teams conducted the entire Selection Process in the last quarter despite various hurdles due to the pandemic, the teams went to great lengths to ensure that the most deserving students are selected. The entire USF family including our conveners, core committee members, alumnae, Shalinis and volunteers have played an instrumental role in organizing and conducting the selection process impeccably. We are also fortunate to have such great donors who have supported us during this phase, enabling us to get onboard at least 900 girls across 21 chapters. 

Initiatives were also taken to bridge the digital divide and smartphones were distributed to Shalinis as part of technological support by Udayan Care, Shalinis also adapted to the new technologies quickly giving us an opportunity to conduct workshops and sessions on varied topics to enhance their skills, make them ready for the professional world, and also ensure their mental wellbeing.

Spanning from November to January our Shalinis had the privilege of attending sessions conducted by experts from diverse fields, we conducted 8 employability workshops on the topics Teamwork, Interview Skills, and Emotional Intelligence and various small workshops and sessions were also conducted on topics like Mindful Media Training to keep our Shalinis motivated and positive. It has been a sheer blessing to have support from partners like Ernst & Young, Genpact India, Bhaskar, and Dimple who have helped us keep our Shalinis encouraged through regular mentoring and positivity. As an initiative to keep our Shalinis engaged we also conducted various other activities like urging them to be creative and make beautiful rangolis and art on Diwali and Christmas to keep them away from the effects of the outside world.


  • 60 Shalinis selected for Batch 19 for FY 2020-21 and Virtual Induction Ceremony conducted
  • EY Mentoring Session with 118 Shalinis of North Delhi chapter
  • 8 Employability Workshops on Teamwork, Interview Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Personal finance management, Problem Solving and Conflict Management,etc
  • Technological Support to 15 Shalinis




The first chapter of Udayan Shalini Fellowship, North Delhi conducted the Orientation Ceremony for its 19th Batch on 27th November 2020, welcoming 60 bright Shalinis into the fellowship. The Orientation started with a small video about USF and Faheem giving a brief introduction about the fellowship and how Shalinis can benefit from it. 

A presentation depicting the USF objectives, commitments, and expectations from Shalinis and their parents was also presented by Ashish. Devyani, one of our North Delhi alumnae, and Anjali, our existing Shalini also shared their journey with the new batch to inspire and motivate them. Harishankar shared information about the computer courses offered by Udayan Care at subsidized fees to enhance the technical skills of today’s youth.

The ceremony concluded with Shalinis excited and all ready for their new journey.                                                                                                                                                                                            


A session on Teamwork was organized for the 2nd year Shalinis on 29th November, 2020. The session was facilitated by Kunal and was attended by 35-40Shalinis.

The objective of this session was to help Shalinis understand the importance of teamwork.

  • why teamwork is important and
  • Characteristics of teamwork
  • Teamwork is an integral part of the mindset and skillset.
  • How to work when you are with a team or in a group and do things smartly

 The session was extremely fruitful for the Shalnis and will help them in their professional and personal life ahead.



A session on Workplace Biasness was organized for Batch 17 on 29th November 2020. The session was conducted by Bhaskar and was conducted in a very interesting manner with role-plays as well. The workshop aimed to:

  • Learn about the biases that exist
  • Become Aware of Sexual harassment
  • Handle different biases
  • Learn about the laws that protect women at work
  • Create a difference for others by reporting 

A fun exercise was also conducted by Bhaskar, where he told Shalinis to differentiate the way they will ask for permission to go out from a brother and from a sister. We all witnessed some true revelations about our own relationship with our brothers and sisters. The exercise was helpful in explaining the topic more nicely.


INTERVIEW SKILLS | 29TH NOVEMBER BY STEVE                                                                                                                                                                                               

A session on Interview Skills was conducted by Steve for 3rd year Shalinis (Batch 15), who are gearing up to join the workforce and will soon be looking for jobs and giving interviews. The topic was extremely important for them.

Shalinis were given tips on how they should prepare for an interview and what do’s and don’ts they should follow. Different types of questions that can be asked were also shared:

  • About Self
  • Professional/EducationalHistory
  • Knowledge about the company where you have applied
  • Stress interview questions
  • BehavioralQuestions

 The session was very knowledgeable and useful for the Shalinis as it will help them prepare for the future and get a good job.




North Delhi conducted virtual Induction for its 19th batch of 60 Shalinis on 15th December 2020.

The ceremony saw the presence of many distinguished guests which included Kiran, Aneesha, Arun, Faheem, Jain, Ashish, Mishra, Awadhesh, Bharti, and our Chief Guest Seema.

The entire ceremony was moderated by Dipti (Alumna) and we witnessed all the guests speak about the initiative that they started back in 2002 and where it has reached today, and still has a long way to go. One of our Shalinis, Priya also shared her experience with USF and how it has made her more confident. Our chief guest Seema said that she has always been in awe of our Shalinis, the way they have overcome hurdles in their life and the desire in them to achieve something and be independent cannot be expressed in words.

A short film on the past 1year journey of the North Delhi chapter was also shown and the ceremony concluded with a Vote of Thanks and the National Anthem.



A session on Mindful Media Training was organized for all college-going Shalinis (1st – 3rd Year) on 19th December 2020. The session was facilitated by Dimple. The need for such sessions was felt because of increased usage of devices and high exposure to social media during the Covid-19 pandemic. The session was very informative and useful for the Shalinis. Various topics were shared and discussed which included Information on Media, Critical Thinking, Decision making, and Tools to fact check and debunk false news.

The session was extremely useful for the Shalinis and helped them to learn to differentiate between right and wrong of social media.



A session on Goal Setting, Vision & Planning was organized for the new 19th batch of Shalinis on 20th December 2020. The session was facilitated by Bhaskar and was attended by 50-55 Shalinis.

The session was stressed on the importance of planning to achieve desired goals. Various points were shared and elaborated during the session:

  • Need to Understand the plan
  • Learn the Steps of planning
  • Use planning for life events
  • Goals should be set according to SMARTformat
  • Create a plan to achieve the goals

The session helped our new Shalinis to understand the importance of planning, and only if they are disciplined and work hard, they will be able to achieve their goals

                                                                                                                                                                                                            EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE | 20TH DECEMBER | BATCH 18 BY SANGEETA

A session on Emotional Intelligence was conducted by Sangeeta for Batch 18 on 20th December 2020. The workshop explained different kinds of Positive and Negative Emotions and the difference between:

Emotional Awareness: knowing and understanding the feelings that are present in oneself and others

Emotional Intelligence: Manage the emotions according to the environment

The workshop was emphasized on the need to be emotionally intelligent, as it helps us to be in:

  • In Control
  • Confident
  • Fearless
  • Relaxed

Shalinis thoroughly enjoyed this session and learnt that an Emotionally Intelligent individual is able to handle situations in a better way.



A session on Personal Finance Management was organized for Batch 17 of Shalinis on 17th January 2021. The session was facilitated by Anurag and was attended by 50-55 Shalinis. The session was stressed on the importance of saving and why it is important. Various points were shared and elaborated during the session:

  • Importance of saving
  • Services offered by banks
  • Education Loans
  • Credit Cards and how do they work
  • How to manage earnings

The session helped our new Shalinis to understand the importance of saving, and how they should manage their earnings. It was a very useful and informative session for the Shalinis.


A session on Problem Solving & Conflict Management was conducted by Rajnish for Batch 16 on 17th January, 2021. The workshop was aimed to explain Shalinis that what is a problem, how to recognize it and resolve it.

Rajnish stated that Problem-solving is the process of identifying a problem, arriving at possible solutions, and taking the appropriate course of action.

The workshop was emphasized on:

  • Understanding the significance of solving problems.
  • Learn a seven-step process for solving a problem.
  • Understand that conflict has value.
  • Evaluate the styles of solving conflicts.
  • Choose the right technique to solve your problems.

Shalinis thoroughly enjoyed this session and learnt how to recognize a problem and solve it with the right technique. The learning’s of this workshop will be helpful for the Shalinis in the future as well.


A workshop for Batch 15 (3rd year college students) was conducted on 17th January 2021 on the topic Adaptability and Learning. The workshop aimed to explain Shalinis that change is necessary and it is important to adapt to changes in life.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • Understand the need for change
  • Convey willingness to adapt to a changing situation
  • Project a positive image towards change Adaptability of an organism is to alter itself or its responses to the changed circumstances or environment. 

It was also discussed that why we do not adapt and what are the ways through which we should adapt to changes. The workshop also stressed that adaptability is a very important trait in the professional world, to keep ready for any new change or challenge.



Due to the lockdown and sudden conversion to online education mode, many of our Shalinis were lagging behind due to no access to a digital device or internet. Udayan Care believes that there should be no digital divide as it puts a student in a disadvantaged position to someone who has access to these technologies.

Udayan Care and USF are trying to bridge this digital divide and smartphones have been distributed to many Shalinis on the basis of 2 Digital Surveys conducted by USF to assess the need and prioritize those Shalinis who had no access at all to a smartphone.

Spanning from November – January, 15 Shalinis were given smartphones so that there are no hurdles in their studies. 

Their joy had no limits when they got the phone and were extremely thankful to Udayan Care and USF.



Shraddha, North Delhi

Shraddha always wanted to be a doctor, and this year in 2020 she cleared her NEET exam and has secured admission in Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi. She belongs to a middle-class family and her parents are not very educated but they wanted their daughter to study and achieve all that she deserves.

Udayan Shalini Fellowship gave her the platform to learn various things through a number of workshops and also inculcated in her the feeling of Giving Back to Society. She is a very hardworking student and has scored 84.2% in her 12th board exams, she dropped twice to clear the NEET exam, studied almost 12hrs a day, concentrated on her weak points, and was consistent throughout, even when the exam was postponed again and again.

Shraddha said that she is thankful to USF for always supporting and encouraging her.

Her advice to other students, “Be Consistent and Don’t Give Up. A lot of factors contribute towards her studies, keep yourself motivated, and work hard towards your dreams.”


Indira, North Delhi

Indira belongs to a middle-class family where her parents always supported her to study and work hard to realize her dreams. She has done DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) and is currently in her final year of B.Sc (Life Science) from IGNOU.

She is a focused person and works hard to achieve her dreams. She is currently working as Lab Technician (Contractual) in Northern Railway Divisional Hospital and earning Rs. 21,700/- per month and is also preparing for government exams simultaneously.

She says, “To achieve my goals USF fellowship programme motivated me a lot. All workshops which I have attended during my fellowship period was so useful in my daily life to improve my life skills as well as for my career.”

Induction Ceremony
Induction Ceremony
Goal Planning session by Bhaskar
Goal Planning session by Bhaskar
Session on Adaptability & Learning
Session on Adaptability & Learning
Shraddha- Success Story
Shraddha- Success Story
Indira- Success Story
Indira- Success Story
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Coffee Webinar
Coffee Webinar


Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme of Udayan Care is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from weaker socio-economic background aiming to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. It is unique because it goes beyond being a usual scholarship programme by not only supporting higher education but also providing regular mentoring and leadership development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility in them.



The last few months have been tough for all of us with the rising pandemic and looming disparities around us, but it has also taught us to fight, survive and above all emerge as warriors. The toll of Covid-19 has prompted us to view the world with a different perspective.

The USF team in the last quarter made all efforts to reach out to Shalinis and support them in whichever way possible to make them feel safe and secure. Continuing with our practice of assessment of Shalinis according to their needs, they were supported either financially or were provided with basic essentials to sustain themselves. The first quarter posed certain difficulties but by the second quarter, we were able to adapt ourselves and use the situation to the best of our abilities.

Shalinis and their families were connected virtually with us bringing them closer and thus allowing us to help them sail through the phase and assure them that someone is looking out for them. Various workshops, mentor-mentee meets, parents meet, and motivational sessions were also organized during this phase to enhance their skills and ensure that we do not lose them in the grim and depressing world outside.

The second quarter spanning from July to September brought smiles to our faces many times, our Shalinis performed exceptionally well in their 12th class board exams across 20 chapters making all of us proud.

We started with our selection process despite critical situations all because of the never-ending support of our donors, extensive volunteer network, and extended USF family including mentors, convenors, and core committee members.

Spanning from July to September, our Shalinis had the privilege of attending sessions conducted by experts from various walks of life, and to sum it up, we conducted 4 Employability sessions on topics like Assertiveness & Non-Verbal Communication. Various small workshops and sessions were also conducted on topics like Tours & Travel, Combating Stress to keep our Shalinis motivated and positive. It has been a sheer blessing to have support from partners like Ernst & Young & TATA who have helped us keep our Shalinis encouraged through regular workshops, mentoring, and positivity. As an initiative to keep our Shalinis engaged we also conducted various other activities like Motivational Session by  Toolika and Personality Development by Nitu to keep them away from the effects of the outside world.


Key Highlights

  • Coffee Webinar with TATA Starbucks HR.
  • EY Mentoring implementation with 118 Shalinis from North Delhi Chapter.
  • 2 Shalinis attended virtual session at UN Women Webinar
  • ICICI Financial Literacy session with 20 Shortlisted Shalinis
  • 4 Employability sessions in the quarter
  • Successful 12th board result of Shalinis with 31 Shalinis scoring above 80%
  • 12th Class Shalinis interview on ‘Mental Health.’
  • 7 Shalinis appeared for HCL Exam and 2 have been selected.
  • Manvika took career counseling session with 12th Class Shalinis



ICICI Session | Jitender & Sudarshan | 1st July 2020

An ICICI Financial Literacy Session was conducted for different USF Chapters where North Delhi, Shalinis have also participated. More than 80 Shalinis have joined the session conducted by Jitender (Facilitator). The purpose of the session was to explain the different banking terminologies, types of accounts, important policies, loan facilities, etc.   

The facilitator covered the following points throughout the session-  

  • Meaning and Types of Savings
  • Banking Services (Savings Account, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, Multi Option Deposit Scheme, E-FDs, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS etc.)
  • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna (provides loan to all but farmers; checklist of docs to apply)
  • Difference between RuPay Card and Visa/Master Card
  • Education Loan
  • Insurance and its types (Life and Non-Life Insurance)
  • Social Security Scheme (PM Suraksha Bina Yojna, PM Jeeven Jyoti Beema Yojna) 

 A video was played which displayed the power and value of savings. Sudarshan cleared all the queries our Shalinis had after the session. The mode of the workshop was bilingual and very understandable. Being in student life, saving seems to be difficult task but it plays an important role.


Small Group Workshop | Project Management by Jatin (TATA Volunteer) | Batch 15 |  3rd July 2020

The session aimed to address 3rd year Shalinis conducted by Jatin and the session was on Project Management where he shared his knowledge and experience to make the content more reliable and understandable. The facilitator first briefed the meaning of ‘Project Management’ and its importance. Project management works as a process to achieve goals at a specific time with the help of team-mates. Its primary role is to achieve goals in the given timeline and address constraints to avoid delay in work with good outcomes. Project management includes initiative, planning, execution, directing, and monitoring (evaluation). He further added that if we want to pursue your career as a Project Manager then you must be organized, knowledgeable, and a multitasker. Visibility of your work comes with team & other party’s feedback and it helps you to grow & improve. Project management skills make you a good communicator, strong leader, and effective problem-solver. The session included many practical examples, he explained the concepts very clearly and deliberately. He highlighted key points of Project Management, given ideas on new start-ups and scholarship policies. Overall, Shalinis liked the session.


Motivational Session by Toolika on 4th July 2020

The session was conducted with different USF Chapters on a motivational topic. It was taken by Toolika who shared her life experience which proved to be motivational and helpful for Shalinis to connect with her. She was an Air Force Officer for 10 years and then did mountaineering and now started writing a book. She became the first woman from Uttar Pradesh to climb Mt. Everest in 2011. With 22 mountaineering expeditions and treks in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Africa, Russia, and Iran, she is the first Indian woman to climb the highest volcano of Asia. 

She said – “Raste Aaj nahi to, Kal jarur milega”.

Shalinis got emotional and inspired by her words that a person who won over body weaknesses and had the courage to fulfill the aspired goals. She always carried a zeal in her heart and turned her dreams into reality. She did River Rafting, Paragliding, Mountaineering, climbing, and these all experiences helped her to feel close to nature and bring real happiness of life which is better than a man-made environment. In addition, she talked about how to set our goals and how to achieve that without giving-up. Giving-up is not a solution, you have to work hard and face challenges with a positive mind-set. She shared when she aimed to go into the Air Force at that time, people used to say that a girl should not pursue such a profession. These all mind-set of people and other challenges never put her will-power down. Throughout the session, Shalinis were very attentive and got inspired She stood-up like a Warrior. In summary, she gave an important message that one must not give up in any situation, fulfill your dreams, be passionate and you will definitely be succeeding.


Small Group Workshop | Environment Protection & Solutions by Swapan (TATA Volunteer) on 5th July 2020

The session was conducted with Batch-17th (1st year Shalinis) and Batch-18th (12th Class Shalinis) on Environment-Its solution and protection. This session designed to address environmental issues and being a responsible citizen, it is our primary responsibility to protect our natural resources.  Our life is surrounded by nature and we should always be respectful towards it. Throughout the session, Swapan talked about many integrities that should be addressed timely & how humans are becoming a danger to the environment. Our coming generation will suffer if we do not take any legal and effective action to stop such happenings. Out past actions will ensure our future. He talked about steps that need to take to prevent environment, geographical information, talked about 3R- Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. He suggested some important rules to protect the environment-

  • Unnecessary do not use electricity.
  • Ozone Layer effect
  • Awareness on ill-effect
  • Safe bio-diversity
  • Follow the afforestation

 Overall, the session covered all the aspects to aware and they thoroughly enjoyed a lot.


Combating Stress for a Better Life | 6th July 2020

A workshop was conducted on 'Combatting stress for a better life' on 6th July with mixed batches where everyone was introduced the Revelation Bliss Platform. This platform stresses the importance of Mental Health and its effect on Physical Health. The speakers of the workshop were: Shalini, Anueta, Akshita and Himanshu. Topics covered were:

         Ineffective and Effective Coping strategies

         Biological, Cognitive, and Hormonal Aspects of Stress

         Yoga Practices to combat Stress, Yogic Diet, and Yogic Music

In this current scenario, it is important to address these issues and Shalinis found it very useful.


Career Counseling Session by Manvika, Batch 18 | 9th July 2020

A career counseling session was conducted on 9th July 2020 by Manvika. It was conducted with Batch-18th (12th Class Shalinis). The session started with an introductory round and then the facilitator explained about different career options as the Shalinis are from different backgrounds (Humanities, Arts, Commerce, and Science).  She quoted- As a woman, we need to be financially independent. Be focused on what you actually want to become in life. A woman needs to focus on these aspects- Education, Financial independence, and the right choice about life. A presentation was shown for every particular stream which helped Shalinis to know about multiple options that are available and are in demand. In the end, the facilitator gave answers to all the questions in a given time and it provided clarity on options to Shalinis.


Coffee Webinar by Saniya & Monica (HR-TATA Starbucks) | 10th July 2020

The session aimed to address college-going Shalinis who are interested in corporate jobs. It was designed to give detailed and useful information that one should know before entering in the corporate world. The speaker of the session was: Saniya and Monica from TATA Starbucks. They both got associated through one of the TATA Volunteers- Chetna. Both facilitators have started the session with a short and impactful introduction. Sanya first initiated the session with their Mission and Values which says, “To Inspire and nurture the human rights- One person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” She also talked about the storytelling tradition in TATA Starbuck and the interesting story behind their Logo. At Starbucks, they share a special story, one that weaves together their history with the individual stories of their partner. Stories should always be rooted in their mission and values. Meanwhile, she talked about tools that help anyone to succeed in life. She beautifully engaged Shalinis and asked questions in between. The session proved to be helpful to understand TATA Starbucks working culture, future openings, and scope area.


Employability Workshop | Assertiveness by Kunal (TATA Volunteer) on 25th July 2020

The session was conducted by Kunal (TATA Volunteer) on Assertiveness with Batch-17th (1st-year Shalinis). It was designed to make Shalinis understand the significance of emotional and physical balance through assertiveness, create a sense of confidence, benefit of being assertive, and developing assertiveness qualities. The facilitator started the session by stating the meaning of being Assertive- Standing up confidently for your own rights and others’ rights, expressing one’s opinions, having an open mind to listen to others’ without hurting others’ sentiments.’  He talked about three different ways of responding to anyone which reflects your personality~ Passive, Assertive, and Aggressive. He further briefed Passive means –You Win, Assertive means- Win-Win Situation for both the parties, and Aggressive means- I win. It is very important to freely express your views and stand out confidently without being aggressive or responding in a negative form. He shared an example to check how much information Shalinis have inculcated throughout the session and it was amazing to see that Shalinis responded correct answer to each question. He concluded the session by highlighting some important points about an assertive person. An assertive person has a balanced behavior, is open in expression, listens to others patiently, admits mistakes and apologize, etc, and being assertive provides you benefit of not taking you for granted, a win-win situation for everyone, encourages everyone, create a healthy environment and avoid unnecessary actions. At last, he said- It is important that you combine confident thinking with confident body language in order to be assertive. Overall, it was a very engaging and fruitful session wherein Shalinis gained amazing knowledge and enjoyed well.


Employability Workshop | Initiative & Enterprising by Nitin (TATA Volunteer) on 31st July 2020

The session was designed with Batch-15th (3rd-year Shalinis) on Initiative and Enterprising. It was taken by Nitin (TATA Volunteer). The purpose of the session was to develop an attitude of thinking leader, strengthen the organization by being a role model of the requirements, impactful decision making, and develop prerogative for action. In order to develop a better understanding, the facilitator explained what is initiative? It is the ability to notice something that needs to be done, it is doing more than your work and going the extra miles. It includes tackling challenges, helping others, being creative, solving problems, being a fast learner, thinking ahead, anticipating, and preventing problems. Initiative in any enterprise or organization gives you visibility at work, improves the potential of growth, relationships become stronger, personal happiness and job satisfaction, etc. Despite having many benefits, it has barriers that are, bad experiences of a boss, no immediate rewards/reorganization, etc. The facilitator briefed about important ways to take more initiative and how to deliver/communicate them. Along with important points, the facilitator added some points which need to keep in mind and carefully follow to ensure your impact of work. Overall, the session was very fruitful at this point of time where Shalinis need guidance and face such challenges in a competitive world.



Employability Workshop | Non-Verbal Communication by Anand (TATA Volunteer) on 1st August 2020

The session conducted with Batch-18th (12th Class Shalinis) on Non-verbal communication. It was taken by Anand (TATA Volunteer). The objective of the workshop was to make Shalinis understand the importance of creating the right perception, identify traits that should be reflected, learn about nonverbal signals, and apply knowledge to create a new persona. Non-verbal communication has more importance than verbal communication. A pie-chart was displayed to elaborate well which reflects that communication includes 7% of words, 38% of tone, and 55% of body language.

Quick tips on nonverbal communication were discussed and how the interviewer can perceive us. The facilitator further displayed two images that were helpful to understand the differences between OPEN and DEFENSIVE body language. A balanced upright posture is always considered as good body language & was informed that good eye contact, a confident handshake, facial expression, gesture, professional dressing, expressions and mindful behavior are important components of non-verbal communication. Meanwhile, he explained to Be-aware of dental hygiene, personal hygiene, and personal appearance. He concluded the session summarizing all covered points and emphasized to implement learnings in their professional life. Shalinis found it an amazing and engaging session where the facilitator gave them important tips on professional life & some career guidance.


Employability Workshop | Interview Skills by Chetna (TATA Volunteer) on 1st August 2020

The session was conducted with Batch-16th on Interview Skills. It was taken by Chetna (TATA Volunteer). The objective of the workshop was to explain the types of interviews, prepare for the most commonly asked questions, practicing communication skills for job interviews.

Shalinis were told about the types of questions that an interviewer may ask which includes –About yourself, Job/Profession related questions, Company-related questions, Stress interview questions, and behavioral responses. One should always REMEMBER that never recite your resume while giving an interview. You can rather include intellectual facts about yourself, creative skills, and volunteer work that are not mentioned in your resume already.  Include your strength areas and give a professional touch to your interview. Also, you can talk about some positive weaknesses. In addition, prepare a perfect answer on ‘Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years down the line? It gives visibility in your thought and vision about your career.

Further, the facilitator told to develop a good understanding and do good preparation on job/profession related questions, why should a company hire them, why do you want this job, stress-related questions and how do you handle pressure at work. These questions will give a clear picture of yourself. Every professional culture demands for a good leader. Display some leadership qualities and prefer team-work.  Research about the company is a must before any interview and carefully read the job requirements. The facilitator explained about STAR technique which stands for- Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Overall, the session was very engaging and knowledgeable.



Workshop on Travel & Tourism | 18th September 2020

Naresh, owner of Travelraze conducted a session for Delhi, NCR final year college students on 18th September. The Topic was Career in Tour & Travels. He explained that the tourism industry, along with the related sectors contributing to it is expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years. A job in this industry can be highly exciting and adventurous and even pays well. The facilitator explained the economic, social, and environmental impact of this sector from a domestic and international perspective, the shalinis were provided with guidance on how to understand and implement policies, regulations, and codes of conduct that are associated with the travel and tour industry.


Workshop on Personality Development | 24th September

On 24 September 2020, A small group workshop conducted by Nitu on the topic “Personality Development”. The main purpose of this session was to teach shalinis how to behave in front of another person and how to express their feelings.

Shalinis learned the importance of a person's inner image, outer image, etiquette, etc., as it helps to build a person's personality. They understood that as human beings we tend to judge a person the moment we see him/her but it depends on our self by what characteristics we want others to understand us. The role of body language, tone of the speaker, choice of words really matters in building one's personality. Shalinis also learned about good postures and bad postures and how one can correct them to look at professions, social, and leave a good impression. The workshop proved beneficial for the shalinis.


ERF Support in September

78 Shalinis were supported by SSG Advisors LLP financially in the month of September. The support enabled our Shalinis to either buy books, stationery, ration, or pay their fees. The shalinis are extremely grateful to Udayan Care and SSG Advisors for this support during a tough phase and are thankful from the bottom of their hearts.


Success story

Yukta, hails from a rural background where the society does not believe in educating girls but she considersherself lucky that her parent always supported her dreams. Her father is a farmer and is the only breadwinner of the family. With his meager income, it was a challenge to support the family. Yukta has closely witnessed the struggles of her family. All the tribulations of the family led her to work harder to achieve her goals and it was because of the hard work that she topped her 10th boards by scoring 95% marks and then again was the topper in class 12th by scoring 80 % in PCM.  Her happiness manifold when she got selected by HCL Technologies for their Tech Bee program which was providing an opportunity to work on IT floor as a software engineer after successful completion of their training.

At present, she is working in HCL Technologies as a software engineer and pursuing her graduation from BITS Pilani.

She says “Things that I have been able to achieve to date is because of the proper guidance and confidence which I got from being a Shalini. USF has given wings to my Dreams.   I realized that it’s always a result of our dedication and willpower to succeed.  We must understand that what matters is the journey and not the end which matters, I too failed but I never gave up. “you fail, you cry that's okay, but giving up should not be an option” is what I learnt from my mentors at USF. My words wouldn’t be enough to thank Udayan Care for trusting me.

Combatting Stress Workshop
Combatting Stress Workshop
Non verbal communication Workshop
Non verbal communication Workshop
Financial Literacy session
Financial Literacy session
Personality Development workshop
Personality Development workshop
Success Story- Yukta
Success Story- Yukta
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Workshop on Positive Language
Workshop on Positive Language


In 2020, the April month, proved to be extremely fruitful and enriching for our Shalinis. There was a great mix of workshops, focusing on motivational, skill based and employability simultaneously to facilitate their overall growth. For instance, there were workshops on Career awareness, email writing, stress management, interview preparedness, financial management etc. These workshops gave Shalinis some indispensable tools which they can deploy to become more efficient and self-aware individuals. The best part was to see them engaging themselves into mock-interviewmentoring cum career counselling sessions (subject-wise), online competition, online courses and mentorship trainings (existing & new). Moreover, social awareness campaign conducted on Women’s Day and during this lockdown Udayan Care initiated a noble step to give additional support apart from fellowship so that Shalinis could buy ration for their family. In addition, North Delhi Shalinis took an initiative to spread awareness in their locality on COVID-19, important precautions and donated necessary items & food.

Key highlights 

  • Need Assessment: Udayan care initiated a noble cause. Through a need assessment survey, identified Shalinis who are in need and struggling in getting proper ration. The money during this lockdown brought smile on their faces. In this regard, Faheem (Associate Director) conducted an online parents meet to give them positivity and support. 
  •  Employability sessions by TATA Volunteers:  TATA volunteers came forward to extend their support in taking virtual sessions. They took session on various topics individually and are ready to help Shalinis through any fruitful way.
  •  Online competition/courses: It is important to keep Shalinis stress-free & productive during this lockdown. An online competition was organized to showcase their hidden talent in following fields; arts, writing, poetry, drawing, sketching and painiting wherein 51 Shalinis took part. In addition, 140 Shalinis got enrolled in Englishbolo app for free 25days of learning and some Shalinis are enrolled in online language/trendy courses. 
  •  Genpact virtual sessions: Genpact joined hand to provide virtual sessions to Shalinis during this lockdown. Ashish happily conducted two sessions with Shalinis and gave useful tips.
  •  Mentorship Trainings: Mentoring is an essential part of USF programme. Employability cell initiated virtual trainings for existing and new potential Shalinis. Garima and Neha have successfully trained 40 new potential and 47 existing Shalinis. 
  • Mentoring cum career counselling sessions: TATA Volunteers and USF alumnae initiated virtual mentoring cum career counselling sessions for shalinis (subject-based). It proved very informative and useful for addressing their career and subject related doubts.



Employability Workshop on Positive Language by Garima (Sr. Manager-Training & Development) – 1st March 2020

The workshop on “Positive Language” was conducted by Garima with Batch-18th (11th class) Shalinis. The objective of the workshop was to make Shalinis understand the meaning and means of communication, recognize the need for effective communication and apply ideas on internal and external communication. An interaction with the Shalinis on what did they understand from ‘communication’ was also done. Also the focus was paid on ‘Interpersonal Communication’ which is diminishing nowadays because of the increase in the use of social media. On the other hand, different activities were conducted where Shalinis were told about the importance and effectiveness of listening. Another activity was done to make the Shalinis understand about interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. The session came to an end with the facilitator talking about positive thinking. It was further said that thoughts are automatic, deeply ingrained and suddenly one cannot change negative thoughts overnight but can change them slowly. With the end of the session our Shalinis had an idea of understanding the importance of developing communication skills for personal and professional growth.


Financial Management by Pooja (USF North Delhi Program Coordinator) – 1st March 2020

The workshop was conducted at North Delhi Chapter on “Financial Management” with Batch-16th (First Year) Shalinis. It was designed to make Shalinis understand about the importance of saving. Which was included information about the various tools available at bank and how to become aware of the working of these tools. Also, our lifestyle requirements and in absence of budget we become unable to save money out of our earnings.

The session was started with a simple question on ‘What do you understand by Saving? and what are the various tools which build financial strength?  Responses of Shalinis were quite relevant but they were not much familiar with the financial tools. The session gave them an insight regarding various financial tools and it’s uses. Shalinis found the session highly informative. Having knowledge about banking tool is important and saving methods. Our expenses should not be exceed to the savings we have. Being a student is also important to know money management, track daily expenses and invest money wisely. Facilitator advised to do budgeting at least on monthly basis and self-control is must. Our lifestyle effects our budget, reduce unnecessary expenses and save to avoid future risk. It was suggested to gather more information on discussed areas, explore options and adopt advised methods. Overall, Shalinis were happy to receive useful information and they took pledge to follow the same.


Mock Interview- 1st March 2020

Mock Interviews were conducted for final year students of North Delhi Chapter. The aim of conducting mock interviews was to give shalinis exposure to interview process so that they become interview ready before they pass out of the college. The process intended to build confidence in shalinis and perform better in any interview process they face. The interviewers were professionals from different fields and their expertise gave motivation to shalinis to present themselves best way possible. They were divided into panels where each panel was given 4-5 shalinis to interview. The panelists were provided with assessment sheets where they marked each shalini based on some parameters so that shalinis are able to identify their weak and strong aspects and work upon it. Each shalinis was given 10-15 minutes followed by group discussion which was assessed too. Shalinis found the interview process relevant to them and realized importance of self-assessment before appearing for an interview. The evaluation consists of parameters with explanation for each point resulting in overall performance of shalinis and outcome generated. Shalinis also got de-briefing from their panelist where they were explained the ways to improve their skills and confidence required for an interview. Also, all the relevant points were highlighted to enhance their performance for longer run. Overall mock interviews helped shalinis to see bigger picture and realized the need to practice ad prepare for an interview.


USF: Social Awareness Campaign on the theme of Women Empowerment - 8th March 2020

North Delhi Shalinis walked together to give strong message on Women Empowerment. They covered Budh Vihar Phase 1 and Avantika Sec 1 (Market area Specially). Shalinis held posters, banners and chanted slogans to create awareness among women about their self-empowerment. With the immense support of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) MLA Secretary,Deepak, the campaign got successful. He even recommended Soniya (Samaj Sangathan-Director) and Satish (School Management Committee -Coordinator Rithala) who joined hands with our Shalinis and walked for the campaign. Delhi Police assisted the Shalinis and made sure of their security. Shalinis also did Role Play and spread awareness towards Girls Education and their rights. Shalinis tried to impart that it become important for a woman to be self-aware and more important for the society to accept them as empowered women. We would like thank AAP MLA Secratary, Police Department and all the dignitaries who supported our shalinis in this cause.



Need assessment 2020 (UC-Emergency fund)

Udayan Care initiated a noble step to help needy Shalinis during this lockdown situation who are struggling in getting ration, have less ration available at home and there is no source of income  available to survive further. Keeping the precautions in mind, withdrawing money on a frequent basis is also not possible. The process was started by the assessing needy Shalinis whose family are in difficult condition & have less past savings.  During this assessment, North Delhi Chapter identified needy ones as per the three decided categories - High, Medium and Average. 13 Shalinis were identified to be falling in the category of ‘High Need.’ They each were given 2000/- through direct bank transfer to survive in the crisis. With this money, they could buy enough ration for their family. In the next phase, direct money transferred to 32 Shalinis who are falling under medium category.


Employability workshop - IT Skills: Email writing with Batch-14th on 14th April 2020 by TATA volunteers

Session 1:

The session was conducted with Batch-14th (Final year Shalinis) on the topic of IT Skills: Email writing by Nitin (Senior Manager, TATA Communication). He started session with an introductory round, took few examples of CIRCA Values from Shalinis and explained purpose of conducting this session on Email writing. He said, most of us are not aware from mail etiquettes and to be globally connected it is important to have proper knowledge. He further explained the definition of email, other email providers (Yahoo! Rediff mail etc), advantages of email as it is cheap, time effective, accessible to maximum people at one time, very fast & easy to send with attachment but there are some disadvantages like; it requires internet connectivity, one can easily forward ahead etc. Meanwhile, he discussed about the components (to, cc, bcc) of email, abbreviations, guidelines of using email (pre-write, draft your mail before sending, organize your mail into 3 parts-Opening, Middle & Closing then revise, refine and send).

He displayed a format to make Shalinis understand about email writing. He further explained to use short paragraph while writing any mail, explain your matter in bullet points (in case of long mails), in short, he advised to use formatting guidelines. While writing a mail, it is important to be aware from unacceptable norms. A mail is an electronic medium of communication, your actions and words reflects your personality. He explained Albert Mehrabian’s model, 55% Visuals, 38% Tone and 7% Words. Be yourself while writing a mail, stand out as a person not robert. He covered all the important points and answered some of the questions asked by Shalinis.

Session 2:

The session was taken by Jatin (Executive Trainee). He addresses final year Shalinis with a different group. He spoke about the benefits of using email and it is easy to use. One should know how to use email properly and what guidelines we need to keep in our mind while sending an email. Be alert on social platform, do not share any detail without proper research. He explained job portal, etiquettes of using email and how to be conscious on social platform. He concluded the session by addressing some of the queries. Shalinis found it useful as they got to know about it thoroughly.


Employability workshop - IT Skills: Internet for jobs with Batch-15th on 15th April 2020 by TATA Volunteer

The employability session was conducted on the topic of Internet for jobs with Batch-15th, 2nd year Shalinis. It was taken by Kunal (DGM I HoG (Business Excellence – Operations, TATA Power Delhi Distribution). Facilitator firstly introduced himself, discussed CIRCA Values, asked some examples on implemented values, and talked about some general questions on Online surfing, advantages & disadvantages of using internet. Taking forward to the session, he instructed some important points as before you go online, make a list of your preferences to avoid unnecessary things. Internet is useful for many reasons like; creating LinkedIn Profile, Maps, online communication, online books, online news, research, entertainment, fitness, self-education on internet, online video based on your hobby etc. Internet has world overreach and it is also useful in searching jobs. One can see many online job portals but all are not trust-worthy & registered. He told about some trusted online job portals. He took example of Naukri.com and explained each tab through a PPT. Meanwhile, he talked about job scam and employment frauds, some fraud companies attract through its high play scale, high commitments, ask to pay money etc. Be alert and do research before going ahead. However, there are some limitations but have many benefits to apply online, just be aware from scams, view procedure of online application and safely use internet. Internet has its own benefits; with precaution you can get maximum benefits out of it.


Employability workshop - IT Skills: Internet for jobs with Batch-15th on 16th April 2020 by TATA Volunteer

This online employability session was taken by Shubham (Executive Trainee, TATA Power Delhi Distribution) with Batch-15th (2nd year Shalinis).He introduced himself to Shalinis and created a familiar environment and asked Shalinis to share some of examples of CIRCA. He asked about benefits of having internet. He further explained, internet is useful in searching online jobs, it provides easy access to reach out to employer. But everything has its bad side also. Do not accept any offer blindly, do research about company and then go ahead. He talked about some renowned job portals, online job scam, frauds and what are the guidelines. Internet is also beneficial in terms of alternative usages. One can adopt any hobby like; cooking, dancing etc and learn via online classes/videos. E-library is useful for online study, people can watch movies & online news. Internet has multiple usages. Meanwhile, he advised to keep their personal and professional life intact on social media platform, avoid distractions, avoid online activities while studying and working. He concluded the session with some suggestion and advised Shalinis to be safe during the lockdown situation.


Employability workshop - Values with Batch-16th on 16th April 2020 by TATA Volunteer

The session was conducted on ‘Values’ and Shubham (Executive Trainee, TATA Power Delhi Distribution)  took this session with first year Shalinis. He asked, what do you want to become? When did you decide it? What made you feel to choose that field? Meanwhile he added, we usually inspired/influenced by someone in our life and aspire to be like him/her. Every individual has its own struggle. People fail and come out as an inspirational story, they add some values to their life and disciplined. To follow the same path, implement those values in your life and be strict to it. It is easy to think, but very difficult to replicate same motivation, schedule and values to accomplish goal. He shared life journey of eminent personalities from diverse fields like; politics, entertainment, sports, defense etc. Not only men, women are also touching sky with same spirit. Taking forward to the session, he shared some core values like; compassion, creativity, risk-taker, loyalty, disciplined etc. These are some values which everyone should possess. Match your values to your role model and implement those in life. Give your life a purpose and be strict to it.


Genpact session - Stress management with Batch-18th on 21st April 2020 by Ashish (Genpact)

The session was organized with class Batch-18th Shalinis, 11th class Shalinis on the topic of Stress-management. It was conducted by Ashish. The purpose of the session was to talk about useful tips which needs to be applied during this lockdown situation to remain mentally, physically & emotionally balanced and healthy. Facilitator engaged them through various relevant examples and answered some of the questions asked by Shalinis in the end of the session. Via online method, facilitator timely covered all the important topics and is happy to answer queries even after the post session. Overall, it proved an effective way to teach them about managing stress.


Here are few important points shared by resource person: 

  1. Stress in general prepares the body for either ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ (relevant in pre-historic times, when physical dangers were more relevant compared to today’s life)
  2. The ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ readiness is possible due to secretion of hormones which prepares the body for survival
  3. Stress in humans is chronic vis-a-vis animals in whom it is episodic (which means it is there till the time the danger is there, once it is over, they return to normalcy)
  4. Chronic stress leads to chemical imbalance in the body due to over secretion of hormones
  5. The chemical imbalance is the genesis of physical ailments, symptoms of which are being jittery, clenching of hands/feet, feeling exhausted all the time, headache, stomach
  6. upset, high blood pressure, chest pain, loss in appetite, loss of concentration, a general feeling of nothing is going well, extreme stress can also cause death
  7. Good stress Vs bad stress and how good stress helps us in achieving all success in life by motivating us and pushing us forward
  8. However, there is a thin line and over analyzing or being too much involved with the past or future and this topple the line and good can become bad stress
  9. Bad stress needs to be managed through behavioral changes and changes in lifestyle and attitude, a few examples are 
  • A positive attitude helps-glass half full or half empty
  • Instead of changing the world, let us change ourselves
  • Stop taking things personally.
  • Listen more, act instead of reacting
  • Be assertive instead of aggressive
  • Live in the moment- past has gone, future is yet to come
  • Nourish your physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Spend time with your family
  • Pick up a hobby- write, paint, raise a garden, teach, write a blog
  • Practice gratitude- count your blessings
  • Get enough rest-min. 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (no TikTok time)
  • Exercise, yoga, meditation, walk- keep your body fit
  • Break the taboo, talk to family and seek medical if required


Motivational session by Pankaj (TATA Volunteer) as on 23rd April 2020

The motivational session was conducted with Pankaj (AGM, TATA Power Delhi Distribution). During this lockdown, it is important to keep ourselves positive and stress-free. Everyone is at home therefore, use precautions and help government in impactful implementation. He talked about team building, having a motivational leader in team and how a leader influence whole team and direct to accomplish a task. Individually, no one can succeed without a supporting team. Be in present, do not let work pending for next day, do quality studies, explore options and scholarship opportunities. During this lockdown, we should feel privileged as we have family, USF and many more well-wishers to take care of us. He concluded session by answering some of the questions. Be positive &emotionally stable when you hear bad news, sometimes, we need to take a pause in life and look towards those who are less fortunate than you. It will give you strength to live life fullest with joy, do not look towards upper class. It will make you feel low and more competitive to reach there. It is good for positive motivation, but don’t let yourself down. In the process of accomplishing your goal, you face different challenges and perception of people. Be focused and you will succeed.


Mentoring session- Physics class with Nitin (TATA Volunteer) as on 27th April 2020

The session was taken by Mr. Nitin, he addressed physics students. He talked about how to be be productive during this lockdown and stress-free, what method should be adapted in order to adopt new skills. Meanwhile, he answered some of the queries related to physics concepts with examples, he suggested to practice numeric with illustration, observe activities around you and take live examples.


Mentoring session- Economics, History and Political Science class with Jatin (TATA Volunteer) as on 27th April 2020

Jatin took session with Batch-18th Shalinis who needed guidance on Economics, Political Science and History subjects. He addressed Shalinis via Google hangouts meet. He answered following questions; Government 5 years plan (Planning Commission from Indian Economy), Literacy rate, Macro Economics (Money & Banking), how to study during this lockdown, old war & did some general discussion. It was an interactive and knowledgeable session and he is ready to address further queries of Shalinis.


Session on Cyber Security - by Naina & Neha (Batch-14th Shalinis) with 1st year Shalinis as on 27th April 2020

On 20th April, Naina Gupta and Neha from Batch-14th, North Delhi Chapter attended an online workshop on Cyber Security.*They both took initiative to take an online session with Shalinis. Firstly, they've prepared PPT (individually) and put all their learnings together in a summarized form. Before conducting this session, they did a demo with each other for the better coordination on online platform.

Throughout the session they have covered following topics:_*

*1.* Meaning of Cyber Security.
*2.* Why do we need this?
*3.* How it impacts our lives (Mentally and Economically).
*3.* Types of Cyber-crime (hacking, phishing, malware, DoS, spam mails).
*4.* Strategies to secure our data.
*5.* If cyber-crime happens, in what ways we can report?
(Offline and online modes)
*6.* Miscellaneous

Naina and Neha conducted this session very sincerely and are happy to address any further queries. Shalinis found it very informative, useful and upto the point.


Genpact session on Interview Skills with final year Shalinis by Ashish as on 28th April 2020

Genpact is initiating virtual sessions for Shalinis during this lockdown. Ashish took Interview Preparedness session with our final year Shalinis. He started the session with some general guidelines about session and shared following type of questions an interviewer can ask;

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why you are interested in this job?
  • What are your strengths & weaknesses?
  • What leadership projects have you handled?
  • Any crisis situation that you have handled well?
  • What are your interests?
  • Where do you see yourself after 3yrs/5yrs/10yrs?
  • Who has influenced you most in your life?
  • How proficient are you with technology?
  • What is your expected salary?
  • How soon can you join?

He explained all interview questions with relevant examples. In addition, talked about other important things to remember while going for an interview which includes interview etiquettes, body language, punctuality, dress-code, your behavior and overall impression. At the end of the session, he answered most of the questions asked by Shalinis.


Mentoring session by Gayatri (TATA Volunteer) with mentees as on 29th April and 30th April 2020

Gayatri (TATA Volunteer) took a virtual mentoring session with the Shalinis allotted to her. She asked about their well-being and lockdown situation. What methods have adopted during this lockdown to keep themselves engaged & productive. She asked about learnings on subjects and share their feedback with time.  Overall, she conducted a general session and both sessions were


Mentorship Trainings with existing and new potential Shalinis by employability cell - April 2020

Mentoring is an essential component of our USF Program which mainly focuses on three areas; Academic Preparedness, Personality Development and Career Orientation. Mentoring starts with building trust, developing communication channel and committment. These qualities and knowledge must be inculcated frequently. In order to train our existing Mentor Didis and new potential identified mentor didis, Employability Cell conducted "Mentorship Trainings." 40 new and 47 existing Mentor Didis have been trained so far. During the training, objectives, characteristics, stages of mentoring,  framework and goals were discussed. In response, asked their personal experiences and challenges to strengthen the process. It was a satisfactory feeling to see them engaged with USF Program in their busy schedule during this lockdown. The delivered content and question-answer round proved helpful for them.


Online course- during lockdown (April 2020)

Our Shalinis got enrolled in different online courses provide by Harvard University. Following are some topics of the courses; Introduction to Full Stake Development, International Women's Heath and Human Rights, Child Protection: Children's Rights in Theory & Practice, Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Hinduism and the scriptures, Contract Law, Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster, Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. Apart from this, 140 Shalinis got successfully enrolled in Englishbolo app and getting regular classes. It is benefitting in enhancing communication skills (written & verbal). 


Success story

Archana is a Shalini of North Delhi Chapter Batch 8th inducted in the year 2009. She belongs to a low socio-economic background. She resides in Azadpur, North Delhi. She has 6 members in her family which includes her mother who is a homemaker, father is an accountant, elder sister is in HR at Tatras Data, one elder sister is a engineer and eldest is having own boutique. She gets inspired by her father, mother and elder sister, but more so by her father, who is a heart patient but has never been seen sitting leisurely at home even on holidays. Even then he choose to help and do household chores. He is always satisfied and content with the life he has and has nurtured all his children with beautiful values. Despite the many financial constraints, Archana was always wanted to be a social worker and dancer.

“I started working at a young age. Since then, I have faced so many of hurdles. Sitting in the Police Station, getting letters full of abuses, fighting with own community and people. It’s been 9 years now, I have quit my job and invested my saved money in my NGO. I look upto Kiran Ma’am and Sushmita who are inspirational for me.

Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program gave me many wonderful opportunities. I remember, how residential camp, workshops, mentoring and unconditional support throughout my journey have made a big impact on my life.  I could make myself more trustworthy and committed towards my family and society.

I recently visited Vishva Yuvak Kendra for two days training program where I had amazing learning experience, which was also initiated by Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program. I received a lot of useful information and I was able to influence professionals, experts and other people to come forward for good cause of society. Everyone was having expertise be it in the field of CSR, finance, and working on ground.”

She is glad to share that she received State Award for the best social worker in the individual category, NextGen award for inspiring women, National Excellence award, Narishakti award, Abhudaya Shree award, youth Icon award from Satyawati College and O Ubiri award.

Currently, she is running her own NGO named ‘Connecting Lives’ at Azadpur and is working in D.L D.A.V Model School, Shalimar Bagh. 

Workshop on Financial Management
Workshop on Financial Management
Mock Interview
Mock Interview
Social Awareness campaign on "Women Empowerment"
Social Awareness campaign on "Women Empowerment"
Campaign on Women Empowerment
Campaign on Women Empowerment
Udayan Care Emergency Fund to provide dry ration
Udayan Care Emergency Fund to provide dry ration
Session on Email Writing
Session on Email Writing
Success Story of Archana
Success Story of Archana
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