Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education

by Parrot Education and Adoption Center
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Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education
Save Companion Parrots through Rescue & Education

In this Issue:
  • Fundraiser Update
  • Foster Bird Adoptions/Intake
  • Upcoming Events
Annual Fundraiser Report

A huge THANK YOU to each of you who donated to PEAC during our annual fundraiser, 11/28/17 - 12/31/17!  Monies raised go directly to supporting the foster flock and we thank you for every dollar.  Donations from all sources totalled $21,409; our deepest gratitude to our anonymous donor for gifting $10,000 in matching funds.  

Foster Bird Update
We're pleased to report our first adoption for 2018!  Jakey, a Jakey and Patricia Pearce
30 years young female Blue-fronted Amazon went to her new home last month and is already settling in well.  Her new owner is thrilled to report she's been stepping up readily and is giving sweet, gentle kisses. 
Jakey came to PEAC in July 2017 after her owner of 30 years passed away, and due to his declining health she hadn't been handled in several years.  Don't let a middle-aged feathered friend fool you into thinking new tricks can't be quickly learned.  Congratulations Jakey and your new family!  We wish you another 30 years of warm and wonderful memories!

Recent and Upcoming EventsLance at Cupids and Canines
  • 2/4/18, Cupids and Canines at Grossmont Center in La Mesa was yet another extremely popular adoption outreach event!

Please join PEAC volunteers at these upcoming events:
  • 2/18/18, 2-5 pm PEAC Outreach at Petco-Temecula Promenade Mall (40474 Winchester Rd, Temecula, CA 92591)
  • 2/24/18, 1-3 pm Wildomar Seminars: Sex & the Single Parrot AND Feather Destructive Behavior.  (Classroom at 33751 Mission Trail, Wildomar, CA 92595)
  • 2/25/18, 1-3 pm San Diego Seminars: Parrot Behavior AND Enrichment for Parrots (Classroom at 5480 Gaines St, San Diego, CA 92110)
Please pre-register for February seminars by 2/21/18 by clicking here 
  • 2/26/18, 9:20 am KUSI San Diego Pet Adoption segment will feature "Dewey"
                           KUSI with Lance
                                          Lance (Senegal) at a recent KUSI appearance
  • 3/25/18, volunteer mtg 1-28-18
    • 11 am Volunteer Meeting 
    • 1 pm Seminar: Toy Safety & Creating Your Own Foraging Toys
                Location: Classroom at 5480 Gaines St, San Diego, CA               
Happy Valentine's Day!


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First a heartfelt THANK YOU to all that have already donated and/or contribute regularly to support PEAC.     We can't thank you enough for your generosity; YOU are what makes PEAC able to continue the work we've done for over 21 years.  We're honored by your giving and trust.

Funds raised since 11/28/17: $15,918

Matching Funds Remaining: $2,041

Final Adoption of the Year

We're thrilled to announce our final (and twelfth!) adoption for 2017!!!  Coco, a 12 year old Congo African Grey went to her new home TODAY!  She'll be welcoming in the New Year with her new family because of your support and generosity.  Coco came to PEAC in September 2017 after enjoying one loving home her whole life.  Coco's first family agonized for months over the decision as they strongly believe in a Coco CAG with her new familylifelong commitment to their animals.  Sadly, her "dad" was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease and his physician advised bird dust was exacerbating his condition.  They quizzed PEAC volunteers on our adoption and vetting process and we always welcome these questions as it shows us the level of caring of relinquishing families.  Congratulations to Coco and her new family; may you have many Happy New Years!


Triple Your Impact by midnight 12/31/17!

Matching donations are still available!

Deadline for 2017 tax deductible donations via GlobalGiving is coming fast; give by 12/31/17, 9:00 pm PDT.

GlobalGiving will match your first donation for all new recurring donations to triple your impact. 

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Scroll Down for Our End of Year Donor Matching Challenge!!!

The PEAC Elves have been extraordinarily busy the past couple of months!  Response to outreach events in early December have resulted in more birds going home for the holidays!  
Congratulations to Blaze and Cosmo and your new families!

Cosmo GCC cropped
         Cosmo is a darling 3 year old Green-cheek Conure and
he's super ecstatic to be with his new family.  (They think he's
pretty special too!)

Blaze red bellied parrot on sofa

                Blaze is also enjoying life with his new family. Blaze was originally adopted from PEAC
10 years ago and returned to the foster flock when his
owners' health declined. We sincerely thank them for
giving him a loving home all those years!

Assistance for Sanctuary Parrots

PEAC's foster and adoption program focuses on pet quality parrots.  However, we believe strongly in helping every parrot in need. When San Diego Department of Animal Services ("DAS") contacted us some weeks ago for placement of 4 macaws and 2 cockatoos that were part of a cruelty case earlier this year, we put on our thinking caps.  Visiting these birds revealed they were not socialized and our foster program would not meet their needs.  DAS seized these birds from a poor environment with the hope that they would have the opportunity to have a better life.  DAS provided microchipping and avian veterinary exams and we sincerely thank them for this assistance.  After numerous calls no local sanctuaries were able to accept the birds.  PEAC was able to secure placement with an out of state sanctuary; but how to transport the birds over 1300 miles?  The CEO of the parrot sanctuary shared he'd be in San Diego on Dec 13th and offered to drive all these birds to WA State.  On Dec 13th DAS released the birds to PEAC with the understanding they would immediately be transferred to the care of the WA State sanctuary.  To help defray transport costs and for the birds' on-going veterinary and daily care, PEAC made a donation of $1200 to the sanctuary and thanked them for providing a permanent home for these deserving birds.  

Petco crate donation
    Petco Foundation generously donated several large crates, a PEAC volunteer picked them up at multiple stores.  On Dec 13th a PEAC volunteer met our sanctuary contact at DAS-Bonita, completed necessary DAS paperwork and loaded the birds for their journey north.  They are now all settled into their new environment and enjoying the freedom to be birds without the stress of close human contact.

Annual Fundraiser Update

We are deeply grateful to everyone who has already donated to support PEAC programs and activities!  

Raised to date: $8959.84
Goal: $20,000 

Matching Donor Challenge

A long time PEAC supporter has stepped forward and will match your donationdollar for dollar, up to $10,000 through Dec 31st, 2017

Here's your chance to make double the difference!

Click here to go to our GlobalGiving Project page; every donation helps a parrot secure a bright future!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays,
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Doc and his family
Doc and his family

During this season of giving thanks, we are deeply thankful for YOU and your support of PEAC's mission and programs! Without generous patrons like you, parrots in need of homes would face a bleak future. Your abundant caring and compassion for our parrots, and what we do, are what makes PEAC such a success.

Many members have asked how to renew their annual membership, and one of the best ways to do so would be on "Giving Tuesday!" GlobalGiving will be providing "matches" for any qualified donation starting MONDAY, November 27th at 9:01 PM, Pacific time, through 9:00 pm on Tuesday, November 28th.  Giving Tuesday kicks off our once-a-year fundraising campaign which supports PEAC's educational programs and medical costs for our adoptable parrots. The incentives provided during this short window allow us both to have the biggest bang for each buck donated! 

PEAC's budget for 2018 will remain at $20,000, and although this year several grant applications have been submitted we remain primarily dependent on donors like you.

Another reason to give thanks! Recently "Doc," a Congo African Grey parrot adopted from PEAC, celebrated his one year anniversary with his wonderful new family Annie and Roger. Doc's family permitted us to share a story they'd written about their choice to adopt and how Doc has changed their life for the better:

"Although pet dogs and cats, who are in need of a home tug at the heartstrings of most people, our love lies with the small, beating heart of our Doc. After almost 30 years, our first African Grey Parrot sadly passed away. He had been our constant companion, and we had even passed on long vacations so we could be with him. After he passed away, we had a long discussion about whether or not we wanted to commit 30 to 40 years to another parrot. However, the house was empty. There were no background noises of a little voice saying my husband's name anymore. There was no more "suspicious" silence. There were no more parrot kisses. Our house was silent. Both my husband and I have dedicated our lives to helping animals, and we have found that a lot of support is needed for small animals, including birds. At the point we had decided to welcome another parrot into our lives, we reached out to the wonderful organization, Parrot Education and Adoption Center, where we met Doc. When he first entered our lives, he was confused and, we believe, a little sad. He had had the sad experience of watching his previous owner grow sick and die, and he seemed confused. Typically, he would spend his days hiding in our bathroom, but as time moved on, he slowly emerged from his sadness to join my husband and me as a member of the household. As humans, we understand our love and bond with the animals in our lives, but it can be easy to forget the bond that animals hold with us; especially the ones that we don't understand. How does a bird show love? For us, Doc was able to show his love with the simple words "What are you doing Doc?" The answer is, showing love and being loved in a forever home."

We think their smiling faces say it all and thank Roger, Annie, and Doc for sharing this meaningful follow-up with us.

Congratulations to our recent adoptees! Peanut (Jenday Conure), Niki (Senegal) and Rajah (Orange-winged Amazon, shown pictured with his new owner Judy,) are all settled in their forever homes. These three parrots very quickly stole the hearts of those around them, and we wish them many happy memories in the coming years.

Upcoming Events highlighting the foster flock!

December 2nd and 3rd will be a busy time for the PEAC volunteer elves. On Saturday, Dec 2nd, 11 am - 3 pm, we'll be showcasing select foster flock members at Santa Paws MEGA Adoption Event at Grossmont Center, 5500 Grossmont Center Drive in La Mesa.

On Sunday, Dec 3rd, 9 am - 3 pm, several foster birds will be participating in Doggie Street Festival. Location: San Diego's NTC Park Liberty Station. Address: 2455 Cushing Rd, San Diego, CA 92106.

We hope you can join us for at one of these events - our fabulous "rainbow wings" banner will be on display for taking all the holiday photos you would like, and perhaps we'll encourage our parrots to do a little "caroling" of their own.

We have several adoptions pending and look forward to updating you soon with their stories and also with the progress of our fundraising campaign.

We wish you and your family a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  

Rajah with his new owner
Rajah with his new owner
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Tiko Marie
Tiko Marie

On behalf of the PEAC Board of Directors, we're so thankful to all our donors who continue to support PEAC's Mission and Goals.  Without YOU, our donors and our wonderful team of volunteers, PEAC would not be able to continue to provide the critically needed education for owners, nor advocate for parrots in need of homes.  Over the past several months, our monthly educational seminars in San Diego and Temecula have resumed and will continue to provide up to date information on a wide variety of topics related to companion parrot care.

On July 29th we were thrilled to present an exclusive screening of the film "Yochi"; an award winning, creative film highlighting the plight of endangered parrots in Belize.  The Writer/Director, Ilana Lapid, was on site and spoke to attendees; both the film and her presentation were well received.  There were many comments regarding the touching nature of the film, the amazing cinematography and the powerful message that she brings about conservation of species in their native habitat.

Our adoption program has also been busy - we're so pleased to announce that Louise (CAG), Tiko Marie (Blue & Gold Macaw) have been adopted.  Louise is now busy sharing new experiences with her new family, and Tiko Marie has 'wiggled' her way into her new family's heart!   In addition, we have two adoptions pending; stay tuned for who those lucky birds are in our next report.

We were deeply saddened just a few days after our last report of the loss of Grace, the Red-lored Amazon who was found in a trash bag at a parking lot in late May 2017.  She very suddenly presented with respiratory distress and was having trouble breathing. She was immediately transported to our avian veterinarian, who had difficulty stabilizing her vital signs during the examination. It was determined that she was in respiratory failure. A necropsy revealed a large hemorrhage.../blood clot in her trachea and an undeterminable "black plaque" at the entrance to her esophagus, which our vet has not seen before. We are all heartbroken but are glad that Grace spent her last days in our foster's home, being loved, and not left abandoned. We are so grateful to the good Samaritan that found her and thank that person again for the compassion they showed in making sure she was cared for.

New foster flock members include Blaze (Red-bellied Parrot), Niki (Senegal), Lance (Senegal), Tiki (Yellow-naped Amazon), Jakey (Blue-fronted Amazon), Dewey (Yellow-naped Amazon), Cosmo (Green-cheeked Conure), and Jewel (Green-cheeked Conure).  Be sure to follow our Facebook page,, for updates on their activities and antics.

Again, we thank you for your continued support of PEAC programs and activities.  

Warmest Regards,

Barbara Crouse

Board Member

Ilana Lapid at Yochi film screening
Ilana Lapid at Yochi film screening


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