Launch a poultry hatchery and feed mill in Liberia

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There is big demand for hatchery operations and an improved variety of chicken feed in Libera. This project will meet this demand by establishing profitable social enterprises in line with our broader goals of reducing poverty and hunger by creating livelihoods. Thanks to BRAC's partnerships with other donors, contributions to this project have extraordinary leverage: Funding of $20,514 raised through Global Giving will be matched and multiplied, unlocking $42,838 to reach 64 poultry farmers.


Raising chickens can be a profitable enterprise that also contributes to food security. However, day old chicks and chicken feed are in small supply in most of Liberia and are often very expensive due to a high carrying cost from other countries. There is also high mortality among chicks when transported long distances. These problems are compounded in rural areas.


This project will fulfill the demand for chicks and feed at the local level for an affordable price by establishing a centrally located feed mill and hatchery. BRAC will recruit and train staff for the feed mill and hatchery as well as train value chain agents at every level, from poultry and livestock managers down to rural farmers who raise chickens. In this way, BRAC creates sustainable markets and supports local livelihoods in rural areas.

Long-Term Impact

After training, rural farmers will be able to rear commercial-level chickens with the support of community livestock and poultry promoters. These are BRAC-trained, self-employed micro-entrepreneurs who distribute chicks, feed, vaccines and train their neighbors in good practices. The distribution networks will improve the rural economy and lead to higher incomes and food security. In the long run, communities that benefit from these projects can expect to see improved economic status and health.

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