Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!

by OneMama Organization
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Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!


OneMama is so excited to announce our pledge to support each of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals!

On the 25 September 2015, United Nations world leaders laid down 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change by 2030. OneMama.org is helping to support these goals within the rural communities we serve in Africa, at the hardest to reach places, and where families survive on less than $1.25 a day. 

Onemama.org is a Non Government Organization (NGO) under the United Nations with ECOSOC and DPI Consultative Status. With this honored commitment to support the world work of the U.N., OneMama infuses the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals into each project or program implemented and on-going at the OneMama Health Center in Uganda.

We believe in the power of partnership between business, government, and civil society to create a more sustainable way of life for all people. Through our commitments to these 17 goals and organizational targets, we are proudly doing our part for a new standard set by the UN international community.

OneMama leads the way with the following Sustainable Development Goals

OneMama leads the way with the following commitments towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

1. No Poverty – OneMama is committed to supporting the communities where we operate. Our critical Economic Sustainability initiative is with programs in agriculture and crafts funding the clinic and the community.

2. Zero Hunger – OneMama Health Center is teaching its communities ways to prevent malnutrition and training for agriculture best practices.

3. Good Health and Well-Being – OneMama Health Center is ever expanding our resources to include more disease prevention and health programs.

4. Quality Education – OneMama teaches health education and economic empowerment programs to the community, providing resources to pay for higher quality education. Through our education  programs and partnerships we  support skills development and learning needs of young and elderly community members each year.

5. Gender Equality – OneMama educates and reinforces gender equality in our programs and health services – especially in domestic violence education prevention programs. We aspire to have a 40%  minimum of women managers and leaders.

6. Clean Water and Sanitation – We protect the future sustainability of our local water sources and partner with source vulnerability assessments to assess water quality and water scarcity risks in line with international health standards. OneMama tests patients to see if they have water contamination and report to the Ministry of Health those contamination sources.

7. Affordable and Clean Energy – OneMama Clinic runs solely on hybrid power (solar and electric) and uses additional environmental saving tactics.

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth – OneMama vocational education programs are slowly moving families into new ways of maintaining their economic growth. We have also developed our Sustainable Agriculture Guiding programs to ensure that our communities respect human and workplace rights across our OneMama values.

9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure – At OneMama we teach innovation and entrepreneurialism so that community members can learn how to create income where we previously thought  there was no market. OneMama’s local economic contribution includes the job skills we teach and the investments we make for their future.

10. Reduced Inequalities – OneMama educates and reinforces equality in our programs and health services especially in our domestic violence education prevention programs. We aim to support the skills development and learning needs of primarily women and children each year with our multiple education programs and partnership programs.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities – OneMama is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. OneMama has begun the process of working with surrounding communities around our service area to build partnerships and help sustain our education and maternal health programs. OneMama has helped in paving the roads and infrastructure of the surrounding areas.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production – At OneMama, we support the circular economy and aim to use recycled materials to create our crafts and OneMama fashions. We also have donation pick up programs that re-purpose recycled products to utilize for our operations and assist with environmental concerns.

13. Climate Action – OneMama commits to substantially reduce the carbon footprint of our health, waste operations, and refrigeration equipment.

14. Life Below Water – We aim to protect the future sustainability of the water sources we use and aim to replenish the water we use in areas of water stress. We are investing in community-based water partnerships.

15. Life on Land – The long-term availability of our rural agricultural programs is crucial to our NGO survival as a way of life and a funding vehicle for OneMama.

16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions – OneMama operates responsibly and sustainability. We are on a journey to create a sustainable business for the future. NGO responsibility and sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do.

17. Partnerships for the Goals – OneMama collaborates with thought leaders, NGOs, Fortune 1000 companies, Entrepreneurs, and members of our local communities to grow a game-changing organization and lead change for a more sustainable tomorrow.


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Told by our own CSW UN Delegate, Gabriela Hofmeyer

“My mother was the clinic doctor in Pito Real, and the Tarahumara/Raramuri Sierras, one of the most dangerous and rough geographies in Northern Mexico.”

-Gabriela Hofmeyer, a OneMama U.N Delegate talks with me over a zoom call late last month.

Siobhan Neilland, OneMama CEO and founder was so moved by a report Gabriela wrote about her time at the CSW in March. In the midst of her thought-provoking notes about her session take-aways was a story about her mother that moved us all. 

The parallels between Gabriela’s mother’s work in Mexico and the work OneMama is doing in rural Uganda is breathtaking. Both beautifully challenging stories, led by incredibly strong woman, with the mission to provide the best possible care for their communities. Two parts of the world, separated by years, but the goal was the same – bringing care to those that had little to no access to the services they needed to thrive. 

“She was not just the only doctor in this area at the time, but the only female doctor to have been assigned to this remote and harsh area of Mexico.” 

Clinic Operations 

Gabriela described the difficulties which her mother faced in working in such a difficult environment, “The area is extremely dangerous; the terrain and weather are harsh.” 

“The only way to reach these areas of the Sierra Madre were by foot, horse or donkey. My mother’s makeshift train car clinic with donated medical supplies would be dropped off in a desolate stretch of land for up to 3 months with no scheduled return date.” 

Like OneMama, Gabriela’s mother worked closely with midwives and healers during her time in Mexico. 

“Most of my mother’s medical cases involved complicated pregnancies, family planning, maternal-fetal health and medicine, nutrition, injuries from violence and farming or rail accidents. Eventually the clinic became self-sustaining and was able to focus on preventative care and dental health too.” 


Gabriela recounted stories of helicopters dropping supplies from the sky because there was no safe place to land. 

“Sometimes the packages we would receive did not match the needs of the village, but we were always grateful for what we received.”

She developed partnerships with Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders, along with other international organizations and initiatives. 

“She also had visiting scientists and engineers developed potable water systems, sanitation and autoclave for surgeries and dental procedures.”

Gabriela also shared with me that even to this day medical personal are provided with train passes to make their work with patients easier – a policy put into place because her mother advocated for it. 

Overtime the clinic become more self-sustainable, “the need for days of travel to the closest hospital became less and less.” Which is a goal for OneMama as well – to provide sustainable operations that do not revolve around a few people, but a whole community through programs and initiatives that will live on for years to come. 

The last time Gabriela’s mom visited the clinic was in 2001, and she was happy to see it was still in operation. This gives us hope that OneMama will also stand the test of time and continue to provide care that is sustainable and lasting.  

We are grateful for the story Gabriela shared and celebrate her mothers work, while also celebrating Gabriela’s contribution to OneMama. <3

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Siobhan discusses OneMama community Issues and action Items
We offer YOU the opportunity to join us for our U.N. delegation to work together and push the needle for change on global economic social issues and sustainable development goals.

OneMama, since being awarded Consultative ECOSOC status with the United Nations in late 2019, has a powerful advantage to select delegates to join OneMama at the CSW virtual event from the UN in New York City, March 15-26, 2021. 

This year’s theme at the sixty-fifth session of the Commission on the Status of Women is RIGHT UP OneMama’s alley! And this is the MOST IMPORTANT theme for YOU and our OneMama family. 

This year’s theme is for achieving gender equality through women’s empowerment and its link to sustainable development.

We are hoping you will join our already existing incredible delegate team, and we want to open up the opportunity to YOU to join the OneMama family on such a meaningful mission. 

We are looking for people who are:
  • Passionate and excited about moving the needle for change for unrepresented rural communities of women leaders both internationally and nationally. 
  • Moved by the specific work OneMama does to support global change for social equality and economic sustainability. 
  • Inspired to change policy and address key issues in this field through the United Nations platform. 

We will be hand choosing individuals based on their passion and areas of expertise best equipped to help carry out the OneMama fight to help amplify the voices of those who can’t be heard. 

Important requirements needed to apply: Once selected as a delegate you agree to:
  • Attend all virtual events that are assigned to you and write a summary report regarding each event.
  • Contribute to writing a blog post regarding the event for our OneMama blog and social media.
  • Uphold personal social media requirements.
Deadline to Apply and Be Registered for our OneMama CSW Parrellel Event: March 17th, 2021

If you are passionate about OneMama.org, the empowerment of underrepresented people and groups, and the themes of the CSW65, we look forward to hearing from you. Your application is in great hands.

Thank You and Thanks for Moving the Needle of Change with us,

The OneMama Action Alliance Family

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Be Our HERO: Save the OneMama Health Clinic

Your Small Amount of Generosity Can Literally Save OneMama During These Hard Economic Times

Be a REAL HERO - Save OneMama

OneMama Clinic Kirindi Uganda Africa

OneMama needs to raise $150,000 – $250,000 IMMEDIATELY in order to keep our clinic doors open.

Frankly, we are at the end or our road with funding options. If OneMama don’t get the financial support needed NOW, we will have to begin the process of shutting down the OneMama Health Center in a village that has no other means to these live-saving services.

OneMama is asking YOU…
Can you consider our small grassroots non-profit health center as one of your organizations that you support with your philanthropic efforts this year?

OR! Possibly you may know a large private donor that would be willing to fund our clinic? If you have any referrals, please send an email introduction to Siobhan Neilland directly at info@onemama.org. 

If OneMama doesn’t raise the money in the next month, we will begin to find a funding organization that can hopefully take over the operations of our OneMama 501(c)3 organization. This is all because we simply cannot afford our own funding at this time and all of our programs will have to be shut down due to the global pandemic.

Personal Letter from OneMama CEO/Founder, Siobhan Neilland:

This is a hard blog post for me to write. My heart is so heavy as I write this.

OneMama was birthed out of the loss of my baby and the community and it’s leaders are family to me — and so many of YOU! While I am proud of the work we have done and the creative solutions we came up with to fund the clinic these 13 years, we are no where near the funding that is needed with this new world economy. I feel I may need to step aside or bring in someone who has larger funding resources to take this clinic and any future health centers where they need to go to be successful.

All these years, I have chosen to not take a salary so 100% of proceeds and donations go directly to funding and to keep the clinic open and running for the vulnerable areas of remote Uganda. I work full time to support myself with my own consulting company as a staffing consultant for diversity leadership in technology. This way, all money goes to the health center staff and medical supplies. This has also become unsustainable trying to manage several organizations simultaneously without proper funding for support staff needed to scale our operations and keep up with the growing needs we face.

 Please, if you are not fully familiar with us, please visit our website for more info at OneMama.org or read below.

More About OneMama

OneMama supplies birthing kits and medical supplies, builds medical clinics, and creates a marketplace for women and their families to sell their crafts or crops. We do our work in places where people live on less than $1 per day. One birthing kit prevents mother-to-child HIV transmission and supports a woman giving birth with medicines and supplies administered by a Traditional Midwife, there to help.

OneMama’s goal is to build 250 clinics around the world that will build and support health and birthing clinics in places that do not have access to health services. We support local Traditional Midwives to deliver culturally appropriate care that is augmented by the best medical tests, treatments, and interventions available.

The OneMama Model

OneMama has developed a unique model for services that can be replicated in the hardest-to-reach communities around the world. Because we honor traditional forms of health care by supporting Traditional Midwives, we gain entry into communities that would not typically trust Western medical techniques. We are able to bring in medical interventions that work to save mothers and infant’s lives, protecting women through childbirth, reducing pain and the birth injuries, prevent HIV transmission from mother to baby, support malaria testing and treatment and providing health education and services to the entire family. Our healthcare services work in conjunction with our economic development programs, which supply families with goods needed to create crafts or crops to sell on our international and local marketplaces — so that eventually clinic members can support their own local, rural clinics. We have created a sustainable model for health care that can be replicated and become sustainable within 5-10 years.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thank YOU again for ALL the work you do and have done all these years for OneMama. I am so incredibly grateful to know there are humans like YOU making big changes in this wild world.

It inspires me daily to know it can be done.

Siobhan “OneMama” Neilland
CEO-Founder of OneMama.org and “Fighting for Your Joy”
OneMama.org | info@OneMama.org

JOY=SUCCESS — Start Fighting for your JOY and the JOY of others!

“We are all OneMama Living on this One Mother Earth!…”
“We all want to feel like we are loved and we matter in this world”

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7 Unique & Thoughtful OneMama Gift Ideas Your Loved Ones Will Cherish.

OneMama is known for our dedication to serving Mamas and Babies in rural Uganda, but did you know we sell beautifully handcrafted goods, too? A hidden gem, our collection of artisan-crafted accessories make incredibly special gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays… or just because! When you purchase a gift from OneMama, you’re not only supporting our community as a whole but are helping us meet our goal of becoming fully sustainable by 2030.

As one OneMama customer wrote:

“I gave my aunt OneMama’s Infinity Necklace as a gift for a Secret Santa last Christmas and she absolutely loved it! She was so excited to learn about how it was made and was touched by the fact that the proceeds helped to provide families in rural communities with health and prenatal care. I always get anxious about giving gifts and knowing if the person genuinely likes it, so her response made it one of the best gift giving experiences I’ve had in recent memory!”

To help introduce you to the OneMama Collection, we made a list of some of our favorite gift ideas for any occasion!

Infinity Necklace, $30 
One of our all-time favorite designs, the Infinity Necklace is the perfect statement piece for any outfit, while being versatile enough for both formal and casual wear. A testament to both beauty and heart, the proceeds of all Infinity Necklace purchases goes directly to the fight against domestic violence. Available in 4 fabulous colors, it will be sure to dazzle as a gift for a loved one or as a treat for yourself!You can purchase yours here: https://onemama.org/product/infinity-necklace/
Cowhorn Hoop Earrings
Cowhorn Hoop Earrings, $10
Hand-carved by skilled artisans in Uganda, these elegant Cowhorn Hoop Earrings are a fun and funky twist on a classic design. Available in a variety of colors to match any outfit or mood, it’s hard to choose just one pair!You can purchase yours here: https://onemama.org/product/cowhorn-hoop-earrings/Refined Paper Bead & Swimming Hearts
Refined Paper Bead Necklace and Swimming Heart Necklace, $20
Our beautiful, handmade beaded necklaces – available in either colorful paper beads or job’s tears – come in sets of 3 and add a dynamic touch to any outfit. They’re perfect for mixing and matching and are a favorite stocking stuffer for all ages!Purchase the Refined Paper Bead Necklace here: https://onemama.org/product/onemama-refined-paper-bead-necklace/Purchase the Swimming Hearts Necklace here: https://onemama.org/product/swimming-hearts-necklace/
Traveler’s Tote & Bohemian Tote
Traveler’s Tote and Bohemian Tote, $20
From festivals to farmer’s markets, these versatile totes are a must-have for any gal on the go! Lovingly made by hand, each one is different so you know your gift will be truly one-of-a-kind!Purchase the Traveler’s Tote here: https://onemama.org/product/travelers-tote/Purchase the Bohemian Tote here: https://onemama.org/product/bohemian-tote/
Skipping Stones Necklace
Skipping Stones Necklace, $25
A statement necklace like no other, our sustainably hand-crafted Skipping Stones Necklace is an eye-catching ode to bohemian-chic style. Created from upcycled paper, each necklace is truly unique and is sure to be a special addition to any jewelry collection.You can purchase yours here: https://onemama.org/product/skipping-stones-necklace/
SUNShine Coin Purse
SUNShine Coin Purse, $15
Are you constantly finding yourself digging through your purse or travel bag, searching for that one specific lip gloss or pen to no avail? Then this stylish little bag is the answer to your prayers! Made from beautiful, handmade paper beads, organization has never looked as good as our SUNShine Coin Purse!You can purchase yours here: https://onemama.org/product/sunshine-coin-purse/
Colorful Beaded Key Ring
Colorful Beaded Key Ring, $5
With their eye-catching colors and vibrant patterns, these Colorful Beaded Key Rings will make sure you or your loved one will never have to worry about misplaced keys again! Hand-beaded in Uganda, every design is it’s own little masterpiece.You can purchase yours here: https://onemama.org/product/keychains-beaded/
This collection of beautiful, handmade gifts comes straight from the hearts of the women in rural Uganda who crafted them and exemplifies that, when you give joy, you create joy… in fact, every time you give a OneMama gift to someone, you help us spread joy as currency for a better tomorrow!


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