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Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!

by OneMama Organization
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability!
Empower OneMama Health Clinic to Sustainability! Confronting The Global Issue of Domestic Violence at New York Fashion Week
Contributor - Guest | September 15, 2016

Sometimes in all the flash of New York Fashion Week and high profile Charity Red Carpet events, it can be easy to forget why we do all of these events and that this OneMama collection funds birthing, medical, domestic violence, and family planning programs in impoverished communities.

I interviewed founder Siobhan Neilland of to hear more about the story behind the new OneMama Collection items, to be showcased at FALL NYFW September 2016. What intrigued me was the story behind the new Red Carpet necklaces and how they are funding a newly added sector of, a domestic violence program.
It all started with her Siobhan’s team of on-the-ground OneMama Clinic Directors, a clinic Siobhan Neilland founded in 2008. It was a trip that was planned the same as years before, executed the same. Though she was now in the arms of her friends and colleagues, expectant for the weeks to come in Uganda, she was also met with sadness that would play out for her over the next weeks.

Behind a metaphorical door most don’t dare to open or even discuss, Siobhan, is a woman who is not just taking care of U.S operations to, but also a women who devotes every spare second and resource to keeping the clinic running in Uganda. These operations also include the future planning for the clinics yet to break ground. Even Siobhan was not aware of what was happening behind closed doors–even between the staff of her clinic. This is sadly not a unique circumstance. This is a culture hidden behind closed doors. This is a culture of out of sight and out of mind…but brokenness and broken bodies anguish their reality at home. Until this trip, when the door flew open in Siobhan’s face, she was faced by an issue that could go undressed no longer. This adversity sparked a motivation to change things. “I would not know when I started this investigation that it was like a loose string of an old sweater. With a light pull, it unravels an issue that is much bigger than a few people—even bigger than the OneMama Clinic and community. This is a global issue that I know all too well from my work with, and the work with UN Women. However, it is different to hear about it, and experience the gritty reality firsthand. When you are in the trenches and see people almost dying in front of you, those statistics you hear take on a new meaning. I must admit, I knew things could be bad here for women, but I had NO idea that how bad,” Siobhan says in a heartfelt letter to her social media following after she arrived back home in the States.

Domestic Violence affects close to 70% of women, ages 15 to 49 in Uganda, some of the highest rates in the world. Siobhan was standing looking over the silent and physical wounds and this was people she knew. Part of the 70 percent, standing in front of her, and taking up valuable space in the clinic they have all created together.

Flip the script to nearly a year later; there is a vast contrast to where Siobhan is standing today as you read this. She’s standing at a figurative crossroad to a world that you don’t generally connect to domestic violence, on one of the world’s biggest cultural stages of the world: New York Fashion Week. Though OneMama is taking the stage for the third year in a row as the official charity for the event, she and the team are arriving with new vision and new creations, celebrating the Ugandan communities she represents.

Though Siobhan will likely be decked out in couture pieces from OneMama Collection made in Uganda by the OneMama community, but her eyes will be set on the greater picture; using the proceeds from the line to develop Domestic Violence programs right in the midst of the 70%. During her show, Siobhan tells the story behind each of her pieces; the stories of the women who walk miles in the sweltering sun to deliver their babies at the OneMama Clinic with our midwife, Mama Jamira, and the women who now have a global voice through

Every individual who walks the runway on September 14th & 15th is treading a new path for the men and women who are hidden, afraid, waiting for someone to open their door to freedom. Taking steps is the defining difference between looking away–like many before her–and creating opportunity for a better situation to rise. This is just the beginning; is opening the door to tangible change, starting with New York Fashion Week.


Today we are celebrating Amazon’s program of supporting OneMama programs  with the second annual Prime Day!

As a Staffing Consultant, I have worked with many Fortune 500 companies to build successful teams within their organizations. My latest project included working to build the team for Amazon Prime Now. It has been wonderful to see the ways in which Amazon is dedicated to building a quality organization internally as well as externally in their ongoing work to give back to communities around the world.

Support by making your purchases through Amazon Smile. By shopping Amazon Smile and selecting OneMama Organization as your nonprofit of choice, Amazon donates a percentage of proceeds to building maternal health clinics in Uganda with every purchase.

Go to:

This Week , also receive 40% off ShaBoom Products, all-natural cosmetics brand and OneMama partner, which donates a percentage of proceeds to While shopping ShaBoom through Amazon Smile for OneMama, you’ll be gifting twice for your purchase!

Shop Now:

Just reminder - all monies that are donated to OneMama go directly to the ground at the clinic and are not to support US operations. We use Shaboom as our programs to fund US operations.

We are truly grateul to all of you for helping us find long term sustainable ways to fund ths clinic and future clinics.

Thanks again for being a part of the OneMama world Family!

May we all treat each other as if we are LOVED and We Matter!

Siobhan " OneMama " Neilland and Siobhan Neilland returend to the United Nations March 2016 for the UN Women Commission on the Status of Women 60 (CSW 60). Siobhan Neilland representd as a Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN) International NGO Partner Delegate.'s Siobhan Neilland with the 50 Women Project's Jessica Buchleitner at the CSW 59 in 2016 and The 50 Women Project's Jessica Buchleitner hosted a parallel event, Global Funding Solutions From Social Entrepreneurs. We brought together social entrepreneurs from across the world to discuss how we will end violence against women with grassroots empowerment and creative, sustainable means of funding:

“After experience working as UN delegate last year, one of the things I realized was that a lot of talk was about the issues and not as many panels were on solutions. So wanted to facilitate a dialogue on solutions. We want to share the sustainable funding solutions we are implementing and other solutions being implemented by organizations and people we admire. We are excited to give a voice for women and social entrepreneurial programs across the globe combatting violence against women,” said Siobhan Neilland, founder.

Siobhan Neilland shared the personal tragedy that gave birth to She also shared the “OneMama ecosystem,” which consists of The OneMama Collection and ShaBoom Products, two product lines Siobhan founded to fund maternal health programs in rural Ugandan communities surviving on under $1.25 a day.

Our incredible panel included impactful women creating social change through innovative means in their communities. Panelists include Regional Representative for the Secretary of Labor, Elmy Bermejo, Editor of Women News Network and 50 Women Project founder, Jessica Buchleitner, Founder of the SAMATATA Foundation, Bineta Diop, Political Activiest, New Oo, Award-Winning Producer Adryenn Ashley, and our very own Siobhan Neilland, founder of and Fortune 500 Consultant.

This event was held in the New York City area on March 14, 2016, Our Parallel Event, Global Funding Solutions From Social Entrepreneurs,  across the street from the United Nations Campus. 

If you have been following what my team and I been up to as of late, you probably know, it’s a lot in the year 2015. Here’s updates for you, OneMama family, on my trip to Uganda, the United Nations, New York Fashion Week, and Fighting For Your JOY!

United Nations 59th Commission on the Status of Women

March of 2015, I attended the United Nation’s 59th Commission on the Status of Women as a delegate. The aim of this year’s event was to enact social change in equality for women all over the world by giving women a voice on a global stage. I went to the UN excited for the opportunity for our tiny village in rural Uganda, to have its voice heard. The women of our OneMama Community, for the first time ever, had a channel to voice their frustrations as females in a paternalist society. In Uganda, women are an underrepresented group of the population and their voices oftentimes silenced. I asked the women of our village to choose one issue they would like to highlight at the United Nations. The issue they chose was land rights for women and child custody. In Uganda, it is nearly impossible for women to own property, forming a base of female dependency on males in society.

During regional discussions to select the top issues the United Nations would highlight for the Declaration of the Rights of Women this following year, I voiced the OneMama community’s issue… and it was chosen as the top three issues to be included in the amendment!

OneMama’s voice was heard on a global stage!

To focus our programs on the issue of women’s land rights, OneMama is thrilled to announce a partnership with Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN)! With WIN’s support, OneMama will advocate for women as land-owning participants in a special WIN project in Uganda.

February and September New York Fashion Week and natural cosmetics partner, ShaBoom Products, participated in not one but TWO fashion weeks this year! Most recently, The OneMama Couture Collection premiered this September at New York Fashion Week. Our striking, bold, designs strutted the runway, showing how socially conscious fashion can literally save lives! Each look featured in our fashion shows saved anywhere from 200 to 500 lives.

Since the whirlwind of New York Fashion Week, we are in talks with top buyers in the industry for collaborations to bring fashions that support to international markets! Interested in our new designs? Read more about The OneMama Couture Collection at New York Fashion Week and pre-order our collection.

One component of this upcoming trip to Uganda will be building out the Economic Sustainability branch of The OneMama Model. We want to polish the core designs for The OneMama Collection, providing sustainable employment for the women of our community.

IMPACT Award, Flight 2 Freedom Summit 3.0,

This year has been all about overcoming the challenges–no matter how big or small–that seem to arise at the most inconvenient times… and celebrating that! I was was honored this July to be awarded the F2F3 IMPACT Award by my dear friend, Adryenn Ashley at the Blossom Wealth Management Flight 2 Freedom Summit 3.0 of outstanding female entrepreneurs. This award symbolizes what believing in our own joy and the joy of others can accomplish… and will continue to accomplish in this world.

A Lab for the OneMama Clinic

In addition to my normal meetings with the OneMama community, partners, government officials, and staff, we will also be kicking off development of a new initiative: a lab for The OneMama Clinic.

Currently, our clinic offers some of the only medical care and maternal health services in an expansive, rural region. While we do have access to rapid testing methods for HIV, we do not have access to a full lab to perform more advanced, accurate testing. Building a lab in for The OneMama Clinic can transform the way we assess and treat patients while simultaneously expand the number of patients our clinic treats each year. As a medical center that supports other clinics in the region, we want to expand our testing services to best serve our communities!

Another Trip to Uganda

Another flight out of San Francisco International to Entebbe International in Uganda with my ten bags! I’ll brought clothes and shoes donated by Resoled, yoga mats from friend Darin, and medical supplies for The OneMama Clinic and OneMama Birthing Center. Although it is exhausting to get ten bags from my doorstep to The OneMama Community, bringing life-saving equipment and resources to those surviving on less than $1.00 a day is 100% worth it.

How can you support us? has grown leaps and bounds in the last year, not only in our programs on the ground, but also in our network of incredible OneMama Action Heroes across the world who help us fight for the joy of others! We cannot thank you enough for supporting us, and believing in the OneMama vision: a world in which every baby can be born into this world knowing they are loved and they matter. To bring this goal into fruition, we still need your help. Volunteer your time through working with us, donate to building a lab for the OneMama Clinic, or spread awareness of OneMama by sharing our posts through Facebook or Instagram with your network!

In addition to these channels for supporting, I am excited to announce that you can now support OneMama and fight for joy… with me! I will be launching the Fighting For Your Joy movement, that cultivates practices to fight for your own joy and the joy of others within our online community. Get a glimpse here of the NEW #FFYJ community.

Now… Let’s Fight For JOY!

The annual OneMama trip to Uganda was an emotional, reflective time for me. I look back on what we’ve accomplished in the last year and cannot help but smile. Each trip reunites me with my OneMama Community and my purpose to serve the mamas and babies of the world! Back to my healthy, energetic self, new partnerships in development, and with the love of my OneMama family…I could not be more ready for the next chapter! Now, let’s go fight for your joy!

This week the New OneMama Couture Collection ( made thru OneMama Africa Social Entrepneur Programs) hits the September New York Fashion Week runway with iCu Network & VH1!

We could not be more excited to spread love and light through our unique designs with heart behind them.The OneMama Collection was birthed out of tragedy, beginning with the loss of our founder Siobhan Neilland’s baby.

However, from this tragedy was born. It started out as a project Siobhan felt a calling to fulfill, giving every baby the opportunity to come into this world under safe and sanitary conditions. She began gathering medical supplies to send to the community of midwife, Mama Jamira, Siobhan’s hero. Jamira is the only traditional midwife in the region, known for her expertise and pure love of life.

Mama Jamira working with a patient
When Siobhan and Jamira were first introduced, Jamira was struggling to do what she could to deliver babies safely, despite the deplorable conditions that surrounded her. Pregnant women, sometimes while in labor, would walk miles alone to reach Mama Jamira’s mud hut and deliver their babies on a blood-soaked pad on the floor with no access to medication. While maternal health services in developed countries involve thorough prenatal and postnatal care, Jamira would have women she had never met show up on her doorstep and utilize what she could to safely perform the delivery. “I thought, maybe if I can just get her gloves, it could really make a difference; lives would be saved” said Siobhan. It was this spark that soon ignited into a global vision: That every baby—including the 1.8 billion living in communities surviving on under $1.25 a day—will be born safely, knowing they are loved and matter in this world.

There is something mystical—even magical—about, and the momentous voice “one little charity,” as Siobhan fondly calls it, can have. Siobhan never intended to start a charity, and maybe it was this factor that has brought into fruition in such a unique way. While donations provide funding for programs, much of this “little charity’s” funding is generated through The OneMama Collection and partner company, ShaBoom Products. The OneMama Collection was founded to provide long-term economic sustainability in impoverished communities, like the OneMama Community in rural Uganda. All designs donate 100% of proceeds to programs, including the new couture designs that will premiere at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

Since its founding in 2008, has been the featured charity of celebrity events, including The Golden Globes and The Grammys, as well as OneMama’s Bead Necklace photographed on Steven Tyler when he graced the cover of Rolling Stone. The OneMama Collection also appeared during February New York Fashion Week this year. However, walking the catwalk at September New York Fashion Week marks a new chapter in the OneMama story. For the first time, OneMama has collaborated with Guest Artist, Rose Harden of Rosehip Designs, to create a striking couture collection that embodies the heart and soul of the charity, with designs inspired by a global mission. Also complimenting the designs will be ShaBoom Products, the makeup and skincare line Siobhan created that donates 20% to 40% of proceeds to provide long-term funding for the organization.

On Tuesday, Siobhan Neilland,, and ShaBoom Products will make their appearance at September New York Fashion Week, with a slightly different message in mind. OneMama will not only make a fashion statement, but also a statement of how pairing giving back with innovation can transform lives.

Get Involved if you are inspired by the OneMama Mission.

Can’t make it to the show? Save 13 lives this month by donating!


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