Emergency Funds For Displaced Families In Cameroon

by John Retreat Foundation Internation USA Inc (JRFIUSA-INC)
Emergency Funds For Displaced Families In Cameroon

Greetings To Our Supporters and Donors;

We hope that when this report find you that you are in the best of health and full of joy as we continue to celebrate the loss of our founder at the age of 96 years old.  With your support, we were able to return his remains back to Zang Tabi, Cameroon where he was born.  Despite the continued Civil unrest in the area, the Rebels all agreed to put down their weapons and allow us the priviledge of laying our leadeer to rest and celebrate in the traditional African way with dancing, killing of a cow and paying respect to the life and work of our leader.  This was an opportunity for our people who in some cases had not seen each other in the past four years to come together and humanily relate over the course of several days without their lives being threatened.

Our organization passed a resolution to honor the work and life of the founder by dedicating his resting place as a Honey Bee Farm, Flower Sanctuary and Bee Research Center in collobaration with other international organizations which will bring  much needed jobs and employment to the Center and the area which will allow his legacy to live forever and provide a source of food and income for Dsiplaced families who wish to return to the soil of their birth as with our founder.

For those families who are slowly returning to some of the "safe areas" our organization has set up an office donated by the government to provide a source of information and opportunity to participate in Food Security Projects that will assist them as things are moving back to the way it used to be in the villages before the Civil conflict. 

Our newly appointed Human Resource Director and newly appointed Jobs and Training Director are offering training and the opportunity for individuals to come to the office and register for one of several projects that are being offered such as pig, chicken, quail, and corn farming with the opportunity to develop a business that will produce crops for the market and for their family.  When in full operation the jobs and training project will offer opportunities that are severly needed for our young men and women who have been out of school for the past four years due to the civil conflict.

Because of the Civil conflicts, the biggest problem that we have to deal with and overcome is the lack of trust among the people which has caused unnecessary anxiety among the people.  We are implementing strategies to help us overcome these challenges by using the internet, zoom and conference calling, face to face to communicate with the people in the villages and build trust.  Progress has been slow.  For example there was a natural loss of some pigs in one area of development which hampered growth.  Other challenges to our progress has included dealing with the rainy season, lack of internet connectivity, and the over all lack of trust for fear of losing their lives to the conflict.

The highlight for this report is the fact that our leadership continues to build relationships with other local and international organizations to help our people to try and recover from the devestation of having loss everything because of the civil conflict and attempting to start a new way of life without resources.  For example during the celebration and burial many of the displaced families hiding in the bushes came to the event and enjoyed a well prepared meal for the first time in many months as they have been surviving living off the land in the bushes for safety reason.

We are truly grateful and thankful for the resources that you have provided and we look forward to your continued humantarian support for our displaced families.  We look forward to the day when the civil conflict will be over and they will be able to resume their lives in peace in the villages.

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Breaking News!!!

We regret to inform you that on March 10, 2021 in the state of Georgia, USA, at the age of 95 years old, our founder, leader, mentor and teacher for JRCCA/JRFIUSA-Inc, made his transistion from his earthly home to be with his family in his heavenly home.  In his behalf we hope that his work here on earth has been a blessings to all of those whom he came in contact with here on earth.  We want to acknowledge and give thanks for all of the comments and blessings that have been coming in to our attention. 

We hope that this report will meet you in good health and spirit as we make plans for his home coming celebration here in the state of Georgia as we prepare to travel to the place where his remains will rest in the village where he was born in Zang Tabi, Cameroon in the English speaking region in the NW area.  Please know that our hearts are heavy as evidence by the out pouring of greetings and comments from around the world.  Despite the many challenges that we are facing in this War torn environment in the NW Region of Cameroon, we know that both friends and foe will ban together to make his dream of returning to rest in the village where he was born will be realized.

Despite the challenges from the ongoing Civil War, we are facing lack of access to a good road that leads to his village, and  possible challenges to our safety.  Our family delegation from the USA is determined to honor his last wishes to be returned to Cameroon and be laid to rest at his natural birth place.  We will maintain his legacy of being our brother's keeper and teaching others how to fish rather than giving them the fish.

 Special comments here from Ma Comfort and Others!!!

"My dear loving father, I thank the almighty God for your life on earth. I thank you for your endless love, care, support, protection etc.. to me, the family and the World. Despite the fact that you are gone, your legacy will forever remain from generation to generations.

Papa you have always been a real model to me through your hardwork, words of wisdom,  your soft words, mentor to many youths who are today leaders in and around the World , your advices to us your children, above all kind hearted and a man of passion . One who demonstrated your faith in action , sharing, caring, compassionate, served other so as to make a positive difference in their lifes, selfless service, courageous, humbleman

Papa you have always been there to comfort and strengthen me when ever I am faced with challenges. You have always taught me to be kind to people and to share what I have with others. You never discriminate and have always shown equal love to us all. That is why in 2014, Ni Gideon with your support had to sponsor my education in Harvard Medical School to fulfill my dreams as a nurse and Midwifery. I remembered on my graduation day from Harvard, you gave me a Golden pen and told me that I should hold fast to education and that through education, I will prosper. Eevnthough you were not able to attend former education you were name "MASTER" by your peers for the many good things and royal duties you performed to serve our communities both in Meta Cameroon and USA

Papa you are so dear to me. 

Papa you have always showned us the way to fear God and I remembered your niece Ma Veronica  who preached to you the Gospel and you accepted and was baptised by immersion. By this, I strongly believe that you are now resting in the Bosom of our Creator with her. 

Papa you always corrected our mistakes with care according to the word of God in Proverbs 23:13-14 and also Proverbs 22:6. You have always adviced us your children that we should not envy and also throw spit to avoid our interest in some bodies thing. You have always adviced us to work hard to achieve our own and that hard work is key to success in life. Call onto the Lord  Jeremiah 33..

I strongly believe that by now you are resting in peace in the Bosom of our Father Abraham where I will also meet you when time comes to part no more.

Your Daughter Ma Comfort"

" Special Tribute To My Dad PA John A. T.

Dear Dad,

To me is still like a dream that you had left us so soon. I remembered four days ago when I was just back from work and you called for me to come and lets eat together Dad, and I didn’t know that was our last meal together. Dad, one thing I am sure is that you are now resting beside the Master of the universe where you are preparing a beautiful place for us. Dad, I want you to know that I can never forget that day; six years ago, when you called me and told me that hard-work, perseverance and doing good in this World to others, is key to success and you brought us to the United States of America, a place we now called Home to serve others and changes their lives for better. Dad, we say THANK YOU. Even if we slipped along the way, we are now together as you demanded. Dad, if there is anything, I would say to you is just that, I will continue to THANK YOU for the rest of my life for bringing us up so well and in the Fear of the Lord. If I faltered in any way, please forgive me. I know you cannot be blamed. You are so special to all children and neighbors. You call us your brothers and sisters.

Dad, I am going to miss you. I will forever appreciate you for making me a better person in this World and I promised to serve others like you did so they too can have a better life.

Dad, if there is any favor, I must ask from you now is, happiness and joy to the family, peace to the family.

Dad I crowned you Saint John Ticha, a man of wisdom, God is sent on earth.

Dad, until we meet again, I love you.

Sincerely Your Son Celitine"


"Oh Pa John , my best Friend.

I do remember how I always sit and we convers at Kwojeoh. I do remember how you shared your food with me. I do remember how you made me to know Tonekwoh, I do remember how you showed me the land at Mbon where we use to work our farm. I always remember you when we sit with our pets eg Our cat name Camera, Jackson our dog, bobga our dog, and catchman. 

Oh Pa, I will not forget how you used to take me to "ekueh" meeting house. 

Oh Pa you are the only one I was coming and visiting at Guess House Kwojeoh.

Oh!! Oh!! It is terrible what a big loss. Pa you tought me how to love my neighbor like my self. You tought me how to share my food with someone even if it is little. 

Papa safe journey to Abraham Bosom. We will work to achieve prosperity as you tought us. While we will always think of you, we hope to meet you in the nearest future as appointment by God."


"OMG, an Iroko tree has fallen. Mr. CEO and Family accept sincere condolences from the ESOE'S and the BACDU-USA Families. We pray that God grants your family the fortitude to deal with such a huge loss.
May Papa's gentle soul rests in perfect peace with the lord. Please keep us informed about the program of events in this regard.
God bless us." Dan
"Sorrow fills my heart. Pa, I had been praying that you should come back home because I had so many historical issues to discuss with you but you have left me in the middle of the road.
Well, it is God's invitation. We have no objection to His will.
Rest is His bossom and may you answer my worries through dreams.
Family, take heart." Stephen
"OMG! What a great loss for our community and the world at large. Pa John made the world a better place. Soft spoken , kind hearted role model who inspired me as a kid. He respected the young and will always have some kind words for everyone that came across his path. Pa, we love you so much but God loved you more. May the Almighty grant you eternal rest at his bosom." Festus

Prior to receiving this shocking news our organization has been very active in the field helping members of the displaced families raise their faith and hopes for a better day by encouraging the people to come together and set SMART Goals and Action Steps to work together to develop food security programs including raising pigs, chickens and quails to feed their families and sell at the market.  In all five zones, families are working together to enhance their safety while developing their farms and independent small businesses..  After the Thanksgiving Holiday Feed The People, we brought joy and smiles on the faces of 36 children in an orphanage in ages ranging all the way from toddlers to teenagers with our surprise toy for tots project. 

We have set up five zones to better serve the local people at the lowest level in the villages in our approach to economic and financial development for the villages.  Each Zone has a director and a team of from 8 to 10 team members who come together to represent the zone.  We insist that there must be equal participation from both males and females in all decision making and goal setting to restore their lifestyle, economic development and educational system for children who have not been in school for over four years because of the Civil unrest.

We continue to monitor and encourage the women farmers in zone one who we donated 28 farm tools (hoes) to help them provide food for their families and to sell at the market to earn some cash.  We are beginning to see pictures of the pigs that werre donated to membeers of the food security project.  Pictures show that the pigs will soon be ready to cross and produce off springs that can be shared with other members for food and small business development.  Developing the Credit Union Project is still in progress and on track to open soon as each zone director is required to join a CU in his/her zone to learn how a CU operate to benefit its members which includes the benefit of submitting a proposal to start or expand a small business to become self -sufficient.

The Mayor and City Council in Mbengwi continues to collaborate and support our work in the area by providing us with office space to operate in the area.  In Appreciation for the support to our indigeneous people in the region, the community and local leaders have dedicated the Center in Mbengwi named "JRCCA AMERICAN CORNER IN MBENGWI NWR IN CAMEROON"! Popularly called (JACIM) . Currently our IT Manager for Cyber Cafe is researching and planning the development of a Cyber Cafe in each of the five zones.  Research and development is ongoing in working with each zone directors to select office space and  market the project in each zone.

We continue to network and expand our work in the Garden in California as we reach out to other African countries who have the same needs and concerns as we have in Cameroon.  Our first efforts to reach out to other countries in Africa included a zoom conference with representatives in DR Congo and the Ivory Coast.  We have applied for authorization with the Cameroon government to provide a walkie talkie network between our five zones to improve communication with zone directors.  We are supported in this venture with support from networking in the Garden in California, USA!

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Greetings All, 

We hope this report will meet you in good spirit and health. Although we are still under extreme and servere pressure to survive the many challenges that our people have had to endure for the past four years during the Civil unrest which disrupted the life styles of the people in the NW/SW Region of Cameroon, we are a faith based group of people who have hopes that we will survive. 

The Civil disruption is still ongoing with a lot of talk about being concern for our people with little action to provide human basic services such as food, clean water, medical and personal supplies while we have been in hiding in the bushes or escaped to other areas of Cameroon and to countries outside of Cameroon.  People and children are still dying and straving from lack of resources and efforts by rebels to keep our schools closed.

We are a hearty group of people and we are pressing forward despite the many and varied challenge to restore our life styles, economic development and educational system for our children who have not been able to attend formal education centers because of the Civil unrest. Children are our future and we need to provide them with the resources they need to get their education.

With the help of several organizations here in Cameroon and outside of Cameroon, we are reaching out to network and collaborate with these groups to bring information and resources that have been benefical to our organization and to the more than 200 displaced families that we are serving to develop ways to prepare for the future.  For example we have been networking with several group to provide Food Security, personal care and medical supplies for our displaced families. 

Please find below a summary list of accomplisments for the past 90 days.

Support for Farmers in TAAH Zone 1 by Donating 28 farm tools (hoes) to 30 women in Toneku village.  A women group who is providing group  farming in the TAAH Zone that would help feed many families.

Launched the Food Security Project at the JRCCA American Corner in Mbengwi to serve 5 zones in Cameroon with donation of food  supply to the Tuseh community to feed more than 38 families and children in the community in Zang Tabi village. 

Donated 12 piglets to members in the 5 zones; two piglets each to all Zonal directors of the 5 zones.Reached out to collaborate with the Rotary club of Bastos as well as met with Representative of C ASD and made request for partnership and collaboration in health care, and fundraising area of focus


  1. JRCCA Credit Union Project in Mbengwi with Barrister (Work in progress).
  2.  Launched the American corner in Mbengwi and invited the Mayor and City Council to collaborate in areas of shelter, food, technical expertise (Mayor donated office space).
  3.  Attend Weekly meetings with Garden in California and developed network and collaboration with  people in the Garden and request for economic and education partnerships. Connected with a member of the Garden to promote Honey bees project in Cameroon.
  4.   Meeting with Garden and received walkie talkies from the Garden to develop communication for our people in the jungle and requested Communication infrastructure in Mbengwi to serve the 5 zones. 
  5.   Networking with locals to create the Credit Union in Mbengwi  to serve more than 14000 people in the communities we serrve who will be encouraged to develop small businesses as a way of creating economical development to enhance our life styles.
  6.  Sent out JRCCA, JRFIUSA Corporate Sponsorship package to MTN Cameroon
  7.   Registration of 150 new JRCCA general members from all the five zones
  8. Scheduled and attend hospital visit for member for possible eye surgery in Yaounde
  9. Completed SMART Goals and Action steps for 2020-2021.
  10. Received and processed 5 proposals from the zonal directors for Food Security Development Projects.

Despite the many challenges from the Civil unrest our mission and goal has been and will continue to be to help our people survive and return to their way of life.  Hopefully this experience will teach our people how to build a better world and provide better services for our people and for our children who are the future.

We are truly grateful and appreciate all of the support that has been given our organization that will help our displaced families to enjoy a hot meal during the Holiday as we will providing a hot meal to celebrate the Western Thanksgiving Holiday and Toy for Tots for Christmas.  Our feed the hunger project for the holidays has become an annual event and this year we will be expanding to include over 30 children and staff from an orphanage here in the NW Region of Cameroon. Thank you and enjoy the holidays and stay safe!


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Despite efforts by the government to resolve the conflicts by the use of mediation and other non-violent strategies, the NW/SW regions are still unsafe for our families to return to their homes at this time.  The need for food, shelter, medical supplies and personal items still exist especially since we are having to deal with Convid-19. 

In the meantime since May 3rd 2020 through July 12th our JRCCA team and volunteers have been doing bi-weekly training online  in a virtual classroom on Zoom called NGO management and Governance course. From this course we learned more about  the background and historical concept and origin of NGOs in comparison with other forms of organizations like for-profit businesses. We now know that NGOs in Cameroon as a result of  the United Nation's Charter as defined under ARTICLE 71 of the UN charter and Cameroon law  adopted its national law  that incoporated as per  freedom of organsations and association to benefit the people and is responsible to the people they serve.

During the online course we learned rules and standard ways that will help us to fortify our ability to manage and enforce the governing rules and policies of our JRCCA NGO that will benefit the displaced families we serve;  responsibilities and responsiveness as well as implimentation of our organizatio flow chart to better manage our resources.  How to focus on our NGO vision, mission, goals and objective, strategic planning etc.. We  also received training on how to set up S.M. A. R. T GOALs that are; S- SPECIFIC. M-MEASURABLE A-ACTIONABLE R-REWARDING and T-TARGET DATE. 

We learned how to structure our groups of five(5) to ten(10)members headed by a chairperson; reinforce our committees, to ensure that the organsation be able to help raise money to make our dreams and goals reality in helping our displaced families from the NW /SW Regions in Cameroon and to overcome the hardship and poverty and provide some comfort for the Displaced families.

We appointed an online Director of JRCCA Education programs and Director of Small Biz Programs. Our team members collaborated and negotiated MOU with other organizations to provide help and services for displaced families in the NW/SW regions. For example, we have contacted an NGO based in the South West Region of Cameroon that has similar goals and objective as our NGO. Our Exeutive Board negotiated MOU with the Rotary Club in  Bastos Yaounde. Our Director  of our JRCCA small business Development programs introduced a company that will help JRCCA organsation and volunteers to develop small business entrepreneurial skills. Our NGO has successfully found an Architect who is in the process of drawing building plans for our NGO to build a low cost income housing project in Bingeula Mbankomo Yaounde.

The president of JRCCA MPC American corner in Tonekoh Meta Momo Division is solicitating a JRCCA office space from the Mbengwi city council in Momo Division NWR, with whom JRCCA have a MOU to enable our NGO to provide services to many families on the run from the META area in the jungles. The Zonal director of zone Four in Meta Mr .Charles brought to JRCCA president the Email address and the telephone number of the current Lord Mayor of Mbengwi City Council .

We have successfully and constantly been receiving our JRCCA Virtual training  using our Zoom Classrom from the chairman of JRFIUSA and the JRFIUSA Team.  With this ongoing training we are reminding every volunteers that if we stay together and work together to complete all JRCCA basic requirements we will be in a better position to help our displaced families who are victim of a conflict against their personal and private rights.  Onward and Upwards!

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Displaced families on the run
Displaced families on the run

Greetings To Supporters and Donors;

Despite many challenges world-wide which are impacting our projects in the forest of Meta with more than 29 villages in NW/SW Regions of Cameroon, Africa, we have continued to move forward to secure and distribute needed food, medical supplies and other personal items including shelter for families who have been displaced by the on-going war and conflict in the NW/SW Regions of Cameroon.  We are humble and grateful for the supplies that have been coming in to support our humanitarian projects. 

Without jobs and economic development in this area, the need is great.  We continue to pray for light at the end of the tunnel.  Our greatest need at this time is to provide support for young mothers, babies without parents and mothers who are expecting children and living under desperate and unhealthy situations in our region. They do not have wellness products available to support prenatal care, new born babies or after care at this time.

Our goal has been to continue our programs using the latest technological skills to stay in constant contact and communication with our supporters, sponsors and displaced families as well as continue our weekly training of staff to include health and wellness classes. 

For example, we are working on completing a Memorandum of Understanding between Rotary Club, Yaounde, Cameroon, John Retreat Center Cameroon Association and John Retreat Foundation International, USA. We have plans for a major summit on April 11, 2020 to launch our agreement and projects.

The Memorandum of Understanding is made and entered into by and between the above captioned parties for the purpose of defining and determining its scope as well as establishing the terms and conditions on how the above groups will work in partnership with one another.  

As defined, the parties shall work collaboratively to promote and support mutually agreed projects and activities that will cover more than 29 villages and supporting neighborhoods within a mutually agreed upon scope of cooperation despite the ongoing war, coronavirus and other challenges that may arise as we move forward to provide clean water, food, medical supplies and other basic needs for survival in our society.

As a result of the MOU, an advisory board will consider many matters such as overall strategies, marketing, conventions, tours, etc.  Requirements and Responsibilities of the advisory board members include but not limited to participating in virtual meetings, advise on project development, finances, marketing and project recognition, give advice, reach out for financial support, giving presentations, making phone calls or emails to prospects or previously giving supporters and encourgaing participation.

The Rotary Club as the partner organization is responsible for the implementation of programs designated by the supporters and sponsors.  Club members will serve on the advisory board under the MOU.

Breaking News:  Our Main Fund Raiser and Educational Workshop scheduled for April 11,2020 had to be cancelled because our government has ruled that the Coronavirus has impacted our area and we have to reduce activities which has/will create additional hardship for our displaced families who are already suffering from lack of basic humanitarian needs.  We are hoping and praying for a solution and support for our displaced families to overcome this additional hardship!


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