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Vital Emergency Fostering for Children in Ukraine

by Partnership for Every Child
Playing the learning game
Playing the learning game

Dear friends,

Winter is time of miracles, love, joy and magic in the air. And regardless the age, when it comes to Christmas season and New Year celebration many people are waiting for the dreams to come true.

Today we want to share the great memories with you, when some little, but still very important dreams turned into reality because of your help and support. There is a holiday in Ukraine when St. Nicholas brings to every obedient child the little gift, and we were happy to be his helpers on behalf of you. All children, who currently stay in short-term foster families wrote the letters and received some presents they were dreaming of: fluffy toys, ball, roller-skates, learning games, construction kits, watercolour painting set and brushes, embroidery set, mp3 player, earphones, English tutorial and different sweets.

You just should imagine how happy they were, how bright were their eyes and how sincere they were laughing. “I feel myself so happy, now I got a friend to love me”, - said little Yana* holding her new fluffy rabbit, which speaks “I love you” often. “My English will become much better with the tutorial I have dreamed about”, - the 13-years old Nastia* told. And the youngest children, who are only 6 and 7 months old kept their new toys as a treasure and smiled a lot.

Thank you very much for all your kindness and support. We know that together with your help we are able to change the live for thousands vulnerable children and make some big dream about loving and caring family come true as well.

Many of us are waiting for the winter holidays to start the life from scratch when the New Year will come. We are building plans and believe that better things will happen next year. We are making wishes and promises to ourselves; we are ready to improve ourselves to become healthier, organized, kind etc. But the true is that now as the best time for transformation. Always.

Just look around and enjoy those days! Isn`t it a miracle that all the world is dream bigger? You are the part of the wonderland. On behalf of all vulnerable children we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And please donate whatever you can afford and tell everyone you know about the little steps which change the lives.

We thank you immensely!

* All names of the children have been changed to protect confidentiality. 


With English tutorial
With English tutorial
Tiny sweets lover
Tiny sweets lover
Learning to ride a scooter
Learning to ride a scooter
Happy little Angel
Happy little Angel

The Indian summer is upon us here in Ukraine and we hope you enjoy the warm autumn days as well. As this most exciting part of the autumn approaches, we are super-eager to tell you about all of the latest success stories of the Emergency Fostering project. And here comes one of the most amazing ones! It is about a case when foster care did not just help to save a family for a child, but reunited it emotionally and strengthened it.

As Nadia gave birth at the age of 13, she and even her own mother were not prepared to accept a baby-girl into the family. First of all, there was no physical possibility for them to take care of a newborn, since the grandmother of the latter would have to work days, in order to support children and Nadia had school classes to attend. What is more, neither the young mother, nor the young granny were emotionally ready to comprehend and realize their new responsibilities and challenges they had to face.

Being desperate, Nadia and her mom had even considered giving up the baby, but, luckily, medical staff of the maternity clinic told them about the possibility of placing both girls in a foster family.

“She was sure very young and could not immediately accept her new social role, the role of a mother. However, in the foster family Nadia was away from all the factors that constantly stressed her back home: anxiousness about not being ready to take care of a little baby, fear of going back to school and having her colleagues find out about her early motherhood and so on. Now Nadia was in a friendly, safe and comfortable environment, where she started to learn what it is like to be a mom and became connected to her child”, – the project manager Larysa, commented on the case.

When Nadia and the baby returned home, everything came together. It was decided that Nadia’s grandparents would take care of their grand-granddaughter for the first years giving the 13-year-old the ability to go back to school and receive proper education. The couple lives in another town, which provides Nadia with an opportunity to avoid unnecessary talks and prejudices about her. However, they still live close enough, so Nadia is also able to visit her child.

The good of the outcome truly concerns everyone in Nadia’s family.

Firstly, Nadia’s grandparents are thrilled about having a baby in their house. “She is a little angel, our sunshine! I do not know what we would do without having her around”, – shared Nadia’s grandmother while talking about her grand-granddaughter.

Secondly, Nadia became a real parent to her small daughter, while being able to continue studying and getting full use of her potential.

Finally, Nadia’s mother had time to figure out her life as well. In the end, she found a job where she could work fewer hours, in order to pay more attention to her child and grandchild. But most importantly, the beautiful baby-girl did not become an orphan. Instead, even before being able to walk and talk, she has revitalized emotional connections and love relations in her family. Once Nadia and her mother had some time without their regular problems oppressing them, both realized what a bless it is to have a little baby in their lives.

And this miracle of birth – the rebirth of a caring and truly united family – was possible thanks to your constant support to the project.  

  • It takes less than $10 to provide accommodation and food for children like Nadia and her baby for 1 day.
  • And only $200 can keep children like Nadia and her baby in urgent need of our support safe in a safe and secure family for 1 month.

We thank you for your generosity on behalf of Nadia, her little daughter and every child in need.

* The names have been changed to protect a child's confidentiality.

Emergency foster carer
Emergency foster carer's tender arms
Going for a walk with family
Going for a walk with family
Lilia and her son
Lilia and her son

There is a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on a face. Sometimes they are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all stories is always the mother's story, because is where the beginning. Today we want to tell you the story of a young mother Lilia. She is only 15 years old. She has never had the family to take over. We find her in the very critical circumstances of her life, when she was 7 months pregnant, but most of all she wanted to change her life and to give her future child better life. "I want to be placed in emergency fostering family as soon as possible when I met them and understood that this is where I will feel save and cared fore. I wante to go there even today" - Lilia told to social workers at the first meeting. For now Lilia is staying in Bazylchuk foster family since March and her new life is already started. The most excited news are that on June 1, in International Children Day, Lilia gave birth to her son! 

Lilia lived with her mother, who was actually 4 times deprived for parental rights before and with mother’s inmate. She was throw upon her own resources, that’s why she used to miss a school, party hard and live in the street. In February, 2015 her mother died and Lilia stayed in flat with mother’s inmate, who is alcohol addicted and offended her. Lilia’s four adult sisters wanted to receive their part of the mother’s flat. She was at loss, lonely and pregnant. By initiative of Kyiv City Service for Children and Partnership for Every Child Lilia was placed to Bazylchuk foster family. Because of foster carers help, attention and open hearts Lilia passed the rehabilitation programme, started to go to school regularly and finished the parenting training programme. "She is very rational, hard-headed and motivated girl", - Natalia Bazylchuk said.

On June 1 Lilia gave birth to a baby boy. How happy she is! Her eyes are bright, she is optimistic and believe in better future for her and her little angel. In Bazylchuk foster carers family the young mother feels safe and protected. She learns what does the real support means and how to build her life. "When I came back from the maternity clinic Natalia and Anatolii gave me a key of their flat. It was so touching and exiciting. I have never had my own key of any place. They really trust me and it makes me feel strong", - said Lilia.

Now we are doing our best to find the new family for Lilia and her son, to protect her housing rights. The story of little boy has already began. And we sure that with your support it will be the happy one. You can donate 28$ and it is really make the difference in not only Lilia’s life but in her son life. That’s impossible to save everyone. But foster carers give a change to change everything in children lives they cares about. Thank you all for your support and please don't let your generosity end. Help us raise awareness by simply spreading the word and sharing this report through your network, tell your friends about the project. Together we can make this world a better place.

The name has been changed to protect a child's confidentiality.

Learning with foster carer Natalia
Learning with foster carer Natalia
Presents for young mother
Presents for young mother
Happy family after the reunion
Happy family after the reunion

Dear Friends, spring greetings from Ukraine!

Easter is approaching in a few days and we want to share some really exciting news with you. As you probably know, currently Ukrainian people suffer from military conflict in Eastern regions and we have difficulties and issues connecting with that process. Our present day story is about short-term foster carers who providet care and moral support for two girls and helpes to rescue them from life threatening experience.

«You cannot imagine how scary it is there for all, especially for children, – commented  about events in Luhansk region professional journalists Maksym and Oksana*, «there is no sense for our family to return back».

Two Russian-speaking chatterboxes – 12-year old Sasha and 9-year old Katya along with their father Maksym and mother Oksana moved from the “war zone in Luhansk region” to “peaceful” Kharkiv in autumn last year. The family rented an apartment, the children went to school and their parents got wrapped into dangerous journalism: «as there shall be someone, who will provide real truth about events in Luhansk region». However, life changes things: it has become dangerous for Sasha and Katya to stay in Kharkiv in the beginning of February 2015 due to professional activities of their parents, as the family received numerous threats. Afterwards came the worrying overnight move to a place where the children would feel safe.

Thus, Sasha and Katya temporarily “went for a visit” to a short-term fostering family under the parents’ consent to Natalia and Anatoliy in Kyiv. «Your parents are genuine heroes, as they returned to work in order to save lives of others”, – said Nataliya to the children, – “and you are small heroes too, as you can keep secrets».

Seventeen days have turned Sasha’s and Katya’s visit into meaningful walks, amusement and interesting ways of conceiving Kyiv. «The children are very interesting, curious and it may seem sometimes that they “got more mature” from that “unpeaceful life”, since they have always been concerned whether their mother and father would come back, whether they were fine» (an abstract from the dairy of short-term foster parent Natalia). «I have been impressed by an open dialogue with older Sasha, in particular, who seemed to be very heart-pounding and chatterbox Katyusha and... trusting “secret” conversations about everything, everything, everything.»

There were tears and emotional rollercoaster and anger – “and that’s is normal” – as psychologist testified, who managed to hold several meetings with girls. «We adults do not comprehend what is going through such a small child's soul in the daily expection of a phone call and command: "packing your cloth and go home tomorrow, everything is good, the danger has gone."»

Hurray! There is the long-awaited Dad on the verge of foster carer’s apartments... then shared dinner and several hours on the road. And the girls’ call and a sincere «Thank you so much, Natasha, we already miss you much and could we call you again?»

Our team thank you all for supporting this project so that the children in our care are able to “get back” to their common family life after being knocked down by the difficulties sometimes caused by the most incredible reasons. We are looking forward to sharing our further updates with you and grateful to you all again for the happy ending and support.

May all the choicest blessings of the world be showered upon you and fill your life with delight. Happy Easter!


* The names have been changed to protect a child's confidentiality.

Family patronage results (March, 2015)
Family patronage results (March, 2015)
Vita post-hospital in July & before school in Sept
Vita post-hospital in July & before school in Sept

They cannot save the whole world, but they can surely make the one they live in better. Since 2010 the Gursky family – our real-life fostering superheroes – have provided care and support for 10 children. All of them were in need of urgent protection due to domestic or parental issues which prevented them from living at home for a certain period of time. Their saga continued: by the end of June 2014 with the help of your generous donations Tetyana and Taras Gursky have managed to save 18-month-old Matviy from going into an orphanage, and at the beginning of July 2014 they were helping another child, 12-year-old Vita*.

On June 12th Vita was delivered to the Burn Unit of the Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital with electric shock after falling down from the train carriage wagon. "The last picture on Vita’s phone was a self-taken photo of her standing on the stairs of a waggon with the danger arrow clearly seen on the background. She must have climbed further on top of the waggon for another photo and most probably got caught in wires where electric voltage was over 20,000 V” – Mrs Gurska recalls that tragic day. The girl suffered a fracture of the frontal skull bone, brain contusion, lung injury and numberless electrothermal burns of the head, neck, trunk, right arm and leg (48% of the girl’s body surface). “The doctors did not guarantee any positive outcomes at all”Tetyana adds. But after a skull surgery and restorative skin treatment in a month’s time Vita was placed in foster care with the Gursky.

“This would not have happened had the girl be looked after and not be neglected”, – says project worker Larysa.“Vita was living with her father and aunt who barely made ends due to disability and temporary jobs with insufficient earnings. Three adult brothers have left home ages ago, and not much is  known about Vita’s mother. The girl and her relatives withhold most of the information about her. Vita was told to be seen on her own or with a bunch of boys, hanging around abandoned construction sites, industrial areas or engine sheds.”

When Vita met the Gursky for the first time she was all covered in bandages “stuck to her open wounds and scars”. On top of providing a safe and secure loving home, the Gursky took immediately to ensuring the girl was on a quick mend and speedy recovery: applying ointments, changing bandages, treating the wounds and skin grafts. Positive atmosphere, emotional support and rehabilitation were needed for Vita to return back to normal life and to restore her relations with the family. “The child seemed to suffer from the situation that prevailed in the family; she was living in a hope to change everything for the better and to eventually see her Mom”, - Tetyana Gurska says. In September Vita started local Jewish community school that supported the girl immensely. Vita’s healthy glowing look wouldn’t even give the accident away but for the short hair that remained after the June surgery. On October 18th Vita overcame a three-month threshold of staying in foster care with the Gursky. While case workers are looking into improving Vita’s Dad employment opportunities, tracing Vita’s Mom – unfortunately caught in the middle of a full-scale war actions in the East of Ukraine where she lives – remains impossible.

“I keep saying to Vita: not all the time everything in life goes according to the plan, but we have to stay strong and to accept the reality as it is. No matter how many times you get knocked down, keep getting back up”, - Taras Gursky sums up. On behalf of Vita and the looked-after children like her we thank you all for supporting this project so that the children in our care can “get back” after being knocked down by the difficulties, abuse and neglect, get the best start in life and have a chance to reach their full potential. Please don't let your generosity end - help us raise awareness by simply spreading the word and sharing this report through your network. Wherever there is a human being, there is always an opportunity for a kindness.


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