Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children

by Himalayan Children's Charities
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Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children
Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children
Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children
Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children
Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children
Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children
Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children
Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children
Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children
Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children
Education+care+mentorship for 100 Nepali children

Currently, Himalayan Children’s Charities is supporting 81 students in this program. The majority of these students live with surviving family members and receive direct financial support through scholarships. Nine students in our program are currently unable to live with their families, and we have placed them in well-vetted boarding schools that are close to their families and communities of origin. Eight students are receiving support to complete their Bachelor's Degree.

In summer 2021, HCC began a community relief project related to the food shortages and further hardships experienced during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Currently 106 students and their families are receiving food support and essential school supplies.

In mid-December 2021, HCC Nepal staff Mun Maya and Laxmi, along with Angela and Ram (HCC university students / HCC-Nepal interns from Kathmandu), traveled through the rural areas of Dhading district to visit scholarship recipients, boarding school students, and newly selected studentsand their families. 

During this trip, the team were able to meet with 65 students and distributed;

  • Regular scholarship funds, family support stipends, and school stationery supplies as well as extra COVID-19 relief support and personal care items including masks, soap, and sanitizer. 
  • Warm winter socks, caps and muffler to 65 students 
  • Menstrual pads to 50 mothers and female students 
  • Menstrual cups to 20 mothers and female students 

Emotional, academic and career counseling to the parents and students in grade 10 and above and provided information regarding applying to HCC Higher Education Scholarship Program for future study. 

Roman and Kiran* are confident and smart students. Roman is 15 years old and Kiran is 12 years old and they study in grade 10 and grade 7 respectively. They live with their father, step-mother and half sister in the village. Their father works as a teacher whereas their step-mother is a housewife. They both had online classes only for sometime during lockdown, however neither the teacher nor the students found it effective. Both the boys are doing excellent in their studies and are in the top 5 students of their class. They learned computer typing and helped their mother and father in the household chores and field during lockdown. They both did practical mushroom farming during lockdown as they are interested in experimenting with new things. They also like acting and take part in dramas in school as well. Roman aims to become a successful actor in the future. Kiran likes working on the computer during his free time. He involves himself in editing videos and photos on the computer. He aims to become a video editor in the future. The boys  say- “We regard you as a God in our life who supported us in our worst times and we are  grateful for your support and care.”

HCC youth Angela shares her experience from the field: It was a great opportunity for me to travel to rural Dhading with HCC Nepal to help to record the updates of the students. It was my first time going to see the children, and it was my privilege to know more about the work done by my older sisters and brothers through HCC Nepal in Dhading. This trip gave me an opportunity to connect with each student I met, and I saw myself in them. Seeing hundreds of students like me with different obstacles made me feel lucky for the beautiful opportunities I have in life. I learned many lessons from the students, too. Listening to their stories and the difficulties they faced in everyday life made me emotional. I was happy to represent HCC Nepal and make a ripple effect in the lives of the students there. The smile and joy I saw in each student's eyes after receiving their scholarships and material support gave me a high level of satisfaction. Apart from this, being the district that I am originally from, I was happy to explore Dhading and learn about the lifestyles of different people. I thank HCC Nepal for making me a part of this beautiful trip.

Rina's* mother says-'' I gave birth to my daughter but you and your organization are her guardians who are taking care of her education and other needs. Thank you, and please keep supporting her and other kids like her.``

When she came to visit us she was in so much trauma. She told us that she lost her older son this year in a tractor accident. He used to work  as a tractor driver to support the family and during the monsoon season due to heavy rainfall and flood he got buried in soil and his dead body was never found. We promised her that we will continue to support her daughter until she stays at school and does well in her studies.

All the families of the supported students who came across were grateful and said that the support of the organization has made a positive impact in their lives. 

And this positive impact in the life of these students wouldn’t have been possible without you sponsors and donors. All the credit goes to you all. Thank you so much for supporting Himalayan Children’s Charities.  


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Currently, we are supporting 191 students in this program. 182 of these students live with surviving family members and receive direct financial support through scholarships. Another 106 low-income students are receiving essential school supplies through this program. For the  9 students in our program who are currently unable to live with their families, we have placed them in well-vetted boarding schools that are close to their families and communities of origin. 

In early October 2021, Himalayan Children’s Charities co-founder Bruce Keenan and HCC Nepal staff (Dinesh, Laxmi, and Mun Maya) made a trip, along with HCC student interns from Kathmandu, to the Dhading and Rasuwa districts to meet supported children and their families. 

At one rural school in the Dhading district, we distributed clothes, school supplies (backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencil cases, etc.), and personal care items to 109 low-income students. Due to the need of students in the area, and the positive response by the community, we are planning to continue this school supply distribution program annually. In the future, we look forward to incorporating more holistic services, including community building activities, health camps,leadership training, and academic counseling in this community as well. 

In mid-December 2021, HCC Nepal staff will travel throughout the rural areas to visit our scholarship recipients and boarding school students. 

Update on New Scholarship Recipients

Sita* is the eldest of five siblings. She is 12 years old and is in grade 4. She helps to care for her four younger siblings. Shyam* is 10 years old and is in grade 2, and Ram* is 8 years old and studies with his twin sisters Tina* and Rina*, who are 4 years old, at the nearby early childhood education center. 

After the unexpected and tragic death of their young mother, their father has struggled with his mental health, and the family has plunged into extreme poverty. Despite the unimaginably challenging circumstances of this family, HCC is working today to keep these five children with surviving family members. The children are doing their best to succeed in school, and HCC is working closely with their family, school staff, and community leaders to make sure that they have the resources and opportunities they need to stay engaged in school, and safe from the risks they face as children in rural Nepal who are orphaned, impoverished, and from a marginalized indigenous community. 

*Names changed

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Thank you for being part of the HCC family during the time of crisis. Because of you, all of our 232 students are safe and healthy at home with their family members and caretakers. 

Currently, 191 students and their 93 families are being supported in HCC’s rural programs: 

  • NEW: 106 students and their 53 families are now supported by our new COVID relief initiative, receiving regular food aid and school supplies for children:
    • food packages include: rice, lentils, beans, salt, sugar, and cooking oil
    • School supplies: notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners
  • ONGOING: 85 school-age students are enrolled in the continuing HCC rural scholarship and mentorship program, 11 of whom  are living at local boarding schools with our support.

In Nepal, the second wave of COVID-19 has affected people of all ages severely. With a higher rate of infections and death among parents and caregivers, many children have been left orphaned, food insecurity is rampant, and most children remain out-of-school. 

Considering these growing concerns, HCC has been working closely with the local government to supplement their efforts. In the last few months, HCC has twice distributed COVID relief food aid packages to more than 50 families in the rural Dhading district. In addition, HCC has committed to providing school supplies to 106 students of Benighat, Dhading for the next 5 years. Regular monitoring of the well-being, academic progress, and household conditions of the 85 already enrolled students is taking place as well.

Our work is only possible with your support and dedication. Thank you. 




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 It has been over a year now since COVID-19 restrictions have been negatively affecting our students, who already face so many obstacles. While most schools had resumed classes by the end of 2020, Nepal is again facing lockdowns and school closures with rising case numbers and a second wave on the horizon. And with issues of school dropout, trafficking, and child marriage on the rise in our communities here, it’s more important than ever to keep supporting the at-risk children in our program. For now, all of our RESP students are very happy to be back in school and continuing their studies. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued to visit and speak on the phone with each of our students, making sure that they have everything they need to be safe, continue their studies, and stay hopeful for the future. 

In mid January, our HCC Nepal staff travelled to three places in the rural, mountainous Dhading district to meet with students - some of them for the first time since the pandemic shutdowns. During this trip, our staff was able to meet 44 students and their guardians and teachers. We distributed scholarship funds for the year, warm winter clothes and school stationery supplies, as well as extra COVID-19 relief support, personal care items, and toys for enjoyment. The stationary, winter clothes, personal care products, and toys were prepared by HCC’s highschool students in Kathmandu into nice gift packages for each child to receive. 

As a team, we are enjoying our work helping children who are in similar positions to what we once faced and being role models for them. We feel like we are making positive changes in the lives of these children and in our country, and we are grateful for that opportunity. Thank you everyone for making this possible through all your hard work and dedication to support this noble cause.

Thank you to everyone who has helped our program to sustain. Because of you, we are able to reach out to the students who are in need and help them to deal with the problems that they face. The students in our program feel more secure knowing that they have our support. They know that we are always only a phone call and a bus ride away, that we understand what they are going through, and that we are here to help them succeed and reach their potential. With each visit, we become closer with our students, and are better able to help them succeed and reach their full potential.

RESP Scholarship Distribution Program:Provided yearly amounts of support for the students in the Lower Dhading, Katunge and Upper Dhading. 

HCC Higher EducationScholarship Orientation:We oriented and provided counseling to grade 10 and above RESP students about the HCC Higher Education Scholarship Program. We also  handed application forms and encouraged them to  go through it and fill out the form and send it to us. 

Books and Stationaries:We provided stationery items such as packs of pencils, pens, pencil colors, erasers, sketch books, copies and rulers to all students to help them in academic performance. 

Warm winter clothes: Considering the winter season and cold weather, we provided a pair of warm socks, woolen cap, muffler, tracksuit, undergarments, and handkerchief for each child in Dhading.This will help children to stay warm and go to school. 

Personal Hygiene:We provided personal hygiene items such as cold cream, soap, hair oil, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, vaseline cream, lipcare, masks and sanitizer. 

Individual written update, photos and videos:We interviewed all the students to know about their present situation, school update, way of living and the things that they learned during the lockdown.  The main purpose of interviewing the student were to: 

  • Assess the well-being, academic progress, and household conditions of each child
  • Ensuring that HCC funds are being used properly (i.e. for the care and education of the child)
  • Collecting useful long-term data (qualitative and quantitative) to assess the efficacy of the RESP program; 
  • Collecting useful information and updated photos to share with sponsors. 

*Seema is currently studying in Grade.9. She is a hardworking and determined student. Currently she lives in a school hostel along with other HCC students. She is the oldest of all the HCC students living at the hostel, and she helps to take care of the younger children. Seema and the other HCC students at the school were able to continue their studies this year, despite the lockdowns and school closures, because of your support. Seema is a loving and caring older sister. 

Last month the school conducted an English Debate Competition and she stood on 3rd position. This is amazing, as she did not speak English before HCC began supporting her education 5 years ago.  She is a top ranking student in her 9th grade class and in her first terminal examination she secured 3.65 GPA! We are so happy to see Seema’s academic and extracurricular achievements.

*Meena is 12 years old and is currently studying in Grade.7. She is excellent in her academic performance and also active in extracurricular activities. She stands in 1st position in her class, and we are so proud of her for this! Her favorite subject in her school is Science. She is also a very good singer, and enjoys singing at school events and community gatherings. 

The pandemic was not easy for her, and she was disappointed and frustrated to be out of school for so long. Nonetheless, Meena was able to engage herself in meaningful activities such as helping her family in the village with household chores, reading story books, drawing and coloring, playing with dolls and jumping rope, and exploring nearby areas with her friends. But she missed her school and friends badly. These days, she is happy and excited to go to her school. It has already been 5 months since her school opened, and she is attending her classes regularly. 

*names has been changed

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We would like to thank all our supporters for being part of the HCC family! Because of your sponsorship and dedication, 2020 was a year of growth and accomplishments for HCC, and academic successes and new milestones for our students. 

Since schools in Nepal closed at the end of March 2020, we have been working hard to make sure that each of our students don’t fall behind in their education. We’ve made special arrangements with school principals for continued in-person classes, arranged for online class attendance (no small feat in rural Nepal), and continuously mentored and problem-solved via phone calls and visits with our students, including those who are without access to either in-person or virtual classroom instruction. Though not ideal, the government has also been broadcasting basic lessons for each grade level over the television and radio, providing some learning material for students in remote areas.Since November, schools across rural Nepal have started reopening, and as of late December 2020 the majority of schools attended by children in our program are open.

In early December, HCC Nepal staff (Dinesh, Laxmi and Mun Maya) made a trip to the Kavre district to meet supported children and their family.

Siblings Prakiriti, Prastuti and Prastut are doing well in their studies and are happy to be back at their school and with their friends. Prakirti studies in grade 5, Prastuti studies in grade 8 (and is currently studying for her upcoming exams) and Prastut studies in grade 1. They enjoy being outside and exploring different and new places. Other than going on adventures together, their favorite things to do during their leisure time are to make tik tok videos, read storybooks and watch movies, play games, sing and dance. When they grow up, Prakriti wants to be a doctor, Prastuti wants to be a singer and Prastut wants to be a policeman and serve the nation.

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