May 9, 2013

Three stories from school hygiene promotion

As we started the hygiene promotion for the selected schools, which accepted the Syrian refugee students, and had problems such as the capacity of latrines and hygiene awareness; we began the teachers’ training sessions, followed by students’ sessions and hygiene kits distribution.

Upon our visit to conduct the students’ session in Alhamraa Secondary School for girls in Almafraq province, the teacher named Nisreen who held the students’ session prepared four groups of 16-year-old girls, each group had their own name “butterflies, flowers, seagulls and Youth of the Future”.


The teacher  start to handed them papers with different colors after she finished conducting the session, each group had a task to be accomplished, they wrote on pieces of papers different diseases types (definition, symptoms, methods of transmission and prophylaxis) inspired from our secondary hygiene promotion booklet. The result was an interesting collage that can be used in the school passages and it can be good brief information for all people together with our distributed posters.

One girl of them said “My ambition now is to be a model in increasing awareness in water conservation and health care especially hygiene care in my home and in my school”.


“To attract the young students attention and to get the maximum benefit of hygiene awareness” teacher Abdulla proclaim in the followed school visit Albowyada primary school for boys, the teacher prepared an interesting play held by two students. This play was based on our hygiene primary booklet, which is the story about Sarah and Ahmed.

“There is no soap in my school but from now on I have my own soap and I’m going to use it after the toilet and before eating”. A 10-year-old child who received hygiene kits from JEN proclaims so and he was so happy that he offered a candy to express how thankful he was.

It is nice to spread the spirit of hygiene, cooperation, joy and happiness in these schools.

We are so grateful for the support of Japan Platform and Contributors and for all JEN supporters.


Feb 14, 2013

NFI distribution is completed.

The storage and packing space for the clothing
The storage and packing space for the clothing

JEN's been completed the winter cloth distribution in the Zattari Camp on 15 Jan.

Here's the story of our support, how we have managed to distribute for 4000families.


*** *** *** *** ***

With the harsh Jordanian winter closing in, a number of refugees are arriving at the camp every day and they stand in long line for refugee registration for hours. In order to aid refugees in wintering in the daily swelling camp, given support from a Japanese company, JEN is ensuring to supply 200,000 articles of clothing along with UNHCR.

Receiving word that the arrival date of the cargo of clothing was fixed, we went off today to make sure a storehouse is ready to keep the clothing. A total of 200,000 articles of clothing that JEN is going to distribute this time will be carried into the storehouse. Now, JEN is finalizing how to distribute the clothing in the camp along with UNHCR.

JEN is also preparing for the distribution based on JEN’s own survey data (family structure, necessary items and head-count)1 so that it may be able to hand the clothing smoothly on the day. JEN will first distribute the clothing to refugees in the Zattari camp in mid-December and then in other Jordanian camps one after another. JEN not only engages in distributing the clothing but also, sharing up-to-the-minute information with U.N. agencies and other countries’ organizations, continues to play a coordinating role as a general coordinator for clothing distribution in Jordan.


The storehouse for clothing to be carried into

The storage and packing space for the clothing that UNHCR and JEN distribute

All that remains is to wait for the arrival of the clothing.


JEN holds a meeting with UNHCR and a storehouse management company to discuss how to bring in and sort the clothing. JEN carefully tests distribution procedure so that the distribution can be processed smoothly. Footnote 1. The survey was carried out along with ACTED, a French NGO, by visiting and interviewing each household in the camp in person.

JEN will provide hygine education both in the camp and the host families from Jan 2013 onwards, with the support of UNICEF. Now the needs assessment is on going.

Please support!

More than 200 patterns were assembled!
More than 200 patterns were assembled!
Right after the distribution, look at kids!
Right after the distribution, look at kids!
Call family name one by one.
Call family name one by one.


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