Mountains of hope childrens ministries

Mission statement: Empowering communities who work to ensure that children growing up in poverty get good health and an excellent education. . Founding principles:To efficiently respond to the urgent needs of orphans and vulnerable children and the communities they live in through offering formal education to them by paying for them school fees, and provision of other scholastic materials like school uniforms, we believe that education is one of the fundamentals of success
Feb 9, 2016

Joy in James' family

James tries out the bike
James tries out the bike

James' family has never received this kind of joy before, ever since his father beat up his mother to the exctent of making her one eyed, the family has been in pain and felt as if life was useless. Today, when you talk of a happy family in James' village, they will point you at James' family. Thank you very much Brooke for causing a smile in the family that had taken over five years with out a smile.

With your support of $700, we have got them the items which include 2 matresses each of 6 inch, 4 bedsheets, 2 for each of them, 5 pairs of trousers and shirts for James, shoes for James, a bike to enable James reach school early, the school is about 5 kilometers ride away from James' home, a blanket for James.

5pairs of dresses for the mother, a blanket, a 6 inch materess, shoes, sandles for the mum, part of the money balance has been given to the family to buy nutritious food to boost on the already available little food.

They will never forget this day, thank you very much.

Mum tries out the sandles
Mum tries out the sandles
James and the mum
James and the mum
Feb 9, 2016

Steady progress


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, we celebreated ours with lots of fun, we had some pork chops, drinks and rice, thank you for your help.

One of the things we are embarking on this year is real establishment of strong income generating projects, and one of it will be to sell the pork fats, pork fats are used to make soap and other products, the community will be using them as well as other companies around the place, another source is through training community members and other organizations to rear pigs for commercial purposes, the companies will be paying us some ammount for facilitators and the venue, this is expected to boost on the sponsorship and donation money.

All this success is counted on your support, your monthly giving counts alot, you made Sharon go to school last year and she is soon completing her nursing course, you made Gerald complete his scondary school education, you created impact in the whole community where we work, heaps.

Jan 6, 2016

James is bright


Thanks for your generous monthly donations for James' education and medical requirements, James and family are doing well and happy because of your support, James has not missed class lessons ever since you started sponsoring him, James' mothers' health is improving because she doesnt need to move long distances selling pancakes and local brew, she is soon setting up a family business to help supplement on the sponsorship, but gues what? she is saving little money monthly to set it up.

"Am very grateful for the support we are now receiving, I didnt know that one day, we will also be remembered"

James pased his examinations and has been promoted to Grade five in his school, his school is called Ebenezer Junior school here in Uganda," he is a very bright boy, his grades were among the best in the whole class"-Class teachers report,Ann

James will become a doctor if he continues getting support from you, he wants to become one, teachers will continue giving him caree guidance as times goes on. Thank you for making a change in James' community

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