Mar 12, 2012

2 Days in the Lifecycle of a Fruit Tree Nursery

March 2012: 

In his Tree Distribution Report, Project Manager Abderrahim Ouarghidi explains that in February 22,000 walnut and cherry trees were distributed to families from 2 fruit tree nurseries established by HAF in 2010. Beginning with 25,000 walnut trees and 20,000 cherry trees, these nurseries have been carefully managed for 2 years, now providing 43 villages with trees of their own. 

Due to poor growing conditions last year (snow that arrived at a later than optimal time), a number of cherry trees were lost, leaving only 6000 ready to be distributed. The remaining 7500 cherry trees will be kept in the nursery for another year to be re-grafted next year and then distributed. Those 7500 trees will benefit 300 households in the 12 villages which did not receive trees this year.

This nursery project was considered a successful training program for the villagers who learned all of the necessary skills of upkeep, pruning, grafting, etc. leading up to receiving trees of their own. 

The whole process of distributing the trees took 2 days. Cherry and walnut saplings were transferred from the nurseries where they had been raised, bagged, accounted for, and then transported to their new homes in remote douars (villages). The attached photo collage of the walnut tree distribution shows just how remote these areas are, some of the people who participated in this enormous task, and finally the farmers awaiting delivery of the new trees which they know will transform their lives.

Mar 12, 2012

Project update - Building Partnerships

MARCH 2012

This combined Morocccan Jewish and Muslim Community project is expected to be the first HAF project to take place in the Province of Essaouira, which is a different region, with different soil, less water, a different population, and different challenges in addressing poverty issues. Therefore, we need to identify different solutions.

Because the soil, climate, terrain, and growing conditions are completely different, studies have been underway to identify the trees to plant, suppliers of saplings and to further clarify the technical aspects of the project, even as new partnerships are being developed with local authorities and communities.  

At the same time, because this is to be a pilot project, a lot of careful planning is being put into essentially creating a large, kingdom-wide project, with this as only the first step.

Partnership is always important to the success of development projects, and so we are at the stage of bringing together groups, building trust, and preparing the way for the next steps to come.


Stay tuned ...


Mar 12, 2012

Sami's Project Jan-Feb 2012


February 2012 update: Project Coordinator Ouafa Elbargui reports that a partnership agreement has been signed between HAF and the Education Ministry’s Al Haouz Province Délégué (provincial representative) to extend Sami’s Project to 4 more elementary schools and 1 middle school in Al Haouz Province, planting 100 trees per school.

January 5, 2012 Sami’s Project launch, Tahanaout, Al Haouz Province, MOROCCO

On January 5th at the Al Kairaouane School in Tahanaout, Al Haouz Province, HAF’s staff accompanied the El Kouhen family for the inauguration of the wonderful project Trees for Kids: Sami’s Project, inspired by loving memories of their 3-year-old son Sami who, before losing his battle with cancer 5 years ago, had already shown his love for the outdoors even at such an early age.

Sami’s Project teaches elementary school students the numerous benefits that trees can bring to a community and then trains them in how to plant and maintain trees in their school yards. The eventual fruits of the trees (olive and orange) will benefit the school.

The Al Kairaouane School’s teachers, the Education Ministry’s representative Mr. Abdeljalil Maarouf, Mr. Mohammed Elaarabi El Aiadi (the Pasha), community members, and members of local associations all came together with HAF to join the El Kouhen family in this first planting of trees with schoolchildren. First, Hajja Jamila Agzit (a member of the Friends of Toubkal National Park Association) showed the students slides, as she explained the important role of a tree in preserving the environment. Following several student recitals, HAF’s vice president M. Larbi Didouqen explained Sami’s Project and described the environmental and economic benefits of fruit trees, M. Rachid El Kouhen and his 10-year-old daughter Lina explained their objectives for this project, and then the Pasha joined them in planting the first tree.

The students were shown how to position, plant and water a tree. They all participated wholeheartedly and cooperatively, forming small groups to plant each tree under the careful guidance of agricultural technicians.

During the afternoon school session, the older students participated in planting more trees, and the planting continued over the next two days until all 300 fruit trees were planted.

As the photos demonstrate, the children worked hard to plant these new trees which will soon transform the empty sections of their schoolyard into a shady, nurturing environment, providing lessons and fruits for many years to come.

We invite you to sponsor Trees for Kids in memory of Sami or another beloved child.

See attached photo collage showing results.

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