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Jul 28, 2015

Nepal Earthquake - 3 months later


July 25 marked three months since a magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit central Nepal. The 8 million people affected by the quake and aftershocks include 3.2 million children. World Vision is working with government, other aid groups, and communities to see that children are cared for and protected.

 World Vision has assisted more than 133,000 people with relief goods and services such as Child-Friendly Spaces and Temporary Learning Centers, where children are attending classes until their schools are repaired or rebuilt.

“We’re nearly finished with our relief efforts [and are] moving into the recovery phase,” says World Vision’s response manager, Judy Moore.

 Recent monsoon rains have led to an increase in landslides and flooding that is making it hard for aid agencies to reach isolated mountain villages. Shelter, clean water and sanitation, food, healthcare, and protection still are among the greatest needs. The work of rebuilding and restoration will continue for a minimum of two years.

Please watch this video: From the mouths of youngest Nepal earthquake survivors. Hear about what children experienced and how they've started to rebound after the Nepal Earthquake, thanks to the help of World Vision's emergency response supported by donors like you.


Jun 29, 2015

60-day Report

On April 25, 2015, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, with an epicenter about 50 miles from Kathmandu. Less than three weeks later, another quake of the same magnitude struck there, followed by a string of aftershocks that slowed recovery efforts. More than 8 million people were affected, including at least 950,000 children. Thanks to the generosity of partners like you, World Vision was able to immediately respond by distributing essential items and setting up areas where children could feel safe ad cared for.


One day after the first earthquake, World Vision deployed teams to assess the situation and to address the greatest needs of people impacted by the disaster. Among the more than 8 million people affected:

• 8,832 died, and 22,309 were injured.

• At least 950,000 children need assistance; those who are left homeless are especially vulnerable.

• 805,670 homes were partially or completely destroyed, impacting more than 3 million people.

• More than 3.5 million people need food.

In mid-June, a monsoon in eastern Nepal began spreading over the rest of the country, resulting in landslides and flooding in two districts, killing more than 38 people. If this situation continues, we are facing a high possibility of another crisis in already-affected areas and loss of access to communities where we are working.



After identifying the greatest needs, World Vision’s response efforts are focusing on the following priorities: shelter; water, sanitation, and hygiene; food; health; child protection; and education. Our efforts also will integrate teaching communities to decrease risk in future disasters.

World Vision’s two-year response will target 152,500 people across seven districts in central and western Nepal—a target that may increase based on changing needs and resources.



World Vision’s efforts have reached 79,312 people, as of the end of June. Because of partners like you, World Vision accomplished the following:

 Emergency shelters and construction

• Distributed 24,587 tarps and ropes and 4,692 corrugated galvanized iron sheets to build temporary shelters.

• Educated survivors about building safer, sturdier homes.


Essential supplies

• Distributed 21,036 sleeping mats, 22,919 blankets, and 6,468 solar lamps.

• Provided 18,583 mosquito nets to protect people from malaria.


Child protection

• Established 31 Child-Friendly Spaces, serving 3,306 children. These spaces provide children with opportunities to play sports and games, learn life skills, and receive psychosocial care through creative activities.


Water, sanitation, and hygiene

• Distributed 10,833 hygiene kits, 12,347 water containers, and 9,998 buckets.

• Provided more than 3 million water purification tablets to ensure people have access to clean water.

• Set up four latrines in one Child-Friendly Space.


Food assistance

• Provided 1,495 families with food, including rice, beans, cooking oil, and salt.



In addition to continuing emergency distributions and focusing on child protection, World Vision will start planning for long-term recovery and rehabilitation efforts.

 Activities include the following:

• Implementing paid work activities so people can contribute to their communities’ recovery as well as benefit from cash payments

• Transition Child-Friendly Spaces in the Kathmandu Valley to learning centers as children return to school, providing them with safe spaces to resume their education while schools are being rebuilt



People in Nepal face a long road to recovery. However, with your partnership, World Vision is committed to helping them rebuild their communities. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.



1) Ho Seung Yang, CEO of World Vision Korea visits Bungmati, one of the most affected areas in Lalitpur. He also visited the Child friendly Space set up by World Vision in Khokana.

2) 16-year-old Robin (left) lost his parents, his uncle and cousin in the Nepal earthquake. Now he lives with his uncle’s family in the temporary shelter built by them. "I lost my brothers and daughter in one moment. Now all we have is each other. Robin lives with me as my own son," says Ramkrishna. Robin and Ramkrishna Bhandari’s families are among the 3081 households who received relief materials consist of WASH kit, Non-Food Item kit, Hygiene kit and Shelter kit through World Vision's Response. 1245 solar lamps have been distributed too.

3) The remnants of what were once houses of the local residents of Phulpingkot, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. Sindhupalchowk is one of the worst affected areas by the earthquake.

4) Using the Last Mile Mobile Solutions (LMMS) system, which uses wireless devices to track and monitor beneficiaries and distributions, World Vision distributed various Non Food Items including hygiene kit in Bungmati Village Development Committee today.

May 28, 2015

Distribution Update May 26, 2015

Ramkot VDC Kathmandu Blanked Distribution
Ramkot VDC Kathmandu Blanked Distribution

Thank you so much for all who are supporting the Nepal Earthquake response!


Nepal earthquake: One month on, aid flowing, need still great

May 26, 2015


It has been a month since a magnitude-7.8 earthquake dealt a crushing blow to central Nepal and set off a series of damaging aftershocks. More than 8,600 people have died, making this the deadliest disaster on record for the Himalayan country of 26 million people. Approximately 750,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed.

By May 18, World Vision had reached more than 35,000 people with aid; 100,000 have been targeted for the initial phase of the response. Twelve Child-Friendly Spaces are providing opportunities for recreation and learning for about 900 children.

Many families still need assistance with food, shelter, and household supplies so they can weather the monsoon season, which should be in full force by the middle of June. In the long term they need help to rebuild their livelihoods and construct safer, earthquake-resistant homes and schools.






World Vision and military distributing relief item
World Vision and military distributing relief item
Kids playing under their new tarps
Kids playing under their new tarps

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