Mar 24, 2020

Support distance education for unprivileged youths

In these challenging times, the main focus of the Step for Bulgaria Foundation and the volunteers we work with is to support underprivileged youth in the process of transitioning to distance learning.

For most of the students we work with, this is the first meeting with various forms of online learning. They do not have the necessary skills and knowledge to work with digital tools. At the same time, for some of the students, virtual classroom meetings are the only way to communicate with their trusted loved ones. Virtual meetings are an opportunity for students to calm down and balance their emotions in a precarious situation.

That is why we use all our expertise to support teachers in enhancing students' digital knowledge and skills.

On the other hand, we have created a program for developing digital job application skills. Over 60 students will have the opportunity to complete a simulation of a remote selection process - complete an online application form, perform psychological tests, have a virtual room interview, and complete a practical task developing their skills for work with Google tools.

The whole team of Step for Bulgaria Foundation considers the current situation as an opportunity for the vulnerable students we work with to develop very important skills and knowledge for their future career development.


For the final - we want to share photos and inspiration from one of the most exciting events we have organized over the last three months. With students, we had the opportunity to visit an aircraft repair hangar. Along with the volunteering guided tour and the information, the students received one big message - Everything they dream of is achievable.


Their dreams can come true, thanks to you.

Stay safe and well.

Feb 12, 2020

Final Project Report

Dear supporters, 

First of all, we would like to thank all the 814 donors who have trusted us and thanks to whose generous donations we have realized the many activities of the “Teach life skills for children without parents” project.

Over the past 9 years we have managed to bring over 200 volunteers into our cause and have reached over 700 young people in Bulgaria with one main aim: to empower the youths to successfully pursue their dreams at school, university, work, and in their social life.

To achieve our goals, over the years, we have organized various seminars and training programs, academic courses, summer academies, community events, career workshops and mentoring programs, and many more. Thanks to them, children without parental care have been able to build skills related to psychological awareness and development, effective communication, conflict resolution, human rights protection, body and health care, financial culture and to practice basic professional skills necessary for everyone who plans to work successfully with other people.

All our efforts to work with young people would not have succeeded if it had not been for the tireless and dedicated work of our volunteers. At the end of 2013, our Foundation officially became Center for Work with Volunteers. As part of the project, we have focused efforts to attract, select, train and support volunteers who want to work with underprivileged children and to work with disadvantaged children and youths and help them acquire knowledge and skills for their independent living. We gradually built a cohesive community of volunteers, organized a train-the-trainer program and prepared a trainer's manual.

Deactivation reason

Our foundation has always strived to meet the social needs in Bulgaria and to follow its mission - supporting disadvantaged young people to develop on an equal footing with other peers.

Since in recent years the process of closing down all the old foster homes has ended, and now the children are accommodated in modern centers where they receive regular professional and psychological help, we decided to expand the target group we work with. This determined the closure of this project and directing our forces in broader directions.

At the moment, the target group of Step for Bulgaria Foundation includes every child or youth who grow up without adequate parental support. This includes, but is not limited to, children whose parents work abroad and are raised by relatives, children whose parents are in prison or are very sick or raised by a single working parent. To support these children, we are actively working on our projects Provide long-term mentors to disadvantaged youts and Provide career counseling for at-risk teenagers.

We will be very grateful if you support these our projects and stay connected with the mission of Step for Bulgaria Foundation.

With gratitude,

The Step for Bulgaria Foundation Team

Dec 27, 2019

5 Year-Long Career Workshop Programs Have Started!

Volunteer presenting her career choice to students
Volunteer presenting her career choice to students

Dear friend,
The start of the school year in Bulgaria this September meant that we were ready to start with our career workshop programs for students in underprivileged communities. In the past three months, we held 10 workshops for 100 high-school students between 8 and 12 grade (from freshman to senior year) in 3 schools with the help of 22 volunteers.

Each workshop comprises of several guest-speakers, volunteers from our partnering companies, who present their career path to the students and share how they got where they are in life. Our goal is to present the vast array of opportunities that each of these students has before them and expand their horizons, often limited by a narrow social circle, lack of information and inadequate career counseling at school. We work with the same 100 students throughout the academic year through regular monthly meetings. In this way, we make sure we expose our participating students to a large enough group of professionals and careers so that each one discovers something of value and interest to him/her.

To make the workshops as effective as possible, we do a preliminary survey among the students with the goal of understanding what their current professional aspirations are. We also ask about their attitude toward continuing their education and their hobbies and strengths. In this process, we observed low motivation for continuing education and that it is difficult for them to identify and talk about their strengths - a finding that inspired us to include self-assessment topics in the presentations of our volunteer speakers.

On the volunteer side, our tireless workshop coordinator Asya reached out to 67 companies, inviting them to present our workshops as a volunteer opportunity to their employees. We are working on building a solid network of support that will ensure the longevity of the career workshops initiative.

All of us are very excited to continue supporting high school students in the new academic year through offering them a richer vision for their future where there are many worthy opportunities. This is all thanks to you!

Have a wonderful holiday season and a successful start of the new decade,
The Step for Bulgaria Foundation Team

Talking about future opportunities
Talking about future opportunities
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