May 22, 2019

We Have A Big Heart For Animals Especially Those Abandoned & Neglected in Venezuela

The South American Initiative team (SAI), has a big heart for the abandoned animals of Venezuela. When a country experiences sudden poverty and famine,  the very first victims are our beloved family pets. When personal survival is a steak, family pets are often abandoned and neglected.

During a crisis like the one in Venezuela, too many animals do not receive the treatment and care they need to survive. It is for this reason that our team decided to start this project to provide these pets with the food, medicine, and other basic care products they need during these hard times.

With no relief in sight, SAI provides significant aid to our Venezuelan Veterinarian team to care for the abandoned and neglected pets in critical states of health.

For the past few months we have provided food and medical supplies to the following:

  • JANUARY: 105 abandoned pets have received care.
  • FEBRUARY:98 abandoned pets have received care.
  • MARCH: 90 abandoned pets have received care.
  • APRIL: 90 abandoned pets have received care.

Your contributions to SAI have made the expansion of our animal project a reality. Each month we continually increase the amount of food and medicine we supply to these abandoned pets struggling to stay alive during this economic crisis.

At SAI we want to sincerely thank each donor for their generosity in helping us improve the lives of abandoned pets in Venezuela. Without your help many would simply die of starvation and disease.

Thank you to all donors of GlobalGiving and SAI for supporting our cause. The information is reflective of the GlobalGiving and SAI campaign Helping Abandoned Pets.


May 8, 2019

Together We Can Give More

When we think about the economic crisis in our country, we must focus our efforts on assisting the most vulnerable of people; orphans in Venezuela. Orphanages do not receive the necessary funding to provide food for balanced sustained nutrition, for the orphans in their care. Malnutrition is the result due to the high cost of food. South American Initiative is dedicated to aiding orphans in Venezuela. SAI is driven to expand our cause to help more orphanages throughout the country.

Thanks to all our faithful donors, the orphanages we are assisting are receiving continuous support from SAI. We provide daily food, clothing, shoes, and hygienic supplies. We sincerely appreciate the support from our donors who make it possible for us to continue providing food and supplies to sustain these orphanages during the current economic crisis in Venezuela.

Over the past four months, SAI and GlobalGiving have provided the following:

  • FEBRUARY: 5,887 meals were provided to the orphans.
  • MARCH: 6,323 meals were provided to the orphans.
  • APRIL: 10,972 meals were provided to the orphans.

The total number of meals distributed over the past four months equal: 23,182 meals. Your contributions to South American Initiative have expanded the amount of nutritious meals provided to orphans. SAI wants to thank each of our donors for their generosity in helping us improve the lives of the orphans in Venezuela.

Thank you to all donors of GlobalGiving and SAI in making an impact in aiding the orphanages in Venezuela. The information throughout this report is reflective of the GlobalGiving and SAI campaign, Fighting Malnutrition in Orphanages.


Mar 7, 2019

Humanitarian Relief for Hospitalized Patients

We are committed to improving the lives of all of the most vulnerable people in Venezuela. For this reason, SAI has created this program to help prepare and distribute healthy meals to patients and their families that already struggle from economic hardship. Each meal is representative of donors who have shown interest in aiding people who are hospitalized in Venezuela.

South American Initiative is distributing balanced, protein-rich meals and medical supplies to hospitals. These meals are prepared under strict hospital regulations and are made specifically for the needs of each patient. In addition, much needed medical supplies are being distributed to improve patient care in hospitals.  

In the last two months, South American Initiative and GlobalGiving together has provided 4,819 nutritious meals in total.

Your contribution to South American Initiative makes the expansion of this project a reality. It increases the amount of nutritious meals and medical supplies available to people struggling during the current health and economic crisis. Imagine how far your donation goes when a child is brought to a hospital and is able to receive not only the proper care but also a nutrious meal to keep them strong during their recovery. Think of how, with your donations, families are able to be kept together because they received the care to keep them alive for another day. With your donations, food is given to starving patients that have been plagued with hunger and sadness for days. When their first hot meal is given to them, after not eating for days, their faces light up with joy and their bellies are finally filled. Thousands of patients are benefiting from your generous donations. SAI wants to thank each donor for their generosity in helping to improve the lives of people hospitalized in Venezuela.

Thanks to all donors of GlobalGiving for supporting our cause.


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