Jul 8, 2020

Solutions for essential needs in difficult times

As Support to Life, we are trying to address the ongoing and upcoming issues and to preserve the ability of people most vulnerable to the pandemic to meet their basic needs and access to social safety nets and humanitarian assistance in difficult times.


Crisis times affect the most vulnerable groups of society the most. Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions in life that come with the outbreak increase the needs and risks but limit access to services and essential needs.


The number of Syrians who found refuge in Turkey stands at 3.6 million and roughly half of these are children. With existing hard living conditions, refugees living in Turkey are one of the most affected groups by the outbreak. Because of the outbreak, 87 % of Syrians indicate that someone in their household lost their job and 81 % of Syrians can not satisfy basic needs most likely as a result of losing their job.


Refugee mothers’ lives have become even harder under the pandemic because of extra housework, the limitations that come with precautions and additional economic risks. That’s why we focused on them to ensure timely and adequate provision of relevant services, keep them informed about Covid-19 risks, vulnerabilities, and precautions that need to be taken.


Sanlurfa is one of our working fields and being in the top 5 in the number of children, children related needs become very important in the city. To support life and meet the needs, we first conducted a needs assessment along with the public authorities. We identified vulnerable families having difficulty accessing basic needs and diapers for children. Refugee mothers Support to Life has come into contact with received care packs and diapers as they needed.


As Support to Life, we try to identify the problems and develop effective solutions to build a future together. We try to be there for refugee mothers, keep them informed, define and deliver the needs. With your support, we’ll keep on addressing the basic needs of vulnerable communities like the Syrian mothers.

May 14, 2020

A New Way to Support Life

As Support to Life, we always explore all the possibilities and try to find new ways to support life. This time we developed a new creative and cooperative way to support life and women’s empowerment and lead the way for those who want to become supporters.


We created an alternative that transforms shopping experience into a chance to support a more fair and equal world with a shopping point that contributes to more than one Sustainable Development Goals by producing and consuming responsibly and inviting others to do so. We formed a social design market servicing to this fin.


We completed our works on brand creation and marketing and now we are proud to say that we are officially open to become, find and aid supporters. We created ‘Destekar’ - which means ‘supporter’ in Turkish - brand whose activities overlap with Support to Life serving the same goals, worrying about the same problems.


We created a series of collections and one of our first collections is inspired by Göbeklitepe. With the Göbeklitepe Home Textile Collection we tried to maintain Göbeklitepe’s inclusive spirit that shows us working, worshipping and creating together is one of the best ways to support life.


To produce responsibly we started from the design process. We gathered a team of designers who work with natural materials to imitate the nature of the world and who pursue what is precious in art and in daily life. In our designs, we departed from the Göbeklitepe’s guardian shapes and patterns. During the production process, we worked with a team consisting of 10 women who live in Sanlurfa feeling the spirit of Göbeklitepe. We enjoyed working and producing together while empowering women and girls by including them in all parts of the production in their unique ways. In this way, we created pillowcases and lace pillows to enjoy at home together in peace and table mats to eat together remembering inclusiveness and unity.


By doing so we opened a new path to support life and women’s empowerment and to become supporters by simply shopping from our brand. 

Jan 10, 2020

STL field teams were there for Ala

Ala (26) was 9 months pregnant when she went to the hospital for a final checkup, just to make sure all was ok with weeks left to delivery. She found out that her temporary protection ID, which is the status Syrian refugees need in Turkey to access basic services such as healthcare, had been cancelled with code “V87.”

She had been living in the southern city of Mersin and she hadn’t even been near the Syrian border since she crossed it 5 years ago. There must have been a mistake…

When her husband informed STL field teams with regard to the urgency of the matter, our teams quickly realized there must have been an administrative error, since V87 is the code for voluntary returns. Ala explained that they hadn’t been across the border even once; not since they fled the violence 5 years ago.

Turkey is home to nearly 4 million Syrian refugees and with 9 years into the Syrian War, the Turkish government is feeling the financial strain this causes. While a lot is being done to facilitate refugees’ access to basic needs such as healthcare, education and employment, it is increasingly becoming a policy priority to encourage voluntary returns. As the population records of Syrian refugees are still somewhat messy, situations like the one Ala finds herself in are not uncommon. It’s most likely a case of mistaken identity; but in her case, the consequences would have been serious.

Thanks to STL teams’ prompt response and advocacy work, the family received individual protection assistance. Ala could quickly have her temporary protection ID reissued and give birth to a healthy girl at the local hospital. 

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