Jan 3, 2019

I Want My Son to Go to School!

Growing Class Student Playing
Growing Class Student Playing

Thank you for supporting Epic Arts and our mission to create a world where every person counts!

Earlier this year we announced our newest class, Growing Class, a weekly class for 3 - 6 year old’s with disabilities and their caregivers.

One mother shares her thoughts about bringing her son to study at Epic Arts,

“I want him to go to public school in the future. My son is 6 years old, I knew he had a disability from a young age but I wasn’t sure what kind of disability. When I joined Epic Arts the teachers told me that from his behaviour and their experience with other students that they could tell he is autistic.

I am very happy that my son can join the class at Epic Arts.Coming to the class is beneficial for him because it has helped him to build social skills with other students by playing together with friends in the class.

He will also get good learning experience from the teachers, because the teachers at Epic Arts have a lot of experience with children with disability.

I feel good about meeting other parents who also have children with disability. I can ask them about what’s happening with their children, and we can discuss real life stories. I feel quite lucky because I have a supportive family who accept my son, I feel that I can be supportive to the other mothers in the class”.

- Say Thyna, Mother of Growing Class Student

 We currently have 8 young children with disabilities attending the class and it’s going well. Teachers and parents are seeing positive changes and because of this we’re planning on adding another class for the students!

If you’d like to support families like Thyna’s to help children with disabilities receive an education please consider setting up a reoccurring donation for 2019!

Happy New Year from the Epic Arts Team! 

Oct 16, 2018

Meet the Students You Funded at Epic Arts - Part 4

IAC Student Cholsa
IAC Student Cholsa

Thank you for supporting the students on Epic Arts Inclusive Arts Course. Have you been thinking about donating again? We can't continue our work without your support!

We’re now one year into the Inclusive Arts Course (IAC) and the students that you helped fund have settled in and found their feet. Our students are currently on term break celebrating the Pchum Benh holidays and will be back to start term 5 next week.

Although the course focuses on a range of art disciplines it’s not just an arts course. It’s a way for these young people to explore themselves, develop skills, confidence & new attitudes to their own ability. The next term is the penultimate term and the students will start to focus on their next steps as well as inclusive skills and leadership.

In our last email update we introduced 3 new students. We’d like to introduce you to 3 more:


Joker of the group Nathann, is the life and soul of the classes, showing a particular talent for Music. Nathann comes from the most northern province of Cambodia on the border with Thailand. Our course is inclusive and accepts all students who are interested in the arts an show commitment at interview stage, Nathann doesn’t have a disability however because he grew up close to the border there were many economic opportunities for him to prioritize over education. Nathann dropped out of school and although he is only 21 years old he has already had a varied employment background, from working in casinos to building houses in Thailand.  


Cholsa is our resident rapstar, he’s a talented singer and rapper has grown in confidence over the last year. Hailing from the north-west of Cambodia Cholsa contacted us via Facebook after he’d seen one of our music videos. Cholsa was in a motorbike accident which resulted in having his forearm amputated. Cholsa finished grade 12 and joined an NGO focused on vocational & agricultural training before Cholsa set his sights on becoming an artist. Cholsa dreams of one day becoming a famous singer in Cambodia and we’re glad we’ve been here to help him on his way!


Youngest member of the course, vichet because he loves drawing. Vichet dropped out of school at a young age and trained to be a barber with his uncle. Vichet had dreams of studying and creating art and jumped at the chance to move to Kampot to join the Inclusive Arts Course.


Your Gift Means a Lot

Over the last year we’ve introduced all 12 of our Inclusive Arts students, that you've helped with your kind donation, if you missed any you can go to our global giving page to read the old profiles!

Over the next six months, we'll be sending you updates on what they get up to.

Thank you again for our helping us to get these students onto the Inclusive Arts Course, we're so grateful for your donation.

We receive no statutory funding for this course so we rely on donations from generous donors like you to fund our life-changing course and empower young people with disabilities.

Please consider setting up a monthly donation to help us continue our transformational work.

Thank you, 

Epic Arts Inclusive Education Team

IAC students during Dance Class
IAC students during Dance Class
IAC students Rock the Mic!
IAC students Rock the Mic!
Nathann's happy to play the bongos!
Nathann's happy to play the bongos!
IAC Students : Nathann, Cholsa, Vichet
IAC Students : Nathann, Cholsa, Vichet
Oct 8, 2018

Students Show Schools That Every Person Counts!

Epic Arts Students Celebrate the Tour!
Epic Arts Students Celebrate the Tour!

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting for the 13 students on our Inclusive Arts Course (IAC). The students embarked on a local tour of Kampot province, performing dance, music and drama outside of the walls Epic Arts for the first time.

Over four days the IAC students visited 7 local primary schools and NGOs to perform for over 700 children.

The students have been focused on creating the show during the past term, the dance performance was inspired by the term’s theme "The value of art from around the world".The show started with a contemporary dance piece inspired by the music and contemporary dance from Africa, the students performed animalistic-looking movements from the beating of the birds’ wings to the prancing of a gazelle. While the ensemble sections of the piece had been choreographed by Caroline, each student choreographed a solo by themselves. The best ones were then chosen to showcase.

The drama performance which followed was devised solely by the students in the theme of a journey. The performance followed colourful characters on a quest to get a magic diamond whilst the heroes faced monsters and ghosts. The whole production had been created by the students, everything from the costumes, props and the set design were a product of the students’ hard work during the last term.

The students also performed some songs which they have been learning and practicing for the last term. The music pieces were mainly Cambodian songs with a modern twist influenced by western pop music.

Besides performing outside of EA for the first time, the IAC students also got the all-round experience of being on tour. From loading and unloading to van to setting up the stage and finding a place to display their artwork every time, the students were responsible for what was necessary behind the scenes and dealing and overcoming any problems they faced.

At the very end of the tour, after their last performance at a school in Kep, the students and teachers of IAC headed off to a well-deserved afternoon at the beach, where they celebrated the success of the tour. The whole team at Epic Arts are so impressed about how much they improved in such a short amount of time in both organisational and performance skills and we couldn’t be prouder.

Thank you for donating to the Inclusive Education Programme, wihout your donations our students wouldn't be able to attend our Inclusive Arts Course, which has transformed their self esstem and confidence. Please consider setting up a monthly gift to our programme to enable our studnets continue building their confidence and artistic skills.

Students help set up the venue themselves
Students help set up the venue themselves
Students Show Off Their Dance Moves!
Students Show Off Their Dance Moves!


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