Feb 12, 2021

Severe Burns Patients Saved at Whisper's

We would like to thank all our donors that have supported our Help Fund a Children’s Burns Unit in Uganda.

Whisper’s Magical Children’s Hospital is well known for the proper management of burns cases.

Everyday we receive cases of severe burns at our hospital as most of these cases are burnt with warm water due to the negligence of the caretakers

Treatment of these burns patients is one of the most expensive procedures and services that we offer at our hospital.

Without your help, it would be hard to save the lives of these children. 

 We are very grateful with your help we were able to save the lives of 12 children who had severe burns in the last three months.

Some of these children get severe burns that they may even require plastic surgery.

We are so happy that the lives of these 12 children were saved and did not receive any deaths.

On discharge, we continue to monitor these children till they fully recover.

Great thanks to all our donors supporting this project. Many children with burns are given a chance to receive the best treatment and care.

Feb 11, 2021


We would like to thank our donors for the continuous support towards our malnutrition project. 

Your support really makes a difference in the lives of children in our community.

We receive very many cases of malnutrition at our Hospital. 

In the last three months we received a total of 150 patients both inpatient and outpatient.

Malnutrition is one of the common problems that affect most children here in eastern Uganda. This is due to the high poverty levels and the partial lockdown as parents are not able to work and provide for their families.

Weakening of the immune system and increasing the susceptibility of the body to infections are some of the ways malnutrition affects the health of children. We receive many cases of malnutrition with complications of oedema, pulmonary tuberculosis.

Most of these children require chest x-rays before admission to rule out the possibility of Tuberculosis. However parents cannot afford even to pay for the x-rays. 

Your continuous donations help us to support these children with all the examinations that are required and we are glad they leave with smiles on discharge.

Through you donations, we have been able to rescue severely malnourished children from very poor families in the villages. We have also been able to provide for them food to support the parents as the children get better.

We are very grateful for your donations that have made this amazing work possible. 

Jan 29, 2021

Support A Blood Donation Camp To Save Lives.

The lock down due to COVID has greatly affected our blood donation drives as schoools that have the biggest blood donors remain closed.  We are no longer able to get the units of blood that we used to get. This has affected many lives in Uganda, leading to death of many patients with diseases like sickle cell anaemia.

Cases of malnutrition continue to rise and they are always referred to our hospital

 We as Whispers Magical Children’s Hospital continue to make good use of the available resources we have, to satisfy our patients to our best possible potential.

In the last three months, we have treated over 150 anaemic patients.

We are deeply grateful to the Blood Bank, both in Jinja and in Nakaseero for their timely support and intervention, each time we contact them for blood they were always available to help.

In December wwe organized a blood donation camp at our hospital and we were able to raise at;least 75 units of blood. All those that donated blood were given sugar, rice, biscuits and soda.

 We would like to appreciate you for your generous donation towards theblood donation drives and we are planning to hold as many blood donation camps as we can so we can be able to raise blood and save the lives of anaemic children and mothers in Uganda.

When we had a scarcity of blood in Jinja, Whisper traveled all the way to Mbarara to bring blood to Jinja! 

The journey was long and not easy (696km in total) but this is what charity is and what charity means!

Now many people will be able to get blood transfusion not only at Whisper.

Thank you so much for your generous donation towards this project. Your donation will help save many lives of anaemic children and mothers in Uganda.

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