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Sep 19, 2017

Meet Swaib : Whisper's little hero who survived severe burns

Swaib smiling after his plastic surgery
Swaib smiling after his plastic surgery

What a successful month for our little patient Swaib and that is all thanks to the people who love what Whisper does and financially support the tiresome work of our medical and non medical teams.

Swaib just turned 4 years in July and at his young age he is already proving to be a little soldier, facing lots of pain for several weeks on regular basis, but always ready to give us all a big smile. 

Swaib was admitted on the 4th of July 2017 to our burn unit. 

He suffered severe burns of 30% of the TBA (total body surface area) over his head, shoulders, hands and half of his back, when he felt into a boiling cooking oil. (His mother's earns her living by frying cassava and pancakes on the locally made charcoal stove). 

The mother rushed him to the government hospital, however was advised by one of the visitors to reach Whisper's hospital.

For the first three days following the admission at Whisper it was noticed that Swaib had a dead tissue that was covering lots of puss beneath it, so the dead tissue was removed from the burn wounds to expose the fresh tissue during a minor surgery procedure. Proper re-dressing and cleaning of the wounds was done for over 90 days every two days ever since.

Healing of the wounds was very slow, because of anaemia and the mother didn't want the child to undergo blood transfusion at first because she was worried that whenever her child falls sick he will need the transfusion again

Fortunately our staff, after daily counselling, managed to come to an agreement with her, and Swaib received one unit of blood.

It was during the time when two Irish nursers came to volunteer at our children's hospital, when they met Swaib and helped to re-dress the wounds. We informed them that we need to seek an advise from the plastic surgeon, because his wounds were not healing well and we were worried that without a plastic surgery, he won't be able to improve.

One of the nursers who absolutely fell in love with the brave little man and assured us that she will be able to help us raise money for the skin grafting. 

As miracles came together on the Whisper's path, within 7 days Whisper received a donation of 6,500,000 UGX (£1,400) and we immediately contacted the plastic surgeon.

Our doctor Fahad drove the mother and Swaib to see the surgeon on a Monday morning to his clinic in Kampala. Doctor said Swaib needed an urgent skin grafting, and booked his surgery for Thursday the same week. The consultation with the doctor cost 50,000 UGX (£12).

Swaib and his mother (together with his younger brother) was again driven by Whisper to Kampala on a Wednesday afternoon, where Swaib was admitted from awaiting his plastic surgery the following day.

(The hospital where Swaib was staying charges 200,000 UGX (£45) accommodation per night just FYI). The hospital does not provide feeding, so Whisper also gave £12 to the mother as her upkeep).

The surgery was paid for, hospital fees were paid for, and our doctor Fahad went to see them on Thursday afternoon finding out that the surgery was successful.

It was on a Sunday afternoon when Swaib was finally brought back to our hospital for the aftercare.

Swaib is doing well, he is on strong painkiller and he is still smiling. Today the dressing was taken off and changed for the first  time. It seems the wounds will be able to heal well, although it will still take at least another 2 months of admission at Whisper.

As many may realise, without a charity like Whisper, this boy would not have it easy at all, and he would probably pass away.

Whisper has been taking care of Swaib together with his mother and younger brother for now over 3 months. We are taking care of their feeding and daily needs. There would be no way that the mother could ever afford anything like this elsewhere and she is incredibly grateful for the help she received. She thank us with tears in her eyes.

The charity work of Whisper is so important for the children in Uganda, saving their lives and their future.

Don't forget that we are only able to do this because we are receiving financial donations from people like you. 

Again, I will request you to continue supporting us by sharing our stories and providing donations to our projects.

Thank you very much!


Swaib sitting on his bed today at Whisper
Swaib sitting on his bed today at Whisper
Receipt of 6,500,000 for the plastic surgery
Receipt of 6,500,000 for the plastic surgery
Swab during admission at our hospital
Swab during admission at our hospital
Swab with the hospital clown
Swab with the hospital clown
Aug 28, 2017

Whisper helped save 2904 lives since June 2017

blood collection point at our hospital last week
blood collection point at our hospital last week

Hello again to all of the friends of Whisper!

Here we are with another report about the success we have had with this project so far.

Thank you for the financial contribution that we have recieved in the last two months.

Whisper purchased a branded tent (as you can see it on our no. 2 picture), we have purchased a small generator and a pair of speakers.

We have been also facilitating monthly salaries, transport and food for 5 workers that work with the Ugandan Blood Transfusion Services.

Up to the 20th of August together with the Ugandan Blood Transfusion Services, we have collected 3,132 units. That means more than 2900 lives saved!

After blood collection outreaches, Whisper makes sure the blood is taken to the Nakasero Blood bank twice a week, and it is screened as soon as possible and return back to the Jinja Blood Bank to be distributed back to us and to places like Nalufenya Children's hospital, Main hospital, and other private clinics around the area.Whisper transfuse about 15-20 children every day.

We transfuse children with sickle cell disease, anaemic children who are malnourished or suffering from malaria, children who suffered burns, or any other condition.


Here is a detailed report about the activities:

1.6. Jinja town (collected 22 units)

2.6. Jinja town (collected 20 units)

4.6. Mother Kavin Secondary School (34 units)

5.6 Kakira Technical Institute (20 units)

6.6 Rehaboth Integrated School (23 units)

7.6 Wairaka Modern Secondary School (16 units)

8.6Kiira College Butiki (70 units)

8.6 Butembe secondary school (21 units)

9.6.Jinja Medical Laboratory Training School (42 units)

10.6. Jinja College (41 units)

11.6 Buwenge Modern SS (43 units)

13.6 Lubani Secondary School (26 units)

13.6 Hillside College Lubani (64 units)

14.6 Nile View College - Kamuli (5 units)

15.6 Bunya Secondary School - Mayuge + Mutuumu SS Kamuli (67 units)

16.6 Revia College Mayuge (70 units)

18.6 St. Peter's High School Jinja (37 units)

19.6. Glory land Secondary School (22 units)

21.6 Busoga College Mwiri (33 units)

22.6 Nsuubu SDA (23 units)

25.6 Holy Cross - Lake View SS (36 units)

26.6 Jinja Central Market (67 units)

29.6. Pilkington College Muguluka (56 units)

30.6 Hope Community - Wairaka (97 units)

Walk in Donors Jinja blood collection point  in June 2017 (48 units)



1.7. Red Cross Youth Day (12 units)

3.7. Jinja SSS (102 units)

4.7. JInja Progressive Secondary School (102 units)

5.7. JInja SSS (78 units)

6.7. JInja & Kakira SSS (140 units)

7.7 JInja SSS + Bugembe Islamic Institute (80 units)

17.7. Nile Vocational Institute + Keshwala Group fo Company (112 units)

19.7. Lwanda High School + Mpumude High School (101 units)

20.7. Kakira High School (87 unitsl)

21.7. JInja Vacational Institution (57 units)

Walk in Donors Jinja Blood Collection point in July (62 units)


1.8. Cardinal Nsubuga SS - Nyenga (17 units)

1.8. Namweli SS - Buikwe (14 units)

2.8. St Johns Wakitaka + St Josepth Nakanyonyi (67 units)

3.8. Nananyonyi Girls + St Noa-Nawali SS - Buikwe (124 units)

4.8. Wanyange PTC Jinja (62 units)

5.8. Wanyange Girls (98 8nits)

9.8. Iganga Nursing School (70 units)

10.8. Bishop - Wills P.T.C.- Iganga (65 units)

11.8. St. Francis Kigulu - Iganga (23 units)

12.8. Johnass International College + Masjid Umar Mosque Jinja (85 units)

13.8. M.M Wairaka College - Jinja (28 units)

13.8. International Insittute of Health Science (55 units)

14-19.8 Whisper's Magical Children's Hospital (57 units)

23.8. Iganga Girl SSS (84 units)

24.8. S.D.A. Church - Iganga (20 units)

25.8. Jinja School of Nursing (111 units)

Walk in donors at the jinja blood collection point in August (55 units).

Thak you for every donation made to this important project. We all at Whisper appreciate your financial contributions towards saving human lives.

Please continue supporting us as much as you can!

Aug 1, 2017

Thank you for helping save Peter's life.

Baby Peter on arrival to our hospital
Baby Peter on arrival to our hospital

Dear Whisper family,

Here I am again to say BIG thank you for all your important and continuous financial donations towards the malnourished and sick children in Uganda. 

Since our last report some three months ago, Whisper attended to more than three thousand children. 

One of the child that Whisper received in May this year, weighing less than 2 kilos, was the 8 months old baby called Peter.

Peter was admitted for severe wasting, dehydration and anaemia. 

It was hard to believe that Peter only needed so little to improve. Peter received three blood transfusions, three weeks of nutritional milk treatment, and a bit of love and care from our employees.

When baby Peter was discharged from the hospital, Peter was given very many nice clothes which was donated to Whisper by people like you.

He is one of the many children that Whisper receives every months and one of the many children who was lucky to reach our hospital. 

Your little donations go far. Every penny counts, and every penny goes to help save someone's life.

Thank you again for the generous and kind heart that the today's world needs the most.

Continue supporting our great cause, and thank you once again!


Baby Peter admitted at our emergency ward
Baby Peter admitted at our emergency ward
Baby Peter after two weeks of treatment
Baby Peter after two weeks of treatment
Peter after 2 months
Peter after 2 months
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