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Jun 26, 2019

Women Want to Better Their Lives

This group of women would-be entrepreneurs have lived a bit of life, but unfulfilled ones and are desperate to turn their situation around.  They are some of the most inspiring women we've ever met. Despite hardships, despite age, despite often lack of family support, they are determined to build a better life for themselves. 

Meet Seema. She's 38.  Has four children.  Divorced.  Parents have died.  Her ex-husband has now moved cities, remarried and started a second family and just isn't very available for their kids.  At first, she assumed he would continue to support them but payments slowly stopped and she became scared.

At first, she tried to convince him to not miss payments, but soon realized she would have to take the situation in her own hands.

For the first time in her life, she thought about how to make money.  She had limited education and even less business experience. She wasn't very hireable for high enough paying jobs at her age, having never worked before.

So, she thought about selling clothes. She had always made her own clothes, like many women in Pakistan do, using the readily available and very affordable tailors.  She enjoyed making clothes and was good at it.  However, she didn't know how to start it as a business. She understood price points and was thrifty making use of extra fabrics and so forth. She started to invite friends and friends of friends to her place to see and buy her clothes.  What she didn't know is how to scale this further? Also, when she would have enough for a shop, how to hire people to work for her there.  

This is where the training and development is so critical.  

This is where you come in. 

Thank you for your donations. They are helping women like Seema learn. Do donate again and spread the word so more and more women can get the training they need to build impactful businesses and turn their life around.

Jun 26, 2019

Just $11,000 to go!

Thanks to all of you and your generosity, we are getting close to completing fundraising on Phase 2 of the project - building a solar electricity run medical clinic in a community without a hospital.
We have just $11,000 left to raise to close Phase 2 funding and install the clinic.  Our goal is to help create a more resilient community and reduce carbon footprint, but more than anything, to ensure those with medical needs in areas without a hospital can get the help they need.

Since the hurricane, locals have been carrying more items that are useful in disasters, like candles, light bulbs, medicines, flashlights, insect repellent, and propane gas, but we saw from the response to Phase One, that solar panels give a different degree of confidence and security to those who felt isolated, scared and vulnerable when the hurricane came. 

Medical emergencies, however, cannot be planned, and we are determined through Phase 2 to ensure safe, easily accessible medical help.

Thank you for all your help. We are now near the home stretch.  Together, let's make a difference.


Jun 26, 2019

We need your help

Thank you for supporting this cause.

Girls work hard but very often are not acknowledged for it and your donation is helping us encourage them in pursuing their dreams. 

Meet Anya. She's 22 and from a rural area, taking a bus 45 minutes to reach university.  There has never been a girl in her family to go to higher education and she's determined to not waste this opportunity. When she found out she was the top student in her subject, she was over the moon.  When she learned there was a possiblity she may get a Gold medal to put up in her home commemorating this honour, she was speechless. She had never had something celebrating her own achievements and certainly not for her brains.  Thank you for helping us make her dream come true.

We have raised with your help $150 out of our $1000 goal. Please consider donating again as well as spreading the word.

The girls are eager to be recognized and this opportunty won't come again for them. In most cases, they are the first girl in their family to ever go to university.

Help us make a difference in their lives.

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