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Feb 10, 2017


Thanks to your help we are keeping on building ovens in the rural villages. The cost of an ecological oven is at 220$, and doesn’t seem to become cheaper, but thanks to your generous donations, in the last three months we have managed to raise over 400$, almost enough to build other two ecological ovens!

These ecological ovens are very important for the families: they can be free from an excessive wood consumption, which inflicts harm to the local environment, and gives women more time to focus on their personal activities and life. The air they breath is free of carbon monoxide, so the quality itself gets improved, it is clearer and fresher, so that children can grow up in an environment which stimulates their learning and their cognitive capabilities. We, and the people you have contribute helping in Eritrea, profoundly thank you.                                   

 Thanks to you these families can have a, literally, fresh start, don’t have to worry anymore about the potential diseases polluted air carries, and, finally, can aim at new perspectives, weather inside the house or outside with the other villagers.

 The families we helped sent us many ‘thank you’ notes, and our motivation in pursuing this cause has only increased. Let’s not stop now! Thank you once more for your recent support, hoping it will last.

Jan 6, 2017


During the last monitoring mission, our project chiefs brought with them ten new foot pumps. This pumps have been purchased by Aleimar, thanks to the donors’ support on this project. Throughout one year, this pumps make it possible for the people to live, survive and hope for a better future.

The headman chooses the family that takes care of the foot pump and that will manage to get the water into the field. The pump ensures mostly the corn cultivation, but also others vegetables such as tomatoes and zucchini.

Regarding the villages near Malombe Lake, we can affirm that the project has been successful. However, for what concerns other areas, it has been impossible to find the water, even digging for a lot of meter into the land. The long fields and the 50 meters canes helped us to bring the water to all the harvest through the top up done by our technicians.

The pumps’ purchase will guarantee food and sustenance for all the families.

When our project leaders arrived in Malawi, they knew Gorman, the agronomist appointed for this initiative. Together with him, they visited some village fields and they had the opportunity to realize how such a simple tool has changed the people’s living conditions.

We also brought one foot pump in the St. John Centre in order to cultivate the fields and the banana plantations: all the vegetables cropped have been distributed to our children enrolled in the nursery school.

According to Kimu Father, to guarantee water for all the villages in the area they need at least others 50 foot pumps.


Jan 4, 2017


The monitoring mission guided by our project managers took place last October. During the trip, they visited all the Aleimar projects and they focalized on the progresses made by each initiative. André N’tcha, our local project coordinator,has just left the hospital and he is now ready to restart his important commitment with the women involved in the activities. The donors’ valuable support, gave us the possibility to buy a double screw press for the manioca(you can see it in the picture below).

Despite the fact that October is usually a difficult month for the cultivation, we can affirm that the harvest has been good, so much that the women taking part in the microcredit activities are now investing their credit for products selling on the local market basis.

The vast majority of cereals production made possible to stock a big part them in the warehouse of Toucountouna in order to resell it during shortage period and raising the price. They called it “Cereals Bank”.

We are carrying on our schools awareness activities, this scholastic year will be focalized on two important issues: the environmental protection and the recycling.


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