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Apr 4, 2017

Female Factory: work in progress

Another three months has passed and important news have made all the way from Boukoumbé to our office!

In fact, the women of Boukoumbé have been able to buy four huskers for the fonio production, and they were able to start a real Female Factory, thanks to which they can obtain their independence and build a future for them and their children.

Fonio is a very important cereal in Benin. Although the production of it has been average, and it's existence has been rather discreet, fonio has incredible properties: it is rich in magnesium, calcium, manganese and zinc; it contains more carbohydrates than proteins and lipids, and furthermore it has a good percentage of iron and essential amino acids. It is gluten free, and is very versatile to be used as baby nourishment and for senile alimentation.

Besides the nutritional factors, this plant does not require treatment and this is an added value that so preserves 
the surrounding environment and the health food of the man himself.
In addition, it has the peculiarity of being able to draw water and nutrients to 3 meters deep in the ground, so this culture
is great in most extreme agricultural situations.
Finally, fonio grows in just 6-8 weeks allowing a quickly crop.
Our project leaders, Antonio and Antonella, cannot wait to go South! 
Their journey is scheduled on April 21st. Antonella is bringing a big suitcase full of presents for the children they will be visiting,
and Antonio has already taken contacts with Hervé Kindji, leader of the local ONG called AIDe B-Bénin – Association for the impulse
to development at the Base – who is thrilled to tell them all about his projects for environmental sensibility.
Together, they want to achieve new ways to further develop the project.
We hope for the best and that their tour will be successful and can’t wait for new pictures!
Apr 4, 2017

One estufa after the other

Our project leaders, Rosanna and Andrea, are currently in Colombia, travelling around the different projects and sending us backups.

They were part of the allotment of new estufas, and took part of the joy of the families whose everyday life is going to change, now that winter is coming up.

Furthermore, they could also visit the projects involving the sponsoring of children, getting in direct contact with them.

Finally, the GlobalGiving accountable of Colombia, Maria Acevedo, shared a part of their journey in Bogotá, and could see how the works were proceeding.


We wish them a safe continuation and all the best!

Andrea with Maria, looking up the projects
Andrea with Maria, looking up the projects
Andrea and Maria with the local referents
Andrea and Maria with the local referents
Apr 4, 2017

Ready to pump?

As the rain season comes to an end, the time to start pumping approaches!

Our director, Daniele, who brought the first pumps, had been travelling in february, and hasn't been able to see the pumps in action, which means, working really hard to water the fields.

But our trusted photograph Marco will go in Malawi this summer, and will report about the efficiency of the pumps. There are still many to buy, so we continue working to achieve the full sustainability of the village!

Our local contact, Father Kimu, is always in action, keeping us tuned on the news and developments.

Let's cross fingers and hope that, thanks to your donations, many other pumps will be bought in the future!

Father Kimu working on the pedals
Father Kimu working on the pedals
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