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Oct 3, 2019

Working for the kids of Hogar San Jeronimo


Our educators, Luis and Myriam, Father Johnka and Father Ariel, have been working together and achieving great results. They are in close contact with each of the families supported and are thus able to give us timely and accurate updates.


In fact, the Hogar San Jerónimo is trying to assist, accommodate and recover 40 of the poorest children in the city of Tunja, who are at physical or moral risk.


Thanks to some generous donations, we could purchase computers and projectors, as well as fund two child adoptions.


One of the kids helped is Alma, who has been placed with an adoptive family. Her mother left and his father lives alone with three other daughters, all minors and already pregnant.


We could meet Alma and give her some gifts Mario – her Italian uncle – had delivered to us. She looked happy and beautiful, and we are all very positive about her future!


While this lovely girl has just started a new and bright journey, a lot more are living in a difficult and risky situation. We really need your help and generosity to support as many kids as possible.


Believe in this project with us. You can make the difference for them, with just a small amount.


Only a donation per person is possible, so it would be great if you could engage your friends, relatives and colleagues. Please tell them who we are, what we do and help us spread this call. You’ll make the difference in these families’ lives!


Oct 3, 2019

The amazing story of Kwesi


Simona, our contact person from Ghana, is giving us fresh updates about the project Coffee Beans.

The shelter Casa Italia keeps hosting orphans, abused or ill-treated kids, providing them with medical care, food and school support, as well as the affection that all children have the right to receive. We are happy to tell you that all these “beans” are doing great .

The shelter successfully obtained the qualification of SPECIAL CHILDREN’S RESIDENTIAL HOME. This is a great honor, but it also implies important responsibilities. We all look forward to live up to what this qualification means.

Regarding our “beans”, our kids, we would love to share with you the story of Kwesi.

Kwesi reached our shelter when he was about two years old. His father was a violent and abusive man - with both his son and wife. One morning, when Kwesi was home alone with his father, he dared to take a bit of food without asking permission to the father, who took his tiny hand and put it into the boiling pot of food. The man held Kwesi’s hand in the boiling food for so long that his small fingers melted down, until the neighbours , attracted by Kwesi’s yelling, intervened and took him to the hospital. The medical staff tried to do everything possible to save his hand, and Kwesi had to stay long in the hospital, to heal from the temperature and the infections got from the mutilation.

After this horrific incident, the social workers issued a care order and assigned Kwesi to our shelter Coffee beans. Since that day, Kwesi never received a visit from his mother, let alone the father. However, as incredible as it may sound, he never stopped smiling. Kwesi is such a strong and brave kid! He’s always happy and playful with everyone. He’s such a dynamo of energy and is growing up happy and sound. Our main goal with Kwesi is to keep ensuring him love and peacefulness , following him in his school path and hosting him in the centre, until a caring family will be able to take care of the kid.

During his years here at the shelter, we accompanied Kwesi for his several fingers’ surgeries. And guess what? We are finally happy and touched to inform you that they have all been fixed! This is such an amazing achievement for Kwesi, for the whole shelter and for all of you supporting this project!

But the good news are not over yet! Despite the surgery and his absence from school, Kwesi managed to be amongst the best students, not only within his class, but in the whole school!

This is exactly what Coffee Beans is about: turning a kid’s personal story into a wonder of joy and hope.

This achievement couldn’t have been possible without you and your generous help. So thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your generous commitment.

Together we can achieve many other great goals.

Supporting us, Coffee Beans and Kwesi is very simple: just connect to access the DONATE NOW area and make a donation 

Only one donation is allowed for every single person with a maximum amount of 50 dollars, so don't forget to spread the word and involve as many people as possible! 



Sep 25, 2019

For the kids of Nginda!

Dear Friend,

You subscribed to email updates from Family Homes by GRUPPO ALEIMAR ONLUS, a project on GlobalGiving. Here's the unedited update from the field:


“St. Hellen – Hellena Mundia organization”. This is the name of a group formed by middle-class families in Embu district, Kenya. Their aim is to address the challenge of the orphaned or abandoned kids of Nginda community. In fact, they have estimated that there are around 88 of these kids, deprived of a bright future. One of them is Millicent, a 10-years old kid who has been abandoned by her father. She has 4 brothers and they all live with their mum, who is struggling to take care of them all.

Their main chance to overcome such a situation of economic, social and cultural poverty, is education. In other words, the possibility of going to school.

Kenyan education system is indeed well developed and offers several schooling opportunities. Millicent is attending primary school with joy and enthusiasm, and is well aware of how lucky she is for this opportunity.

However, kids are given access only if provided with school supplies and uniforms. Trapped in a situation of extreme poverty, Millicent will be forced to drop out of school. Sometimes her family does not even have the resources to buy everyday-food, let alone a school uniform! 

St. Hellen – Hellena Mundia organization hence is working to give Millicent and many other kids some practical assistance.

Millicent is a brilliant student and with your help, we can give her a chance for more education, for a brighter future and a better life.


Believe in this project with us. You can make the difference for many beautiful and smart kids, with just a small amount.

Only one donation is allowed for every single person, so don't forget to spread the word and involve as many people as possible!

Supporting us is very simple: just connect to, access the DONATE NOW area and make a donation.

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