Feb 11, 2018

Key Highlights 2017

Vidya Poshak student volunteers
Vidya Poshak student volunteers

Vidya Poshak's Nurture Merit programme includes 3 components viz. Financial Assistance, Knowledge Resource Centres (Books, Computer & Internet and workshops on life skills) and Residential Bridge Camps. These services are provided to meritorious students from economically disadvantaged background.

Key Highlights

·        During Academic year 2017 overall 1410 meritorious economically challenged students were financially assisted to the tune of INR 92 Lakh to pursue their studies in Professional & Nonprofessional course. 

·         We  received more than 3000 applications for financial assistance but we could only support 443 students based on their merit and poverty level.

·         100% Applicants home was visited by the volunteers.      

·         During the year, 65% of the total student beneficiaries were girls.

·       321 students supported by Vidya Poshak appeared for Class-11 examination in 2017 out of which 100% students were successful in the examination. 210 students scored 80% and above.

·         Totally 393 students who were supported by Vidya Poshak appeared for Class 12 examination in 2017 out of which 100% students were successful in the examination. 209 students scored 80% and above.

·         More than 10,000 books were issued to the students at Vidya Poshak Knowledge Resource Centres. A Total of 8500 students could access the library services through 6 library centres.

·         During the year 477  students were trained through 10 Residential Bridge camps.

Feb 11, 2018

Library Updates Jan 2018

Chote Scientist Program
Chote Scientist Program

Greetings from Vidya Poshak

Thank you for joining hands with us, we appreciate your kind gesture in extending a helping hand for the noble cause of nurturing meritorious but economically challenged students.  None of our work could be done without our amazing supporters like you

  • 2157 students utilized the library facilities through our 6 library centers.
  • Four sessions on Mock Interviews & Group Discussion preparations  organized for the benefit of final year degree students. More than 200 students attended the session
  • As a pilot, Vidya Poshak will be venturing into a new initiative Nurturing Extracurricular Talent (NExT) from this year. The programme provides space for supporting deserving students in pursuing excellence in nonacademic areas. This year we are going to support in the field of music (Indian classical form), Sports (individual events only) and Dance (Indian forms).
  • Vidya Poshak Community (passed out students from Vidya Poshak) is conducting moral, social, and some activity related training program for 1 to 7th students in Sri Sharada Vidyamandira, Tippsandara, Bangalore. 
  • Chote Scientist program got initiated during the last quarter, Vidya Poshak student volunteers provided practical science training for class 7 students from 20 different government schools
Feb 11, 2018

Siddapur Residential Training Program Report

Team Photo
Team Photo

Dear Wellwisher

Following is the snapshot of the Skill training program conducted during the month of December 2017

Unique Aspects of the Vidya Poshak Camp

The Vidya Poshak  residential training camps aim to foster life skills that are not fully available in the student’s life either on campus or in their community. 

A few objectives of the camps:

  • To empower students to be more successful in personnel & professional life.
  • To provide valuable student centered practical training.
  • To instill confidence through interactive life skills workshops.
  • To encourage development of English communication.
  • To promote the idea that each student can become a leader.
  • To bridge the gap between the formal education and demands of meaningful career.
  • To assist the students to set and achieve desired career goals.
  • The above said objectives depict the overall vision of the camps.
  •  Each camp has specific objectives decided prior to each camp based on the target group.

o   Average 10 hours of training and activities per day.

 Student Background:

A total of 74 Vidya Poshak students attended this camp. All the students in this camp are students of 1st year degree  in Science and Commerce streams. Large majority of these students hail from rural background and   majority of them studied in vernacular medium till Class 10.

As these students are primarily from rural background and started studying in English medium at college level, the activities related to stage courage, life skills, etc. were given a large focus along with the student – focused activities like Communication skills, Presentation skills, Motivation, Team Building etc.

Brief activities about the camp:

1st day of the Camp: All students nominated to the camp arrived at the camp venue by evening.

2nd day of the Camp: Students assembled at 8.45am; The camp team gave the basic instructions to these students; the participants were divided into 8 groups; each group containing 9-10 members were allotted specific works to be carried out as per the instructions of the Comp Co-ordinator.

After that Mr.Umesh  C conducted a session on Motivation through some activities involving the participants.  

He told them about the personality development. He stressed that this is the starting point on the path to success which is not only long but also tough. He called upon the students to face the problems boldly and to develop a positive attitude. The participants took part in two games. By this exercise, the class leant the ways and means to develop personality and to face the situation firmly without becoming panic. 

In the next session, Mr. Umesh C dealt with another interesting as well as useful topic on motivation. This is an important tool in the hands of an achiever and that one should derive inspiration and encouragement at several things that happen around us daily. If one is committed to his goal and is capable of hard work, the success cannot remain far off. The ability to motivate as well as to get motivated makes the journey speedy and pleasant. He opined that each student should read good books and get motivated to achieve more and more. The participants were greatly benefited by his both the lectures on the opening day of the session.

3rd day of the camp: Mr. Poorna Prajna, a veteran communicator and a keen observer of the nature told about several instances where we ignore the happenings around us daily and never bother to know the possible reason behind such happening/ activity. This lack of curiosity will kill the enthusiasm and will lead to lethargy. He asked the students to get benefited by asking ‘Why’, ‘How’, ‘When’, etc. and getting precise reply to each such question.  He further told about the secrets of success in the field of science. He also gave a brief idea about the courses which would be available after PUC. His inputs were very useful to all.

4th day of the camp: The session was engaged by Mr. V.L.Hegde who spoke on communication skills. He gave several instances on the methodologies of improving the communication, either verbal or written. He wanted that the communication should be clear, complete, correct, concise and courteous. He stressed the need of using the language properly so that the receiver gets precise message. He opined that this skill is one of the basic ingredients to secure success in any field of activities.

5th Day of the camp: The morning session was engaged by Mr.Ravindra Hegde. He is very well in mathematics especially in Business and accountancy. He told about the shortcut methods for solving the problems on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. and also narrated about the magic square. He guided the students to solve various mathematical problems.

6th Day of the camp: -Mr. Umesh C began his session on Leadership and Team Work. He clearly brought out the difference between a manager and a leader. He told with several illustrations how a leader is able to take his teammates towards achievement of goal; he also told about good communications skills, critical thinking and creative thinking. Later, he narrated the difference between a team and a group. The TEAM implies that Together Everyone Achieves More. His lecture was well received by the participants. 

7th Day of the camp: Mr. Druvaraj Melgeri dealt with various subjects like democratic set-up of India and America, the economic situations prevailing in these two big countries, the methodology to get passport, the importance of visa, the wrong notions with many persons about foreign tour, etc. He clarified several issues raised by participants and advised the students to develop eagerness to know more and more about our society and the world so that one gets boldness in case of failure; the failure leads to experience and the experience makes the man perfect. 

8th Day of the camp: Mr. Nagaraj gave lecture on important science concepts. He gave several illustrations and how one takes things granted. Unless one develops curiosity to know why certain things happen in that way only, there cannot be real advancement. He was of  the view that  just memorizing the text book or question-answers one can’t be successful in his career. Logical thinking, developing an ability to solve problems in innovative ways, certain degree of imagination, study of latest developments, etc. are necessary for leading a successful life.

Closing ceremony was held in the evening in which all students participated enthusiastically.  

 Facilities provided:

  • Separate rooms for girls and boys
  • Food and snacks
  • Bus fare to and fro camp
  • Daily Kannada & English newspapers
  • Open Library Facility
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