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Provide education for orphans and other vulnerable children. Equip women and female youth with vocational and handiwork skills. Develop social support systems for orphans, other vulnerable children, and women. Foster prevention education about communicable diseases, such HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, as well as care and support for those afflicted with long-term illness. Research children's and women's rights, adult education, and literacy training. Investigate policies covering orphans,
Sep 25, 2015

Good news: we're going back to School!

Dear Supporter,

We are very pleased to tell you that we have ushered in a new school year once again.  Christpher and the other kids under the PAAJAF Sponsor A Child program would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! Because of your support they were able to go to school in the 2014/2015 school year.   As we are updating you on today, Thursday,  September 24, 2015, it is wonderful to see our child scholars almost always return to school with a new sense of wonder at the world, better understanding of global issues, fresh minds and an ignited passion for making a difference –since you have shown your care for them. It is wonderful again to be able to witness the change you are making from a distance.

The kids have just started a new school year, however only Christpher has got a sponsor for the 2015/2016 school year, we are most grateful to his sponsor Anna and other donors to our Kids.  Out of 12 scholars we sponsored in the 2014/2015 school year, only Christpher has got a sponsor at the moment for this 2015/2016 academic year.  

It is sad news that some of our scholars have not got their fees, school supplies and lunch being paid.  As mentioned above, only Christpher who has got a sponsor and has got school fees, school supplies and lunch paid has return to school with hope that he could be successful stayed in school without missing a class. Yesterday 23 September 2015, we managed to make partial school fees payment for Erica, Vera, Judy, Sara and Modecai and negotiated with the respective schools to loan the mentioned kids with school supplies and lunch so that they could go to school and could not miss classes.    Sadly, Mary and Miriam had changed their school since we have no fund and that hasn’t been able to reach them.

Would you please help to promote this cause and look for sponsors and donations from your friends and networks so that we could pay the loans the schools have granted to our children and the those we have not reach them we could also support them?

Thank you

Jul 6, 2015

We can't wait to tell you our news!

PAAJAF Education Institute - PEI
PAAJAF Education Institute - PEI

We thank you for generous donations! As our goals for the year 2015 was highlighted: PAAJAF Foundation aims to work hardly to bring our dreams to reality:
• By working closely with our donors and looking for project sponsors, partners and donations for the PEI and its literacy programmes, buying land for the school, currently the school in a rented venue.
• Resource the school, library, purchase of school bus with donations in kind or sponsorship.
• Sponsor 12 additional children by giving the education to increase our number from 12 to 24 children.
• PEI – Scholarship school project – the preschool students will be increased from 20 to 60 students and help hiring teachers at the school. We also want to provide free lunch to the kids at PEI as these kids have little food at home.
The second quarter of the year 2015 had not been easy for us due to the lack of resources but we are more than happy and thank you our generous donors who have donated to our project: Help Underprivileged Children in Ghana to sustain us. The period under consideration had not been easy but a great progress registered:
• The goal to sponsor 12 additional children by giving the education to increase our number from 12 to 24 children. Though we have not been able to increase the number from 12 but we are help you have help to the current 12 children who are under sponsorship have been able to remain in school.
Thank you very much, it has been amazing to watch the personal development of the children as they return to school, walking talk, brilliants and healthy! The children called PAAJAF Kids are: Ebenezer, Mary, Erica, Josephine, Nidaar, Stephen, Christpher, Vera, Judy, Madicy, Kelvin and Lordina. All the children have raised self-esteem, increased confidence, are continuing their studies and performing well and are in good health. Surprisingly, Madicy name was wrongly stated, he is known as Modecai instead please we apologies for the name confusion. The picture below is: from left is Judy, then Vera and the last list are Philip and Modecai.
• PEI – Scholarship school project – the preschool goal is to increase students and hiring teachers. The studentship to be increased from 20 to 60 students by the close of the year 2015. Hiring teachers for the school and also to provide free lunch to the kids.
Your donation to the project has enabled us to additional 15 students to the students at PEI, currently we have 35 students from the goal set for the year. We appreciate your effort, without you we could have not achieved this great changed please find this video about the project and photos : Our Video!

• Resource the school, library, purchase of school bus with donations in kind or sponsorship.
Another goal is to resource the school, in view of this, we have established partnership with worldreader to receive e-reader. They have been successfully located a sponsors for the devices what PAAJAF needs is to clear the device from port, installation, launching and maintenance cost to Worldreader so that we could received the device from the organization. We have created a post for this and we are looking for sponsors, please would sponsor us : ?
• By working closely with our donors and looking for project sponsors, partners and donations for the PEI and its literacy programmes, buying land for the school, currently the school in a rented venue.
The venue of the PEI Preschool project will expire on October 2016. For the meantime while we are working to get donors and sponsor for our own land and build our own school. We need classroom maintenance, else at the said date above, the landlord of the premises we have rented will kick us out from the premises and if that happens, the project will close of which will affect our students and the community. Please we will be creating a post for the classroom maintenance so that we can at maintain the classrooms for at least another two years. Would you be our sponsor or a donor so that we will not be kicked out?

Thank you for your consideration and your love towards our beneficiaries!

Philip Appiah
Co-Founder and CEO
PAAJAF Foundation

Vera and Modecai with Philip
Vera and Modecai with Philip
Pre-School at PAAJAF!
Pre-School at PAAJAF!
May 11, 2015

No more tears on Sara's face

Sara happy to start school
Sara happy to start school

There are no more tears on Sara’s face.  She is an orphan living with her aging grandmother with no income to send Sara to school; she was forced to stay home. Then a life-changing event happened. For the last two terms Sara was able to go back to school.  We are most grateful to God for the great intervention on Sara’s behalf, which has provided her with generous sponsors for the 2014/2015 academic year. 

Sara and PAAJAF are thankful to the generous donors who have become our philanthropists and a positive live changing people at PAAJAF by restoring and giving hope, education and future to those who need it most.  Not forgetting our dear partner – GlobalGiving since our partnership, the organization has given us hope at PAAJAF, peace, education and future to those children who lack education and being able to go to school. Sara is in class one at Mercy School Complex.  

Sara is one of the children who did not have access to school and scholarship but today as we are giving you update about her, there is a smile on her face every day since she had been gotten her school fees, materials, school lunch all been paid and home support also being given accordingly to her.  For her, just to wake up every day and go to school is a miracle and a blessing. 

Sara’s fund update:  Sara has benefited from the micro-project fund.  Her remaining fund balance is to support her for this last term for 2014/2015 academic year.  Last two terms, $1160 was spent on her covering the payment of school fees and admission at Mercy School Complex,  school lunch, School materials, uniforms for her and home support. This term, we are left with $500 to take care of her. Sara’s own micro-project funds will then be finished covering the 2014/2015 academic term. Our own low scholarship funds means it will be a heavy blow for Sara next term and we really want to help her for the 2015/2016 term too.

Scholarship fund administration and Sara’s donation update:  The PAAJAF Foundation’s core value is to ensure transparency in all our dealings and to our stakeholders. The scholarship fund, when there is fund in the account and we locate a child who needs urgent help.  We sponsor such child/children while PAAJAF is looking for a sponsor or donations for such child/children.   The last two terms, Sara was sponsored via the Scholarship fund. When donations or a sponsor is received then we refund what we have spent on such child/children back to the fund so that in future we will be able to support other children who need urgent help.  

Please help us to share the story of Sara to your networkers!  If you don’t, we will be posting her needs for the 2015/2016 academic year school soon and any contribution will help Sara.  Each year, PAAJAF has to look for donations or sponsors to enable the kids at PAAJAF to go to school.  Do you have any concerning regarding this update or about Sara or about PAAJAF? If yes, please drop us an email at

Also please you can occasionally read update about Sara through our “Live News About Sara at PAAJAF:

Sara feels blessed to go to school
Sara feels blessed to go to school

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