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Provide education for orphans and other vulnerable children. Equip women and female youth with vocational and handiwork skills. Develop social support systems for orphans, other vulnerable children, and women. Foster prevention education about communicable diseases, such HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, as well as care and support for those afflicted with long-term illness. Research children's and women's rights, adult education, and literacy training. Investigate policies covering orphans,
Jul 2, 2013

Summer term, Erica continues to progress

Erica attends Empet Academy
Erica attends Empet Academy

We have been fortunate to have been given a unique opportunity to raise additional funds and support our amazing kids through GlobalGiving’s June Bonus Day.  Two generous donors came forward and the following school children will benefit from your recent donations of GH¢ 250 – GH¢ 280 (Ghanaian Cedi). 

  1. Erica  - GH¢ 60 full school tuition this term
  2. Vira  - GH¢ 50 to support her mother to purchase food to take care of Vira. 
  3. Lauren  - GH¢ 100 part tuition (Lauren’s school  fees are GH¢220 per a term)
  4. Nidaar  - GH¢60 full tuition for this school term

In July, the children continue to develop and progress. Erica and Vira are in class one and in the second term of the academic year and are learning English Language, Ghanaian Language, math, science, social and cultural studies. Being able to go to school this term means Erica and Vira are engaging in all school activities including this term physical education (PE) and worship service classes.

Nidaar and Lauren are in nursery school. The four children are in good condition and happy for the support they are receiving from you our passionate donors and from your continued support.

Our next goal is a September fundraiser - where fundraisers themselves can earn prizes from their amazing effort - please contact!

Here is more detailed background about our wonderful children. As an orphan, Erica relies on the help of PAAJAF otherwise she would be thrown out of school.

Lauren has a single mother, her father died, and currently her mother has no job and finds it difficult to take care of her and the brother Kwaku.  A donation means we can step in to part-pay this term’s fees and support her education.

Vira has a single mother who has not seen her father since her birth.  Her mother is employed to teach nursery school with small take home pay that could not take care of Vira.  Your donations provide support her mother so she can provide nutritious food to Vira

Through a generous sponsorship donation Nidaar's school fees can be paid in full this term helping her remain in nursey, we have stepped in because Nidaar’s father is only able to secure casual labor and her mother remains at home to look after children, making things difficult for Niddar to meet her educational needs.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and support across the world. We continue to campaign to local residents about our children and raising awareness at a local level.

Jun 10, 2013

Benefits of Family Learning

Literacy classes strengthen job prospects
Literacy classes strengthen job prospects

The project to assist 100 adults in Ghana to fund literacy courses is identified as a result of PAAJAF conducting a community consultation in Gbawe to ascertain which support services for children, young people, and women. The findings were as follows:

  • Extreme poverty and lack of literacy impacted upon health; ill-health in itself also impacted on an individual’s ability to acquire and maintain employment, trapping individuals and families in a cycle of continuous deprivation.
  • Parents unable to read English and sign their name were unable to access health information written in English and undertake consumer transactions such as opening a bank account.
  • State schools in Gbawe are overcrowded. Primary schools have up to 65 pupils per class and teachers struggle to attend to individual students.
  • Many Gbawe residents live in poorly structured and over-crowded housing with inadequate sanitation and few clean drinking water facilities.
  • Traditional and cultural beliefs reinforce gender stereotypes that give educational access preference to boys over girls.

The project urgently needs volunteer assistance in visiting Ghana to teach English and Maths classes and financial assistance to hire facilitators ($60 per month) and recruit students. Please contact Philip Appiah (Project Leader)

PAAJAF experience of previous Family Learning projects

We ran a successful previous project at one local junior high school in Gbawe three times a week from 2007 to 2010. This started with 5 participants and by the end of the project this had increased to 65 participants with an average attendance of 32 each day. Individuals who did not even know the letters of the alphabet showed incremental progress. They began to read and write, this being a positive, life changing experience for them.

Benefits of family learning in the community:

  • Including parents, guardians, carers in their children’s learning will make a significant and positive difference to children’s achievements, motivation and self esteem.
  • Family learning will provide the learning support needed to help break the cycle of educational and economic deprivation.
  • Children with literate parents will be more inclined to take their education seriously and improve their academic achievement, as they will receive more support in the home.
  • Educating parents will enable them to understand the school environment and the importance of education, and help their children with their school projects homework.  It will also create the platform for parents to spend quality time with their children whilst understanding their children’s academic work.
  • Families encouraged to see themselves as ‘learners’ will experience improved communication between family members.
  • Family learning will motivate parents to invest in their children’s secondary school education and continue in higher education and/or vocational training.
  • Children and parents will be empowered to access local microfinance opportunities (available through PAAJAF and other community based organisations) and improve job prospects.
  • Children and parents will be able to be better informed decisions when they buy goods and services.
  • They will also be able to better understand and access health services and written information about health and preventative measures to tackle infectious and waterborne diseases.
  • Providing educational opportunities for illiterate mothers will reduce the gender gap in literacy, social and economic deprivation.

Hanna, aged 28, helped through PAAJAF’s previous Family Learning project says “I have been educated by the foundation to read the English language and my own dialect, Twi. I am very grateful to the PAAJAF Foundation for making me literate. I can now read and write, which helps me with my bank transactions and I can now understand my child’s report card.”

Apr 24, 2013

Evaluating the micro-loan process

Gbawe Community and challenges faced
Gbawe Community and challenges faced

It is with sadness that the project has been put on hold due to personal difficulties that one of the Networkers is facingfrom hospital treatment and high levels of unreliability of repaying the loans from 3 Networkers.  The micro-loans are provided by Sinapi Aba Trust in Ghana who are aware of the situation.

Two of the networkers have run away and as Project Leader, I took personal responsibility to repay their loans from my small salary from my church office where I work.   Every Thursday, I chase the Networkers at their respective homes to collect their repayment money then forward it to the loan officer from Sinapi Aba Trust.

The method of collecting the repayment of micro-loans is under urgent review and the micro-loans provided to defaulting group members have been suspended. The project will prepare more stringent loan contracts that participants must sign, the vetting process for the participants will be reviewed and changed to account for stricter background checks. We have been fortunate to have a volunteer Development Manager to help the project to work on this.

Do you have experience of providing micro-loans in a community? We would appreciate sharing learning with you. Contact me at

Thank you for bearing with us during this time.


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