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Disbursement Basics

GlobalGiving disburses funds near the end of the month after donations are received. So, if a donation is made in January, it will be disbursed at the end of February. Our disbursement team aims to get funds out the door by the 25th of the month, although sometimes it takes a few days less or more.

For international organizations, we only disburse after net $250 or more is pending to reduce the overall cost of wire fees and because of the limitations placed on us by FXecute.

GlobalGiving waits until the month after donations are received to reconcile donations to ensure financial security. Each month, donations on GlobalGiving’s site are reversed or charged-back. Although this is rare, GlobalGiving is not able to take the risk in disbursing donations that may later be reversed. When this does occur, our partners incur a negative balance for the amount that was reversed which can reduce or even delay future disbursements.

Disbursement Methods

We offer 4 different ways for our partners to receive funds, depending on their location and preference: ACH, check, international wire, and FXecute.

ACH: ACH is a direct bank transfer from GlobalGiving’s account to the American accounts of our U.S. registered partners. This is our preferred method of disbursement for U.S. partners. It can take 1-3 business days for funds to reach your account.

Checks: Stuffed, stamped, and mailed by GlobalGiving’s fabulous staff, checks tend to arrive within 1-5 days after being sent. Once they leave our hands, your check is at the mercy of the U.S. postal system.  Switch your disbursement method to ACH.

FXecute: FXecute makes it possible for GlobalGiving to disburse funds in local currencies, saving our partners money on wire transfer fees and currency conversions. Read more about FXecute.  It can take up to 2 weeks to receive your disbursement via FXecute, particularly if you are receiving an FXecute disbursement for the first time. If your funds are not received within 15 days of disbursement, GlobalGiving will work with you to investigate.

Wire: This disbursement method is for organizations based outside the U.S. with U.S. dollar bank accounts. This method incurs bank transfer fees and higher currency conversion rates than FXecute. Read more about FXecute.  It can take up to 2 weeks to receive your disbursement via international wire. If your funds are not received within 15 days of disbursement, GlobalGiving will work with you to investigate.

Disbursement Reports

Disbursements are accompanied by a Disbursement Report which provides a complete list of all donations made during the disbursement period, including the donor name (unless anonymous), date of donation, and donation amount. The report breaks down the donation amount in the following way:

Gross $: how much money was donated to your project by the donor

GGF Fee $: the fee applied to this donation—GlobalGiving’s fee varies by donation from 0 – 15% of the gross amount

Add-on $: how much of the fee the donor has covered – donors choose to cover a portion of the fee about 50% of the time! That means that the fee averages out around 9%.

Net $: the total amount disbursed to your organization after the fee and the donor add-on have been applied

The Disbursement Report is emailed to the disbursement contacts attached to your account, as designated by the Disbursement Form completed during the due diligence process. Change your disbursement contact(s) here. 

Disbursement reports are sent a few days after disbursements leave our office. Depending on your organization’s disbursement method (check, wire, etc.), you may receive your disbursement report just before or after your disbursement.

Disbursement Manager

Your organization’s past disbursement information is available to you around the clock in the Disbursement Manager in Project Entry. Check it out! Log into Project Entry. From the dashboard, click on “View Disbursements” to the left of the calendar.

In the Disbursement Manager, you can find the following information about your past disbursements:

1. Dates: We tell you when disbursements were sent and the date through which donations are included.

2. Amounts: We give you the net total amount disbursed. This amount takes into account GlobalGiving’s fee and any bonus awards that your organization has received. It does not comprise currency conversion or wire transfer fees.

3. Expedited disbursements:  In urgent cases, such as disaster situations, GlobalGiving makes expedited disbursements to our partners. We make it easy for you to manage your expeedited disbursements in the Disbursement Manager. To learn more about expedited disbursements, read this article here.

4. Re-sent disbursements: Occasionally, funds are returned to GlobalGiving if we do not have the correct account information. We tell you when disbursements are being resent and the total value of the resent amount. Please note that we do not remove the original disbursement from the manager. This means that two disbursements of the same amount may appear twice. Although the disbursement may appear twice on the Disbursement Manager, the organization will only received that disbursement amount once.

Click on each disbursement to see:

  • Disbursement details such as date paid, delivery method, status, and amount;
  • The breakdown of the disbursement between projects;
  • The original disbursement email; and
  • To download the disbursement report.

Please note that disbursement reports are not available for expedited disbursements or resent disbursements. 

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