Nonprofit Partner Handbook

Your organization’s guide to succeeding on GlobalGiving

Your GlobalGiving Journey

What does it mean to be a GG partner?

GlobalGiving is the first and largest global crowdfunding community that connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world. We make it possible for nonprofits from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (and hundreds of places in between) to access the tools, training, and support they need to be more effective and make our world a better place.

When you join GlobalGiving, you are not just accessing a fundraising platform with the ability to attract new donors, but you are also joining a global community of nonprofits who are striving to become more effective and collaborative organizations. The more you engage and participate with GlobalGiving’s various campaigns and resources, the more you will benefit! We are here to help make your organization successful with all your goals.

Benefits associated with partnership

As a new partner of GlobalGiving, your organization now has access to a variety of resources to achieve all your organization’s goals. A few of these benefits include:

Online Fundraising Tools

Beautiful, customizable project pages; short-term microprojects; recurring donations; and a range of payment processing options to help with your fundraising!

Increased Donors

Your projects on will give you access to people in the UK, USA, and beyond. We also have a dedicated donor team who is here to assist your donors make donations to your project!

Fundraising Campaigns

We provide incentive-based matching and bonus prize campaigns throughout the year to help you mobilize your donors, increase your donors’ impact, and attract new donors to your organization's amazing work.

GlobalGiving Contests

GlobalGiving runs a variety of contests to engage your community of supporters and help you build a new support base

Customer Service Team

We have a global team here to assist you with any questions you may have. We are available through email, phone, live chat, and one-on-one consultations to better assist all our nonprofit partners.

Tax Benefits

All donations made by US donors are tax deductible, and UK donors can opt-in to Gift Aid, which means your project will receive an additional 25% on top of the original GBP donation (once GlobalGiving has processed your GiftAid claim). We also send all donors a tax receipt for their donation to GlobalGiving.

GlobalGiving-Driven Funds

GlobalGiving is working hard to drive more funds to your project apart from your own fundraising efforts! We do this in a variety of ways, including bonus funds, matching offers, corporate partnerships, and marketing efforts.

Access to Skilled Volunteers

We foster direct relationships between skilled volunteers and our nonprofit partners through GlobalGivingTIME, our online volunteering platform. We also run longer term mentoring programs which match nonprofit partners with skilled experts from our corporate partners.

Learning Opportunities

We provide multi-week academies, effectiveness tools, and an entire platform for capacity-building in our Learn section to help your organization increase its impact in your community.

GG Rewards

As a member of the GlobalGiving community, you have access to a variety of GlobalGiving tools and tutorials to help showcase your organization’s amazing work! GG Rewards is the system that GlobalGiving uses to recognize and reward nonprofit partners for their efforts to learn, improve, and grow their impact. Watch our introductory video to GG Rewards.

Within the GG Rewards system, your organization will receive points for both your Effectiveness (commitment to learning) and Engagement (participation on the GlobalGiving platform). These points will translate into your GG Rewards Status (Partner, Leader, or Superstar). The more points you get, the higher your status, and the more access you’ll have to GlobalGiving benefits.

What is a GG Rewards Cycle?

One of GlobalGiving’s core values is Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat. On your GG Rewards Dashboard, you will find learning cycles that include the 3 steps of listening, acting, and learning. You can receive reward points by letting us know how you have completed each step within the learning cycle. A cycle is complete once you have finished all three steps.

Already have a learning resource that you use? Let us know! We’ll continue to add more tools as time goes on, but we’d love your suggestions on resources you’ve found helpful in your own organization's efforts to learn, improve, and grow your impact.

How does GlobalGiving know what makes nonprofits effective?

Projects in the GlobalGiving community cover every theme in the nonprofit sector from education to environmental conservation to human rights. However, we believe one thing is true across all sectors: the most effective organizations are those with a learning culture. Organizations that listen to the people they serve, act on what they hear by testing new ideas, and learn from their results become more impactful than those that don’t. The GG Rewards system reflects our core value of listening, acting, and learning, and rewards organizations that demonstrate these values. We work to drive more funds to organizations that are striving to be more effective.

Want to learn more? Head to the GlobalGiving Help Center to find out the answers to all your specific GG Rewards questions!

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