Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes

by Tigoung Nonma
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
Build Workshop for Physically Disabled Burkinabes
TN's January Christmas meal for members
TN's January Christmas meal for members

                                                                        I Introduction

Between October 2022 and January 2023, despite the on-going perilous security situation and the high cost of living in Burkina Faso, our cooperative has managed to continue to function in order to preserve its existence.

Concerned for the difficult circumstances of some members, there has been a meeting with some of our partners to see to what extent these members could be supported to enable them to carry out different craft activities.

The usual meetings have taken place : Committee meetings, the EXECUTVE BUREAU meeting and the General Meeting. Some members have taken part in sessions and workshops organised by our partners. We also participated in the International Day for Persons with Disability (JIPH) organised by the Ministry of Solidarity, Humanitarian Action, National Reconciliation, Gender and Family, which is our supervisory ministry.

The funding received from the donations made on GlobalGiving and from an ex-volunteer to support the 48 members who had been identified as needing urgent support over Christmas was in fact used to support 52 members in extreme need.  TN organised an awareness-raising day on Peace, Social Cohesion and Citizenship ; this included a presentation of wishes and donations to members.

Some TN members suffer with chronic illnesses plus mental health problems and we are therefore reflecting on how we can best provide support for those living with both physical and mental disabilities.

II Activities

II.1 Meetings and Gatherings

  • Both Executive and Committee meetings have taken place during this quarter in order to plan and organise activities.
  •  07/10/2022 Participation in a public conference where there was a panel and the theme under discussion was ‘The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Burkina Faso’s Informal (or Grey) Economy’.  This conference was organised by the National Council of the Informal Economy of Burkina Faso (CNEI-BF).
  • 03/12/2022 Participation in The International Day of Persons with a Disability.  This took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organised by the Ministry of Solidarity, Humanitarian Action, National Reconciliation, Gender and Family.   
  • 07 /12/2022 Meeting with the President of the Chamber of Artisan Trades (CMABF). Our request for this meeting was agreed in order to discuss the following :

*     To increase the Minister’s knowledge and understanding of TN

*     To learn more about the CMABF and what it does

*     To seek their advice

*     To benefit from their actions, especially regarding market and order research for our members


  • 13/12/2022 Participation in a workshop to desseminate the results of the study on the employability of persons with disablity and other documents and legal texts on safeguarding and the promotion of persons living with disability.  This was organised by the Ministry of Solidarity, Humanitarian Action, National Reconciliation, Gender and Family.
  • 28-29/12/2022 Participation in a workshop about the mainstreaming of gender, taking into account the 1325 resolution in the local initiatives for the consolidation of peace and the fight against the proliferation and trafficking of illegal light, low-calibre arms in Burkina Faso: Focus on civil organisations including those for persons with disability. This activity was organised by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).


Following discussion with a representative from the CABES/Gie (Business and Crafts for  Social and Economic Well-being) about the difficulties facing some TN members regarding their financial autonomy, 20 places were offered to these members for them to add to their skills.

Of the 20 places, 14 members were from the SCOOP/TN ??, and they were working with members from other cotton-spinning groups.

After the training, the partner donated the following cotton-spinning  equipment :

  • 9 spinning machines and stools
  • 8 frames for combing cotton
  • 2 x 45kg sacks of cotton

For every 1kg of cotton, the partner pays 2000 F CFA and collects the cotton thread.

TN members with their certificates in cotton-spinning with a spinning wheel. 14 members of the SCOOPS/TN participated in this training from 11-15th October 2022.                                                           

II. 3 Fund-generating activities

II. 3.1 Sales and craft orders

Sales in the shop

Participation in the Christmas Market organised by the Ouagadougou International School

II. 3.2 Catering Service orders

 There were 9 catering orders during this period

II.3.3 Gift

An ex-Team TN Leader, Hannah (June 2013-April 2014 ), visited us on 19/1//22 and  donated 120 000 CFA cash to TN.  There was a meeting attended by Hannah where this gift was shared between the members who attended.

Harriet, an ex-volunteer (2012) kindly made a donation via bank transfer to support vulnerable TN members over Christmas. See photo below.

II.3.4 Hiring out of equipment.

During Activity Week, TN hired out chairs and tables.

II. 3.5 The TN project on GlobalGiving

TN mounted a project on GlobalGiving to support 48 vulnerable members so that they could celebrate Christmas.

The project was approved and received funds for this.

TN  received two sums of money, comprising :





Payment received from activities at the TN centre.

175 221


Payment received from the activities at the centre and for members at Christmas.

716 347


Total amount received

 891 568

The bank receipts for the two GlobalGiving payments

II. 3.4 Seeking new partners

An artisan partnership is currently being established with a Canadian organisation. This will be finalised in 2023 and a development plan will be agreed.

II. 4 Organisation of a meeting for discussion and awareness-raising, the presentation of wishes and the presenting of donations to members

12 January 2022, TN organised this day for the promotion of peace, social cohesion and citizenship and resilience in the face of the ever-present threat of terrorism.

Breakdown of the cost of setting up and running this activity : 


GlobalGiving donation


Ex volontaire donation (Harriet)

35 146

Contribution from TN

61 000


793.660 ,94 



Purchase of phone credits to call members

25 000

Purchase of 52x25kg bags of rice

572 000

Travel costs of members

76 500

Provision of a meal (rice with vegetables, 1 piece of fish, 1 mineral water and 1 juice per person)

120 000


793 500


Five experts and members of TN participated in this activity :

ü  A representative for the Permanent Secretary of the Cross-Sector Committee for the Promotion of the Rights of Persons Living with a Disability from the Ministry of National Solidarity & Humanitarian Action.  

ü  Four representatives from the National Federation of Skilled Artisans from the Central Region (FEREAC) : their president and three further members.

ü  53 TN members

After the awareness-raising session, a meal as already described, was offered to everyone at the meeting.

1 x 25kg sack of rice plus 1500 F CFA were gifted to every member.   

II.4 Results achieved

  • 4 outstanding catering bills were paid
  • 14 members received training in how to use a spinning wheel to spin cotton
  • 15 members were paid for their work with the catering service
  • GlobalGiving donations were used for the TN centre and to support some TN members over Christmas.
  • Awareness was raised for 60 people, including 53 TN members, who learned about the promotion of peace, social cohesion and citizenship and about resilience for themselves and their families in the face of terrorism in their localities.

II.5 Difficulties encountered

  • TN was unable to organise the 3 days of craft for disabled people that they had planned
  • The training for 60 members in how to use a knitting machine was cancelled. This was intended to promote and support the financial independence of women and had been scheduled for October 2022 by the National Federation of Artisans from the Central Region (FEREAC).
  • Due to insecurity, the International Exhibition of Artisans in Ouagadougou was postponed and moved from November 2022 to 2023. However, TN is not participating for a number of reasons, e.g. a lack of new products and the high cost of a stand. 
  • The TN funds for the new Centre (Workshop/HQ) on GlobalGiving are not sufficient to complete the remaining works.
  • The members who took part in the cotton-spinning training had difficulty in peddling the spinning machine ; they managed this by working in pairs, however, even with this strategy, those who were pedalling with their hands found it difficult.
  • From 27/12/22 to 31/12/22, there was a shortage of fuel in Ouagadougou and some towns in Burkina Faso. This meant that travel was complicated, including for TN members – hence the need to support members over the Christmas period.
  • The worsening security situation, the high cost of living and the slow sale of members’ products all have a negative effect on the TN association and on SCOOPS/TN
  • It has been difficult to hold meetings with all TN members.


Looking ahead

  • The organisation of 3 days for disabled artisans comprising the following activities :

ü  3 days for the display and sale of our products

ü  Catering during the event

ü  Awareness-raising about the rights of disabled people and how to deal with the problems of security and the cost of living in Burkina Faso

ü  Donations to vulnerable people, including internally displaced people who have disabilities.

  • Make a film documenting all that Tigoung Nonma has achieved since its formation right up to the present day.
  • Use financial resources to support the improvement of the health of our members and to complete the work on the new TN centre (workshop/HQ)
  • Try to find ways of adapting the spinning wheels so that disabled persons can use them more easily and effectively.
  • Finalise the TN action plan for 2023-2025.

II.6 Conclusion :

Members of l’Association TN and SCOOPS/TN remain strong in the face of the difficulties across Burkina Faso.  We thank all those who have made donations ; this has enabled us to give support to and raise awareness among our members.

We thank, as always, all of our partners and our customers/clients who support us, and who care about our well-being.

Wishing everyone a very happy 2023.

La Présidente de l’Association TIGOUNG NONMA


Provision of 25kg bags of rice for members
Provision of 25kg bags of rice for members
Members gathering to collect rice
Members gathering to collect rice
Zoenabou & Volunteer Harriet at Tigoung Nonma
Zoenabou & Volunteer Harriet at Tigoung Nonma
Training and receiving certs for cotton looming
Training and receiving certs for cotton looming
Belated Christmas celebration
Belated Christmas celebration
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From January until September 2022, the security situation and the cost of living crisis has worsened. This has had a significant, negative impact on the population in general and in particular on people living with a disability. The consequences of all of these pains/evils has meant that production and sales of our Art and Craft pieces has been very poor.

Despite all of these pains/evils Tigoung Nonma was able to carry out some activities such as:

Committee meetings, executive board meetings, General assembly, organising awareness raising, participating at meetings, mobilizing funding, professional development of members, obtaining a new official title which is “ Société Coopérative simplifiée Tigoung Nonma” shortened to SCOOPS / TN. But certain legal documents are still in process.

II Activities

II.1 Committee and other meetings

TN’s committee and executive bureau held meetings to establish TN’s activities and participated in meetings with partners.


Following an order from the National federation of craftsmen and women of Burkina Faso (FENABF) TN sent across a list of 60 female members to participate in training in knitting with a machine. This activity comes under economic independence of women. This training should take place in October 2022.

Through coordinator and president Zoénabou, TN was a co-trainer, training 25 members of an organization called NONG-TAABA of people living with a visual disability, in a village called TAMSE in the region of Bazèga. The training was about working within associations and their administrative management. The training took place over 5 days. During the training the coordinatrice shared her experience of life in an association with the participants.

CABES provided 10.10kg of cotton for spinning by hand. The coordinatrice and president of the cooperative guided the ladies whilst they were learning this new technique. Many women are interested but are not able to spin 1kg in 2 days.

A training on the use of the machine Rouet for spinning is planned and programmed from the 3rd to the 5th October for the benefit of 15 female members 5 of whom are not disabled.

II.3 Mobilisation of funds

II.3.1 TN received 07 orders of the following pieces:

Soft toys, cotton spun lampshades, bags and baskets, pyrography, face masks, a woven top made of African fabric, a ladies leather handbag, a ladies purse and knitted gloves hats and scarves sets.

II.3.2 Catering Service

During this period TN benefited from a total of 2 catering service orders; coffee mornings, lunches and cocktail events of which 7 invoices have not yet been paid.

II.3.3 Tigoung Nonma on GlobalGiving

During this period TN hadn’t sent reports to the site. TN also did not receive any funds from GlobalGiving.

II.3.3.2 The new headquarters of TN

No further renovations have taken place in the new headquarters.

Our priority for the headquarters is to construct workshops, install electricity in the buildings and workshops.

II.3.4 Looking for partnerships

In order to find solutions and partnerships, TN contacted a Burkinabé student living in Taiwan. After some exchanges on social media and sending photos of our work to the student, his teacher and the student came to visit in July to meet Zoénabou, as part of a humanitarian programme. It was their first research trip on the ground in Burkina Faso in Africa. This visit included exchanges about life within the Tigoung Nonma association, exchanges with members and the objective of their visit.

II.3.5 Information and awareness raising meeting with members

TN’s executive office organised a general assembly on the 29/09/2022 but many were not able to travel to the meeting for different reasons. Around 20 members were not able to attend.

During the meeting, the following points were discussed:

  • Informing and exchanging with members on TN’s current situation and welcoming suggestions to help TN progress
  • Informing members to prepare for the “Salon International de l’Artisanat” de Ouagadougou (SIAO) which is due to take place from late October until November 2022.
  • Awareness raising of members on rights of people living with a disability, how to protect yourself from news forces on social networks, avoiding at risk zones of insecurity.

During these exchanges Zoénabou asked members to think of a collective activity that the co-operative could carry out together. The following was decided:

  • Organising 3 days of craftwork designed by people living with physical disabilities due to take place in October 2022. We will include the following activities:

-          Exhibit and sale of products

-          Catering service

-          Awareness raising on problems faced by disabled people and factors like security problems and cost of living in Burkina Faso

-          Research and welcome different sources of donations to support our members and internally displaced people.

II.4 Goals reached

Among the orders received for craft work, TN was able to contribute to the financial autonomy of 20 members ; and of those received for the catering TN contributed to the financial autonomy of 24 members. Overall these activities allowed the cooperative to pay for certain overheads like: administrative documentation, electricity, water, communications, petrol for shopping.

Awareness raising was carried out with 20 members of the co-operative on the rights of people living with a disability.

Training was given to 25 members of the association SONG – TAABA in the village of TAMSE.

TN received its new official title: Société Cooperative Simplified to Tigoung Nonma abbreviated to “ SCOOPS/TN”.

II.5 Difficulties faced

Worsening threat on security, cost of living crisis and poor sales of our products are impacting negatively on the activities of the association TN and of SCOOPS/TN.

Difficulty of meeting with all members.

No reports being submitted to GlobalGiving for the indicated period.

TN has not received any money from GlobalGiving during this time.

No large orders for craft pieces.

Slow administrative process for new commercial status.

TN has 4 unpaid invoices for our catering service. This is because we do not yet have the above forementioned documents.

TN is still in the rented location which is negatively impacting on its resources.

Insufficient funding to complete the construction in our new headquarters.

II.6 Conclusion

Firstly we would like to present our apologies for not having transmitted reports during the indicated timeframe.

Here we present the global activities that TN was able to carry out. We would like to thank our partners and our clients who are working with us for the wellbeing of the cooperative.

Despite the difficult security situation in Burkina Faso, the cost of living and poverty, the leading members of the co-operative and certain members remain resilient. We still remain determined for the survival of our organization TIGOUNG NONMA (STRENGTH THROUGH UNITY) and our Co-operative society “SCOOPS/TN.”

Spinning cotton by hand
Spinning cotton by hand
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Handicap and Inclusion Toy Order
Handicap and Inclusion Toy Order
  1. Introduction

From April 2021 to December 2021 TN was able to carry out certain activities such as:

Holding committee meetings, holding executive committee meetings, participating in meetings with our various partners, facilitating members’ professional development, meeting with local partners, obtaining contract of sale from the state by Tigoung Nonma for its’ business organization. 

        2.  Activities

The committee and the executive committee held meetings as part of TNs activities.

We participated in reunions with partners such as La Federation des Artisans de la Région du Centre (FEREAC) ; Le Ministère de la Femme de la Famille de la solidarité Nationale, Le Ministère de la Famille et de l’Action Humanitaire.

Certain members of TN’s executive committee attended a meeting with several members of the FEREAC. This meeting had as its objective to better understand TN as an organization and how the Federation will be able to guide or support us

       3. Mobilisation of funds

TN has had no new members since at least April.

10 members paid for their annual membership.

       4. Sales and Craft Orders

TN benefitted from Crafts orders from the following organisations:

CABES/GIE, Minstere de la Femme, de la Famille et de l’Action Humanitaire, du l’Humanité & l’inclusion et de LAFI Burkina. A Large order of children’s toys was processed for Humanity and Inclusion..

      5. Catering Service Orders

Orders received from the Ministere de la Femme, de La Famille, de l’Action Humanitaire, l’union Nationale pour la promotion des Assoiations de Femmes Handicapées du Burkina, from individuals too.

      6.Professional Developement

20 of TNs members benefitted from having business cards made for them. This was facilitated thanks to TNs partnership with CABES/GIE

 6 of TNs members benefitted from training in making new products, using offcuts of Danfani Pagne. This training was realized with CABES/GIE. 

We had planned a project on Craft work and raising awareness on the rights of those living with disabilities which was to go ahead on the International Day of Awareness for those living with disabilities (03 December 2021). However, insecurity in Burkina and terrorist killings had a negative impact so we have rescheduled for 2022.

       7. Difficulties faced

The biggest difficulties are:

The growing invasion of terrorists in Burkina Faso

Killings and atrocities in different neighbourhoods in Ouagadougou sowing the seeds of fear in our members impacting on TNs activities.

Difficulty in meeting with all members of TN

Poor sales in TNs boutiques

Poor mobilisation of resources on GlobalGiving

Insufficent funding to finish constructions in the new headquarters

TN continues to rent its headquarters which is having a negative impact on our resources.

         8. Results

 With the different orders received, we have been able to contribute to the financial autonomy of 26 members.

The determination of certain members, the solidarity of members surrounding TNs management.

         9. Conclusion

Despite the volatile security situation, the global Pandemic and other evils, in Burkina Faso,  we, the committee members and other members of the co-operative remain determined to obtain our objectives.

Catering Service
Catering Service
Business cards
Business cards
Danfani crafts (offcuts)
Danfani crafts (offcuts)
Executive committee :)
Executive committee :)
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Food packages for members
Food packages for members

* For all of the photos sent with this project report from Zoénabou and the team at TN, please see the attachments as not all photos could be uploaded to the main report. 

1: Introduction 

From the end of December 2020 until March 2021, TN was able to carry out the following activities:

Hold committee meetings, participate in meetings with partners, raise funding, contribute to the professional development of members, carry out construction and organisation of the new headquarters, carry out activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic to the members’ benefit. 

II: Activities 

TN’s committee met 3 times to plan its activities and submit them to the executive bureau for editing. These activities are, among others:

  • Writing of a 5 year strategic plan
  • Participation in meetings held by the National Federation of Craftsmen and Women of Burkina Faso: preparation for elections of the Chamber of Trade, presentation of pledges. 

II.2 Fundraising

II.2.1 Membership 

TN registered a new member who paid their subscription which was a total sum of 2500 F CFA/ $4.54 

II.2.2 Sales and Craft orders 

TN registered a total sum of 126472 F CFA/ $229.52 from the sale of 5 members’ works. Of this sale, 20% goes into the running of Tigoung Nonma to support the co-operative’s operating costs and 80% goes to the craftsperson concerned. 

II.2.3 Catering Service Orders 

TN had 10 Catering Service orders from the NGO Humanity and Inclusion coming to a total amount of 1 498 200 F CFA / $ 2718.91. (various purchases for the Catering Service and remuneration of 9 beneficiaries). Total expenditure was 1 275 000 F CFA/ $ 2,313.85and a profit of 223 200 F CFA/ $405 which will go towards operating costs. 

II.3 Activities in our own headquarters. 

  • Purchase of cement, floorboards, plywood PVC, window panes
  • Plastering of buildings, toilets and interior and exterior walls
  • Purchase of a metal gate 
  • Construction of the kitchen 
  • Ceiling installation 
  • Paying for the installation of electricity
  • Overseeing of activities

II.4 Professional Development 

20 of TN’s members had professional business cards made. This activity was able to take place thanks to the partnership with CABES/GIE. 

II.5 Activities carried out as part the COVID 19 micro project, funded by the donors on GlobalGiving in 2020

II.5.1 TN’s committee organized the following activities:

  • Purchase of credit and internet connection to communicate and call all of the beneficiaries of the project and to communicate progress reports with partner
  • Recording of all beneficiaries 
  • Taking photos of members with their packages
  • Writing of activity reports and financial reports 

II.5.2 Aid given to 55 members and assistants: protection kits and food packages.

  • Purchase of 60 protective face-masks
  • Payment for 5 boxes of cooking oil AYA
  • Payment for 55 large sacks of rice (25kg)
  • Payment for 15 boxes of spaghetti
  • Payment for 15 boxes of soap MAXSILIA 

II.5.3 Distribution of food packages and COVID-19 protection kits:

On the 15th February 2021, TN distributed to 55 members:

  • 1 sack of rice (25kg)
  • 1 container of oil (90cl)
  • 10 packets of spaghetti
  • 1 reusable face mask for each member
  • 9 balls of soap

II.6 Project Proposal

In December 2020, TN submitted a project proposal on the Reproductive Health of Women Living with a Physical Disability, from TN, to Friends of Burkina Faso. (FBF)

Following the observations of FBF, the project has been revised to take into consideration some points raised by the American NGO. This was resubmitted to FBF in March 2020. 

III Difficulties 

  • The consequences of the pandemic such as: the cancellation of the International Salon for Craftsmen and women of Ouagadougou. (This has in previous years broughtvisitors to the city, providing more sales opportunities for members). The cancellation of the Pan African festival of Cinema in Ouagadougou.
  • Absence of Tourists
  • Poor sales of members’ work
  • Poverty of members

IV Positive Outcomes

  • 55 members, their families and assistants were given protection kits and so are well protected from COVID-19
  • Food rations of members, their families and the assistants are improved 
  • Some members were remunerated for the sale of their work and others for their work for the Catering Service

V Outlook

  • Summarise all funding raisedfrom the first trimester of 2021 from the website GlobalGiving
  • Continue to raise awareness among members about protective measures needed to protect against COVID-19
  • Finalise 5 year strategic plan
  • Organise a ceremony to present business cards to the beneficiaries 
  • Procure mobility equipment (wheelchairs, walking sticks, crutches for some members)
  • Continue to raise funds to finalise work in the new headquarters
  • Continue to always promote TN members’ work

VI Conclusion 

Despite the difficulties that Burkina Faso faces, and in particular TN, those in charge and TN’s members remain determined to work towards a better future for all of the members.

We thank all of those who have contributed to the well-being of TN’s members. 

Preparation and distribution of meals
Preparation and distribution of meals
Member receiving food package and protection kit
Member receiving food package and protection kit
Issouf receiving food package and protection kit
Issouf receiving food package and protection kit
Front of workshop after painting
Front of workshop after painting
Courtyard filled with soil
Courtyard filled with soil
Newly constructed ceiling
Newly constructed ceiling

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Aid and Save helping with donation for electricity
Aid and Save helping with donation for electricity
  1. Introduction

From 18 March until 2 May 2020, Tigoung Nonma was closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic in Burkina Faso.

Worried for the future of its members, and the need to support them during this difficult period, TN sent COVID-19 projects to the UK charity LAFI Burkina and the organisations Friends of Burkina Faso and GlobalGiving.

Thanks to the goodwill of many, and to several activities led by TN, after the lockdown period and together with several of its partners, TN made a significant contribution to the improvement of food supplies and to the fight against COVID-19 among its members. TN received funding from Friends of Burkina Faso in relation to the prize it was awarded: the ‘Friends of Burkina Faso Award for Peace 2019’.

 TN received funding from donors on GlobalGiving which has not yet been spent.

TN has been through a difficult time faced with the loss of two of its members.

  1. Activities

2.1  Meetings

  • Few committee meetings were held due to the Coronavirus pandemic. TN was closed from 18 March until the start of May.
  • Partnership meetings took place with CABES/GIE - Commerce et Artisanat pour le Bien-Etre Social (Business and Crafts for Social Well-being)
  • Meeting and discussions were held with a team from CFAO Motors with the aim of setting up a partnership with TN’s dressmakers.
  • TN participated in a training session organised by CABES.
  • On the 10 October, TN participated in a workshop on the theme of Menstrual Hygiene Management. This issue must be communicated effectively to fight against the consequences that girls and women experience in their communities. This workshop was organised by GIE/CABES.

2.2  Donations/funding

                 Mobilisation of Internal Funds

  • TN received 14 Catering Service orders from, for the most part, Humanité et Inclusion and the Coopération Italienne de Développement. There was a total income of $4,112.35, a total expenditure of $3298.92 and a total profit of $813.43.

                   Craft Sales

  • In Mai 2020, TN received an order to make 1000 face-masks in a woven, Burkinabé, cotton fabric called ‘Faso Danfani’; these were to include the logo of the Coopération Italienne de Dévelopment who paid $1,353.48 for the order. Five of TN’s Dressmakers and 1 Calligrapher/Printmaker fulfilled this order. 80% of the total amount ($1,082.78) was split between the six craftsmen and women and 20% ($270.70) went back into the running of the headquarters.
  • Several sales of TN crafts in England were made by Alice through the online craft market place “Etsy”. These included 2 bronze figurines, a doll, two keyrings and some items of jewellery.

Equipment Hire

  • The hiring out of tables, chairs and tents generated a sum of $40.60

Total amount received from Friends of Burkina Faso: $2000. This represents the donation given for the FBF Award for Peace 2019/2020.

Total amount received from LAFI Burkina : $1,302.51 and $410.87. This was for the fight against COVID 19 and the food crisis members are experiencing.

Amounts received from GlobalGiving:

  • 31/08/2020: $269.52
  • 14/08/2020: $4,963.46
  • 04/05/2020: $315.27

Total amount received from GlobalGiving: $5,546.86

  1. Members’ Professional Development

A total of 20 members had their photos taken for their professional artisan business cards. This service was offered by CABES.

  1. Advocating for the Rights of People with Disabilities

Discussion on Inclusive Education

On 20 October 2020, TN held a discussion on inclusive education with TN’s members and the parents of pupils. This initiative was funded by Humanité et Inclusion who paid TN approximately $179.53.

The discussion was led by two TN members, Léonie and Issouf, who had themselves participated in a training workshop on inclusive education. The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness among parents and TN members of the vital need to advocate for the inclusion of disabled children within the education system. Those involved were helped to realise the importance of an inclusive education to enable young people living with a disability to thrive within society.

25 people joined this session.

  1. Grants received for work carried out during Covid-19

The following organisations supported TN during the pandemic:

                 i.          CABES/GIE

On 9 April 2020 TN received a pharmacy package from CABES with 10 masks, 1 container of disinfectant, a bundle of medication and a red cross bag.

               ii.          Seed for Hope

On 18 April TN received 2 containers of handwash, a container of disinfectant and 10 facemasks. This gesture meant that TN was able to support 15 of TN’s most vulnerable members.

TN’s Assistants

  • There are in total 5 people who help TN and its members with their activities.

Money Transfer

  • TN transferred money to 3 members, a total sum of $22.17, through Orange Money. This enabled these members to pay for food and soap.

               iii.          FENABF (Fédération Nationale des Artisans du Burkina Faso)

  • TN received a 50kg sack of rice

              iv.          ABIPA/CBM (Association Burkinabé pour Inclusion des Personnes Albinos)

  • TN received handwash, 25kg of rice, a 5 litre container of disinfectant, 10 packets of spaghetti, 9 alcoholic hand gels plus 1 x 5 litre container of hand gel and a plastic bucket.

Together, these donations were used to support the 12 members who came to have their professional artisan business cards made.

               v.          Aid & Save

  • On 11 September 2020, TN received a grant of $182 from Aid and Save. This will go towards the installation of electricity at TN’s new headquarters.

              vi.          LAFI Burkina : (2nd lot of funding)

TN received approximately $414.21 from LAFI which permitted:

  • the purchase of food packages: 32 x 5kg packets of macaroni, 22 x 1L containers of cooking oil and a box of CITEC soap. These packages were distributed amongst 25 members during the discussion about inclusive education.
  • the purchase of pay-as-you-go telephone units to allow members to contact each other regarding distribution of packages

TN served food to members on the occasion of giving of these packages to members.

  1. Beneficiaries of the project

Direct beneficiaries

  • TN’s members and assistants who help coordinate TN’s activities.

Indirect beneficiaries of the project

  • Members’ children, members’ families, people living with a disability in the community.
  1. Results achieved
  • Every member has received a food package: a 25 kg sac of rice, 2kg of sugar, 3 bars of soap and 90 cl of cooking oil.
  • 47 members have received food packages soap
  • 5 of TN’s assistants have received food packages and soap
  • 25 of TN’s members have learned about the importance of inclusive education
  • 5 organisations have supported TN during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • 80 members have benefited from LAFI Burkina’s grant
  • TN has contributed to the improvement of its members’ food supplies
  • TN supported its members’ fight against Corona Virus
  • 3 members in the countryside received money to pay for their food and soap
  • The food provision of members was improved
  • Handwashing to fight COVID was introduced
  1. Difficulties faced
  • Coronavirus is in Burkina Faso which meant that activities had to stop during March and April.
  • Poor product sales
  • The difficulty of contacting some members by phone to give out food and Covid-19 protection kits
  • The total non-compliance of social distancing and the wearing of face masks by some members
  • Of the 52 active members, TN was able to contact 50, 3 of whom live in the countryside.
  • Flooding in certain areas of Ouagadougou, in particular at Zoénabou’s family home.
  1. Sad News
  • TN sadly lost two members: Adeline and Amado. May their souls rest in peace.
  1. Looking Ahead

TN plans to:

  • use the funding from GlobalGiving for the next stages in the project
  • send a summary of all the money spent with the funding received from GlobalGiving
  • continue to purchase and distribute food packages and Covid-19 protection kits for TN’s members and assistants
  • produce a new project application to Friends of Burkina Faso
  • continue to mobilise funding to complete the construction of the new headquarters
  • continue to promote Tigoung Nonma.
  1. Conclusion

We would like to give our sincere apologies for the delay in sending this report which was for reasons outside of our control.

Despite the difficult conditions across Burkina Faso and at TN (concerns for security and the Coronavirus pandemic) we remain determined to help our members to improve their lives and their socio-economic situation. To achieve this, we ask our members not to drop their guard at all as Covid-19 remains a serious threat; they must not become discouraged as they work for their daily bread.

We would like to thank all our partners, our donors on GobalGiving, our customers and, in particular, our ex-voluntary Team Leader, Alice McGonnell, and the members of Friends of Burkina Faso who continue to support us. 

(All currency is an approximate conversion into US dollars from CFA).

Member of TN with a food package
Member of TN with a food package
Zoenabou on her way to distribute food
Zoenabou on her way to distribute food
Another member of TN with a food package
Another member of TN with a food package
Members at Tigoung Nonma
Members at Tigoung Nonma
Business card photos being done
Business card photos being done
Catering Service in action
Catering Service in action
Crafting masks
Crafting masks
Handmade face masks
Handmade face masks
Receiving a food package and soap
Receiving a food package and soap
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