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Inclusion of organ donor option in driving license application form welcomed

The Union Ministry of Road Transport in an advisory last month had asked all Regional Transport Offices (RTO) across the country to add a column in the application form for Driving License (DL) so that an applicant could express his willingness to donate organs. MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum (MFJCF) had been pursuing the cause with the Union Transport and Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari since 2016. In the present times, a pledge to donate organ becomes very significant, as there is less than one organ donor in a million in India and over three million deaths have been recorded since 2005 due to non-availability of organs. This will help in easing the process, create awareness and also encourage people to donate organs.

 Training officers & nurses from the Armed Forces 

MOHAN Foundation in partnership with AORTA (Army Organ Retrieval & Transplant Authority) under the aegis of NOTTO (National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization) supported by Office of DGMS (Army) IHQ of MoD (Army) successfully completed the training on Transplant Coordination from August 7-11, 2018. 41 delegates, both service officers and nurses, from 14 different states attended the training.

MOHAN USA and American Society of Transplantation: Pioneering the Cause of Improving Organ Donation Rates among Minorities

MOHAN USA, in association with the American Society of Transplantation (AST), organized a special event on the 2nd of June 2018 at Seattle, Washington. The educational event, titled, 'Strategies to Increase Awareness and Organ Donation Rates Amongst Minorities' coincided with the American Transplant Congress, the largest gathering of over 5,000 transplant professionals from all over the world, being held in the same city.

A lively discussion ensued at the end of the lectures about potential strategies to increase organ donation among minorities, especially South Asians, who have a significant burden of disease, but a low organ donor registration and consent rate. Based on the personal experiences of the experts present at the meeting, it was felt that there is a great need to engage this community in this process and reach out to them at the grass root level to increase their participation in both organ donation and registration.

Dr. K. Jayanth Murali (Indian Police Service), duct taped his mouth while running a marathon to spread awareness about Organ Donation

During the Dream Runners Marathon in Chennai on July 22, 2018, MOHAN Foundation organized an enrollment drive for organ donation.   This time as a special gesture towards the cause of organ donation, Dr. K. Jayanth Murali, an IPS officer, in an effort to create awareness on organ donation, attempted to create a new record by running the entire length of half marathon by duct taping his mouth. When the mouth is taped the only option to breathe in, is through the nose and this makes running especially long distances extremely difficult. He covered the distance of 21 km in 2 hours.   This special run was announced to the 4000 runners, to get them motivated for the cause.

Highest tribute to organ donors at 17600 feet
Highest tribute to organ donors at 17600 feet

Trained Angel of Change volunteer for organ donation donates his mother’s eyes.

Mr. Parthasarathy, a painting contractor by profession, joined MOHAN Foundation as a life member in 2017. He convinced his family members to sign up for organ donation on Jan 1, 2017. Later, he joined the Foundation as a volunteer to undertake the Angels of Change Volunteer Training in June 2017. Post the training he continued to promote organ donation by making posters and advertisements that had organ donation messages.

His mother, Vatsala, a central figure in his family, took care of his children and home while he was busy travelling in and around Tamil Nadu undertaking painting jobs and contracts. At the age of 74 she started complaining of knee and shoulder pain. She was taken to a hospital in Chennai for observation. During the course of her stay in hospital she was detected with some heart problem for which she underwent angioplasty but later died of cardiac arrest.

Mr. Parthsarathy on his own called up Shankar Netralaya(reputed eye bank in Chennai) and coordinated the donation of the corneas of his mother. He says that though he misses his mother terribly but the fact that she is alive in someone gives lot of solace to him and his family and gives them strength to move on.

Highest Tribute to Organ Donors at the height of 5380 meters

Ms. Pallavi Kumar, (Executive Director –NCR) undertook a very unique and challenging journey last month to pay the highest tribute to organ donors and their families.

On May 4, 2018, she summited the Everest Base Camp reaching an altitude of 5380 meters (17600 feet above sea level) and unfurled a flag expressing her respect and thankfulness to the many organ donors and their families.

The trek involved walking 130 kms over 12 days (walking an average of 10 kms every day, some days up to 18 kms). On the day of the summit, it was snowing and temperatures dipped considerably, dropping to -17 degrees. With numb hands & feet and braving icy winds, Pallavi reached the Everest Base Camp and tied the flag sending out a strong message for the need for organ donation.

“The trek involved dealing with cold, exhaustion and high altitude acclimatization. On some days, the oxygen levels were so low that every step fatigued you. It was so tough at times that I questioned my sanity, as to why did I ever decide to do it. But what kept me going was my strong need to reach the top and the inspiration I took from families who have made this tough choice in their hour of grief and loss” says Pallavi

Roadtrip from Mumbai to London, in support of Organ Donation, undertaken by MOHAN Foundation’s Life member

Mr. BhalShekharChilana is a Life Member with MOHAN Foundation. His daughter was detected with end-stage kidney failure a few years back and in 2017, her life was saved after she received a kidney transplant. Post retirement, he is on a mission to spread awareness and sensitize people on organ donation. He plans to take the message of organ donation to every nook and corner of the world by way of this road-tripstarting from Mumbai and terminating in London, covering 14 countries and travelling 22000 kms in 60 days. He is accompanied with his wife.

On April 23, 2018, MOHAN Foundation organised a flag-off at State Bank of India Building, Nariman Point, Mumbai, inviting State Bank of India’s senior management to do the honors. ShriRajnish Kumar Chairman, State Bank of India, who strongly believes in inspiring by example, said “Everyone must support this cause. I have registered myself as an organ donor. Many of my colleagues have also taken the pledge. On this occasion, I urge all my employees to spread awareness about the cause of Organ Donation”.

Ms. Jaya Jairam Project Manager, MOHAN Foundation Mumbai added, “We are proud of the initiative undertaken by Mr.Chilana. We are coordinating with other organizations promoting organ donation ofthe countries through which Mr.Chilana will be driving through, so that they can welcome his team and share his inspirational story in their country”.

5th FORT-MOHAN Foundation training on Transplant Coordination under the aegis of NOTTO, Gurugram

MOHAN Foundation in partnership with FORT (Fortis Organ Retrieval & Transplant) under the aegis of NOTTO (National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization) successfully completed the "Transplant Coordinators' Training Programme" from April 3-7, 2018. It was held at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram. This was the fifth consecutive year the training was held in partnership with FORT under the guidance of Dr. Avnish Seth (Director, FORT).

A total of 41 delegates of varied profiles - transplant coordinators, doctors, nurses, medical social workers, senior managers, medical superintendent and counsellors from 14 states (Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Kerala, Haryana, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal) of India attended the training.

Nurses pledge to be organ donor on the occasion on Nurse Day

On May 8, 2018 MOHAN Foundation, Delhi – NCR was invited to deliver a talk on Organ Donation at Medanta – The Medicity, Gurugram on the occasion of Medanta Nurses Week. Dr. Muneet from the foundation started the talk by giving a brief introduction of MOHAN Foundation and its activities. She also spoke about the partnership of Medanta – The Medicity and MOHAN Foundation to augment the deceased donation programme in Medanta. She shared her experience as a Transplant Coordinator at Medanta and the cases she handled. A discussion on the role of the nursing staff in the ICU in the process of organ donation was highlighted. Close to 250 nurses attended the session and equal number of pledge forms were picked up. 160 of them also went ahead and filled up the national pledge form no. 7 given by the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) a National level organization set up under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Organ donation volunteer donates mother
Organ donation volunteer donates mother's eyes
5th MF-FORT training for transplant coordinator
5th MF-FORT training for transplant coordinator
Kidney recipient
Kidney recipient's father spreads awareness
Nurses pledge to be an organ donor on nurses week
Nurses pledge to be an organ donor on nurses week

    Qutub Minar turns green to support organ donation
    Qutub Minar turns green to support organ donation

    Qutub Minar, a UNESCO World Heritage Sit, turns green in support of Organ Donation

    On 17th of February the iconic Qutub Minar was bathed in green to highlight the cause of organ donation, which is conventionally represented by a green ribbon.  It symbolized hope for those who are waiting for a second chance at life through transplantation. It reminded us of the men, women and children who have died waiting for a life-saving transplant. Most importantly, it conveyed our gratitude to Organ Donors and their families for giving the greatest gift of all, the gift of life.

    At the event, the Foundation showcased an exhibition titled “Life before Ashes” - featuring human organ installations made from a mix of real human ashes and mud. The underlying message was simple but powerful – ‘What have become ashes could have been another human’s heart or kidney. If only the organs were donated.’

    The foundation also released a film on “Counseling potential donor families” at the event. It is a film made by MOHAN Foundation on how the treating physician along with the Transplant Coordinator can approach a family to request for organ donation.

    Given the fact the India has an abysmal organ donation rate of 0.8 per million population, ranking amongst the lowest in the world, there is a greater need for coordinated efforts between policy makers, public and private hospitals, NGOs etc. - this annual Samarthan event is an attempt by MOHAN Foundation to make this happen.

    Metro Retro - A Celebration of Life

    Metro Retro - A Celebration of Life- a first-ever musical event organised at a Metro Rail Station in India on December 3, 2017. The concert was organised by MOHAN Foundation in honour of its 20th anniversary, in celebration of its journey in giving the ‘Gift of Life’ through organ donation. The event was organised to celebrate the Golden Jubliee of the first heart transplant in the world and to acknowledge heart transplants being done in India more so in the state of Tamil Nadu.

    Many said this was truly an event to remember, with its unique choice of venue for a music concert and to spread the message of organ donation. Around 80 people pledged to be organ donors and picked up a donor card.  

    Rangoli Competition at Metro Station for the promotion of organ donation

    The open air car park of the Thirumangalam Metro Station, Chennai was transformed to an art exhibition area to promote organ donation. MOHAN Foundation organised a Rangoli Competition in association with Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) on 6thJanuary 2018 at the Thirumangalam Metro Station.

    The theme of the Rangoli was (Indelible Designs) – Organ Donation. There were 13 pairs of students from 8 colleges of Chennai and 26 pairs of older women who created beautifully thought out designs to bring out the concept of organ donation. The youngest participant was 7 years and eldest was 62 years old. Nearly 100 people were present at the venue and many metro users came to see the rangoli and picked up donor cards

    More than 4000 villages reached out with the help of Rajasthan Government

    MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum (MFJCF) - Navjeevan had initiated a program to take Organ Donation awareness into rural areas of Rajasthan under the aegis of Rajasthan Government. An opening ceremony of Panchayat Level Organ Donation Awareness program was held on October 11, 2017 at village Muhana of Sanganer block, under the presidency of Mr. Rajendra Singh Rathore, Minister (Rural Development Department, Rajasthan Government).

    With the efforts of sarpanch (elected head of the village) and general secretary of the various villages a huge momentum has been created and till date 44 awareness sessions have been conducted in the villages of Sanganer and Jhotwara Panchayat Smiti. More than 4994 villagers got sensitized about the noble cause of organ donation. It was a successful event by MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum team because it ignited the sensitization moment for the rural public of Rajasthan. This is a start of a journey to reach out to the grass root level to sensitize them about the cause of organ donation.

    Bikers Rally on Organ Donation

    A group of likeminded people started awareness rally on organ donation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on bikes. All of them were women, and the title for the rally was “BE THE CHANGE”. Throughout the journey, they spread awareness on organ donation through distributing donor cards and information brochures.

    The group visited MOHAN Foundation offices on their route to clarify doubts and picked up donor cards and information brochures.

    Pan India sensitisation for 107 year old public sector bank, Central Bank of India

    MOHAN Foundation was approached by EPOCH Brand Services Pvt. Ltd. a brand activation and event management company to organize organ donation awareness talks for the employees and officers of Central Bank of India across their offices in India to commemorate the completion of 107 years of the bank. A total of 13 awareness sessions were carried out in the cities of Chennai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kochi. Nearly 650 staffs of Central Bank of India were sensitized and 470 of them pledged to be an organ donor. This is a huge feet considering that when one staff is trained then there family is also trained.

    Family organises Awareness Program on Organ Donation in father’s memory

    Mr. Balaji, son of late Shri. Madhava Rao invited MOHAN Foundation to conduct was an awareness program on Organ Donation on 20th December 2017. The session was a part of 14th day memorial for Mr. Madhava Rao. Mr. Balaji explained that as his father late Shri. Madhava Rao donated his eyes; he decided to arrange Organ Donation awareness for his community. The family also runs AIMS (All India Movement for Service), an NGO at Vyasarpadi, Chennai.

    MOHAN Foundation was awarded for its work in the field of organ donation

    On November 24, 2017, MOHAN Foundation was invited to a CME organized by Jaslok Hospital in connection with organ donation. The theme of the CME was Organ Donation- A Gift that Lives On. MOHAN Foundation was awarded for its exemplary work in the field of organ donation along with a few other NGOs in the field.

    MOHAN Foundation participates in International Workshop on Futuristic Healthcare Technology: Telemedicine and Medical Drone in Chennai

    A two-day international workshop on Futuristic Healthcare Technology: Telemedicine and Medical Drones were held on 16th and 17th December 2017 at Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai. It was organised by National Design Research Forum (NDRF), Bengaluru and the Institution of Engineers (India) in association with Apollo Tele Health Services (ATHS) and National Institute of Advanced Studies. Dr. Sunil Shroff, Managing Trustee, MOHAN Foundation is on the National Advisory Committee for these workshops and was invited to moderate the panel discussion. The workshop was well attended with engineers, scientists, technologists, transplant surgeons, doctors, and tele health specialists participating.

    The aim of the workshop was to look at how healthcare delivery could be augmented by leveraging advances in interdisciplinary engineering practice to develop affordable and innovative medical and healthcare devices. Access to better and appropriate technologies to match the health needs of the population (especially in rural and inaccessible areas) would enable disease prevention, early diagnostics, and effective treatment.

    Life before ashes art installations
    Life before ashes art installations
    India's first musical concert at metro station
    Rangoli competition at metro station parking
    Rangoli competition at metro station parking
    Organ donation helpline poster get awarded
    Organ donation helpline poster get awarded
    Awareness through Airtel Delhi Half Marathon
    Awareness through Airtel Delhi Half Marathon


    MOHAN Foundation across the country made many creative efforts to create awareness to boost organ donation.

    Ms Pallavi Kumar (Executive Director) ran the half marathon ( 21K) in one of the most landmark running events in Delhi - Airtel Delhi Half Marathon- in order to create awareness on organ donation. The event attarcts close to 40000 runners from across the country.

    The Rajasthan office has undertaken a massive drive to create awareness on organ donation at the village level. The initiative aims to cover a population of 10 lakh peple across 142 villages.

    MOHAN Foundation won the prestigious PoleStar Social Impacts Award 2017 in the Health category for its outstanding contribution to the cause of organ donation in India.

    MOHAN Foundation helpline save four lives
    MOHAN Foundation helpline save four lives

     Rippling impact of initiatives creating awareness on organ donation

    Media Partnership

    Memorandum of Understanding between MFJCF and Dainik Bhaskar to promote organ donation

    On August 11, 2017, an MOU was signed between MFJCF (MOHAN Foundation – Jaipur Citizen Forum) and India’s leading Hindi newspaper Dainik Bhaskar. Under this MoU, Dainik Bhaskar will publish articles to promote organ donation with the help of MFJCF. It is hoped that this initiative will revolutionize information dissemination on organ donation.

    Awareness talks at schools in Partnership with TOI

    Every year, Times of India (TOI) organizes various awareness sessions on organ donation in different schools across Delhi-NCR in collaboration with MOHAN Foundation as part of a special campaign supporting organ donation. This is TOI’s fifth consecutive year of doing this campaign with MOHAN Foundation being its knowledge partner. The 13-day long campaign starts on August 1 and culminates on August 13, TOI’s designated organ donation day. Close to1000 students were covered this year through this campaign.

    Ground Events of NDTV Fort Campaign ‘More to Give’ in collaboration with MOHAN Foundation

    MOHAN Foundation is a knowledge partner for the NDTV FORT "More to Give"- a campaign focusing on sensitizing the nation about the need on stepping up to donates organs for saving lives. NDTV is a leading English news channel. As part of this, ground events were organized in Chandigarh, Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai on August 6

    MOHAN Foundation invited Transplant recipients, Donor Families as well as persons on the waiting list, waiting to receive a life-saving organ. They shared their stories which were aired live by NDTV. A few of its volunteers were also part of the event wherein they reached out to the passers-by, spread awareness and helped them take the Pledge.

    As part of the event, many students participated in a poster making competition on Organ donation. Flash mobs were organized and street plays were done to sensitize people about organ donation

    Diverse training programs across the country

    Critical Care Workshop on ‘Declaration of brain death and donor optimization’, Mumbai

    May 13, 2017, MOHAN Foundation along with Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine co-hosted the Fortis Organ Retrieval & Transplant (FORT) workshop named "A Critical Care Workshop on Declaration of brain death and donor optimization" at Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai.

    The faculty enlightened the participants on the Role of critical care teams in organ donation and importance of early identification of brain death, Brain death certification protocols, Difficulties in brain death testing, donor optimization, Importance of involving all stakeholders in organ donation, Progress of organ donation in Maharashtra, Grief counselling of family, Concept of Donation after Cardiac Death (DCD) and Brain death in children.  The program also included a panel discussion on Brain Death: Unified diagnosis of death, documentation, legal aspects, conflicts as well as a position paper on Guidelines for Donor Maintenance in Hospitals was launched at the event.

    Summit on Organ Donation & Transplantation in Children in partnership, Gurgaon

    On July 29, 2017, Fortis Organ Retrieval & Transplant (FORT) in collaboration with MOHAN Foundation under the aegis of National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization organized a Summit on Organ Donation and Transplantation in Children.

    Doctors from Spain, UK, USA, Australia, and India came together in the first such summit in the country and discussed ways to take it forward. The summary and recommendations from the discussions are being documented and will be presented to the Government of India.

    2nd AORTA-MOHAN Foundation training for Transplant Coordinators

    MOHAN Foundation in partnership with AORTA (Army Organ Retrieval & Transplant Authority) under the aegis of Office of DGMS (Army) IHQ of MoD (Army) and NOTTO (National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization) successfully completed the training for transplant coordinators from July 24-28, 2017 held at Army Hospital (Research and Referral) Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi.

    30 delegates of varied profiles that included doctors and nurses, medical social workers, senior managers, medical superintendent and counselors from 5 states (Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh) and 1 Union Territory, Delhi attended the training.

    8th One Month Transplant Coordinators Training Programme, Chennai

    Under the aegis of National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, MOHAN Foundation conducted a One Month Transplant Coordinators’ Training Programme from May 3-27, 2017 at MOHAN Foundation, Chennai. A total of 31 candidates from Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu were present. The participants hailed from various professional backgrounds such as Social Workers, Dialysis Technologists/Technicians, Nurses, Hospital Administrators, Doctors, ICU Staff and Transplant Coordinators. They received their certificates with a unique registration number from NOTTO. The training had eminent speakers from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi (via Skype). This was the 8th one-month training programme conducted by MOHAN Foundation and the first in partnership with NOTTO. The training was supported by Tata Trusts.

    MOHAN Foundation was privileged to have Dr. J. Radhakrishnan, IAS, Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, along with  Dr. Vimal Bhandari, Director, NOTTO (via Skype) and Dr. P. Balaji,  Member Secretary, TRANSTAN at the valedictory function of the 8th One Month Transplant Coordinators’ Training Programme in Chennai.

    donation in medico legal cases.

    Angels of Change: Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata

    Angels of Change is a unique program where select volunteers from different walks of life are taken through a customized training module to enable them to undertake awareness initiatives on organ donation amongst various audiences.


    The City of Joy, Kolkata, had its first batch of “Angels of Change - Volunteers for Organ Donation” trained by MOHAN Foundation on June 20 - 21, 2017 at Techno India University in collaboration with Anthyesti Foundation, a local NGO in Kolkata.

    The training program was attended by 19 participants from varied backgrounds: First-year students from Techno India University pursuing a course in Hospital Management, Life Members of MOHAN Foundation, representatives from Swadheen Foundation in Guwahati and from Anthyesti Foundation.


    Chennai office displayed a phenomenal performance by training 7 batches of Angels of Change in the months of June, July, and August. A total of 201 volunteers comprising of medical students, engineering students, school students, life members and National Service Scheme volunteer were trained. Many of them have continued to promote the cause of organ donation through awareness talks, public surveys, skits, posters, and poem being few of the ways.


    Mumbai office trained 24 Angels of Change Volunteers in July. The batch consisted of around 15 medical students from Yerala Medical College (Kharghar) and rest volunteered on individual capacity.


    On August 9, 2017, MOHAN Foundation Delhi-NCR office conducted Angels of Change (AOC) Volunteers for Organ Donation Training programme for Air India Staff. While two of the volunteers were retired cabin crew members, the other two are still serving. They aim to sensitize trainees undergoing to be a crew member by involving an awareness talk on organ donation in the training curriculum

    When a
    When a 'no' does not always mean a 'no'
    Letter by an Angel of Change trained volunteer
    Letter by an Angel of Change trained volunteer
    Making a presence in Odisha
    Making a presence in Odisha
    Angels of Change gearing up to change India
    Angels of Change gearing up to change India
    NDTV event in collaboration with MOHAN Foundation
    NDTV event in collaboration with MOHAN Foundation



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