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Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India

by People First Educational Charitable Trust
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Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue Junction Children against child marriage
Rescue Junction Children against child marriage

Hello Everyone!

I hope this update finds you and your family well. With reference to our last report may I send you the link for our Justice Project. This project was set up because our staff at Rescue Junction are extremely busy and it was decided that if we had a dedicated legal team we could help to ensure working with our local agencies that those whom traffic and abuse children can be brought to justice and taken out of circulation, and therefore unable to harm others. We have already had some success and we need support so the team can continue their excellent work.

Here is the link and it’s also mentioned below in the links..

Our Covid related continues at pace and may I invite you to take a look here

This is also mentioned in the links.

Here is a story of a child recently rescued,

In recent months there has also been an increase in cases of forced marriages. Families marry their daughters to have one less mouth to feed. We’ve come across cases where children as young as 12 have been trafficked into a forced marriage.

He is one survivor's story, (we have changed the name in accordance with our child protection procedures)

My name is Sheetal, I am 13 years of age, Due to Covid my village school closed for long time but I tried to keep up with my studies with my mobile phone but it was old phone and needed repairing and I did not have 500 rupees (about $7 to repair it) We were already very poor and covid made it worse…. so, my family decided to marry me, although I pleaded with them to not do it. My groom was 21 years of age!

In the village I live near Gaya some of the children were aware of a special number for children in trouble which you can call without charge and I borrowed my friend’s phone and called them they were so caring. I was speaking to a lady from Rescue Junction and they told me that they would come and talk to my parents. Within 24 hours they came with a lady Police officer and my parents signed a legal bond saying I would not be married before 18 years of age and would be allowed to continue my education. But my parents woke me up just 3 nights later to drive to an unknown place for my marriage.

Luckily my friend saw and heard the commotion, (I was kicking and screaming before they blocked my mouth) and I made a phone sign she understood and called the emergency number the vehicle was local, she was able to give the registration number.  After about 10km as we were passing the nearby town the police stopped the vehicle and rescued me, and I was sent straight to Rescue Junction. There the staff were so kind and gentle.

It took some months but after a big meeting at Rescue Junction I returned home under the supervision and with support from Rescue Junction. And I have restarted my education as far as Covid situation will allow.

I cannot thank everyone at Rescue Junction enough and all of you who help children like me.

May God Bless you All.

 With so much thanks to you all ..may you all have a great Easter Break

Priyadarshini Gupta


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Thank You!
Thank You!

Namaste from all at Rescue Junction

Everyone at the junction hopes this mail finds you well.

We have been very busy as usual here at the Junction with over 200 referrals this month.

They fell into the following categories,

Lost or separated from parents or guardians             18%

All successfully reunited within 24 hours

Trafficked children                                                         27%

Protection care and rehabilitation going on   

Referred by Police and law enforcement agencies    21%

Protection care and rehabilitation going on

Referred by peer group (other Children)                     11%

Phone referrals                                                               20%

Other                                                                                 3%

After reassuring and counselling the children they will appear before the local child welfare committee which is chaired by an ex-People First Officer and held in Rescue Junction itself to determine what course of action is in the child’s best interests.

You can see from the above how your wonderful donations are working in a very real and direct way for the children. I would like you to kindly take a look at the video below which although not new gives a good indication of our work... its also in the links below.

May I also inform you about a very important new micro project on GlobalGiving whereby we would like to strengthen our action against traffickers and abusers and bring justice for the survivors. We can fund this whole programme for 5K dollars a year but any help no matter how small is most welcome. Help us catch the traffickers and ensure justice for the children

Our Covid related work is very much going on look out for a new appeal on GlobalGiving (if approved) shortly.

We hope that you and all your family are safe and well and as always, we send our heartfelt gratitude to you for your kindness and compassion.

In our next report we will hear from some of the children themselves.

With warm best Wishes,   

 Priyadarshini Gupta




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Girls at Rescue Junction
Girls at Rescue Junction

Hello Everyone

Namaste from all of us at Rescue Junction. We hope very much this report finds you safe and well at this so difficult time. We hope earnestly things will improve in the upcoming new year.

Our project with migrant children needs your support and thank you to those who have already helped these children.

The link is given below also…

We are so busy at the junction these days.

I want to praise the staff for their dedication and care not least the fact that we have been able to keep the junction COVID-19 free, but we have had to expend money on PPE and barriers and other measures to keep every body safe.  I want to thank you for your kind donations and for thinking of and helping our children at this very difficult time. 

Here is a message from a long-term supporter.

“As a long time visitor to Bodhgaya and arriving at Gaya train station    often over the years, and at all times of the day and night I was struck years ago at the number of homeless children, some very small dressed in rags and filthy running around the place.

I became aware of Rescue Junction and visited the place and I was totally blown away by the happy children the caring staff and the enormously wonderful work they were doing in an area of so much need.

 It was only recently that whist waiting for a train at Gaya station, a wonderful realisation came to me. There were no children. They were all safely tucked up warm and fed at Rescue Junction.

Please help this project, giving a donation is a wonderful way to end a difficult year and your donation will go directly to the children who need help so very much.

Thank you


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Railway Children.... now being cared for at RJ
Railway Children.... now being cared for at RJ

Namaste Everyone!

Here is a big update which comes with our thanks for your wonderful support.

We are as busy as ever here at the Junction and for this update we are including a story written by one of our residents which they want you to read and although everything which could identify them has been removed or changed the story is unedited.

Sweeta’s Story

“When the agents came to my village, they promised my family that I would be placed in a good family in Delhi and in return for light domestic duties I would receive a good education and be paid for my work the money going directly to my father and to prove good intent they gave my father 5000 rupees ( $67) a big sum of money for us.

My mother cried when I left the home ... I was not to see her again for many months.

First, I was taken to a village I did not know which was quite far and from there I was blindfolded and put in the boot (trunk) of a car for many miles ... when they let me out it was dark and I was bundled into a house in a town I was to find out later was Gaya.  We were kept confined inside the house and there was no window to the street ...many other girls were there and women also. Some of the older ones could leave but I could not, some even had phones but I was not allowed one and if was caught trying to use I was beaten.

Many men came and did foul dirty things to me, I protested at first but I was locked in a small cupboard blindfolded and without food. I soon learnt to remain quiet and us do what I was asked although I felt disgust and horror at my situation and missed my family village friends and school so much… I did not know what to do…

Then one day a customer left his newspaper in the room and there was an article in it about Rescue Junction rescuing some children and there was a toll-free number to ring if you were in trouble. I saw my chance to escape and started my plan.

All had to do was to wait until one of the older women left their phone.

I got my chance when one woman was in the shower, I had to speak very quietly but the water sound helped as someone answered the phone immediately and I said please save me, please save me over and over again but I had only a minute or so and I had to delete the call record. They told me don’t worry someone will come very soon to you.

The very next day at about 5am there was a lot of banging and noise outside, many police with some other people came, one found me and I hugged them so very hard. She said to me “I told you we will come”.

“You are safe now. Its over” …

Everyone at Rescue Junction was so kind and they told me you can stay for as long as you need to stay. After a few days I was reunited with my parents but I needed to and wanted to stay at Rescue Junction until my education was fixed and I felt confident enough to return. My father begged forgiveness …. I told him he was not to blame; he had been misled but I know he realised what a terrible mistake he had made.

He had registered a case of a missing child but the police told him she could be anywhere in India or even another country.

I cannot thank everyone at Rescue Junction enough, I know that kind and thoughtful people help and support the centre I encourage you to continue to support and help children like us …. you are making all the difference in the world; you are helping directly and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Directors notes… Sweeta was traced though the mobile phone she used and in fact 3 other underage girls were rescued that day. All including Sweeta have been successfully rehabilitated with their families and back into the education system and all our doing very well. We need your support more than ever to fund this work. It was Sweeta’s wish that her story be heard, and she is now one of our child advocates who spends time with our staff helping with preventive programmes warning others in the community how they too might be ensnared by those who would wish to do them harm for their own personal gain.

Several arrests were made that day and cases brought against several individuals under the POSCO (Prevention of sexual offences against children Act) and are awaiting trial.

Obviously, we have changed her name and removed any information that night identify her according our child safeguarding protocol.

However apart from this her story is completely unedited. Sweeta is 13 years old


Under Indian Law it is no longer legal to employ children and the employer can be fined 20,000 rupees for each child which has to go to helping them get an education. Unfortunately, in Rajasthan, and all over India the law is still being flouted and not adequately enforced.  (it helps sometimes if there is an active NGO metaphorically ratting the children's cages until they burst open).

Many child labourers have been rescued over the years from different factories in Rajasthan who came from all over Bihar. Sometimes an extra coach has to be added to an express train to bring them home. We want to send a clear message to those who use children for lining their own pockets, wherever we find you - we are coming after you! This is not a case of a son or daughter helping out in the family fields or local shop, these children are mostly under the age of 14 years- some only 9 or 10, this is organised crime for business profit and is a disgrace. With their profits gained from cheap child labour the factory owners and child catchers send their own children to posh private schools - shame on you, shame on you! These children deserve as much care and protection and education as any other child.

We are determined to do what we can with your help to stop this abuse of innocence, wherever and whenever we find it.  For this we need your support, and as always, I send my heartfelt appreciation to you all.

Finally, I want to draw your kind attention to if I may our newest project on GlobalGiving here…. 

Please be the first to make a donation it doesn’t matter how small; every little helps a lot.

 Due to Covid and the damage it has wreaked everywhere we found ourselves inundated with requests for help with food for children of migrant labourers who had lost all of their income and were unable or unaware how to apply to the government for help.  We therefore started a special programme combining emergency support with assistance in getting help on a longer-term basis and we really need your help. 

It only remains for me to again extend my thanks and appreciation to you for your kindness and wish you even under the difficult circumstances we all live, a happy holiday season

 Best Wishes












Rescue Junction has rescued hundreds of children
Rescue Junction has rescued hundreds of children
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Namaste everyone,

Everybody at Rescue Junction sends their very best wishes to you and your family at this globally difficult time and hope you are safe and well.

Children are at heightened risk of exploitation, especially since school closures have not only precluded many from access to education but also from a main source of shelter and nourishment. In some countries, because of the pandemic, more children are forced on to the streets in search of food and income, heightening their risk of infection and exploitation. Rescue Junction will support the return to their families or placement in shelters. Since schools are closed, many children are increasingly online for learning and socializing. This may make them more vulnerable to online sexual predators. Child rights groups, law enforcement officials and international organizations report of a greater demand for online sexual abuse material and risks of online grooming.

For the victims still in confinement by their traffickers, COVID-19 measures may make their desperate situation even worse.

The increased levels of domestic violence reported in many countries is a worrying indicator for the living conditions of many trafficking victims, such as those in domestic servitude or sex slavery, forms of exploitation that disproportionately affect women and girls. In an environment where priorities and actions are geared towards limiting the spread of the virus, it is easier for traffickers to hide their operations, making victims increasingly invisible. Identification of victims and subsequent referral to social protection schemes may therefore become more challenging.

During the pandemic, there are additional obstacles to accessing services, assistance and support, due to rules on confinement at home and related closure of NGOs and government offices. Isolation and social distancing can exacerbate mental health issues and disrupt any access to informal support networks. With the reduction of government services NGOS still operating in the field have become over burdened with demand.

We are most grateful for your support and hope and pray you will continue your support for our work here at Rescue Junction at this difficult time.

For our next report due to be published soon we have asked four of our residents to write down their experiences and they not only agreed but welcomed the chance to share their stories ……so thank you for all your support. Obviously, we will protect their identity but the stories will be unedited and as written, as we give them a voice to share their stories with you.

With Best Regards,

Priyadarshini Gupta

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