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Help raise awareness about animal rights in Sweden

by Djurens Ratt
Help raise awareness about animal rights in Sweden
Help raise awareness about animal rights in Sweden
Help raise awareness about animal rights in Sweden
Help raise awareness about animal rights in Sweden
Help raise awareness about animal rights in Sweden
Help raise awareness about animal rights in Sweden
Help raise awareness about animal rights in Sweden
Help raise awareness about animal rights in Sweden

Days get longer and brighter while flowers cover fields with a hundred colors. Summer is getting closer and we are ready for it! A couple of weeks ago we opened the volunteer registration for Djurens Rätt’s summer tour and over 20 people have already signed up. We except this number to grow during April since more than 100 volunteers take part of our tour every summer.

Every summer tour starts with a kickoff

In order to give the volunteers all they need to get ready for their task, we arrange a kickoff that marks the beginning of the season. This event is perfect for new volunteers that are curious about how the campaign works, but also for experienced ones that are interested on learning about effective ways to help animals. Beyond the useful talks and workshops, I personally believe that one of the funniest things of this kickoff as a participant is getting to know other volunteers with whom they are going to work together during summer.

Due to the current situation with covid-19, this year we are hosting the training online.But we are looking forward to meet both old and new volunteers either way!

Celebrating 15 summers on tour

When Djurens Rätt’s summer tour began in 2006 it was hard to imagine how it would be today. Before that, summer months were quite a calm period for both workers and volunteers. Nowadays we run a big outreach campaign from May to September!

Many changes happened during these years. The first summer was kind of a test trying a new concept and it turned out being a fantastic idea: from a few tour stops at the beginning to around 80 now! With the tour, we have inspired thousands of visitors, spread information about the animals’ situation and handed out countless flyers. Every summer we focus on one topic and this year we are going to raise awareness about the chicken industry in Sweden. We already worked with this subject last year and we continue with it in order to create as big impact as possible.

Let’s do this!

Most of all planned tour stops for 2020 are already booked and updated material will be soon delivered to our offices. Together with our wonderful volunteers, we hope to inspire people to keep chickens off their plates and choose plant-based alternatives instead. I’ll be back in some weeks to update you about how the campaign carries out this summer. Thank you for following us and feel free to donate to help us make the best of this campaign!

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Campaign stop at train station
Campaign stop at train station

A new year has begun and we continue working for the animals. As you might remember, the focus of last summer’s tour was the campaign “99 miljoner” (99 million) about the chicken industry in Sweden. We talked with thousands of people and showed them the sad reality that these animals face every day.

Reveling myths about the chicken industry

Even if the tour finished in September, we kept working on this campaign during autumn and tried new ways to reach people and raise awareness. During two weeks in November the campaign was announced in the main Swedish train stations where millions of people walk through daily in their way to work, school or simply travelling. The banners were big and visible in strategic spots showing real pictures of the life of chickens in the meat industry, together with different slogans questioning the most common myths or excuses for eating chicken.

One of these myths is to believe that consuming chicken is sustainable or environmentally friendly, but we ask the question “Sustainable for who?” in return. If we want to contribute and create a positive impact for the environment, the most effective option is choosing a plant-based diet. As you probably know, both dairy and meat industry are between the most contaminating activities in the planet. So, at the end of the day, eating chicken is only sustainable for the meat industry itself. Another example of our slogans is the one saying “locally produced” together with a picture that shows how crowded chickens live. The fact of these chickens growing up in Sweden doesn’t guarantee high welfare standards, but quite the opposite. Up to 25 individuals live tight in 1 squared meter, having no space to move, run or fulfill their needs as animals. Through these banners we want everyone to really understand what Swedish production means and not only what the meat industry wants us to believe.

Present at the main Swedish train stations

While the campaign was announced we arranged events in the three biggest cities in Sweden. During two weekends we were present at Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm’s central train stations talking with hundreds of people about the chickens’ situation. It was quite similar to the tour stops that we organize every summer, but adapting it to the indoor autumn atmosphere. This was the first time we worked with this outreach strategy for the campaign and we wondered what the result would be. It was definitely interesting to put this project into practice during two intense weeks. Now, after reflecting and analyzing it with perspective I can say that it was challenging in different ways. On one hand, we met all kinds of people of different ages, interests, backgrounds… and many of them were busy commuting or just travelling somewhere. But the positive side is that we got to reach a public that otherwise wouldn’t have talked to us and many of them spent a relatively long time at the station waiting for a train to depart or for someone else to arrive. As a result, we had curious visitors at our stand constantly and we handed out thousands of vegan flyers with chicken free recipes.

New year, new summer tour

Leaving an exciting 2019 behind, now it’s time to focus on next summer and prepare this year’s campaign. Some of the tour stops are already booked and quite soon in the spring we will open the volunteer registration. We are looking forward to one more fantastic summer giving animals a voice! Thank you for following and supporting us and feel free to donate to help us make next summer tour become a success.

Campaign banner
Campaign banner
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Update from Djurens Rätt’s summer tour!           September 2019

Now we can officially say that the summer has come to an end. We put away the tent and start preparing for next year. As we look back on the past months, we can proudly say that it has been a successful tour. We have visited many different cities around Sweden as usual, but this time focusing on the campaign “99 miljoner” (99 million), about the situation for chickens. From May until September we have participated in festivals, street markets and similar events, talking about animal rights and raising awareness about the life and suffering of chickens. We aim not only to inform society about this problem, but also to reach concrete changes in the industry.  

For those of youwho haven’t read previous updates, it might be useful to know that the name of the campaign refers to the actual number of chicken individuals that are killed to become food in Sweden every year. That is approximately 99 million chickens. The most common bird in Sweden but that nobody has seen, because they are kept inside the factories all their short life.  

VR experience

If you follow us, you may remember that this year we have worked in collaboration with the organization Animal Equality offering our visitors to try a virtual reality experience. We have arranged this activity at several of our tour stops, giving visitors the possibility to see what we call the chickens’ reality. Through this virtual reality film, the observer becomes a chicken and experiences how life is for them. It only takes four minutes, but it can change many lives, a real eye-opener. 

Over 950 people have seen the film during the summer tour and we have met different reactions. Most of the visitors were shocked, of course, wondering how this situation can be possible and completely legal. Some of them were concerned, sad, angry…being the first time they face what happens behind the farm walls. And finally, a relevant part of them decided to leave chickens off their plate! We always have vegan recipes available at our tour stops and this year we had specifically launched “4 ways to replace chicken”, a leaflet with simple and delicious inspiration to make the process as easy and tasty as possible. Just over the course of this summer we handed out over 5000 plant-based recipes.

How many can fit?

Every summer we develop different tools to reach as many people as possible and spread the message of our campaign. This year we had, for instance, a quiz and a small mat, in addition to the already mentioned VR-experience. Participating in the quiz, one needs to answer three questions about the chickens’ situation and those who do it right have the possibility to win a vegan cookbook. But what is the point of having a mat, you may wonder? The mat is 1 meter squared, showing a chicken silhouette with a simple but direct question: “How many can fit?”. We ask the curious visitor how many chickens they think live in 1 meter squared in the food industry. At first sight it’s not easy to guess right, so we’ve had interesting conversations about that fact. They can try to stand on the mat, compare and experience how it feels. The sad reality is that up to 25 chickens spend their lives in such a small space, and most of them don’t even get to feel the sunlight on their feathers. You can see a picture showing the mat with the question in Swedish in this report.  

Children’s summer

Year after year we participate in festivals for children as well. Even if we usually have positive responses, this year we have been extremely popular! Examples of this kind of events where we have participated are the Gothenburg Culture festival and Barnfestivalen (Children’s festival), among others. In these environments we often present Rädda Djuren-klubben (“the club to save animals”), our club for children that like animals! The goal of this club is mainly to raise childrens' awareness and empathy for animals, while offering the possibility to learn funny and interesting facts about them. The priority here is activities for the youngest and our mascots are very appreciated as well. This summer we had Kyck-Linn with us, a cute friendly chicken that loves to dance with children.


Finished, but not really! ;)

Summer is now over, but we continue working during autumn. The campaign “99 miljoner” is going to be present and making sure that no one forgets the chickens. In November the campaign will be announced in the main Swedish train stations and we are going to be there talking to all interested people like we did during summer. Meanwhile, we start working on next year’s campaign to make sure that we do our best when the summer comes and we are on tour again. We are already looking forward to the next edition, also having in mind that this one is going to be our 15th summer tour! 

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Spreading the word about chickens
Spreading the word about chickens

The 14th summer tour since the beginning in 2006 is up and running! The summer tour is one of Djurens Rätt´s most valuable outreach efforts during the year. Every summer tour means thousands of meetings, impactful conversations and results in many new voices for the animals.

So far this summer we have had great tour stops along our long country of Sweden. Djurens Rätt has been far up north visiting Kiruna Festival and also down south visiting Lund Pride Festival. In between we have been seen at West Pride Festival, Garden Festival, Lollapalooza, Järva Political Week and many more events. In total we will visit about 70 events this summer. Every summer tour is based on a campaign and the main focus 2019 is the issue regarding chickens in the meat industry and their conditions. Djurens Rätt's goal is that more people leave chickens off their plate.

99 miljoner (millions) campaign

Chickens make out the absolute majority of animals killed in the Swedish meat industry and they also suffer some of the worst conditions. Djurens Rätt wants to spread the word about chickens and show the reality behind Swedish chicken meat in grocery stores. At all tour stops the “99 miljoner” campaign is the outreach focus. This summer we are collaborating with the global animal protection organization Animal Equality and their virtual reality (VR) project iAnimal. At some tour stops we are showing visitors the iAnimal chicken VR-video in which the viewer is transported inside a factory farm and a slaughterhouse. There has been great interest among visitors to watch. Many viewers express shock, anger and grief about chicken’s conditions after watching. The VR experience affects a lot of people more than words ever would do.

Summer Tour volunteers

Every tour stop, every meeting and every conversation is enabled by Djurens Rätts impressive tour volunteers. Every summer tour engages about 100 volunteers joining one or more tour stops. They help with preparations, set up tents, hand out leaflets, talk to visitors, recruit members and much more. Without our volunteers the summer tour wouldn’t be possible.

Upcoming events

During this week Djurens Rätt is taking part in Almedalen Week, which is an annual event and forum in Swedish politics where representatives of the major political parties join. Djurens Rätt has been part of Almedalen since 2010 and this year we are 11 representatives from Djurens Rätt, including employees and volunteers. Almedalen is one of the summer tours biggest tour stops and we will enjoy meeting all visitors, politicians and entrepreneurs at Almedalen. In additios to Almedalen we are looking forward to all upcoming tour stops such as Way Out West Festival, Bayside Festival, Stockholm Pride, Hallifornia, Urkult Festival and more. It’s going to be a great summer for the animals.

Do you want to contribute to the Summer Tour and thereby help the chickens? Do you want to support our work? Together, we make difference for the animals. Thank you!

The chicken virtual reality video from iAnimal
The chicken virtual reality video from iAnimal
Chickens are friends not food!
Chickens are friends not food!
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The food industry is the area where the largest number of animals are used, either in the production of food or to become food themselves. Each year more than 100 million animals are killed in the Swedish food industry. About 99 million of these animals are chickens.

Chickens make out the absolute majority of animals killed in the Swedish meat industry and they also suffer some of the worst conditions. The extreme growth-oriented breeding has made chickens grow so fast that their bodies hurt. It’s not unusual that chickens suffer from decreased mobility and leg issues. They only live 35 days before they are killed. During their short lives they are kept very crowded - up to 25 individuals per square meter. Often they are not even measured in individuals but in weight, 36 kilograms per square meter being the usual limit. That is more crowded than what is allowed for any other terrestrial animal in Sweden, less than one A4 sheet of space per individual.

During 2018 Djurens Rätt started the campaign “99 miljoner” (99 millions) for the chickens. The campaign builds on anonymous pictures and movies taken inside chickens farms in Sweden. The material is intense and the vast majority of people will be upset by witnessing how chickens are treated in the meat industry. Even though the material is intense, it shows nothing illegal. The treatment these individuals experience is cruel, but legal.

Djurens Rätt wants to see immediate improvement for chickens’ conditions. With our campaign “99 miljoner” we want people to leave chickens off their plate and we demand that companies in the food industry take responsibility for chickens. During our Summer Tour we will spread the message about chickens. We are visiting around 80 events between May and September and are getting ready for thousands of conversations. By meeting people we can spread knowledge and influence them to make compassionate choices. 

The Summer Tour is a huge project where about 100 people volunteer each summer to make a difference for animals. In May we are arranging a volunteer training called “The summer tour kick off” for volunteers who want to learn more about outreach work and animal rights. The people who join our kick off will be summer tour experts and an important part of the project. Together with them we will work hard this summer to reach changes for the chickens in Sweden.

Our goal is to dramatically decrease the consumption of chickens during 2019. With the help of the Summer Tour we will reach that goal. With your help, all donators at Global Giving, we can do more and better tour stops. We want to print new materials and go to more places this summer.

Do you want to contribute to the Summer Tour and thereby help the chickens? Do you want to support our work? Please make a difference with us and donate money for our Summer Tour. Thank you!



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